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Hetero Male Master, 40,  Philadelphia, New Jersey
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I am here to explore, to learn and to build meaningful relationships.

I own the most wonderful woman. We live out our dreams every day in my version - our version - of Ms-Op-247-TPE-CNC. Ours is a forever bond and a dynamic rooted in discovery, service, loyalty, use, exploration, adventure and love. We show up for each other every day without fail. There is nothing equal about our relationship and we like it that way. We are extremely sensual, tactile people. Food, music, art and pleasure of all sorts capture our attention and inspire us. We admire those who show kindness and interest in the people around them. We appreciate those who possess erotic intensity and a sense of humor.

I am looking to bring one additional female slave into my home. This is Mss. Both slaves will be, to me, unique in all the world. Neither slave will have a higher status and there will be no primary and secondary partner. This will be my version of a loving and devoted closed V relationship and family. I appreciate intelligent and unrushed conversation to start and well move at the speed of trust.

I view a healthy Ms relationship as profoundly freeing for everyone involved. This beautiful dynamic is founded on consent, mutual respect, mutual trust, devotion, consistency, showing up, communication and an ever-deepening power exchange. Its nurturing. Its positive. Its deeply connected and its intensely sexual.

Lets explore and learn together. My inbox is open for thoughtful conversation. In addition to connecting online, I am always looking for couples or unowned women for my intimate dinner parties. This is a space with delicious food and wine where everyone can be fully themselves.

I love taking control. I am hardwired for responsibility - an intense and demanding no-nonsense type of Owner. I create, build and take what I want. I enjoy relationships with structure and rules that are pleasing to me. I care that the structure remains in place at all times so I hold my partners accountable for the big things as well as the small details every single time.

I am disciplined, methodical and patient but not extremely rigid. I love to teach and guide and nurture and protect. I am very direct, honest and fair. I work on myself. I learn and improve. I am warm-hearted and I practice kindness to those around me. I have a silly and creative side that receives regular exercise. I am gentle most of the time with an extremely firm hand when correction is required. I am action oriented. I like dreamers with follow through.

I am hard-working and I spend much of my time nurturing the company that I built from scratch. I love to travel and I have experienced the cultures in over 70 countries. I like adventures so you will see me climbing mountains, rafting down rivers or exploring small towns and not at the beach or on a cruise. I like learning and I am much more likely to read a book or see a documentary than take in a blockbuster movie. I appreciate many different cuisines and I love to find the perfect wine to pair with each dish. On the weekends you will find me out for a hike with my dog or exploring a museum. I live an active, healthy life. I do not smoke or do drugs. I enjoy wine in moderation. I am looking for someone with a compatible lifestyle.

I am looking for an extraordinary woman whose natural place and joy is one of complete submission, obedience and service to her Owner both inside and outside the home. I am looking for a slave.

I am looking for someone positive, intelligent and healthy. I seek a service-oriented woman with many gifts who lives to put her talents to use in service to her Owners happiness and pleasure. I have a bottomless appetite for depravity and kink and far more turn-ons than turn-offs. I am attracted to femininity, openness, a filthy mind and a body that aches for hard use. The right slave for me will love the feeling of being taken over completely. I offer purpose, structure, security, consistency, love and a life of constant learning and improvement. Expect to be uncomfortable. Expect to be pushed. Expect harsh treatment when I do not get exactly what I want. I feel at peace when I can lead and direct my property in every way that I desire which is as a fully available house girl, assistant, servant, sexual tool and plaything. I pair best with an inferior woman who sees herself as the property of one man who cares for her, shows her love in many s, teaches her, guides her, keeps her safe and takes her to places that she has never experienced before.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. - T.S Eliot

Were all a little weird, and life is a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is comparable with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love - true love. - Robert Fulghum











Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 New Jersey

 6' 1"

 240 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

 Lives For:



 Fine Dining










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