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I have a strong interest in subs who derive pleasure from teasing and massages, like to discuss your needs etc during our interview.I believe in the loving 50s type of strict discipline and panties off.

You can expect...

a red, sore bottom! Unless you are after an introduction to physical discipline with the lightest of kings, you will probably want to feel the effects of your session. Expect to feel the short-term sting and burn of a good king.
to have a discussion regarding your reasons for punishment.
to be disciplined accordingly by an experienced, educated, talented, caring, understanding, respectful male.
forgiveness for any real life transgressions, misdeeds, ill thoughts, procrastination and bad behavior, after your punishment.
a general feeling of well-being and and freshness after the session.
emotional relief from harbored guilt or repressed frustrations.
acceptance of your need for physical discipline - its more popular than you think!
privacy and confidentiality.
encouragement to fulfill your goals, dreams and aspirations.

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Journal Entries:
5/21/2017 7:19:12 AM

Star pupil ends up with low marks

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

A story by Thomas

It was the last week of term and, in the main hall, after morn­ing assem­bly, the mem­bers of Class IVB were wait­ing with more or less appre­hen­sion for their turn in Miss Svenson’s study for an indi­vid­ual pupil review. This was a rou­tine estab­lished by the Head­mistress when she first came to the school some five years before and the I.P.R. had now become a reg­u­lar tra­di­tion. Each child had to have a short inter­view with the Head in the pres­ence of their form teacher to assess their progress dur­ing the pre­vi­ous term in aca­d­e­mic and other school activ­i­ties and gen­eral behav­iour. Some of the four­teen and fif­teen year old young­sters had come to call it “Judg­ment Day” and oth­ers, more irrev­er­ently, “The Con­fes­sional”.
In her room the Head­mistress checked her diary for any other urgent busi­ness and, see­ing that there was none listed, went to a cor­ner cup­board from which she selected a fierce look­ing straight cane. After test­ing its flex­i­bil­ity with a flour­ish in the air, she laid it gen­tly on her desk, like an auctioneer’s gavel, a sym­bol of author­ity and control.

At 9.15 pre­cisely Miss Pren­der­gast sum­moned Melanie Barker, the first in alpha­bet­i­cal order, and instructed the oth­ers to fol­low as their names were called, and in the mean time to sit qui­etly. Melanie knocked at the study door and entered to find the Head­mistress sit­ting behind her desk in front of which was a straight backed chair. Miss Pren­der­gast stood to one side.

Sit down Barker,’ said Miss Sven­son gen­tly, indi­cat­ing the chair. ‘Now tell me, how have you been get­ting on this term?’
‘Fine I think,’ the lit­tle girl replied a lit­tle ner­vously as she took her place on the chair and glanced at the Class teacher.
‘Melanie is an ideal pupil,’ Miss Pren­der­gast vol­un­teered imme­di­ately. ‘She works hard and does as well as she can in all her classes although she is not among the top achiev­ers. But she tries and her behav­iour can­not be faulted. Also she plays the flute most beau­ti­fully.’
‘That seems most sat­is­fac­tory Barker,’ said the Head­mistress with a kind smile. ‘Now is there any­thing more I can do for you?’
‘No, noth­ing thank you Miss,’ the girl replied again shift­ing her eyes towards Miss Pren­der­gast, who gave the slight­est nod of assent.
‘Very well Barker, you may go — and have a good hol­i­day won’t you,’ said Miss Sven­son to the depart­ing pupil.

Delight­ful child,’ remarked the Head­mistress as the door closed. ‘Let us hope that the rest of your class live up to her exam­ple.’
‘They’re not a bad lot all in all,’ replied Miss Pren­der­gast enthu­si­as­ti­cally, ‘but per­haps not all quite as well-behaved as Melanie.’
The next through the door was a freckle faced cheer­ful look­ing boy named Joseph Carter who was also invited to sit down.
‘Miss Pren­der­gast?’ The senior teacher looked straight away at the teacher for her com­ments.
‘Joe is a rather lively boy, good at his sci­ence sub­jects but rather weak in most of the oth­ers at which he should work harder. He is pop­u­lar with the other boys and plays in the foot­ball team.’
‘So Carter, would you agree with your teacher? And do you have any­thing to ask me?’
The boy paused for a moment, then responded.

I think it was very fair Miss. So just the two please.’

Miss Sven­son glanced at her col­league and, observ­ing no dis­sent, stood up and took hold of the cane.
‘Very well. Get your­self ready.’

Joe Carter also stood and moved behind the chair, then bent for­ward over its back plac­ing his hands flat on the seat.
‘By your own admis­sion, you have engaged in a cer­tain amount of minor mis­chief dur­ing the term which has gone unno­ticed or unpun­ished. As a result you have vol­un­teered to receive two strokes of the cane after which the school will con­sider the mat­ter over and done with. That is, of course, unless we sub­se­quently dis­cover some­thing more seri­ous in which case you know the pun­ish­ment could be rather severe. Do you agree?’
‘Yes Miss. Thank you Miss,’ replied the boy from his sub­mis­sive position.

Two sharp cracks of the cane swished down across the boy’s shorts caus­ing him to suck in air through his clenched teeth. How­ever, Miss Pren­der­gast noticed that the Head­mistress was hold­ing the cane about a quar­ter of the way down, slightly reduc­ing the sever­ity of the blows.
Jo stood up and rubbed him­self rue­fully. Then the cheer­ful smile returned as he said ‘Thank you Miss. Will that be all?’
‘That’s alright Carter. You may go now. Well done – and enjoy your holidays.’

Miss Sven­son gave the boy a dis­mis­sive but good humoured wave as he let him­self out of the room.
And so they con­tin­ued down the list, about half of the boys and fewer of the girls opt­ing for the “Two” which were deliv­ered by Miss Sven­son in accor­dance with her own judg­ment of each of the pupils. The ratio­nale was to leave with a clean slate at the end of the term with lit­tle fear of later recrimination.

The best behaved were able to avoid any pun­ish­ment pro­vided both teach­ers agreed. Every entrant to the school had received two of the cane at their ini­ti­a­tion to the I.P.R. sys­tem. These were very much token strokes though and deliv­ered with­out any real force. They served to give the child a gen­tle taste of what they might expect if they later mis­be­haved and reminded them that cor­po­ral pun­ish­ment was not only avail­able, but would be used in the event of sig­nif­i­cant mis­deeds.
When Mar­tin Kelly came in, Miss Pren­der­gast gave the Head­mistress a mean­ing­ful frown. Mar­tin was a big and boy, already taller than Miss Sven­son and looked a lit­tle clumsy when perched on the class­room chair.
‘So, Miss Pren­der­gast, who do we have here?’

Mar­tin is cap­tain of the foot­ball team but strug­gles with his lessons. I think he could try harder aca­d­e­m­i­cally. Per­haps sport dom­i­nates his thoughts a lit­tle too much. He is also rather force­ful in the play­ground and I am afraid some of the smaller boys seem a lit­tle afraid of him.’
The Head­mistress turned to the boy. ‘So you are a bully, are you Kelly?’

No Miss. I mean.…I just expect the lit­tle kids to do what I tell them, see?’

Well, I can­not agree with that. You should under­stand that pupils have no author­ity here. It is the staff who must be obeyed. Any­way boy, after what your teacher has said, tell me what you expect from me.’
‘Maybe twoooo.…errr…’ the boy hes­i­tated and looked across to Miss Pren­der­gast who was shak­ing her head.
‘Bet­ter make it four for me then Miss.’

A very wise choice I think Kelly,’ replied Miss Sven­son as she again reached for her cane.
‘You know the form I believe. Trousers down and over the back of the chair please. I sug­gest you grip the seat as well. You will be feel­ing these.’
Gri­mac­ing slightly the big boy com­plied. Because of his size, he was one of the few allowed to wear long trousers and con­se­quently looked par­tic­u­larly ridicu­lous draped over the chair with them around his ankles. The teach­ers were, how­ever, not unhappy that he should feel addi­tion­ally humil­i­ated in this way.

Miss Sven­son took up her posi­tion and set to her task, this time using the full length of the cane. Four remark­ably vig­or­ous strokes fol­lowed, crash­ing across the seat of the boy’s under­pants, each care­fully timed to allow the hurt to sink in thor­oughly before the next impact, and caus­ing a grunt of pain after the sec­ond and a sti­fled yell of sur­prise at the sever­ity of the last.
‘You may stand up now,’ said the Head­mistress. ‘Do you have any­thing to say?’

Mar­tin was strug­gling to recover his trousers.

No Miss, I mean yes Miss, thank you Miss.’

In which case you may go, but remem­ber, I will not accept any bul­ly­ing in this school.’
After Kelly had closed the door behind him, Miss Sven­son turned imme­di­ately to Miss Pren­der­gast to ask ‘do you think I was too harsh?’
‘No Head­mistress. You were quite right to pun­ish that boy. I hope now he will have learned his les­son.’
‘So, how many more are there this morning?’

Another half dozen class mem­bers filed through of whom only one opted for ‘two’ and the oth­ers were allowed to leave unscathed. Then an excep­tion­ally pretty girl with cropped blond hair entered the study, flashed a smile and greeted them enthu­si­as­ti­cally with, ‘good morn­ing ladies!’
‘Good morn­ing,’ Miss Sven­son replied, ‘remind me of your name please.’
‘Vicky Roberts, Miss.’

And what do we know about Miss Roberts?’ she asked, turn­ing again to the class teacher.
‘Vicky is a viva­cious girl, per­haps occa­sion­ally a lit­tle too much so, but gen­er­ally a good pupil. She is above aver­age in most sub­jects and par­tic­u­larly good at Eng­lish. She is also a hockey player and our best all-round ath­lete on the run­ning track. Recently I have noticed she is also spend­ing a good deal of time work­ing on her gymnastics.’

Well Miss Roberts, that sounds like a pretty good report to me,’ said Miss Sven­son. ‘But do you have any­thing to add?’
The girl paused for a moment before replying.

