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Ok - to begin - I am 5;10, short black hair, 160 pounds - clean cut and clean shaven in Otta
Hetero Male Dominant, 30,  Ottawa, Canada
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 Dominant Male



 5' 10"

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Ok - to begin - I am 5;10, short black hair, 160 pounds - clean cut and clean shaven in Ottawa.

I lead a mainstream life on the outside - a very professional clean cut environment, but that is a far cry from my interests in My personal life. I have a leaning to toward Gorean values . The traditional role of a kajira is what I seek and I am a Strict Dominant Master.

Although Gorean is Master and slave, there are aspects of the mental domination that are needed in order - a basic staple. The activities you have listed are nothing that are new to Me and there are others such as position control, High protocol that I do look for in one. Pain and forced contol are other activities that bring a curl to My lips and a gleam to My eye.

I am looking for someone who can balance the aspects of BDSM (Gorean) and the pleasures of that this will bring to the kajira for serving a Msster.

After recently actively searching agin, I find Myself in a void in this city with narry a one to satiate what I am looking for and what I seek - the ones that I have encountered seem to be liars and fakes and shallow beings who do not understand the role of a slave.

The lure and innate pleasure of the trust and deep commitment of this nature I cannot forgo.

I seek one who knows that this is in their nature and that they look for One to provide guidance and control to fill that void that they have. As much as there is a divot in My station now, I seek one who has the same hallowness that needs to be filled.

Trust - devotion- Insatiable desires

Compassion - compliance - commitmment

The quest continues to find the right fit.

I am not looking for just anyone. Driven ambitious creatures who crave a cruel hand need only apply.

If you are interested and this does catch your attention, then address Me

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