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Master Nicholas' girl is writing this ad on the command of her Master and will be doing the in
Hetero Male Dominant, 34,  Irving, TX, Texas
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 Dominant Male

 Irving, TX 


 5' 5"





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Master Nicholas' girl is writing this ad on the command of her Master and will be doing the initial screening of all who inquire:

Master is seeking a second slave for his household. He maintains a strict protocol, and is a heavy disciplinarian, but he is one of the most loving an compassionate people you will ever meet.  He has an excellent balance: I know that he will punish me severely if I displease or disobey, but he will also hold me tenderly if I need to cry, and not care if I get mascara all over his shirt. I very much fear his whip and his displeasure but I know I can come to him with anything, and he will be understanding, he will listen. He is the only Master I know that can keep a slave as absolute property, degraded, broken and lowly; but still care what she or he has to say, and even admit when he is wrong. (gasp!)

If you are looking for a strong but caring hand, you are looking in the right place.

He enjoys S/M simply for pleasure, especially "heavy" or "extreme" activities, but if you don't, that's okay, too. 

He takes Mastery and slavery very seriously, and does not tolerate disrespect or disobediance in a slave. Do not respond if you are one of those who attempts to top from the bottom, or if you do not know your place (or aren't willing to learn does, however, show mercy when called for, and love, all the time.

Master has a few simple requirements for a slave to be considered for his collar. She or he must be a true slave in her or his heart and must be wanting to be a true slave in reality. No part-timers, players, etc. It's not a game. This is real life.

Master prefers slaves with fire, spunk, and a sense of humour. He says that if he wanted a robot or a blow up doll, he would just go buy one. Master enjoys all of a slave, her or his intelligence and wit included.

Body type is not that important, as long as you are healthy, however, Master does not like little skinny twigs. Twigs may feel free to respond, but understand that he will be feeding you lasagna and pie until you look healthy.

Sexually speaking, Master is very patient with limitations, especially those due to past abuse. He has been very patient with me, and has gotten me past ALOT of barriers. Master has an uncanny skill to read a person, know how to drive them blissfully crazy in bed. Females: he loves to go down on a woman, so be warned! :) Sexual activity between his slaves is also a likely possibility.

Drug and disease-free is a must!

Sound like you? Then Master (and his slave) look forward to hearing from you!

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