I think I’d bet­ter take two any­way Miss, just to be on the safe side.’ With no fur­ther fuss she moved around to the back of the chair and leaned for­ward to pre­pare her­self for the requested pun­ish­ment.
The Head­mistress stood, moved in behind her and, as she approached, she flicked at the hem of the girl’s skirt with the tip of her cane.
‘I sus­pect that this is a few inches shorter than school rules allow, so.…..’ the skirt flipped up briefly reveal­ing a glimpse of under­wear.
‘What do we have here?’ asked Miss Sven­son in a sud­denly more seri­ous voice. Again using her cane, she folded the girl’s skirt up to the small of her back expos­ing the skimp­i­est pair of red panties.
‘These are cer­tainly not reg­u­la­tion school knick­ers. Which means young lady that you will be get­ting extra pun­ish­ment. And you have dou­ble cause to regret not wear­ing appro­pri­ate cloth­ing in that the four strokes you will now be get­ting will be deliv­ered over under­wear only. Had you been cor­rectly dressed you would have had just two with extra pro­tec­tion from the more gen­er­ous mate­r­ial of the school knick­ers and the skirt. Now you will receive four with your skirt up. So let this be a les­son to you.’
Despite her slim waist and prob­a­bly because of her ath­letic prowess, Vicky Roberts had sturdy legs and rather well devel­oped Glu­teus Max­imus mus­cles, thus afford­ing Miss Sven­son an ample dis­play of mainly unpro­tected flesh, over which she pro­ceeded care­fully to space four lively strokes of the cane. The tiny briefs she wore offered vir­tu­ally no defense against the blows. As they fell, vivid red marks appeared in a neat par­al­lel pat­tern. Miss Pren­der­gast was sur­prised that Vicky dis­played no vis­i­ble reac­tion to the lash­ing, which seemed almost as hard as that Kelly had taken a lit­tle while earlier.

The pun­ish­ment com­plete, Vicky stood up and gin­gerly smoothed the skirt over her bot­tom.
‘I imag­ine you will think twice about school uni­form now my girl,’ Miss Sven­son observed.
‘Maybe Miss, I’ll see how I feel,’ came the response.

Miss Sven­son was momen­tar­ily taken aback but swiftly rejoined, ‘I’ll have no cheek from you thank you very much young lady or you will be bend­ing over for four more.’ She flour­ished the cane in the air but a slight smile played about her lips. ‘I think it is high time you were on your way before you get into any more trouble.’

Yes Miss and thank you Miss. And have a great hol­i­day ladies.’
Vicky Roberts flounced out of the room with a swing of her hips and appar­ently not a care in the world.
The teach­ers glanced at each other and could not help smil­ing.
‘So Miss Pren­der­gast, who’s next?’

Well Roberta Young and Christo­pher Williams are both off sick today so that just leaves James Thomas and I don’t think you will have any trou­ble with him.’
‘Good. Then call him in please and then we can have a cup of coffee.’

James Thomas was the small­est boy in the class and glanced ner­vously at the Head­mistress’ desk as he set­tled on the chair.
‘I hear from Miss Pren­der­gast that you are one of her star pupils Thomas,’ began Miss Sven­son. ‘Now let me see. Very good at all aca­d­e­mic sub­jects, almost always top in French and sur­prised even your­self by get­ting 100% in the recent Chem­istry test. I under­stand that you are very polite, a promis­ing young crick­eter and the best gym­nast in the school.’

Miss Sven­son stood up absent-mindedly, col­lected her cane and turned towards the cor­ner cup­board. ‘I can­not there­fore think that I will be need­ing this again today.’
‘Sorry Miss but actu­ally you will,’ said the boy sheep­ishly.
Look­ing sur­prised, the Head­mistress swung round and glanced at Miss Pren­der­gast who also seemed con­fused.
‘So what exactly do you mean by that Thomas?’ came the inevitable ques­tion.
‘Six please Miss.’

Both ladies looked bewil­dered.
‘I hope you under­stand what you are ask­ing Thomas but I will explain to be on the safe side. You would have us believe that you have done some­thing very naughty dur­ing the term which has not been found out yet. As a result you have requested six with the cane which will, as the rules state, be deliv­ered on your bare bot­tom. Now tell me, have I beaten you before?’
‘Only the two when I first came to the school Miss.’

Well let me tell you, six of the best is a very seri­ous pun­ish­ment for which you really have no com­pre­hen­sion. Now, are you sure you wish to con­tinue?’
‘Yes Miss. That is what I want.’

Very well. Get up and go behind the chair, drop your shorts and pants and bend over. I rec­om­mend you get a good grip on the seat as I don’t want you mov­ing until the pun­ish­ment is fin­ished.’
Miss Pren­der­gast looked very appre­hen­sive as the small boy did as he was told, low­er­ing his shorts and slip­ping his under­pants down. In con­trast to Vicky Roberts, James Thomas offered a very much smaller tar­get for the Head­mistress to aim at. Her face set grimly how­ever, she set­tled to the task and took a first swing.

The cane slashed across the boys but­tocks caus­ing him to jerk con­vul­sively. He was just able to set­tle again as the sec­ond came down almost on the same spot and this time he could not con­trol him­self, straight­en­ing up and his hands leav­ing the chair and clutch­ing behind him as if to pro­tect himself.

Thomas! Get back down,’ said Miss Sven­son in her sternest voice.
‘Nor­mally, as you have failed to main­tain the posi­tion, I should start all over again. How­ever, as this is your first proper can­ing, I will waive that rule and you will receive only another four strokes. Miss Pren­der­gast, we need some help here. Please come and hold the boy down so I can fin­ish this with­out any more trouble.’

The teacher, with a rather hor­ri­fied expres­sion on her face, came and stood in front of the boy. Gen­tly she wiped the trace of a tear off his cheek and took hold of his wrists.
‘Come on now James,’ she said, ‘be brave – we can get through this together.’

Obe­di­ently the boy bent for­ward again and his class teacher gripped him firmly to hold his hands against the sides of the chair seat.
The remain­ing four strokes fell in sequence, a short pause between each as cus­tom­ary. When he was released, the boy took a lit­tle time to stand up straight and felt gin­gerly at his bot­tom, winc­ing notice­ably as his fin­gers brushed the area where the cane had grazed the sur­face of his skin, and again where the angry red stripes were already begin­ning to merge into a large dark pur­ple bruise.

Do you have any­thing to say for your­self?’ asked his Head­mistress.
‘Yes Miss. Thank you Miss,’ he replied as he regained his com­po­sure.
‘You now under­stand why I was reluc­tant to allow you to take six of the best?’
‘Yes Miss.’

I hope at least this will mean that this need never be repeated while you are at this school.’
‘Yes Miss. I sup­pose so Miss.’

Now you may go. I can­not imag­ine you will enjoy the first few days of your hol­i­day because you will feel very sore indeed. But at the begin­ning of next term we will start afresh. Now off you go.’
James Thomas eased his under­pants and shorts up over his throb­bing rear end and shuf­fled uncom­fort­ably out of the room.
‘Do you have any idea what that was all about Miss Prendergast?’

No Miss Sven­son, I just can­not understand.’

Well I think you need keep an espe­cially close eye on two of your pupils. He is a good gym­nast you say, so is fre­quently in the gym I sup­pose. And did you not just tell me that young Vicky Roberts was sud­denly also spend­ing a lot more time there? Just think about it.’
‘Head­mistress, oh no! Surely not that!’

5/21/2017 7:01:36 AM

The School room

My new school room is a labour of love, a homage to the Eng­lish gram­mar schools of the 1950s. the golden age of school cor­po­ral pun­ish­ment. I have spent many happy hours dec­o­rat­ing and fur­nish­ing it, so that it feels authen­tic, and of the period, not just any old room with a few cheap props.
The room is big­ger than my study in Penge, which some of you will remem­ber, and feels more like an old-fashioned class­room, with bare wooden floor­boards, a cou­ple of desks, a black­board and a stout wooden desk behind which your stern, unsmil­ing teacher will sit, ready to strike like a cobra if you step out of line. And I do mean strike!
From the moment you enter the room, you will be a naughty school­boy again, ner­vous of ret­ri­bu­tion at the hands of your beau­ti­ful, mer­ci­less teacher. If you want to enter into the spirit by wear­ing short school trousers, I will be able to sup­ply you with some. Give your imag­i­na­tion full rein.
While you are in the room, under my strict and expert super­vi­sion, you will be able to for­get about every­thing else and just be a scared school­boy again. You might be tested on geog­ra­phy and arith­metic — and pun­ished if your answers are not up to scratch. You might be made to sit at your desk, writ­ing lines, prepara­tory to a more seri­ous pun­ish­ment. Or you might face the humil­i­a­tion of being put across my knee for a crisp bare-bottom spank­ing. Imag­ine your squeals of protest. Imag­ine your bot­tom red­den­ing as my hand lands on it again and again. Imag­ine…
Bot­tom spanked, you will prob­a­bly be made to stand in the cor­ner, with your hands on your head and your bot­tom exposed. And if you think a spanked bot­tom will be the end of your trou­bles, you can­not have attended a tough gram­mar Eng­lish school in the 1950s. Unless you really are on your best behav­iour, you will find your­self bent over my desk, with your trousers at half mast, for six of the very best with my senior cane.
Trav­el­ling back down Mem­ory Lane to one’s child­hood can some­times be a plea­sur­able expe­ri­ence. But travel down this par­tic­u­lar Mem­ory Lane, back into the world of the naughty school­boy of bygone days, and the plea­sure will be spiced with a tin­gling pain in the part of your anatomy where it will do most good.’

