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Hetero Male Dominant, 36,  St Louis, Missouri
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 Dominant Male

 St Louis 


 5' 9"

 195 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:


 Body Worship


 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training


 Intellectual Discourse

 1950s Household

 Lifestyle BDSM


 Fine Dining




 Anal Play



 Breast Binding/Play

 Hair Pulling



 Speech Restrictions


 Science Fiction









 Sky Diving









 Horseback Riding

 Martial Arts




 Canes and Crops

 Corner Time

 Eye Contact Restrictions


 Knife Play

 Massage (Giving)


 Orgasm Control

 Role Playing


 Arcade Games



 Comedy Shows












 Ice Hockey



 Walking (Expert)


 Curious About:






 Scuba Diving


 Local BDSM Community



 Victorian Household


 Horror Movies


 Running (Expert)

Ive been a master all my life and just didnt realize it until about a decade ago. Even my childhood-stepping-into-manhood awkward years were filled with fantasies of being an owner. A master. Im looking for my slave. I am not a cruel man, and so I am not looking for a punching bag to take my aggression out on if I get cut off in traffic. I am not into causing pain for pains sake, but can you think of a better way to show your submission than to endure for your master? In that respect, I have a bit of a sadist in me. I am drugs and disease free, and expect the same from anyone begging for a collar. I do travel both for business and pleasure. I am looking for someone who is intelligent enough to keep a conversation going, and take care of my house when I have to go on one of those trips my slave cant accompany me on.

When you need to be punished, you will be. When and if you are humiliated, it will come from your Master. I dont let people ride my motorcycle, why in the world would I let them treat my slave like a foot peg?

As for my views on outside the scene? Even my vanilla life isnt very vanilla. I value discretion. As I have said, I ride a motorcycle. I skydive and rock-climb. Like to travel. Love movies and video games.

I am egotistic, narcissistic, selfish and self centered. I may apologize for that, but I wont mean in. For the sake of clarity, and to alleviate confusion later on When we meet in person, I will tend to get a bit rougher than when we talk online. I see no point in being rough and rude online. Just like I dont understand the concept of an online dom or an online sadist. Lame.

The way I see it, while you dont choose who you are, you do choose who you give your free will to. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask. This may be the last bit of freedom you have.

Results from 99 Dominant 97 MasterMistress 94 Rigger 92 Owner 92 Degrader 88 Brat tamer 88 Sadist 83 Non-monogamist 80 DaddyMommy 74 Primal (Hunter) 70 Voyeur 54 Experimentalist 48 Ageplayer 27 Vanilla 23 Exhibitionist 20 Switch 9 Rope bunny 4 Submissive 2 GirlBoy 2 Degradee 1 Primal (Prey) 1 Masochist 1 Brat 1 Slave 0 Pet

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Journal Entries:
10/4/2017 7:49:52 PM
I really don't care where you live. I travel in and out of the country just because. If you don't mind relocating, I don't have a problem relocating you. Here's a question though. Why is it so important that I send you money for a ticket or for gas. Why is it a problem that I come see you and bring you back with me? Could it be? Could you be lying? Is it possible that a 40 yo bald fat black guy pretending to be a 19 yo skinny Asian girl is really out here trying to scam people?

9/4/2017 10:27:28 AM
I have no idea what's keeping me in Tampa anymore. So, where to next? Austin, Phoenix, New Orleans? Ahh, the world of possibilities.

5/6/2017 3:38:48 PM
I know this is somebody on here, too.

7/4/2013 8:18:22 PM

How happy, ehh? To be a slave. To have no will. To make no decisions. Driftwood. How very restful it must be.

4/13/2013 7:49:21 PM

Long day. Took a shower, now I'm sitting in my big chair with a scotch in my hand thinking how nice it would have been to sit down, have the drink handed to me, and sit here as she kneels at my feet with her head in my lap.

1/11/2013 1:11:32 PM

Starting to wonder if I can ever be monogamous. I take pride in the fact that I do whatever I want. I'm not talking about cheating. I'm talking about your inability to keep my interest long enough for me to not want to put my penis inside someone else. I wouldn't try to keep it form you either. What's the point of keeping a slave if I can't tell her shit?

5/22/2012 8:59:52 PM

A Case for Poly

Sharing the Burden - While I realize (or do I  hope?) that I am a burden you would gladly take on, I can be pretty demanding. Laundry, groceries, cooking, cleaning, your own job/school.... how much easier would it be to share the responsibilities? And think, if everything gets done twice as fast, we have that much more time together to enjoy each other's company.


Share the Fun - Can I make you play video games with me? Why not? What about the opera? The ballet? Can I make you read something so that we can have an intelligent discussion about it? Sure. Just because I can, should I? If I know you aren't enjoying yourself doing this, how can I? Go cook while I play Xbox with my other slave. We can go to the shooting range when she is doing the laundry.


