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Okay time to get off the bench grab the world by the horns and get what I want. Dominant male
Hetero Male Dominant, 43,  Watertown, New York
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Okay time to get off the bench grab the world by the horns and get what I want. Dominant male looking for a real time relationship living in front of a computer screen is getting old. Who I am looking for is a person who is what they say they are submissive or a slave and willing to deal with that yet I also want a friend lover and someone to be with yet always knowing in the back of their mind who and what they are and act accordingly. There was a time in the past when I was so eager to do new and exciting things. But after being disappointed time after time I have come to realize that maybe it was going to take a bit longer to find what I am looking for.    Am I sure of what i want? Yes I am. Are people brave enough to find out? I certainly hope so... So feel free to ask questions I will not bite much **Grinning Evilly**

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3/3/2012 8:07:33 AM

Typical Day

This is my idea for a typical day to day routine. This is not set in stone but something to show where my mind is.


As I get out of work I see you waiting patiently for me to walk to the car you are already sitting in the passenger seat I slide in to the seat lean over and give you a kiss and as I fasten my seat belt I ask you how your day was and tell you the little nit picking issues I had that day as we drive home. Pulling up to our home, I open the garage door pulling the car into the lighted space as I park I hit the remote to close the door behinds us we sit quietly hearing the ticking noise of the car. I nod to you and you unfasten your seat belt and slowly start unbuttoning your blouse slipping it off you then unzip your skirt and let that slide down your legs as you stand catching it before it is a pile of material on the floor you set out of it folding it carefully and then laying it on the seat you pick your blouse up and fold that neatly as well. I mention to also remove your bra but leave your shoes and thigh highs on. You comply then I open the door to the house I walk back to look at the groceries you have picked up grabbing a couple bags I head into the house knowing you will grab the remainder. I set the bags on the counter and then walk back into the garage gather your clothing and put them in a hamper waiting for you to wash them.

Climbing into the carI drive you to work listening to the local radio station with their bits of news interspersed with weather and pop noise. We talk to each other talking small talk, occasionally sharing hopes and dreams and possibly letting you know there are plans in place for the following weekend. I give you that knowing smile to let you know it is not going to be a typical day shopping doing errands but a full-fledged fun weekend where you know you will be screwed silly taken to the edge and left hanging  until I relent and let you crash over the edge of orgasm.

Early morning we wake up and go thru the routines of getting ready for the day showers shaving  I know simple and more detail needed… I have you wake me up softly kissing me as I wake the kiss deepens and I tease your body warming you p but not letting you orgasm. We go into the bathroom jump in the shower and we wash each other loving and teasing caresses adding more and more to the building orgasm. I step out of the shower grab a razor and remove the last 24 hours’ worth of stubble  I hand you a razor so you can also remove the last 24 hours growth from your pussy legs and underarms while I watch you do this I think about getting you laser hair treatments to remove this daily chore. Then we move into the bedroom I walk to the closet and select your wardrobe for the day… Today I pick out a stylish skirt and nice silk shirt for you. I walk to the dresser open the drawers and select a bra, a pair of thigh highs and place them on top of the chosen outfit. I go back to the closet and select your shoes  as well asking you while I do what you have planned for the day and choosing accordingly. You say you have a few errands to run so I select a moderate pair of heels and place them on the floor. I start busying myself getting dressed for my day. We go into the kitchen grab a cup of coffee and toss something quick into the microwave for us to eat on the way.

I pull up in front of my job get out walking to your door opening it drawing you out and giving you a quick kiss while your door shuts. I walk you to the open driver’s door holding it open for you as you sit yourself on the seat I smile tell you to be a good girl and to pick me up at my normal time And letting the door shut I watch you head off to your job.

Stepping back inside we go about our normal routines I check my email while you put the groceries away and then putting on a simple apron you start making dinner for us. 30 minutes later I return and see that inner is almost ready so I go sit down at the table letting you know what if any good emails I received and I start hinting a bit more about the following weekend where you will be tied and used and I also mention there is a play party coming up that weekend as well and we will be attending.

With dinner plated you place the plate in front of me waiting to hear if I approve of what you have placed before me I smile and say yes you may eat as well, you plate your dinner and sit next to me and begin to eat the meal we have more general small talk about our days our worries etc. and after the meal I have you clean up. I walk into the living area turn on the TV to a local news station and watch that while you are busy cleaning up. You remove your apron and walk into the living room and slowly sink to the floor beside me to watch TV with me. Soon the news is over and our primetime shows have come on we watch them until it is bed time. Turning the TV off I offer you my hand to help you rise from the floor we go into the bed room I start to undress as you  turn down the bedding I climb into bed while you pick up my clothing putting them in a hamper to be washed then  you step out of your heels and remove the thigh highs placing the shoes in front of the closet and putting the thigh high in the hamper. As you climb into bed I grab you and kiss you hard and le my hands roam over your body and I tease you and slowly slide into you and make love reminding you to remember the rule and ask to cum. As I near my peak you are panting, and mewing softly as I near my orgasm I tell you to let go and cum. I feel your body grip me as you orgasm hard and I let loose as well as we relax I kiss you gently smiling saying how proud I am of you and the weekend will be more evidence of that. Smiling I turn over and I feel you turn the same direction and spoon me as we slip off into a gentle slumber to awake the next day and resume the routine.


7/24/2005 9:31:25 PM
well I am back on the market again... After 3 months ofworking with a submissive to have her just walk away is very tough... why can't I seem to find the women who wish/want to commit to a relationship? instead all I find are the ones who are perfectly happy to hide behind a computer monitor in a chat room exploring fantasys online but when the time comes to do real time... the run and stay in the safe zone... hiding in the world of cyberland... safe knowing that the spank that comes on screen will not bruise the flesh... risking only a little skin off their fingers...

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