Just off my school­room, and also dec­o­rated with lov­ing atten­tion to period detail, is a small box room which I have con­verted into a naughty boy’s bed­room, com­plete with suit­able read­ing mat­ter etc. Many was the boy who used to be sent to bed with a smacked bot­tom in the 1950s and 1960s and, for those of you wish to re-enact that expe­ri­ence, I am happy to offer a B & B expe­ri­ence. (NB: this is only avail­able to clients whom I have already met.) A friend of mine called Michael recently became the first to test the new B & B expe­ri­ence, and here is his feedback:

Wow! I mean ouch! That was like a table­spoon of tabasco added to an already siz­zling hot curry. The role play was just bril­liant. A final six of the best with the cane in the class­room, then straight to bed with no sup­per and a warn­ing that you expected lights out at nine o’clock sharp — or else! Need­less to say, I broke the rules and copped it. When you checked up on me at nine-fifteen and found me read­ing a book by torch-light under the bed­clothes, you were absolutely furi­ous. My pyjama bot­toms came down and I felt the full force of your hair­brush over your knee, then a dozen with the strap lying face down on the bed with a pil­low under the stom­ach. I fell asleep with a throb­bing bot­tom and your final words ring­ing in my ear. ‘I will fin­ish deal­ing with you before break­fast.’ It is the first time I have been caned before break­fast. It was agony, but rounded off a truly mem­o­rable night in the best pos­si­ble way. Thanks again, dear Miss Svenson.’

4/12/2017 1:04:34 PM

1/20/2017 5:44:18 AM
The 50's was full of heavy-handed punishment. As seen with the teacher in the film, singling out students, yelling at them, and generally making them feel like crappy people wasn't exactly frowned upon. Corporal punishment was still prevalent pretty much everywhere. Generally, boys would get caned and girls would get slapped on the knuckles with rulers. Students were rarely expected to "talk back" which is another way of saying not allowing them to explain their actions. 

The philosophy was generally that there was "nothing that a good whupping" couldn't take out of students. This is in a time that many forms of negative reinforcement were still used in class-rooms, and often seen as more useful than positive reinforcement. Teacher right, student wrong, end of story.

3/31/2016 8:08:43 AM

Most D/s articles on the Internet talk about punishment in terms of spanking. “If you do not obey, I will spank you.” But how does this work if the submissive or slave actually likes to be spanked? Kind of like”please don’t throw me in the briar patch.” Here we will catalogue punishments you can actually use in the real time training of a slave/submissive.

First, Let’s start with some basic punishment principles. It is always important to gear the punishment to the infraction. Let the punishment fit the crime. When a minor infraction gets a major punishment, you are sending the wrong signal. Try to administer punishment as closely as possible to the time of the infraction. In this way the sub/slave will not only be properly and predictably disciplined, but will also respect his/her Dominant. Never let a punishment cause injury. Never, ever use a hard limit as a punishment. And, finally, always start the punishment with a lecture/explanation.

There is a debate as to whether punishment sessions should have safe words. Some Masters/Doms/Dommes allow them, others do not. It is a matter of preference, style, how well the Dominant knows the submissive and, of course, how experienced the Dominant is. Those Dominants who do not allow safe words should always err on the side of safety. My feeling is that in the beginning of a D/s relationship, use safe words all the time – in play and in punishment. As should all novice Dominants. As the Dominant?s knowledge of the submissive – and as the submissive’s trust in the Dominant grows – safe words can be done away with. Carefully.

There is also the question as to whether punishment is necessary in the training of a sub/slave at all. There is no rule that says there must be punishment in a Master/slave or Dom/sub relationship. Some can envision a slave so instinctual she needs no punishment to serve flawlessly. And surely some subs/slaves can respond perfectly to praise alone. Different (flogger) strokes for different folks. But as The Punishment Manual is intended only for those Doms who use punishment as an integral part of their sub/slave training, the point is moot.

There are two sides to the discipline coin – physical punishment and mental punishment. (Of course, there is a mental component to physical punishment; so when I refer to “mental punishment” I mean that which does not include any physical contact.) Physical punishment is the most obvious weapon in the Dominant’s training arsenal. But the Dom’s disapproval is also a powerful weapon — as is any number of mental punishments. “The pen is mightier than the sword” has its analogue in D/s – “the word is as mighty as the lash.” I have seen in my time, that a balanced combination of both physical and mental punishment, along with praise, to be the most effective way to train a submissive or slave.

1. Find the “butt-beating” implement that your submissive dislikes. If he/she hates the paddle, the cane or a particular flogger in your collection, use it. Look no further, you have found the perfect tool of discipline. When your submissive or slave commits an infraction that requires punishment, bring out the paddle or cane (or whatever implement is on the sub’s “un-wish” list) and administer punishment. But keep out wary eye out for signs that the submissive is actually enjoying the “punishment.” Make sure you do not let the submissive get into subspace. If you see the submissive hitting “space,” stop. And tell the submissive why you are stopping. Clever “bratty” subs have been known to misbehave in order to get a good beating. This might be fine for role-play, but is counter-productive if you are seriously trying to train a submissive or slave. If this is the case, switch to another form of punishment.
2.For very serious infractions, severe punishment might be in order. This, of course, is not to be attempted by beginners or those with new D/s relationships where the dynamics are not yet established. The cane is perfect for this kind of disciplining. A ball gag is also effective when severe punishment is called for.
3.Hair pulling is a great way to get your point across. Especially when verbal disapproval accompanies this action. A good hair pulling session with a “what did you do wrong” question and response routine is awfully effective. In the following pictures, the hair pulling is accompanied by a swat with the hairbrush! This is a lesson not soon forgotten!
4. A very popular punishment for a mouthy submissive is the age-old one of washing the mouth out with soap. This has worked for the last hundred years and will probably work for a hundred more!
5.Although I will cover humiliation as a mental punishment in Part Two, there are some physical punishments that can be humiliating. Being forced to wear a baby pacifier in public can be a reinforcing experience. The picture I have chosen here is one of a submissive wearing a butt plug with a ponytail. Being made to display this toy in public at a BDSM play party setting can be humiliating, depending on the situation.
6.“Sensory Deprivation” is perhaps the single most “unforgettable” punishment a Master/Mistress/Dom/Domme can mete out. Being tied and left alone – especially when ballgagged and even blindfolded — for a period of time is another punishment the submissive will not soon forget!
7.“Corporal Punishment” is a combination punishment – it encompasses both the physical and mental side. Corporal punishment can be altered in many ways – but the major point is the question and response during the punishment. For example — “Does sub/slave know why he/she is being punished?” “Yes, Sir/Ma’am. I have shamed Master/Mistress by (reciting offense).” You can incorporate this Q and A technique to just about any physical punishment. Here the submissive is chained to a spanking bench, which is ideal for administering corporal punishment.
8.A variation on the sensory deprivation theme is being kept in a cage. Depending on the submissive’s fears (if it is a hard limit, avoid this as a punishment), this can be the one thing the submissive fears most. Requiring the submissive to eat out of the bowl is another aspect of this punishment that can be quite humiliating. Again, the objective is to know and understand your submissive or slave. To repeat – if caging, eating out of a bowl or humiliation in general is a hard limit, this is not a punishment you should ever use.
9.There is really no limit on what you can use as punishment. Sometimes play that is enjoyable can be used as punishment when done in a disapproving manner or on another area of the body. For example, wax play on the buttocks might be one of your submissive?s favorite activities. But when applied to the breasts, she might hate it. In this case, use it!

These are just a few examples of the types of physical punishments that can be used when training a submissive or a slave.

The true aim of all punishment is to imprint your displeasure on the sub’s mind so that he/she will not repeat the offense. So ultimately all punishment has at its core a mental aspect to it.

I have had some used on myself and others have been designed by other Doms i’ve spoken with. You should not confine yourself to those listed here. The only limit is your imagination and your understanding of your sub’s psyche. For example, I was once made and example of..i had to watch my least favorite movie of all time – the incredibly boring “Room With A View”, at one sitting with no breaks. Though its effects on my behavior proved to be of shorter duration than a session with the old cane! This adds fuel to the debate as to which is more effective – physical or mental punishment.

The most important part of any punishment is the mental part. All physical punishments should be preceded by a lecture explaining what the submissive did to displease the Dom, Domme or Master. Explain what the submissive is being punished for. This is essential. I would also give the submissive a chance (if he/she so desires) to explain why he/she thinks the punishment is unwarranted. Most likely, this will turn into a brief excuse session. But keep an open mind. If you, as the Dominant, are mistaken or you misinterpreted the infraction, be big enough to admit it. You will grow in stature in the submissive?s eyes. The lecture is indispensable to the proper discipline of a submissive. It is as important as the penalty itself. These lectures or explanations should precede all punishments — whether physical or mental.

There are some Doms who use the lecture as a punishment in and of itself. Some submissives respond strongly to disapproval. Since the object is to train the submissive, the Dominant should not need to use physical punishment — or more severe mental punishment — unless necessary. My father had an expression he used whenever he severely punished me (as a child…no jokes, my friends.) “This hurts me more than it hurts you.” This should apply in D/s as well. Use the least painful punishment (mental or physical) that will accomplish the task. If a lecture works — and that is all that is needed — by all means use that as your primary tool of discipline.

The parent/child model holds true in that many punishments mimic those used in grade school. Requiring your submissive to hand write a given phrase – such as “I will not disrespect Master in public” — a hundred times (or more) works wonders. I know a Dominant who required his submissive to write, “I will not answer Master’s business phone with a Hello?” five hundred times. Since he did not specify “hand written,” she used the copy button on her computer. So make sure you specify “hand written.” (A clever
sub was she!)

Another old school punishment is the classic “dunce cap” routine. There are innumerable variations on it. Standing in the corner for a given period of time – an hour or two, for example – is one version. Making the submissive literally wear a homemade “dunce cap” (make the sub make it) is not only humiliating, it borders on the totally devious. Use this latter one with care since humiliation is not to be used for every submissive?s discipline. If humiliation is a hard limit, don?t go there. Even for discipline.

Speaking of humiliation, punishment based on humiliation (if applicable) can be awesome. Making the submissive wear a baby pacifier in public is a humbling experience. If the submissive has been mouthy, an entire evening without being allowed to speak will do the trick. A very extreme humiliation – use with care – require the submissive to wear a sign stating her offense at a BDSM play party. Or just make the slave watch and not participate (if he/she likes to play publicly) at such a BDSM party. Yet another one – make the sub or slave eat out of a bowl on all fours like a dog. (But make sure the sub or slave does not like this; if he/she does, use another punishment.)

Isolation is another mental punishment. Making the submissive stay in a small room or closet with no link to the outside world for a couple of hours can be maddening. And one a submissive might not ever wish to repeat. But make sure the submissive cannot sleep through it. Standing up can make sleep all but impossible.

