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Gay Male Master, 33,  Tampa, Florida
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MasterLawfl - photo 1

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Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 6' 1"

 145 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Friends Only

 Lives For:

 Local BDSM Community (Expert)

 Mental Bondage (Expert)

 Speech Restrictions (Expert)

 Philosophy (Expert)

 Psychology (Expert)

 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)


 Amusement Parks (Expert)

 Begging (Expert)

 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Bondage (Expert)

 Cages (Expert)

 Canes and Crops

 Collars (Expert)

 Corner Time (Expert)

 Diapers (Beginner)

 Eye Contact Restrictions (Expert)

 Hair Pulling (Expert)

 Leashes (Expert)


 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Objectification (Expert)

 Public Play  (Expert)



 Gorean Lifestyle

 Old Guard

 Victorian Household (Expert)




 Fine Dining


 Flea Markets

 Movies (Beginner)

 Renaissance Faires



 Domestic Servants (Expert)

 Fire Play


 Housework Service (Expert)


 Knife Play (Beginner)

 Masks (On Partner)

 Massage (Getting) (Expert)

 Orgasm Denial

 Plastic Wrap

 Shibari  (Beginner)

 Suspension (Beginner)



 Wax play

 Arcade Games

 Goth Lifestyle

 Country Music

 Eighties Music

 Heavy Metal Music

 Hip Hop Music

 Nineties Music

 Rock Music

 Seventies Music

 Auto Racing


 Art Galleries (Beginner)

 Bar Hopping

 Garage Sales

 Shopping (Beginner)


 Curious About:


 Musical Theater (Beginner)


 Gambling (Beginner)

 Mathematics (Beginner)

A mediocre Master tells,
A good Master teaches,
An excellent Master explains,
But a True Master inspires.

I am looking for slaves/submissives/sissies who are SERIOUS about the lifestyle and preferably are in close proximity to my location.  If you are not close you must be willing to travel to me.  

I do not want to be contacted by you men/women that are still confused and trying to figure out who/what you are!!!

This is not a game for me and I do not want to waste my precious valuable time with those of you that are still unsure as to where you fit.

I am very direct and strict and I know some of you weaklings can not handle that so do not contact me if that is you.

Now if you have gotten this far then you are probably serious so let me tell you specifically what I am into:

* men
* subs/slaves
* bondage
* spanking/flogging
* TOTAL control
* obedience
* chastity
**Any thing I choose and when i sat anything that is what I mean.

The following are the things that you can never expect from me:

* I will not be your lover
* I will not let you waste my time
* I will not play your silly games

So now, after reading this and you still want to get in touch with me please do, if not you weren't the right one anyway .  I am the type of Master that will get to know you the person because each sub/slave has different needs.   

I am strict but  I will always encourage you to let Me know as much as you possibly can about your personal interests and fantasies since I am NOT a mind reader and I believe that having an intelligent exchange of information prior to our meeting will always lead to a much better experience. 

I also do not believe that one must bark orders to get results but will if I have to. I am much more comfortable with an intelligent slave that is willing to please as opposed to a scared and frightened stiff that is afraid to even breathe in My presence!

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Journal Entries:
12/9/2008 9:25:51 AM


A housewife takes a lover during the day,
while her husband is at work.
Not aware that 9 year old son was hiding in the closet.
Her husband came home unexpectedly, so she hid her lover in the closet.

The boy now has company.
Boy: "Dark in here."
Man: "Yes it is."
Boy: "I have a baseball."
Man: "That's nice."
Boy: "Want to buy it?"
Man: "No, thanks."
Boy: "My dad's outside."
Man: "OK, how much?"
Boy: "$250."

In the next few weeks, it happens again that the boy
and the mom's lover are in the closet together.

Boy: "Dark in here."
Man: "Yes, it is."
Boy: "I have a baseball glove."
Man: "That's nice."
Boy: "Want to buy it?"
Man: "No, thanks."
Boy: "Ill tell."
Man: "How much?"
Boy: "$750."
Man: "Fine."

A few days later, the father says to the boy,
"Grab your glove. Let's go outside and toss the baseball!"
The boy says, "I can't. I sold them."
The father asks, "How much did you sell them for?"
The son says, "$1,000."
The father says, "That's terrible to over-charge your friends
like that. That is way more than those two things cost.
I'm going to take you to church and make you confess."

They go to church and the father alerts the priest and
makes the little boy sit in the confession booth and
closes the door.

The boy says, "Dark in here."
The priest says, "Don't start that sh*t again."

11/6/2008 4:42:45 AM

The House of Law is looking for subs/slaves.We do have a opening for live in satatus.The House of Law has one Dom in training at this time.

The House of Law is ran by Master Law and Mistress Apollonia.The House f Law takes this lifestyle very serious, and would request that at sub/slave that wants to be apart of the house do the same.

If you would like more info or would like to be conisder for the House of law please feel free to contact me.

