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Hetero Male Dominant, 55,  NewYork, New York
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Who Am I


I Sir Reign am... A Handler, Manager, Mentor,Friend.One who firmly believes in The C.L.O.T.H.One who takes the Lifestyle Dynamic( Let Me rephrase that..The way of Life for Me) very serious.I believe in T.P.E, Negotiations, Protocols as well as S.S.C. I am a member of Black Beat NYNJ, as well as a member of MAsT NY Chapter, as well as many other groups. I have been and continue to be active within the BDSM Community for 16 years.

My Philosophy

What seems painful can become a source of beauty, joy and strength, if faced with an open mind. Every moment is a golden one for those who has the vision to recognize it as such. seeing past the pain and embracing the Gain..

My Belief

The view of a beautiful slavesubmissivewomen that is discovering her true inner self through her obedience in her service ...To unveil and surrender without fear of being judge...

**And yet never had she felt herself more totally committed to a will which was not her own , more totally a slave, and more content to be so**

The Story of O


.Reawakened to the true being of Me. Refocused on the path in which I shall never waver on. I have found My peace within this Dynamic where I could not have found it anywhere else. I, Sir Reign has been through the ups and downs, The good and the bad, but never regretting the moments of what has happened through the years in this Lifestyle.

I,Sir Reignbring to Y you.. The new Me...The pureness of Me..The Rawness of Me...The Sadistic side of Me...The Firm, The Strict, but yet the understanding.. The Loving.. The Respectful Me... The Me that will provide the Structure and Discipline.. The Guidance.. The Teaching. The Training necessary to reach Oour goal and destination which be that of a lasting relationship built on a strong Foundation. I do however, still believe in TheC.L.O.T.H ( Communication, LoyaltyLove, Obedience, Trust Honesty). The New Year is upon Uus. Clean slates, New Beginnings

Lets take this path Ttogether.

Sir Reign












 Dominant Male


 New York

 5' 7"

 220 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Friends Only

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Journal Entries:
9/13/2017 7:03:26 AM
I am the mirror to your soul. My guidence enable you to see things through My eyes..I appreciate you and the gift you have given shall never go unrewarded...Words of a true Master.....Sir Reign

9/18/2016 3:19:48 PM
The Teachings of Master Reign:( UPDATED AND REVISED) One of the things a new Master does not always understand is that a slave chooses to be Dominated and her personal freedom comes from enslavement.  she is not happy making all the decisions and doing everything “her way”.  she craves and needs a Master’s guidance and control.  she is free to be herself when enslaved.  Some of you may have noticed in the past that a slave may actually calm down and relax when she is stripped of freedom. she feels she is home when she feels her Master’s control all around in her. Hence Behavior Modification, Mental Conditioning and self embracement and Identification  Training is very imperative and important when teaching or training a sub or slave. This is the ONLY way for a sub or slave to be happy truly serving.

Master Reign

BDSM for Life

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