A less severe form of isolation – especially in the information age – is suspending the slave’s computer, email, telephone or television privileges. This is one form of isolation that is quite effective as a punishment.

Complete sensory deprivation for a period of time is yet another variation on this isolation theme. Ball gagged, blindfolded in a dark room – add sleep deprivation (wake the sub/slave from time to time) and you have a totally diabolical punishment. Use with care.

If your slave is trained for housework, then punishments such as re-folding towels that were done sloppily or being made to eat off dirty dishes that were improperly cleaned are widely used. The “let the punishment fit the crime” imperative is a wise one to follow.

Then there are those unique punishments you devise yourself. These are the most fun. And the most bonding – because they are unique to your relationship. I was tied up in a room and played The Weather Channel LOUD for an hour. I hate the weather channel! I doubt if i live to a hundred i will ever forget that one. (hated that more than watching “Room With A View”!)

Just keep in mind that even mental punishments can have their dangers. To repeat, never use a hard limit as a punishment. But if you use your imagination and maintain a sense of what is fair, the use of mental punishment to train a submissive or slave can be as effective as physical ones. And when used in combination with physical ones…WOW!

Finally, no matter what punishments you have used, do not forget aftercare. A punishment session can be exhausting for the submissive, both physically and emotionally. Thus the same procedures for post-scene aftercare apply for mental punishment sessions as well.

3/2/2016 8:19:48 AM

12/30/2015 6:40:38 AM
*All spankings are within sensual and mild to
harsh and severe.Maybe required to sign a waiver form for this punishment.

6/19/2015 3:39:39 AM
Toronto (Mississauga), Ontario, Canada
Miss Betty Cocker
I am Miss Betty Cocker and I have almost 25 years experience dishing out uncompromising, traditional discipline (introductory to severe) to naughty boys in need of correction in a safe, clean and discreet domestic setting. I am a very well-equipped Domestic Discipline Specialist and OTK Spanking Expert.   
Visit me at:  Miss Betty Cocker

6/19/2015 3:36:23 AM
The Joy of OTK

Ms. Harriet Marwood
Professional Disciplinarian


~Part I~

As we all surely know, in the world of what is broadly called BDSM there are many, many specific interests and playing styles.  Guess who did not know this?  Me! Well, years ago when I first decided to hang out my shingle, I didn’t!  I had played at private parties, and my boyfriend liked to take a good ass whoopin’, so I assumed that everyone would be like the people I had met up to that point. Boy, was I wrong! Initially, I would give it my best shot to enact whatever kind of scene a client would suggest. If I had no experience in it, I’d do some research, though the resources then were limited. I applied the motto Fake It Till You Make It, and after many years of dabbling in a wide breadth of activities I one day realized that only one of them set my heart a’twitter. And that was OTK.  Or, more accurately, any form of domestic corporal play. So I eased my way out of the dominatrix side of things and began to specialize. 

For those with a similar penchant, I decided I would share with you a few tips and tidbits that might help you in your own play. Or maybe you’ll enjoy following my musings just for the fun of it. I’ve spanked a lot of bottoms and, though a lot of folks believe that spanking is spanking, within this sub-category there are more variations than I could ever count. Different fantasies. Different styles of administering corporal discipline. Different degrees of formality, or the lack thereof.  Etc., etc. Much food for thought. Let’s have at it, shall we?


Starting at the Bottom

Yep, from the outset the bottom is at the top of the list. Spanking is all about the bottom. Bottom as in that nice soft, round pair of cheeks that we love to whack and smack. And bottom as in the person who belongs to that pair of cheeks.  Spankings revolved around these. We have to respect our bottoming partners and remember that they would not be there offering their vulnerable rear end unless they feel that the person taking charge actually cares about them and won’t do any harm. If you want a good scene, you need to talk first and make sure the two of you are on the same page. And whoever’s topping needs to know how to use his/her hand, paddle, strap or cane safely. That being said, what are some of the joys of OTK? (And by the way, by OTK, I’m referring to all aspects of spanking play.)

Let’s start with connection. The first and most obvious thing about actual OTK is that you are very up close and personal with your partner. You take someone over your lap and they feel you as you feel them. You feel each other’s warmth, breathing, shifts in movement. You feel, consciously or unconsciously, what they are anticipating. If you take your time and really take this in, it can enable you to take major control over them. Which, after all, is what they want. Depending on what kind of relationship you have with this person, real OTK can become very intimate, and very intuitive. You can feel just when to escalate or smack harder or back off, just from the cues their body is giving you. Muscle tension, quick or relaxed breathing, squirming and involuntary twitches and wiggles. Isn’t it fun to get a reaction?! To push them at just the right moment and make them squirm for mercy. See how obedient you can make them once they know the hands-on consequences of stubbornness!

Let’s start with the basics: Spanking the naughty brat. Your partner walks in acting distracted. You tell them to sit down and they wander and fidget. So you have to get their attention and take control. Sometimes raising your voice will do the job. Sometimes you have to grab them by the arm and physically drag them to their chair and sit them on it. If they pout or get sassy, you might give them a sharp slap on the cheek. Or maybe even drag them to the bathroom and wash their nasty mouth out with soap. Whatever your tactics, the principle is always that you don’t stop until they understand that YOU are in charge.

All you pouty brats out there, you may end up subjected to a very boring ten minutes (or more!) standing in a corner if you can’t do as your told. This ordeal – the power struggle -- can last ten minutes or so, or you can engage in a battle of wills for quite some time. Some players like a lot of verbal interplay. Some prefer to get to the punishment without much fanfare. For the more dramatic types, the spanker ought to get him situated, sitting or standing, and lecture him as to why he’s there and exactly what he’s done to earn him a stern and sound punishment. Your brat might be the type to lower his head and listen impatiently; biding his time till this indignity passes. Or she may be an uppity bottom and not be able to resist taunting you, or insisting on her innocence, or arguing with everything you tell her.

For an uppity bottom, the fun is to exert your dominance in whatever way you have to get them in line. Yell at her. Grab her arm and sit her on a chair. Slap her. Threaten that her punishment is going to be a lot worse if she doesn’t stop misbehaving. But ultimately, it’s time to get down to business. After you’ve enjoyed the emotional tension of this psychological tug of war, take it to the next level. You’re in charge. You decide when to lower the boom.  

If you have a compliant naughty boy, you might want to slowly strip him naked (as long as you’ve discussed this beforehand and mutually agreed to this). Having someone take off your clothes, piece by piece is very embarrassing.  Especially if the Spanker remains fully clothed in contrast.  If your bottom resists, you can stop, pull him over your knee and deliver 20 or 30 hard, fast spanks till he squirms and squeals and promises to settle down and cooperate. Then you stand him back up and finish – slowly unbutton his shirt, dragging out the ignominy…. Finally, pulling it off. Then his undershirt. Then unbuckle his belts and pull it out of its loops. (It might be a nice one made of soft, supple leather and maybe you’ll even put it to use later.) The real humiliation comes when you unzip the fly and his pants fall to the floor because he knows that his underwear is the only thing between his dignity and your complete authority.

If you want to give him a good warm-up so you are not likely leave marks, you can order him over your knee and start your spanking at this point, over his boxers or briefs. Some bottoms are shy and not very talkative. They like to feel the embarrassment and loss of control and simply be in the experience. So if you try to get them to speak back to you and aren’t too successful, just spank away. If you use a safeword, they can use it if they’re maxing out. If no safeword, watch if they physically tense up or hold their breath,  a possible indication of putting up with something undesirable. If your brat is not the shy type, then you’re free to spank them till you see them react, and when they do, you can lecture and threaten them with a worse beating in future days if they don’t shape up. It’s also fun to announce to them exactly what you’re going to do with them, so they can fear and dread it while they wait for you to get started.

A good batch of hand spanks will ready the bottom for more. Whack him good for five or ten minutes and then, when he starts feeling tender, make him nervous by peeling down the underpants. Just the feel of air on their bare skin will have their little brain shooting spurts of adrenaline in anticipation of the heightened stings to come. At this point, sometimes I like to take my leg and wrap it over my bottom’s legs, pinning them securely. At this point, he knows that he’s about to really get it good. Now you start really spanking hard. If you want to see some squirms, hit him three or four times on one cheek in the same spot, and then likewise on other. Lather, rinse, repeat. If he whimpers or whines or complains, just tell him he brought it all himself and it’s too late for sympathy now! Spank to your heart’s content until his cheeks are fire engine red. When he has a nice base, you can proceed to your implements.
The most logical one to start with is that traditional item, the trusty wooden hairbrush. If you want to make your point fast, just use the 3 – 4 swats repeated onto the same spot of each cheek method. He’ll be promising to behave in no time! After you have him good and red on the main central portion of his butt, go to work on that fleshy, more tender portion at very bottom of his cheeks just above the upper thigh. Take your brush and strike in an upward motion, snapping your wrist as you bring it upward. You don’t have to use a full swing. Just smack and snap. If you can aim for the area underneath and right next to his ass crack, you’ll definitely get some lively reactions. 

One thing to remember is that any bottom will get accustomed to any one particular implement if used for a prolonged amount of time. So to get his attention anew, you might want to grab that nice leather belt you slipped off his trousers, double it over so it’s nice and swingable from a sitting position and raise it high overhead, snapping it down with a fast twist of the wrist! You know you’re doing it right if it lands with that beautiful crisp sound. But, no worries, just keep swinging till you get the technique down pat. Be a considerate top, though, and try not to wrap the end around the outside of his hip. That’s just mean. And unnecessary. And likely to leave a nasty bruise that can last awhile. One way to avoid this, if you’re inexperienced, is not to swing from up high. Swing from midway up and rely on a good wrist snap to control it so it lands only on the middle of his now very red, sore rear end. Use a lighter smack until you get your aim to be accurate, then go to town!