Share the Joy - It has been established not just by my experience but also by experiences of others that this one truth is ever present in everything we do in a D/s relationship. The Ying and the Yang need each other. As much as I need you, you need me. As one sub explained it to me: "My happiness comes from your smile. I am happiest when I please you". If deep down inside, you crave to make me happy, the arguments that precede this one are irrelevant. I would be happiest sleeping between two women. My two women. My slaves.


A Case Against Poly

Slaves are like children. Some Doms want them to be toddlers. They tell their slaves what to wear, what to eat, whom to talk to, etc.. Some, like your's truly, want teenagers. My slaves are expected to be able to make decisions on their own. They know what I eat and don't eat. I don't have to tell them what to cook and when. They can dress themselves. If I didn't like it, it wouldn't be in your closet. In both cases, your slaves require your support and guidance. They need and crave it. They can only get it from you. If it was readily available, why did they surrender to you to begin with? They need nourishment. They look up to you, and hang on every word you say. One simple mistake on your part may make a slave feel like she is less than that. No one wants to be less than their absolute best. This headache applies to every slave. Still think you want more than one?

4/6/2012 10:24:53 PM

So, I've been having this rape fantasy for some time now... 

It's Friday, you're getting off of work. I lay in wait in your back seat, waiting for the moment when you are most vulnerable. You pull into your garage, and I listen for the door to close behind us. As you reach to open the car door, I pop up and put my gun right against your temple. You gasp, and I firmly place my hand over your mouth. "If you scream, it will be the last thing you do", you close your eyes and nod. I open my door and get out of your car never taking my gun off of you. I open your door and grab you by your hair. "Look at the ground", my words are quiet yet forceful in your ear, my pushing your head to the ground is more forceful still. Through your tears you start to plead with me. "I have some money in the purse, please let me go." I push you face first through the door into your house. You let out a scream and muffle it just as quickly as my hand comes over your mouth. I hold you, your back against my chest, my hand on your mouth wet with your tears and getting wetter with every sob. I force you to your knees. You still feel my gun on the back of your head. And again you start to plead, "If you shoot me, the neighbors will hear." Your words make a lot of sense "It's very nice of you to warn me, thank you." You feel the gun come off your head just to be replaced by the blade at your throat. "Why me, god?" you manage to get out through the fear. You feel the knife come off your throat. I put my arm around you and gently kiss you on the cheek. "My dear, god is out at the moment. But don't worry, I'm here to keep you company." Seeing that I have let my guard down, you jump to your feet and try to dart for the front door. In the fear, you had not realized that I zip tied your ankles together. The last thing you remember is my laughter before you knocked your head on the floor and passed out.

You awoke on the floor tied spread eagle to several spreader bars improvised out of broom sticks and curtain rods. Your head was between my feet as I sat on the couch. You struggle to free yourself, only to find yourself helpless. I lean down to look at you and smile. "Don't worry, I didn't do anything to you. What fun would that have been if you aren't awake for it?" It is then that you realize that you are completely naked. Out of the blue you gather the courage to look at me and try to reason your way out. "You didn't gag me?" "No, I'm going to need your mouth" "Why are you doing this to me?" "Because I think you are pretty, and I wanted you from the moment I saw you.... three hours ago. Don't feel bad. It's not your fault. This is completely random. I won't even remember you by Wednesday." "Are you going to kill me?" I smile. "It's up to you sweetheart. I hope you don't make me. And don't pretend like you aren't enjoying this." I reach down between your legs and rub your lips and clit. Confused and mortified, you realize that you can't remember the last time you were this wet. I bring my hand up and wipe your juices all over your face. You close your eyes and once again start to cry. Your whole body starts to shake from your sobs when you hear my zipper. "Enough small talk. Now that you are awake, I want you to think about something...." You feel the sting of my hand across your face, "If I feel teeth, you won't make it out of this alive." You try to turn away as my dick smacks your lips. My hand wraps around your throat and you can feel the life being squeezed out of you. "Open your mouth, please. This is the only time I'll ask." You comply. My dick quickly finds the back of your throat and I start to test your gag reflex. As I thrust my hips against your face, you start to notice that your face isn't the only part of you that is wet with your own bodily fluids. As your saliva runs down your chin and your neck, you notice that your ass is sitting in a pool of juices that have leaked out from between your lips and ran down your ass crack. My thrusts are getting faster now. Deeper. You know what is about to happen. You've always hated it when your boyfriends tried to cum on your face, looks like this time you have no choice. You try to open your eyes, but you can't see through the tears anyway. All of a sudden the thrusts stop. You anticipated the pull out followed by my warn cum spilling all over your face. It didn't occur to you that this is your dinner. You try to pull away but find that you are no less helpless than you were twenty minutes ago. You can't breathe with my dick blocking up your throat. All of a sudden you feel it. My load shoots directly into your throat and you have no choice but to swallow it. Your only thought, at least you didn't have to taste it. After what seems like eternity, I pull out of your mouth. At this point your nipples are so hard, you can cut glass with them. I flick them with my finger. "Someone's having fun!!" You are relieved. It occurs to you that off all the things that could have happened, you must have gotten off easy. "Will you untie me before you leave? I won't tell anyone about you. Please, I'm begging you!!!" As your tears start to dry up you can see my smile. "Of course I'll untie you," I lean over and kiss your forehead, "But I don't have to be at work until Monday." You watch me get up and walk to your bedroom turning out the lights in the room. "Good night. Get some sleep, you'll need your energy tomorrow."

