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I've been into this for as long as I can remember, even as a kid, which is weird to think abou
Hetero Male Dominant, 52,  Madrid, Spain
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Submissive Female

I've been into this for as long as I can remember, even as a kid, which is weird to think about. I was fascinated with it on TV and in books, and I initiated bondage games with my playmates. As I got older, when I had 19 years old,  I begin my my life in this lifestyle.

At first mild forms of BDSM and then slowly  more and more intense. Now I want a full time permanent total submissive female, she must accept that being My slave her life is fully Mine, her only goal is to please, serve, obey and follow Me in any way I desire. Of course in that slavery-relation I will not endanger the life of My slave. I don't believe in role-playing, I believe in a disciplined  and commited 24 hours a day/7days a week real and total slavery. The slave must serve Me sexually anyway I desire.

I am Experienced Master, intelligent, emotionally secure, I seek R/L TPE slave for total ownership. You'll be bound, disciplined, whipped, tortured, humiliated, pissed on, trained, exposed, examined, pierced, branded (after ownership), used by me and others. You'll be an O, a Beauty, a slut, an animal, a seductress, a whore.

I believe that the best way of creating a realistic slavery- relation is making the slave totally dependent on the Master. This way the slave has no option but to obey and submit totally. Sometimes non-consensuality can be the gate to greater succes when permission by the slave was given on forehand. One could call this consensual non-consensuallity. Safewords make the slave the Master and vice versa, so I don't use them. This way a true, real and irrevocable slavery-relation will be created.

You don't have to be beautiful but must be attractive,and capable of working to pay for your own upkeep to contribute to a comfortable lifestyle for both of U/us. I'm in Madrid (Spain)...must be willing to relocate.

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