10/13/2008 3:41:27 PM

Seven Pleasing Characteristics of a Submissive

1. Honesty. This is very important to me. Without honesty, there can be no trust. Without trust D/s is nothing. On a safety note, be truthful in your desires, experience, fears and limits. I have seen many submissives tell "little" lies thinking it will make them more desirable. It usually ends up getting them hurt. If you have questions about what your Dom/me desires or expects, be honest and speak up. There is nothing wrong with asking questions respectfully, and is much preferable to looking ignorant. Remember, all Dom/mes are different. Don't assume because one wants you to wear stockings that another will enjoy them. Ask what he expects you to wear, how he expects you to act, what he prefers to be called, etc.

2. Submissiveness. While I enjoy the occasional SAM, I prefer my subs to submit. I want them to surrender their will to me. I like them to be polite, compliant, and to show me the respect I have earned. There is nothing that turns me off faster than a submissive trying to top from the bottom, or manipulate the scene. A polite, respectful "Mistress, if it pleases you, I would enjoy being spanked." is going to make that happen much sooner than intentional misbehavior.

3. Intelligence. Make intelligent choices about who you submit to, and how deep your submission goes. If it is a relationship situation, get to know the person as a friend before you consider submitting. If it is scene-play, get references and follow safety rules, watch them Top others, or play in the presence of people who can watch out for you. Out of role, intelligence goes a long way. Think, and share those thoughts with your Dom/me. Take time to find out what he is interested in, and get to know more on the subject. Keep up on current events and trends and be able to discuss them. Perhaps take up some of the same hobbies as your Dom/me. These are good relationship it vanilla or D/s.

4. Service. Find out what makes your Dom/me happy, and do your best to provide. It is your job to make your Dominant happy. If you will be serving him food, find out what he likes to eat, and how he likes it served. Find out what his turn-on and turn-offs are. If it is your responsibility to set things up for the scene, find out what he requires, and have everything handy. Don't be sloppy in your service, and don't make your Top have to tell you a preference more than once. If I have to tell a sub two times that I like my coffee with cream and sugar, it gives me the impression that she is not thinking, or just doesn't care. This is not at all pleasing. Put some thought and creativity into your service. Listen when he tells you his fantasies and dreams, and try to fulfill his desires. Be observant. If you have the chance, study his surroundings for clues on the type of things he enjoys. Does he have candles sitting out? Make sure you have some at your place, too. What kind of toiletries does he use? Buy them and have them ready for him when he visits. What does he like to drink? Make sure you keep it on hand.

5. Communication. Contrary to what some believe, Dominants are not psychics. It is frustrating to have to try and figure out everything that pushes your sub's buttons. I would much rather have my sub tell me her fantasies so I can store the info to use when I choose, than have to guess. I don't like to play with subs that constantly say "Whatever pleases you, Mistress". If she is not enjoying it, chances are I won't be enjoying it, either. Admittedly, I am occasionally selfish, and enjoy only what I want, but not 100% of the time.

6. Self Respect. Value yourself. There is no thrill in dominating a doormat, or someone that thinks so little of themselves they will submit to anyone at anytime.

7. Patience. I have often been told that patience is the mark of a good submissive. I have also been told that this is something I need to work on. I guess I will have to get back to you on this one. I do know that the best things are worth waiting for, and pushy, demanding submissives are really not submissives at all. So, patience is something I am slowly learning. Perhaps someone could help me out with this?


10/13/2008 3:39:53 PM

The Top 10 Most Commonly Found Doms Online:

1. The 'I Am Dom Hear Me Roar' Dom:
All shiny new leather wear, with a belt full of toys (just bought at Jack's Whip-O-Rama). Of *course* he knows what to do! He read SM101...and even watched Exit To Eden three whole times!

2. The 'I Just Wanna Get Laid' Dom:
Roams the halls of AOL sending IMs to the ladies in the Chateaux telling them "On your knees! I am a Dom and U R my slave!". When he gets irate IMs back from the Domme he just sent to by mistake (what, read a profile? you *must* be kidding, right?), he quickly changes his tune to "R U a FDom? I am your slave! May I lick your boots?".

3. The 'Dungeon Slut' Dom:
Has a new 'lady love' each day (sometimes 2 or 3 a day). He swears each time that *this* one is his 'eternal true love' least for the next two hours.

4. The 'Psycho-Stalker' Dom:
Wants to know *exactly* what you do...every minute of the day and night. Insists on BCCs of all sent mail, and Forwards of all read mail, plus access to your account to check up on you. Do you get the feeling that someone is watching you? With this one, you're probably right.

5. The 'I Just Wanna Be Your *Friend*' Dom:
Offers to guide you and protect innocent sweet thing you. Oh, those other 10 subs? Just friends. Really.