Once you can see he’s really sore and tender, it’s a good time (if you’re into scolding) to rub his nose in his bad judgment to have gotten into such hot water and remind him that if he does it again, next time it will be worse. In this tender state, he’ll be thinking twice about getting uppity. Finishing him off with another hand spanking on a nice sore bum can be quite satisfying. The power you feel from being able to make a bratty bottom flinch and wince and yelp merely from the smack of your bare hand is quite fun. After you think he is properly penitent and compliant, you can wind down by introducing some nice comforting caresses to his bottom in between each flurry of swats until you taper off to a smack or three every 15 seconds or so. If you want to make sure your bottoming brat has been properly tenderized, just pinch their cheeks good once or twice. If they twitch or squirm or go “Ow!” your mission is a success and you can feel secure in wrapping things up. Of course, you can declare him thoroughly spanked whenever you’ve had your fill, regardless. It’s all up to you.


When you feel he’s been properly chastised, roll him off your lap – because he’s probably a little dizzy from the position he’s been in and may need to get back up gradually – and eventually order him to stand up, march over to that nice hard chair and sit down while you deliver your final words of warning and, of course, elicit his apologies.  Then watch him squirm uncomfortably on that unforgiving wooden surface while you demand assurance that he’s learned his lesson before letting him off the hook. Check with him and make sure he’s OK and that only his pride has been wounded. A safety check-in afterwards is important until you accurately know your bottom’s tolerance. Once you have done this, you can send him off to get dressed.

This has been a pretty basic introduction to an OTK spanking. It’s very general and would probably constitute a moderate level punishment. But if you’re experienced enough you can improvise and titrate things up or down to suit your preference. Next time we will discuss implements and a higher degree if intensity. In the meantime, play safe!  (And come visit me sometime!)

Bottoms up!

Harriet Marwood, Spankologist



Ms. Marwood is a worldly, intelligent, no-nonsense lady who addresses the behavioral problems of naughty boys of all (consenting) ages.  She takes her inspiration from a renowned, stern English governess of longstanding literary fame and believes in the expert application of all manner of traditional domestic corporal discipline as needed and/or deserved.

Visit her site @

9/20/2014 5:51:11 AM
What can be worse than sitting outside the principal's office with a punishment slip in your hand? For one of the three girls it was worse...the principal was her aunt and her mother had already asked for a ‘memorable punishment’ to be given. Soon the three girls were to be very sore indeed.
The three remorseful teenage girls sat outside Principal Fountain's office; every so often the school secretary, old lady Nelson, would look up from her typing to make sure they weren't talking.
Each of the 17 year olds held her own yellow punishment slip that suggested each should be punished but it was, as it had always been, left up to Mrs. Fountain to decide their final fate that morning.
Helen Sinclair was the oldest of the three and a senior and she would be 18 in a month. Helen was no stranger to the Principal’s office having made the visit twice before for discipline but not in the last two years. Her last visit two years earlier had resulted in four very hard paddle swats for skipping gym class two days straight. This time Helen sat outside Principal Fountain's office waiting to be punished after having been caught smoking during lunch break the day before with her two close friends.
Eleventh grader Margaret Jennings had just turned 17 years old nine weeks earlier and although this would be her first visit to Principal Fountain's office she had learned from several girl friends that her paddling would be painful and memorable. Margaret shuddered at the thought of being paddled even if it was deserved; why had she let Helen talk her into having just one puff on that damn cigarette? Her own bottom was still quite sore from last night's spanking at the hands of her mother and the family hairbrush.
Elizabeth Munroe the 17 year old niece of Principal Fountain sat nervously knowing full well her Aunt wouldn't spare any sympathy for her this time like she had five years earlier when she had used the smaller jokari paddle and had given her three swats. Elizabeth thought that after all her Aunt was still spanking each of Elizabeth's two teenage cousins still living at home and she had even paddled her oldest cousin Barbara three years ago when she was in the 12th grade. So as Elizabeth closed her eyes and sighed she knew she would be sitting gingerly for the remainder of the school day, and what made it even worse was that her mother Principal Fountain’s younger sister was waiting at home with her father’s belt.
From behind her closed office door Mrs. Alice Fountain looked over each of the three waiting girls school files; nothing stood out other than your typical school girl pranks and a few missed classes. But today she had the misfortune to make a note in each girl's school file that said..."SMOKING ON SCHOOL GROUNDS, six SWATS". Alice Fountain didn't like having to paddle any teenage girl, she even detested having to spank her own three daughters but it was just part of her job as school Principal and a concerned strict mother.
Alice closed the three files stood removed her jacket and retrieved her 18 inch long, 4 inch wide and 3/8 inch thick wooden paddle from the closet where it hung next to the smaller jokari paddle she used on the younger girls. Laying the paddle on the corner of her desk she quickly decided that she would paddle the older Helen Sinclair first followed by the ‘first timer’ Margaret Jennings and then she would finish up with her niece Elizabeth.
Helen Sinclair had listened as her sentence was pronounced then she slowly bent over and grasped both her ankles which caused her light grey slacks to tighten across her teenage bottom. At least thought, Alice Fountain lifting the paddle up and back, Helen had been kind enough to supply her with some very visible panty lines which she could and would paddle..."CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK".
Helen then stood, her bottom was throbbing as her tears rolled down her face; she quickly bent over the Principal’s desk, signed her name to the punishment slip, then stood and grabbed her bottom attempting to rub away the pain beneath her slacks and panties as she walked out of the office where her two friends sat waiting their turns.
"CRACK"...Margaret Jennings 6 painful swats had not gone well at all but Alice Fountain had been used to the trials and tribulations of girls of all ages being paddled for the very first time. Margaret had started crying and pleading as soon as she heard she was receiving 6 swats like her friend Helen. Then after each bold, sharp paddle lick Margaret had stood up and reached under skirt and frantically rubbed her pink panty covered bottom while she sobbed aloud, but as she had many times before Principal Fountain waited patiently until the pretty 17 year old red head was bent back over in proper spanking position before she applied the next hard paddle stroke. "CRACK", all in all it took several minutes longer to apply Margaret's six paddle swats than it had taken to paddle her friend Helen. But when Alice had finished she knew she wouldn't ever see the young teenager back in her office the remainder of this year or next year. In a sense that pleased her because there had been at times before when once wasn't enough for some of the girls and she also knew that each paddled teenage girl reacted differently to being paddled; but Principal Fountain had that feeling your Margaret wouldn't be back bent over .
As Margaret turned to exit the office Alice called out to her and said “A word to the wise Miss Jennings, that skirt you’re wearing is close, very close, to being shorter than school guidelines permit. So if I were you I would measure it tonight and make any adjustments or you may find yourself back in here again.”
"Yes Mrs. Fountain" replied the young girl.
Her niece Elizabeth then entered her office with the same look Principal Alice Fountain had seen on many teenage girl's faces before who were about to be paddled, including her own daughter Barbara. She had paddled Barbara three years ago and like her Elizabeth would receive 6 swats exactly and on her bare bottom. Alice got right to the point ''Elizabeth dear, I've talked already with your mother; well actually she called me early this morning while I was still at home dressing, and she has informed me that she wants you paddled hard and severely. I’m to make it quite ‘memorable’, therefore young lady I have no choice but to paddle you bare bottom. So please remove both your slacks and panties, bend over and grasp your ankles.”
“BARE BOTTOM! Oh no, please Aunt Alice, not bare. Oh please no” cried the chubby 17 year old.
“In this office young lady I'm Principal Fountain, NOT your Aunt Alice. Now I suggest you get those slacks and panties off and assume the proper spanking position or I shall be forced to have you back in here again tomorrow morning for another set of six swats in addition to the six you’re receiving today.”
Elizabeth knew there was no sense in arguing any further. She knew her Aunt would indeed paddle her again the next morning as it had happened several years earlier with her classmate Hilda Gonzales on back to back days. So she unsnapped and lowered both her snug beige slacks and a pair of yellow tight fitting panties to her ankles then she slowly turned and bent forward and tightly gripped her ankles and waited for the paddle to fall.
Principal Fountain gazed at her niece's white pudgy bottom cheeks and raised the long wooden paddle and delivered the first of six slow hard paddle strokes.
'CRACK'...Elizabeth moaned aloud as her bottom vibrated and shook.
'CRACK' “Aahh, ohhh it huurrtzzz so” cried Elizabeth as the second hard stroke fell.
'SWACK' “Aahhh oohhh plleezzee.”
'CRACK' “Aaahhh” sobbed the pretty teenager as her once white bottom was now a deep red.
'SWACK' “Pleezzee Aunt Alice, nnoo moorrre, oohh plleezze.”
'CRACK' “Aahhh” cried Elizabeth as her Aunt applied the sixth and final paddle stroke.
Alice Fountain allowed her niece to cry for a spell and Elizabeth, who hadn't realized yet her paddling was over, was then ordered to stand and replace her slacks and panties. As she pulled up the tight yellow panties over her sore red bottom Elizabeth grimaced before her snug slacks covered her bottom.
“You know Elizabeth you’re getting off lightly compared with what your cousin Barbara received three years ago. You remember me paddling her in this office? Well she earned 10 paddle swats because as her mother I was permitted to do that. But her hardest part was going the rest of the school day minus her underwear which I held onto until she returned home that night. Afterwards I gave her another reminder again at home. It just so happens, your mother doesn't think it would be healthy that you go pantiless the remainder of today and she told me that baring you later would be more enjoyable."
"You may now leave and report to your next class Elizabeth.”
-- The End --