3/21/2012 6:10:20 PM

Everywhere I look I find more and more amusing profiles on here. Like this generic profile that is posted on about 15% of the site:


A little about me..........

I am now owned/collared. I am keeping a profile here because [He/she] is a [dumb ass, cunt, duchebag]. I realize that this is a dating site, and you are looking for someone special in your life. That is why I am going to crowd your search results with my picture (aren't I cute?) and waste your time. What's more, I will continue to live here so that my profile is always the first you see. My [Master/mistress] doesn't mind that I spend all my time on a dating site. [He/she] is so strong and powerful and so much better than you, that [He/she] can't do anything to persuade me to keep my dumb ass from checking out other [Doms/ dommes].

3/17/2012 6:35:07 PM

I love my stuff. My car, my motorcycles, my TV. We have no special arrangements. My things obey my commands. Turn left. Brake. Accelerate. These commands are obeyed unconditionally. My things never talk back. They never argue. They don't forget the commands they are given. I have a slave. We have a special arrangement. I don't command her. I make my wishes known. To her, my wish is the word of god. I wish for her to turn around, to stop, to approach me. Most times she obeys. She doesn't normally talk back. Usually she doesn't argue. Sometimes she forgets.
I love my stuff, but my things sometimes break. I replace my totaled car, my thrashed bike, my burned out TV. Usually with a better, newer model. My slave gets sick. She acts up. Once a month she becomes someone I would rather not be around. At that point i take care of her. I set her straight. I correct her actions and she thanks me for it. She kneels at my feet, and worships the ground I walk on. When she thinks she disappoints me she feels horrible. I can see it in her eyes. I can hear it in her voice. She gives to me freely. I have never been disappointed in her. She cooks for me. She cleans for me. She waits at my door for me to come home. Like a dog wagging his tail, her smile gives away her excitement to see me. Her mind, body, and soul belong to me. I use her at my whim. I punish her at my discretion. I humiliate her when I feel that she needs it.
When I am gone she acts in my stead. Her decisions are made to serve my interest. She craves me when I am gone. My presence to her is a drug. My companionship, a high. She needs me for support and leadership. For guidance and advice. She knows that she is cared for. She knows that she will not go hungry. She knows that she will not be replaced. She gets older and wiser; she knows my commands before I voice my wishes. I want and desire her. She knows that while I have given her a collar, I do not actually need her. She is wrong about that.
Every time we are apart, she is on my mind. Every time my urges strike me I become an animal. A crazed beast. She is my tranquilizer dart. I cannot sleep without her.
She is my slave. She gave herself to me wholeheartedly and never looked back. I own the clothes on her back, the car she drives, the air in her lungs. She gave me her life, but in return she took something precious from me. Quickly and quietly she stole my heart. She is my slave, and she belongs to me. I am her Master, and I belong to her. 

1/15/2012 9:39:32 PM

If you have no picture of yourself I am going to assume that you are fat and ugly. Sorry.

8/8/2011 2:25:05 AM

I think my inner sadist is slowly creeping out. I'm starting to enjoy tears.

8/3/2011 4:25:27 PM

Some of the profiles on here amuse the hell out of me.


Hi, I'm not going to talk about myself. I don't know anything. I'm worth nothing. You should choose me out of pity. I bring nothing to the table. I'll have sex with your hamster, and eat your dog's shit. Can you send me some money so I can move in with you tomorrow?


Fem sub: Can I have some money?

Domme: Give me your money!

Whats the difference? Asking someone for money in no way shape or form proves your superiority. I don't need your money. I don't want your money. Because I am superior to you, my money is superior to yours. I am stronger and smarter. My earning potential reflects that. 

6/24/2011 4:02:24 AM

What I need you to be, is anything that I want. Why would you want to be anything else?

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