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Male submissive in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area wishing to meet Dominant Women for foot worship and humiliation. I have been in the area for many years and served Mistress Connie at one time, for those who may remember Her, as well as Mistress Persia Lynn more recently.

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6/28/2013 11:31:52 AM

Subs - THIS is what a real Domme is and should be:



Mistress Ronda in Portland, Oregon. Her website is

3/21/2013 7:57:17 AM

The joys of lifestyle servitude...this reminds me of Mistress Connie.

3/19/2013 1:13:22 PM

These perfect feet belong to an Indiana Mistress here on CM, appropriately called PerfectFeets :)


i wish i could be in Indiana to worship them!

10/17/2012 11:45:59 AM

I was in Tampa, Florida some years ago and ended up at the famous Mons Venus, which is by far (or was) the most in-your-face, erotic, totally nude strip club in the country. I had some very sexy dances from some incredible girls there - literally in my face - and I happened to ask one if She knew any Dominas that would be interested in doing a session back at my hotel room. She asked me where I was from, and I told Her I was in town from Miami. She smiled at me and told me to stick around. 

After a while, a very cool-looking blonde, petite and tanned, with a very hard, rock-climber's-looking body approached and sat down at my table. She wore a tank top and a very short pair of shorts, with white socks and those cool Ladies’ ankle-high construction boots.

She had short, spiked blond hair and a tattoo crept out from under Her shirt that looked like the head of a serpent. She told me Her name was Rhonda and that the other dancer (“Whisper”) had told her about me. She also asked me where I was from and what I was into. I told Her foot and body worship and, of course, humiliation. She said that would be no problem, and told me to wait at the table. I watched Her tight ass as She walked away, and I remember being excited at the thought of having my face buried in it in session. I saw Her using the pay phone, after which She again approached me and said, “Let’s go.” 

We got into my rental car, and I started out for my hotel but She quickly directed me to head in another direction. I asked Her where we were going and She told me that She had Her own place to session. I was a bit nervous, but She was so hot and so was I. This was maybe 1980, a different time, indeed. Those who were sessioning back then will agree.

Shortly, we arrived at Her house, and I followed Her inside. As soon as we were in the door She turned and smacked me hard across the face, which took me by surprise and hurt like hell. She laughed and told me to get my clothes off. I did so as She watched, and felt particularly humiliated when She grabbed my tit and pinched the nipple, telling me, “Shit, you’ve got tits like a Woman.” She ordered me down on my knees, and She pulled the tank top over Her head, revealing two beautiful breasts of medium size. When She turned to place the shirt over a chair, I saw Her tattoo, which turned out to be…a (hate symbol) with a large serpent wrapped around it, which really freaked me out, but also excited me a lot. She had me remove Her boots and socks…She had nice, small feet which She began to slap me in the face with…and soon I was sucking Her feet lustily. She casually placed one leg over the arm of the chair, teasing me with the sight of Her pussy, which was peeking out from the crotch of those short shorts. I was anticipating the upcoming body worship with my dick throbbing when She gave me a solid kick in the face, which knocked me back and on my ass. Just about then, I heard a door open and in came a guy who I had no idea was in the house. He was moving fast and right toward me. 

He wore jeans, no shoes and was naked from the waist up. He was muscular, his head was shaved and his torso was covered with tattoos, too…one of them was the same as Hers. He raised his fist menacingly and as I cowered, he shouted, “Get up, bitch!” As I rose to my knees, he burst out laughing and told Her, “Damn, look at those udders.” He whispered something in Her ear and She giggled, then turned to me and ordered me onto all fours. He positioned himself in front of me and, slapping me on the ass, She ordered me to start mooing like a cow, while She squeezed my low-hanging tits. I did so, and they both burst out laughing again. As I mooed, he began to lower his pants, revealing a large cock that hung down. He pressed it against my nose and ordered me to keep mooing. 

So, here I was, mooing like a cow with his dick in my face and Her pinching my tits, and now, as I’m mooing, he pushes it into my mouth. Mistress Rhonda began to hiss in my ear about what a fat fag I was. I sucked the head of his cock and he stiffened to full length quickly. He grabbed me by the ears and tried to shove his long cock down my throat, but I gagged and accidentally bit down slightly on him, he reared back and smacked me across the mouth, which sent me reeling backward and caused my lip to bleed. I was terrified and began to beg hysterically like a total pussy, which made them both laugh. I was in total subspace at that moment, totally frightened and willing to do anything (not that I wasn't already doing "anything"). I was clinging to Mistress Rhonda's leg, sobbing, and She grabbed me by the hair and jerked me to my knees, where She looked me in the eye with Her beautiful blue eyes and said, "Let's go, Rabbi!" I crawled behind Her as She swaggered into a bedroom, Billy behind me kicking me in the butt. 

That bedroom had been converted into a gym with weights and featured a narrow bench for weight training exercises. She ordered me onto the bench, facing up, with my head at the edge. She began to flick at my balls, causing me great pain, and She was laughing at me and calling me "poodle-dick". She had removed Her shorts by then, revealing the rest of Her rock-hard body and blonde pussy, shaved but for a thin blonde strip above Her very visible clit. She loomed over me, straddled me, slapped me about 10 times back and forth and, when She had stopped and I was gasping, She sat down on my face and said, "Eat me, cunt." I did so, thrusting my tongue inside Her as She rode up and down, grinding Her clit into my nose. She was getting extremely wet and I felt like I was drowning, Her juices literally flooding my nostrils, when She suddenly stopped moving and pressed Herself against my face so hard that I thought my head would explode...I think She came right then, because She got off me at that point and then Billy was dragging me by the hair until my head was actually hanging off the end of the table. 

He then told me to open my mouth again, and he again thrust that big beast into my throat, only this time I found that I could swallow it without gagging. I closed my lips around him and sucked as hard as I could while he fucked my face. I did so for a while, Rhonda again in my ear, until he stood up, straddled my chest and told me to hold my tits together. He squatted over me and shoved his cock between my sweaty tits and began to pump again, screaming at me to hold them tight. After about a dozen strokes, he groaned loudly and let loose several large squirts of cum, in my face and under my chin. 

Rhonda threw a towel on me and told me to clean them up. When I had finished, I used the same towel to wipe my own face. 

When I got to my car, I was sweating and my knees were shaking. The next morning, I was sore all over and my mouth hurt like hell. I went back to the Mons Venus that night, but I didn't see Her...I must have jerked-off 100 times in the next couple of days!

11/13/2010 12:28:24 PM

it puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again...

10/17/2010 8:35:12 PM

I don't (exactly) get why guys impersonate Women on CM, other than to carry out a lesbian fantasy at the expense of a Domina's time. Guys, if this is your game just jerk off to porn instead of jerking a Domme around.

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