4/5/2014 12:01:57 PM
Breaking into WRONG house!!!
Submitted By: PrincessRailey
It's 6:13 p.m. in the evening.  I   park My car in the driveway and proceed to walk to the front door to get inside.  When I walk up to put the key in the door, I notice that My door is open.  I quietly open the door and walk in.  I figure someone has broken into my home due to the fact that I hear some light groaning noises coming from My bedroom. Moving in silence and stealth like a ninja, I sit My purse and keys down in the couch, walk to the closet and grab my metal bat.  I quietly walk down the hall with the bat in tow and notice that My bedroom door is slightly ajar.  I look in to see what is going on and to My surprise, I see a short, husky white male in My panty drawer with some of My panties are on the bed.  I see him wearing My favorite pair of baby blue boyshorts with hot pink lace time that I got from Victoria's Secret.  I walk in and say, "What the fuck are you doing?!".  he jumps in surprise and turn around quickly to see Me holding a bat.  I look at him with a questionable look and then burst out laughing.  he asks, "Why are You laughing?".
"I am laughing because I just caught you in My panty drawer and what's going to happen to you because of what you did".  I pull My cell phone from my pocket and take a few pictures.  "What are you going to do with the pictures?", you ask.
"This is part of your shameful punishment for breaking into My house and going in My underwear drawer".  I walk over to My closet, put My bat and phone down, open the closet and grab a medium size Greek sorority paddle with holes in it and a solid ball gag.  I walk over to him and force him to wear the ball gag.  "you know that you don't want the cops called on you, so in order to pay for your actions, a severe paddling is in order.  Now bend over!".  I looked at him and his body language was saying that he was eager to be treated like this.  I take the paddle and raise it up in the air.  Before I let it come into contact with his pale and hairy ass, I state "this is going to hurt you way more than it will Me.  Honestly, this is going to be fun for Me".  I let the paddle come down hard on his ass and he jump in pain.   "This is just the first one and you have 19 more to go".  I continue on the hardcore spanking frenzy, noticing that he is getting erect and precumming in My panties (my favorite ones at that).  I stop and tell him, "Take off the panties because you are making a mess in them".  he take them off and bend back over.  After the first 20 spanks,  I saw that his ass has begun to bruise and show hole marks.  "For making a mess in My panties, you are owed 25 more spanks".  At spank 30, he starts to cum hard on My floor.  I can hear crying in his voice from the severely cruel paddling that he received.  After the spanking is over, I took off the ball gag and he fell to the floor, crying like a pathetic baby.  his ass is beautifully decorated with the bruises & marks from My paddle.  I gran his head and force it to the cum splatter floor.  "Do you see this mess?".
I forced his mouth to the spunk and he licked up every drop and consumed it like a cum hungry slut. "If I ever catch you in here again, I'll make this twice as bad.  Now get the fuck out of here.".  he gathered his clothes quickly and left in a hurry.  I smiled, giggles and looked up at the camera, which was in the comer of the room with the red 'record' light on.  Unbeknown to this pathetic loser, you were just video taped being punished for being a panty wearing loser.

3/31/2014 11:22:57 AM
Agreements / Contracts
The next level in any relationship is a contract.  We suggest starting with a 30 day contract, then a 90 day contract, followed by a one year contract, then a collaring contract, which holds the weight of marriage.
 30 day sample contract
This contract dated _____  of __________ 2014  is the complete and entire agreement between the signatories.   I _     (Dom/Domme name)  ,  being of sound mind and body, hereinafter referred to as "Dominant" and        (sub/slave name)    , being of sound mind and body, hereinafter referred to as "submissive" 
The terms of this agreement will begin on Friday of each week at 5PM and end on Sunday of each week at 5PM for a period of 4 weeks .   During said times the parties do hereby agree to the following:
  1. Submissive shall not sit on furniture
  2. Submissive will keep eyes lowered at all times unless otherwise instructed
  3. Submissive will not watch television without specific permission to do so
  4. Submissive will ask permission to use bathroom
  5. Submissive will not question any instruction given by dominant
  6. Submissive will be naked at all times
  7. (insert your specific ideas here)
These terms are mutually agreed to by the affixing of the respective signatures below.
 ______(Dom)______  ___/__/___                     (sub/slave)                ___/___/____
  (Dom's signature)            (date)                   (sub/slave signature)                (date)
90 day sample Contract  ( this contract will be considerably more detailed)
This contract dated _____  of __________ 2014  is the complete and entire agreement between the signatories.   I _     (Dom/Domme name)  ,  being of sound mind and body, hereinafter referred to as "Dominant" and        (sub/slave name)    , being of sound mind and body, hereinafter referred to as "submissive" 
The parties have successful completed a 30 day contract and wish to take the commitment to the next level . The terms of this agreement will begin today at the moment of the signing of this contract and shall be in 24/7 affect for 90 complete days . 
Upon signing, this is a binding contract between the Dominant and the submissive.
1.1.1. This contract will be in effect for 3 months, unless other terms are agreed upon later.
1.1.2. This contract can be extended at any time, with consent from both parties.
1.1.3. Alterations can be made to this contract, in respect to the terms set forth in SUBSECTION 1.4 and SECTION 2.
1.1.4. The parties enter into this contract on the signed date, fully aware of its nature, and undertake to abide by its conditions, without exception.
1.2.1. The Dominant and submissive agree that anything discussed, or acted upon, in regards to this contract will be consensual and confidential.
1.2.2. The list of hard and soft limits (SECTION 3) will be strictly adhered to, unless otherwise discussed.
1.2.3. If needed, the following Safewords should be used: RED: This word is to be used when the submissive is beyond his level of endurance, and wants to stop everything immediately. YELLOW: This word is to be used when the submissive is close to his limit of endurance, but does not want to cease all activity.
1.2.4. The submissive will not be punished, in any way, for using the Safewords.

3/31/2014 11:20:57 AM
The basic principle of submissive service can be summed up in one word: Attentiveness.
Your behavior should reflect your attentiveness to the dominant's needs and desires at all times. Your role is to serve those needs and desires. Is your dominant about to light up a cigarette? Is your dominant's coffee cup empty or has the coffee grown cold? Does he or she need a chair to sit on? It is your job to ensure that the dominant's comforts are served by making any and all appropriate arrangements to make the dominant's life easy.
Similarly, it is your joyful task to demonstrate, through your attitude and demeanor, that the dominant's needs come first. Your ability to devotedly serve your dominant is a standard by which others will judge you AND your dominant. Not only will your attentiveness please your dominant but it will impress those you meet both with your dominant's power and your submissiveness. In other words, you will be a submissive who a dominant is proud to collar and one who others will believe is worth collaring.
Some submissives mistake their ability to take a heavy beating as the proof of their devotion. Certainly, it can be a highly erotic type of service to endure heavy pain for your dominant, but what about all those moments when your dominant isn't "doing" you? Are you as good a submissive to him or her during the quiet moments as you are when your dominant is giving you what you crave?
Again, Dominance and submission are anchored in the mental body. D/s involves power exchange and is usually time-delimited. Power exchange is used during a scene or during the time when the dominant and submissive are together; however, some protocols may be established to extend the scope of service to include instances when the dominant and submissive are not together.
The submissive is NOT the dominant’s “girlfriend”of “boyfriend” . A “boyfriend/girlfriend” is a person with the same rights and responsibilities as his/her partner. Within the confines of a D/s relationship, the submissive below the Dominant and is property of the dominant.  Only has those rights and privileges granted by the dominant, as previously negotiated as part of the consensual exchange of power.

3/31/2014 11:19:43 AM
It starts with education on how to use implements with causing permanent harm.  This requires asking questions when you do not know.  All too often Dominants fall into a role of appearing superior and fear doing anything to cause question of the superiority, so they remain silent.  A true Dominant strives continually educate themselves and those around them.
To protect your property, and ensure their safety when interacting with others.  This goes beyond physical harm. It must include emotional safety as well.  As a Dominant you must always be “AWARE”. 
Respectful representation of your relationship and your submissive. Taking pride in your property no matter how harsh you use that property is key.
Lead with confidence! A submissive feels safe when following, and if a dominant is constantly going back in forth in a decision all confidence is lost.  Of the thousands of submissive’s who have attended retreat parties we have found one common element they insist upon.  They would rather follow a very confident Dominant down the wrong path, than to follow a wishy washy Dominant down the right path!

3/30/2014 12:45:42 PM

It could also be back to back for weight and with arms on the chairs. He bends over holding handles of chair and endures the strikes, and when chairs lurched forward was with force or him trying to move... so therefore He deserved more strokes for punishment.

Interesting that it was all boys and taking turns striking him...

Wonders if it made any of them hard while striking him.

If i were there watching it i would get wet and excited even in watching this in person or if was taped.

i do wonder where this need and desire comes from Sir...

3/30/2014 12:43:59 PM

This might take some visualizing myself, but i imagined it to be something like this.

In my mind i wondered if he would position himself over the backs of the chair so kneeling on one chair, and over the backs of the chairs with arms on other seat perhaps so buttocks would be bent over and easily struck with a riding crop with force and accessible. The backs of the chairs in my mind were low as to make it easy for someone to position themselves over it and kneel one one side and rest arms or elbows on other side.

I imagine in my mind, this writing saying a dozen times and the chairs lurch forward because of the force of the blows. Therefore he receives another four rounds, so in my mind that would be sixty hard strokes with a riding crop. Which would leave welts and marks...

In my mind i can see and picture these welts, how it would feel as it was happening. The sounds and feelings of each strike, the intensity of each hit and the increasing heat and welts forming.

i have such a mind that i have thought about things like this and being so sore i cant sit down for a week or more without feeling the after affects and at the same time i envisioned someone making me take more the next day... with it being so tender and sore, and that at this point i would do anything at the tap of anything on my ass that the person would ask.

My mindset is such that the limits are pushed and i am completely under someone else's will and desires. Strange i think of things to this point at times... and of course i wouldnt wish it to happen all the time, but it does excite me to think of such things and to be pushed to endure and accept and rely on a Dom to know when enough is enough, as this girl would enjoy in my own mind being pushed or think i would.

i never see myself as a hard player but others say i am...

It has many elements to it...many levels... and not sure at all where it all comes from.

Perhaps it is the ultimate power exchange but i have and likely will always have thoughts of spanking and extreme at times and being pushed to take and endure more because He can. Because He understands and pushes those limits too.... knowing it is a need for some reason.

Its different at different times.... sometimes over time building... other times just plain hard and straightforward until it is so sore... so tender... red, burning... marks.... several different ones...

Hmmm smiles... not sure others can truly understand this desire and need. Sometimes i dont understand it fully myself or where it comes from?

3/1/2014 9:29:25 AM

Recently received this mail from a Lady who likes to read my profile/Journal Entries.


This girl loves reading Your profile always have.

Will share i took time to read about the History of the discipline with "tawse" and cane etc.

That being said, this girl seems to get excited just from reading and imagining the feelings and sensations... when it talks about being bent over chairs and taking more than was planned even in the descriptive writings of what the boys went through.. doesnt matter if is boys or ladies, girls... whatever, spanking... its use, watching, seeing imagining or doing always excites me.  The reading about "figging" and ginger same things... always need to cum after reading it.

