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Hetero Male Switch, 32,  Salford, United Kingdom
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I thought I had better have a re write of this but I really can;t think of much to say. I am also on Fetlife as KnightToDreams. if you want to know more just ask











Last Online:


 Male Switch


 United Kingdom

 5' 10"

 205 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

Femdom Couples

Friends Only

 Lives For:

 Heavy Metal Music

 Industrial Music

 Nineties Music

 Rock Music

 Body Building (Expert)



 Body Worship


 Canes and Crops


 Genital Punishment

 Foot Worship


 Sensory Deprivation





 Punk Rock Music




 Breast Play

 Hair Pulling

 Orgasm Denial

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay


 Wax play

 Eighties Music

 EMO Music

 New Age Music

 Kick Boxing (Beginner)




 Massage (Giving)

 Medical Play




 Country Music

 Electronica / EDM

 Hip Hop Music


 Pop Music



 Seventies Music

 Curious About:

 Anal Play




 Corner Time

 Electrical Play


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community

 Fire Play



 Gas Masks



 Masks (Wearing)

 Mental Bondage


 Obedience Training

 Maid/Butler Service

 Plastic Wrap

 Public Play

 Role Playing

 Rubber Fetish

 Speech Restrictions


 Theatrical Scenes



 Knife Play

 Massage (Getting)


 Folk Music



 New Wave


 Show Tunes


 Domestic Service

 Housework Service

 Classical Music

 Opera Music


 Hard Limits:






 Needle Play




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Journal Entries:
9/5/2011 10:28:53 AM

got some new fire whip videos incase anyone wants a look

6/29/2009 8:40:12 PM
K ive split with Bee a couple of months ago, having a bit off a stressful time at work and its that time off year when i have to pay my car insurance again.

Is n't life wonderful?

3/24/2009 12:27:32 PM
well im still here, still working , still seeing bee, still getting out on the north west fetish scene when i can. Nothings really changed mind. Business as usual here

12/9/2008 3:32:29 PM
well its seems im back with bee now and im off back to vienna in january.

i may yet have to remove this profile before january aswell due to the UK's new laws on violent porn and gordon brown being  a C*nt

11/8/2008 3:24:11 AM
Right well a few things have happend lately, got another new job working 9-6 so i only really come on at weekends.

I should be off to club lash again with subby1985a and a few others.

For some reason i seem to be getting a lot of interest from Male Doms - i hate to say this to you but im not gay and yes that does extend to BDSM play.

10/13/2008 2:59:35 PM
I'd just like to announce my retirement from the subs_for_dommes chatrrom. there has just been to much drama, back stabbing and general handbags in there recently.

its a shame when 3-4 individuals can ruin it for everyone else. shame used to be one off the best rooms on CM. If anyone from there would like to speak to me, email me and i'll give you my yahoo or MSN addy.

9/15/2008 3:57:13 PM
what a weekend, i went to club lash on friday with subby and had a great time, played with a few domme´s etc. well thats what you get for going dressed as a pair of school boys.

i ended up going to my first munch on the saturday and did a bit of networking.

today im staying in Bracknell with Cari and her slave and no nothing kinky is happening between us.

i still miss Bee to an extent but i feel that its time that i moved on with things and got on with my life and answered a few questions i have about BDSM and where i fit into it.

9/2/2008 3:12:01 PM
okay just had another 2 fakers try it on with me. joy oh joy.

Anyway on a lighter note me and my good friend subby1985a are going to try and go to club lash in manchester on th 12th. should be an interesting one seen as we re bothy relative novices to the BDSM scene and we don't have a clue as to what we are wearing yet, i dare say i will think of something before then (typical me really).

- Matty - X -

8/8/2008 10:46:06 AM

for those of you who know me i' ve just broken up with my first real mistress. id like to think that there are no hard feelings between the 2 off us and i wish her and her live in slave all the best with their new arrangements.

I'm not looking for another domme currently and i don't think that i will be looking to submit again for a long time right now. i need a few months to consider weather BDSM and D/s is for me and where i fit into the equation.

to those of you who want to get into contact with me for whatever reason buzz me and i will get back to you when i can.

- Matty - XXX -

5/31/2008 6:32:05 PM
Matts 1st Law of BDSM

a body at rest will remain at rest untill his dominant comes over and tells him to get up off his arse. If the body remains at rest see Matts 2nd law of BDSM

---Matts 2nd Law of BDSM

the speed at which a body moves is proportianal to how loud his dominant is shouting plus weather or not they are waveing the cane

4/13/2008 2:54:58 PM
to the people who know me well, i think it time i took a little time out from the chatrooms on CM for various reasons. i'll be back i dare say eventually - just think i need a couple of weeks chill out from it all.

im still seing Bee and im still enjoying every minute of it.

see you all in a few weeks time then

3/3/2008 6:49:46 AM
As some off you know ive just been on holiday to vienna to see BeeQueen. It was the most amazing week i think ive ever had. i hope to do it again some time soon. not sure when or where but lets hope for something soon.

2/9/2008 8:42:54 AM
Okay im back working office hours not sure wheather i'll be able to come on here that much due to the amount of time i'll ahve to spend there.

probably be on at some point over the weekend if any one wants me

1/13/2008 1:58:33 AM
Right got a new job working shifts - not exactly a brilliant but its money probably means i'll be comeing on here at funny times of day.

1/6/2008 6:03:42 PM
Happy new year everyone lets see what 2008 brings, hopefully a perminant form of employment rather than just temping after university.

anyway im glad xmas is over this year i think everyone i know has had a disaster of some kind.

Ive got a little holiday planned in Febuary to Austria to see a certain someone, im so exited about it i can't wait.

12/23/2007 10:46:53 AM
not looking at current, just on here to chat with a few people i know i dare say i'll be in one of the chat rooms at some point if anyone wants to speak to me.

11/24/2007 6:27:49 AM

Im really not being nasty when i say this but if you live in America please think before contacting me. There is an ocean in the way and due to the cost of a transatlantic flight and the time it would take to get there we would only get to see one another once maybe twice at a puch per year. Is that really what you want and whilst web cam stuff is fun what i really want is the real thing.

Im only saying this cause ive just been in the situation where ive met someone i really liked but she lived in america and getting to see her was virtually impossible given my current situation. Things may change in the future but for now im tempted to say people from eroupean desitnations only prefereably the UK.

6/10/2007 8:24:43 AM
just finished Uni, and got a job, which probably means i won't get much time to come on here anymore during the week but i dare say i'll still be on over the weekend.

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