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Looking for a long term relationship or to be a lifelong friend not just for Ds to have fun wi
Hetero Male Dominant, 56,  NJ, New Jersey
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 Dominant Male


 New Jersey

 5' 6"

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Submissive Female

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Looking for a long term relationship or to be a lifelong friend not just for Ds to have fun with and do other things with. I love smart women, am an avid reader and am looking for a woman to spend time with and share activities with.

If you want to meet send me your stats, age, location, height, weight, religion, things you like, alone or with kids. Think of yourself being at a slave market and me buying you. If we met ideally it would be in a place we can talk privately. If we meet a second time I will want to inspect your body as if I was buying you.

As to Ds I am looking for more of a slave on the control side without excessive pain, I like ification, the slave being nude for me, maybe some puppy or cat play where you purr or meow not talk, discipline, bondage and some tears. Yes, you know who you are and need it.

In private you are mine, in subtle ways it may carry over publicly if you need to ask me a question it might be what do you think ... At other times it might be disclosed if the people are receptive to show or bring out your true nature or let you relax into what you are depending on the situation.

Unfortunately there are many players on this site both men and women but I also know there are real people looking for partners and those are the ones I am interested in talking to and meeting.

21313 Saw some things that made think of what I like. A woman to enjoy a nice dinner with. When we get home I undress her or she strips for me and stands at attention while I play with her, moving my hands overher body. When I look into her eyes I see her submission and maybe a tinge of fear. I read or watch TV while she sits on my lap or on the floor until I wantto use her. Maybe I put a leash on her. When I tell her itstime for her to go to bed she washes up thencomes to me so I can inspect her before I put her in bed, at least one of us has the whole weekend to look forward to me using and enjoy her or disciplining her.

52712 I saw an Indian couple walking down the street or actually the man was ahead and the woman was about 10 steps behind. I guess it was a cultural thing but I dont get it, why wouldnt the man want the woman walking with him to talk to him. A few days ago I was working with a woman, unfortunately for me she was married, but she was basically very submissive. She thrived on orders, if she was single and I told her to take off her clothes or undressed her I think she would have been very willing to let me have my way with her. Of course having my way with her would also include making sure she was satisfied.

412012 I received a few negative comments about my ID and the title Master. A woman suggested the ID with Master when I joined, ordinarily I dont use titles but I took her suggestion otherwise I dont refer to myself as Master this or that but I do love a slave to call me master if she means it in private.

222012 I saw a couple today, the man was doing something and the woman was with him and very quiet. She just stayed in her place for about 5-7 minutes standing and watching him. I dont want this to be misinterpreted, she was being extremely polite and not doing anything inappropriate. I am looking for someone who can handle just waiting while I am talking to someone, maybe out for drinks and talking to friends. She wouldnt complain even if she was bored, if I wanted her to have a glass of wine I would order it for her or give her permission otherwise she would just smile and wait.

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