9/15/2013 5:58:39 AM

The Cane and the Tawse in Scottish Schools

by Colin Farrell

A READER asks about use of the cane and the tawse in British schools -- in particular, how the balance of usage between these two instruments varied in different parts of the UK until school CP was finally outlawed altogether in 1998. First, let us focus on Scotland.
As far as state schools are concerned, the tawse was pretty well universal in Scotland. ('Tawse' was the official term, but in conversation it was always called 'the belt'.) It was the only instrument permitted under the 1968 Code of Practice agreed between the Scottish teachers' unions and the Scottish Education Department.
Bizarrely, and in my view foolishly, the Code also specified that it be applied only on the hands; and there is no doubt that, in modern times, this was how the tawse was generally inflicted in Scottish schools.
But apparently it was not ever thus. Bill Fyfe Hendrie, a Scots head teacher, has written:
"Describing his school days in Montrose, 19th century poet Alexander Smart records that when he and his school fellows were to be punished they were ordered to bend over a long wooden bench, to which they were bound so that there was no escape while the master, Mr Norval, administered what he considered to be the requisite number of strokes of his tawse across their legs and bottoms. At Ayr Grammar School the boys suffered the even greater indignity of being 'horsed', that is hoisted on the shoulders of two of their classmates, so that their bottoms presented an even better target for the tawse.
"Beatings on the bottom were apparently common in Aberdeenshire, for many schools in that county boasted what were known as "cooling stanes". These were large stones just outside the school door to which pupils who had been chastised could rush at play times to sit and take at least part of the stinging sensation out of their wounds. Indeed it is claimed that one irate kirk session complained bitterly to the dominie that his scholars were using one of the large tomb stones in the adjacent grave yard for this unseemly practice.
"One boy went through the rest of his life with the nickname, "Leather Doup", because when he was wee, he persuaded his mother to sew a sheep's skin inside the seat of his trousers, in order to minimise the impact of the dominie's leatherings."
("The Tingle o' the Tawse", Scottish Memories, July 1994)
Not quite all state-school teachers followed the modern-day rules about applying the tawse only to the hand. Mr David Johnstone, headmaster of Plockton High School in Wester Ross, was "severely censured" by Highland Education Committee for his disciplinary methods in 1979. He was "accused of spanking teenage boys on the bare bottom with his belt. The incidents are said to have taken place in his study with the door locked and curtains drawn." ("School belting inquiry begins", Daily Record, Glasgow, 13 March 1979.)
Mr Johnstone had previously been a teacher in Edinburgh, where I have been told that men who were his pupils in the mid-1970's claim they too received the belt on their backsides. Apparently at the time nobody complained!
A couple of years earlier, teacher James McQuade agreed at Dumfries Sheriff Court that he had put pupils across his knee and spanked them in front of the class at Lincluden Primary School, Dumfries. An 11-year-old boy, who admitted that he was "a menace in the classroom", said Mr McQuade had punished him "by pulling his trousers and underpants down, putting him over his knee, and striking him on the buttocks". ("Teacher spanked pupils", The Scotsman, Edinburgh, 17 September 1977.)
And the headmaster of Dunoon Grammar School, Mr Alexander Thain, was cleared of indecent assault following the bare-backside spanking of a 15-year-old boy who had been playing truant.
Mr Thain told Dunoon Sheriff Court how he went to the parents' house and took the boy to his own home, the school being shut that day. There followed what the boy called 'hypnosis' and the headmaster called 'relaxation therapy'. Mr Thain continued: "The father had told me that he had caned the boy. I said: 'I've nothing here to punish you with and I'll have to use my hand and use it on your bare bottom'."
The boy described to the court how he had removed his own trousers and bent over the settee. "He pulled down my underpants and started to smack me with his hand, five or six times," he said.
Mr Thain explained: "I felt the boy expected to be punished and I felt his parents expected him to be punished. It was meant as a symbolic punishment." ("Head hypnotised me, says boy", The Scotsman, 12 June 1980; "Head acquitted of assaulting boy", The Scotsman, 13 June 1980.)
These last two bare-bottom spanking cases, whilst not involving the belt, do tend to confirm both that the Code of Practice was sometimes ignored, and that trousers-down punishments were not unknown in state schools in Scotland.
There is certainly evidence of them if we go a little further back in time. One man who in 1946 was a 12-year-old pupil at St Andrew's RC School, Dumfries, wrote:
"The use of the tawse was a daily occurrence for trivial offences. Public floggings in the school hall in front of the assembled school were for 'serious offences', for example, stealing a pair of plimsolls. The boys were brutally beaten on the bare backside by the headmaster whilst two male teachers held the struggling victim across a school desk. Female teachers were excused witnessing the spectacle, so they would not see a bare backside."
(Letter from 'D.D', Dumfries and Galloway Standard, 5 February 1982.)

Price list of Scotland's main tawse supplier in 1966.
Generally, however, the tawse in Scotland was given on the hands, often - contrary to the usual practice with the cane in England - in front of the class. And it was applied remarkably frequently: a 1977 survey by the Educational Institute of Scotland (the teachers' trade union) found that 36% of 12-to-15- year-old boys were belted at least once in 10 school days; 21% of these were strapped three or more times in the same period.
And in 1980 a study by Edinburgh University's Centre for Educational Sociology, conducted among 40,000 school leavers, showed that only 1 in 20 boys went through secondary school without getting the tawse ("Children under shadow of the belt", Daily Record, 26 November 1980.) This suggests a considerably higher level of usage of CP overall than the average in England and Wales.

tawsesAn array of Scottish tawses.

There is one significant exception to the dominance of the tawse in Scottish education, and that is the independent (private) schools. Here there was no general rule; the Code of Practice did not apply. I understand a few private schools, such as Glasgow Academy, did use the strap on hands, perhaps regarding this as a more Scottish thing to do, but most followed their English counterparts in using the cane on bottoms.
A fictional, but probably reasonably authentic, example of the latter can be seen in the short film "The Dollar Bottom", made by Roger Christian in 1980. Set in an Edinburgh boarding school in 1953, and based on a story by James Kennaway, it is a light-hearted tale about an enterprising boy who sets up an insurance scheme against getting the cane, and quickly makes a fortune.
A real-life private school, Dollar Academy, announced in 1983 that it was giving up using CP altogether, but there is anecdotal evidence that in the mid-1960's it was still using the cane across backsides in quite a big way and - on occasions - with much force and ceremony. This was apparently administered by senior boys in the boarding houses; teachers themselves used the tawse on the hand, said to be a daily occurrence.

schoolboysStudents in Dollar Academy's distinctive uniform. The school used both forms of corporal punishment.

Fettes College, in Edinburgh, also used the cane. Fettes is often considered "Scotland's Eton", though it is a Victorian and not a mediaDaily Record, 25 February 1977).

The news story did not explain why Russell got the cane, while Ian and Christopher apparently didn't but were gated instead. Nor why the Daily Record thought a caning at a "top school" -- of which there must have been, at the least, dozens daily in Scotland alone -- was unusual enough to justify being brought to the attention of its several million readers. Presumably the canings were mentioned during the public court case; normally of course that kind of information remains private.
In his former capacity as headmaster of Eton in the 1960s, Mr Chenevix-Trench ("A quick beating can be the kindest thing to do" -- Liverpool Echo, 6 January 1979) would have been accustomed to caning boy's bottoms -- bare, in that case. We are not told whether the canings he administered at Fettes - such as 17-year-old Russell Young's in February 1977 - were also done trousers-down (or kilts-up?) but it seems highly likely, in view of revelations by journalist Paul Foot, who went to Shrewsbury School when Chenevix-Trench was a housemaster there in the 1950s. Foot wrote on the occasion of the great man's death:

"... Trench was no ordinary flogger. He would offer his culprit an alternative: four strokes with the cane, which hurt; or six with the strap, with trousers down, which didn't. Sensible boys always chose the strap, despite the humiliation, and Trench, quite unable to control his glee, led the way to an upstairs room, which he locked, before hauling down the miscreant's trousers, lying him face down on a couch and lashing out with a belt .....
("London Diary", New Statesman, London, 13 July 1979.)

Foot's claims about Trench have been fully vindicated much more recently, and I hope to return to this topic in a future article about Eton.
But to return to Scotland, and Fettes College. Another account of life there, this time in 1966, has been provided by Richard Gibbon, columnist on the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Sunday Sun. Gibbon, who was 13 at the time, was caught talking after lights out. He writes:

"I was made to wait 12 hours before my punishment and during this time I ate, tried to swot (exams the next day) and duly attended evening chapel service.
"After finishing my Divinity essay...I was summoned to the holy room of house prefects: eight individuals, average age 17, whom I viewed as Gorgons from my lowly height. They explained how badly behaved I had been, warned me I must be made to suffer, and duly frog-marched me to a room referred to as The Big Dormitory.
"Thirty feet away stood two chairs back to back, on which I was to have six of the best.
"Thud! - the first stroke of the riding crop made contact and my assailant slowly returned to the waiting group of would-be thrashers.
"A dozen steps later there was another almighty clout and my chairs lurched violently forward, and so my dose was repeated another four times.
"Several screams later I emerged from my torture stools, pulled my clothes together, wiped away my tears and shook hands with the head of house.
"For three days my rear ached, the thick weals stayed for two weeks, and the scars finally went about six weeks later. For a few days I was a mini-hero. How much did it hurt? When did you start crying? etc. But the whole event was quickly erased from school life.
"By everyone but me, that is. I have never forgotten the beating and I doubt I ever will. It served as an excellent reminder that if I was caught doing something wrong then I had to expect punishment."
("Punishment? You can't whack it", Sunday Sun, 20 August 1978.)

