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Before I chat with a potential slave on here they have to agree to go through My picture v
Hetero Male Dominant, 59,  Michigan
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Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 160 lbs




 24 minutes

Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female


 Auto Mechanic

 Computer Expert

 Construction Expert

 Metalworking Expert

Before I chat with a potential slave on here they have to agree to go through My picture verification process.

I try to be upfront from the get go, so first off I just turned 59 so definitely not a physical god. I am about 5 ft 7, 160 LBS decent build, clean shaven head, ex military.

I am a blue collar guy not materialistic when comes to processions except my slaves.

I am a guy that loves to scene even at home but not everyday, sometimes want to just cuddle watch movies etc, and with the knowledge that at the drop of a hat I can change the whole day.

I am NOT a hung guy very average cut cock but will make sure that now and then my slaves get that SUPER HUNG cock, but she must be loyal to Master's collar and remember any use I allow anyone else of my property is just sex.

I have 3 limits:
Scat play just nasty.
Medical & Blood unsafe to life and health if someone has no experience.
Kids of course.

I am old fashion Dominant, I found this life when it was more than just kinky sex, it was about commitment, honor and respect for each other and representing a Dominant always 100%.

Example when W/we go to an event you will dress to impress wearing revealing sexy outfits that make every Dom's and Domme's Mouth water. you would walk slightly to my left, and slightly behind. Each and every time I stop to speak with someone I know you will kneel, your knees directly in line with Master's heels, head lowered, hands behind the back and remain silent unless spoken too.

I live by what I call Master Robert's slave Modes:

Full Slave: means I make all decisions even if and when you use the bathroom eat drink etc.

Relaxed Slave: means you have more freedoms to a point you should still be respectful of your Master and collar, you
can make some choices on her own like wanting a drink but be respectful enough to say something Like ""Master your slave is going to get a drink does Master need something?"

Free Mode: these are days your more like just a vanilla girlfriend.

I allow a slave 3 hard limits and 1 soft limit, the soft she must be willing to try before saying she can not do it(and not just one try)
if she swears she can not then she can request it to be a hard limit BUT she has to move a previously hard to soft.

I share my property with men and women even small groups when it pleases me I expect her to live up to her commitment at ALL times. Now I understand your not gonna answer Master questions say in Walmart ""yes my Master"" but a yes Sir would do.

Example of keeping your commitment from my past.

For my Dads birthday many years back Myself, a female slave I owned and some friends took my Dad to a real nice restaurant for dinner, some drinks etc. When the waitress came to take the dinner order, my slave desired a long island ice tea but right in public she tapped My shoulder and said "may I get a long island tea Sir" blew My Dads mind cause he has no idea about our life but our friends who also were both subs understood.

My strongest Belief is that it has to be pleasurable and agreeable to both parties, Master and His slave.

My Ideal Person:

I am seeking those that live this life cause deep inside is a desire to serve to please and a knowledge that the vanilla life is not in the cards for them.

Age is not as important as the commitment and desire to find something real and long term building to a dedicated relationship.

I have been in this life for 40 years now, always be looking for friends.

If you aren't able to voice verify who you are after a few text messages back and forth don't bother contacting Me..


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