6. The 'Of Course Im Dom...Uh Oh My Wife Is Home Gotta Run' Dom:
Warning signs: Picks 'no response' on marital status in profile. "No honey you can't call me at my voice mail instead". Often disappears in the middle of a hot n heavy cyber session...uses an excuse like 'my power went out' when asked about it. "Of *course* Im not married!"

7. The 'Im Not *That* Type Of Dom' Dom:
Squeaky-clean image. The type of Dom that everyone *knows* is a good guy. He would never do something less than up-front and honorable. Uh-huh.

8. The 'Tom Cruise' Dom:
He's young, rich, handsome and perfect....until you meet him in person. Then you find out that the 'Tom Cruise look-alike' you've been subbing to is 5'4", 400 lbs, bald, 48 years old, and living with his elderly mother. (Oh yeah... and he works as a clerk at 7-11...not as a CEO of a 'major corp').

9. The 'Alex I'd Like to Buy a Clue For $200' Dom:
Ok, now you've got a what?

10. The 'I Don't Have A Sub Bone In My Body' Dom:
Really a bottom at heart, just refuses to admit it...even to himself.

10/13/2008 3:38:33 PM

Top 7 Submissives Found Online:

This "sub" always has something going wrong in her life. Of course, it is never her fault..she is always being played upon and victimized by others. If only she found the *perfect* dom, her life would be problem-free and forever-blissful.
Favorite IM to send: "Will you be my dom, sir? I am just a helpless little subbie."
Favorite IM to receive: "Just do what I say, slave!"

This "sub" just wants to be beaten. It doesn't really matter by who, or long as he (I use "he" here because these are typically male) can feel the lash. Frequently misbehaving on purpose, this sub can drive a dom *crazy*.
Favorite IM to send: "I have been naughty and need to be punished. Spank me now, Mistress!"
Favorite IM to receive: "You are a bad sub and need to be punished! Bend over!"

This "sub" just likes the way she looks in leather fashions. She is afraid of the whip, and has never seen a clamp in her life. Her favorite store is "Dream Dresser", and her whole paycheck is spent there each week.
Favorite IM to send: "Would you like to know what I am wearing, sir?"
Favorite IM to receive: "What are you wearing?"

This "sub", without any negotiations, talk of limits or safewords, rushes out to a country cabin to to play with a dom she met 2 days ago online. After letting him tie her up and whip her, she decides he is a menace to society, and can't wait to tell all her "sub" friends he is a "BAD dom".
Favorite IM to send: "Subsis, I need to pass on a warning to you!"
Favorite IM to receive: "My poor subsis, you have got to warn everyone about this creep!"

This "sub", after exhausting all her singles bar and healthclub meting places, decides that the D/s world would be a good place to meet a *man*. she really has no interest in D/s, she just needs someone to spend the rest of her life with. She is a close relative of POOR-ME SUB. Amazingly, when she "gets her dom", she suddenly looses interest in any type of sex.
Favorite IM to send: "Sir, will you take care of me forever?"
Favorite IM to receive: "I have always dreamed of having a large family."

This "sub" longs to submit, yet claims no dom is strong enough to top her. Some say she is really just a domme in disguise.
Favorite IM to send: "Think you are strong enough to put me in my place, jerk?"
Favorite IM to receive: "No, Mistress, I am really just a weak and helpless slave. ::falling to the floor and kissing your boots::

This submissive has stars in her eyes and naivity in her heart. She swoons at the mere thought of a dom, any dom, asking her to pass the salt. She writes her dom's name in the corner of her notebook with little hearts and flowers around it. She declares that there is no better way to love than through submission, and that d/s is a "better" and "higher" manner of loving than anything a silly old vanilla person might do. She lives on an emotional roller-coaster, sentimental enough to cry when seeing a long-distance phone company commercial.
Favorite IM to send: "You are all of life to me, there is nothing about life worthwhile without you."
Favorite IM to receive: "I am everything you'll ever want or need, and I'll protect you from everything."

And just in case the Dominants out there thought they were off the hook....

10/13/2008 3:36:43 PM


Top Ten Worst Safewords

        1. Ouch! 
2. No!
3. Can't you hit any harder than that?
4. You hit like a girl.
5. I'm pregnant. (works relatively well for male submissives)
6. Did I tell you your mother called?
7. Have you started yet?
8. I felt a breeze - did you leave the door open?
9. I'm not a baseball, you know.
10. Are those police lights outside?

10/6/2008 5:10:03 AM
 Well it has been awhile since i have been on here.To the ones That i was talking to  I am back,to the new people that sent me mail I will reply.I broke my ankle AND i AM JUST NOW GETTING TO WHERE i CAN MOVE AROUND BETTER.Please e-mail me and i will repond

6/7/2008 5:23:31 AM

Well just another fun filled week.I love how people contact people without reading there profiles first.I have had alot of people contact me and the have been nothing more then games.I do have a house and it is the House of the law there is 2 active Doms in the house and we are looking for REAL SUB/SLAVES,not the ones that want to top from the bottom

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