A rather more famous product of Fettes College is the present British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. It seems he was something of a rebel at school, and around 1970 he too received "six of the best" there, when he was a six-foot 17-year-old. The caning was delivered by his exasperated housemaster, who described the future PM as the most difficult boy he ever had to deal with ("Rebel pupil Blair was given six of the best", Daily Telegraph, London, 28 March 2001).
For our final look at caning in Scotland's private schools, we turn once more to Dumfries.
In 1979 Mr Peter Spencer, former headmaster of what was described as "one of Scotland's oldest-established prep schools", was charged on 12 counts of assault involving 7 boys over five years:

"Five schoolboys told a court yesterday how their headmaster beat them over the buttocks with a shoe, riding crop or cane. And one of them claimed their boarding school was nicknamed Colditz.
"A jury at Dumfries heard the boys - aged between 12 and 14 - tell about life in the 75-pupil school. They described the disciplinary system, under which bad conduct marks could be awarded by teachers at St Ninian's in Moffat, Dumfriesshire.
"Any boy accumulating six had to go to the head's study where punishment was administered by him. They alleged that he hit them over their bottom, in some cases causing red marks, weals and bruising.....
"Roderick Baillie, 12, of Edinburgh, told how he was punished on three occasions, once in 1974 when he was seven, and twice last year. On the first occasion he received four strokes with a shoe on the backside, from the headmaster."
("Colditz head beat us, say pupils", Daily Record, 26 September 1979.)

On the second day of the trial, the school doctor, Dr. Hamish Macleod, took the witness stand. He had been called in January 1979 to examine two boys, Mark Bishop, 13, and Michael Lambert, 11, who "were each given six strokes of the cane on their buttocks".
The doctor stated that four days after the caning "the weals were still about a quarter to half an inch in diameter and their buttocks were bruised", and that "days later, the boys were still suffering pain". He added that "the force with which they were struck must have been extremely excessive".
The doctor agreed however that "it was an excellent school academically and also in character training". Michael Lambert himself told the court that "he and Mark Bishop were punished for not owning up to breaking a thermometer" ("Doctor condemns canings", Daily Telegraph, London, 27 September 1979; "Doctor tells of boy's school cane wounds", Daily Record, 27 September 1979).
Headmaster Spencer, giving evidence on the third day of his trial, said he considered a horse crop less severe than the cane. He told the court he used the slipper for less severe punishment, then the horse crop, and then a cane for more serious cases. "I regard the riding crop as being not so thick and much lighter than a cane."

"Spencer, .... a National Service Officer instructor in the RAF, said ... when he took over at St Ninian's in 1973 he never made any secret of the fact that he believed in and administered corporal punishment.
".....He went on to say that in his opinion he had beaten the two boys involved reasonably hard, but certainly not as hard as he could have done. He did not think his use of the cane had been excessive".
("Riding crop less severe than the cane, says former head", Glasgow Herald, 28 September 1979.)

On the fourth and final day of the case, the Sheriff told the jury that "the crime of assault requires as an essential ingredient some measure of criminal intent". There was no evidence of this, and he instructed them to return a verdict of not guilty.
As he walked "elated" from the court, Mr Spencer said he had not changed his views on CP. "Had I been found guilty I feel that many other teachers in other schools would have felt inhibited. I hope that this will be an encouragement to other teachers trying to uphold discipline and good behaviour" ("Caning head cleared of assault", Glasgow Herald, 29 September 1979.)

A final note on the tawse: In 1982 its monopoly manufacturer in Scotland, Lochgelly saddler John Dick, "whose family firm had been making the tawse in their Fife workshop since Victorian children were learning their three R's and being belted", went out of production.

"It is almost fading away in any case because of the difficulty in obtaining the special leather. It was now being manufactured principally for export: 'There are outstanding orders for Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America. There's medium, heavy and extra-heavy ... The two-tail heavy has been the most popular and retails at £5.90.'"
("Rise and fall of the belt", Sunday Standard, Glasgow, 28 February 1982.)

4/14/2012 4:44:36 PM

please read this article on figging/

Figging: The Art of Anal Ginger Root Play

Figging — anal play using ginger root — seems to be an art that is increasingly ignored. Maybe it's because there isn't enough information passed on about it. Or perhaps with the advent of fancy salves, chemicals and potions that can mimic ginger, lifestylers don't want to take the time needed to prepare for this activity. Either reason precludes a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Origins of Figging

While there is still controversy as to the origins and reasons to figging, it is fairly well agreed upon that it dates back to the Victorian era. Mentions of figging can be found in some Victorian literature. Back in those days, the Victorians were a fairly bawdy, perverted, kinky bunch behind closed doors.
Caning, a very popular form of punishment, especially for the female miscreant, was elevated to an art form itself. There is evidence that figging actually had its beginnings when ginger was used in a caning victim's anus to prevent her from clenching her buttocks during punishment. Clenching one's bottom while it hosts ginger causes an intense burning sensation.

Preparing the Ginger

While it is a fairly easy technique to master, some care is necessary and proper preparation is required. So, let's delve into the world of ginger (or Gilligan and Mary Ann) ....
Ginger, in its natural state, is sold as a "hand." For you non-gourmets, it's called a hand because it somewhat resembles one. The protuberances from the hand are called fingers. Unfortunately, many supermarkets now precut the hand into fingers and package them as convenience. Avoid using anything precut unless you've had enough experience to safely play with small fingers. Find a place that sells a hand. If the supermarket doesn't have any, visit any oriental grocery store. Buy the largest hand you can find and scurry home with it. Keep the entire hand in a cool dry place until you are ready to use it. The sooner you use it, however, the better the effect unless you age it properly, which I'll get to later.
When playtime rolls around, I usually like to have my sub bound, face down on the bed over a pillow. No blindfold here. I make it a point of allowing her to watch and hear me prepare the ginger. The anticipation is spectacular especially if she's never experienced it before. The gyrations generated from the anticipation alone are well worth the experience.
Now you are ready to cut a finger of ginger from the hand. Unless the fingers are very long, do not cut the finger off at the joint of the hand. Remove the finger by cutting down into the palm of the hand so that you get a long, uniform width finger. I like to use a finger no smaller than 4 inches. Longer is better. Take a paring knife or vegetable peeler and remove the brown skin. Make sure all the skin is off as well as ensuring that all the bumps and knots are cut off and smoothed as well. Try not to remove too much meat underneath, as you want to retain as full a finger as possible.
Take your time and don't rush this step. As you work, rinse it under cold water periodically to help wash away pieces of skin. Ginger is fibrous and sometimes takes a little time to prepare properly. If you're into oriental cooking, you'll love the delicate ginger aroma that is released as you do this step. The smell is a great stimulus for the sub as well. It heralds things ahead.
After you have the skinned root all smooth and nice, you now have to perform the tricky bit. With the paring knife, about two-thirds of the way down the root carve a concavity around the finger. This will act as a retention device. Similar to a butt plug where the sphincter locks around the tapered portion of the plug, the concavity will do the same thing.
Make the ring no more than a half-inch wide. Remember: Do not taper the finger all the way down to the end. You want full circumference of the finger two-thirds of the way down, a half-inch retention ring and then full circumference continuing down to the end of the finger. Do not carve out too much however, as this will weaken the finger and increase the possibility of breaking it while in the sub. You don't need a very deep ring for retention.
After you have carefully completed this step, rinse the finger off and dip it in cold water. Make sure the tip of the finger is sufficiently rounded. You can always touch this area up with a knife or a peeler.
When you're finished, your ginger finger should look something like this:

Let the Play Begin

Now it's ready to insert. Unlike your own finger, you do not use lube with a ginger finger. Lubricant acts as a sealant and prevents the ginger moisture from releasing. Instead, use the cold water to keep the finger wet.
Slowly insert the finger into the sub's anus. Don't rush at this point. Take your time. Wet ginger is slick enough to slide in with care. When the anus finally opens and accepts the ginger, slide it in up to the ring and let the sub close around it. The beauty of ginger is that it takes a little while for the effects to take place. Once it begins, it builds steadily. While you are waiting for the fun to begin, go wash your hands. You don't want to touch your eyes or your sub's eyes by accident with ginger on your hands.
Now sit down, get comfy and enjoy your work. Or, as the Victorians did, start your caning. Most submissives will become rather vocal as the ginger works its magic. Depending on the fortitude of the sub, the potency of the ginger and the mental attitude you projected will give you a variety of reactions. A few subs have reported that the ginger doesn't do any more than, let's say, Ben Gay; however, they are far and few between. Most subs report that the effects were far greater than they imagined.
To increase the effect, pinch your sub's buttocks together and hold them for a minute or two. This causes a big boost in burning sensation and if done every so often, keeps your sub awake. The effects of the ginger will last approximately twenty minutes or so — after which, the effects diminish rapidly.
The nice thing about ginger is that no matter how intense the effect on the sub, you won't hurt her/him and it is short-lived. Once the sensation ceases, remove the ginger and go about your other session business. Ginger also has a property that puts it far ahead of any ginger substitutes.
So it is said, the juice of the root has the ability to cause incredible sexual desires. I have had subs begin to sob, begging to have something inserted into their female opening and to have orgasm. The reaction is tenfold if the ginger juice comes in contact with the clitoris. Cut a small slice of ginger, making sure it has one flat side. Place this side directly onto the clitoris and hold it there. Depending on anatomy, some women will be able to retain the slice on their own without assistance.
Apply ginger to the genitalia while the ginger plug is in place and watch to see if it brings the pleasure you both seek. I have experienced some of the most stunning results with subbmissives using this technique. I don't have a perfect scientific explanation as to why ginger cause such an effect but suffice to say it works.

Turbo Charge Your Ginger

Now for a little technique that will "turbo charge" your ginger: Using your ginger soon after you buy it will assure potency. Strong ginger, unprotected, for long periods of time will rob it of its zip. However, if you have any ginger fingers left after playtime, place it in a sealed, plastic bag and place it in the veggie bin in the refrigerator. Now, like the aging of fine wine, forget about it for a while.
After a few days, check the ginger. If things are going well, the inside of the bag should have moisture on it. If a little mold has formed on the ginger, it's time for play. If not, put it back in the bin for another day or two and check on it daily until mold forms. The mold is harmless and does not penetrate the tough, fibrous skin of the root.

Peel and prepare the ginger as before and play as usual. But look out! The juice of the ginger has increased dramatically in potency. If you think you had a good time when the ginger was new, wait till you play now. Any unused ginger should be discarded at this time

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