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Hetero Male Master, 41,  Adelaide, Australia
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Hi, I am Mandor, I have been a member of Collarme Collarspace for a long while. I have enjoyed the conversations and the people that have been kind enough to message me.

I am friendly and easy going and I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may ask. I have traveled and seen a lot. I have a great job that pays well and keeps me busy but not overly busy. I have a great life, a great family and I am extremely happy. I have my own home to which you would be kept. What I am looking for on Collarspace is someone that would be interested in joining me in my home as my slave. You would be loved and cared for the whole time you are with me. Bi-sexual Female would be preferred but is not required.

I am looking for a 24 7 365 Full TPE permanent longterm Master slave relationship.

I have many years of experience with a slave or sub and know all kinds of different types of plays or fetishes. But look at my list for a better understanding.

If you would like to know anything about me please dont hesitate to message me I am very happy to respond.

Please play Safe, Sane and Consensual.


Mandor Darkblade.











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 Dominant Male



 6' 3"

 120 lbs






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Submissive Female

Switch Women

Friends Only

Online Romance

A Poly Household

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 Bondage (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)

 Corsets (Expert)

 Eye Contact Restrictions (Expert)

 Humiliation (Expert)

 Leashes (Expert)

 Objectification (Expert)

 Orgasm Denial

 Outdoor Bondage (Expert)

 Pantyhose Fetish (Expert)

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay (Expert)

 Role Playing (Expert)

 Rubber Fetish (Expert)

 Sensory Deprivation (Expert)

 Shibari  (Beginner)


 Speech Restrictions (Expert)




 Role Playing Games (Expert)

 Science Fiction (Expert)

 Intellectual Discourse




 Gorean Lifestyle

 Lifestyle BDSM

 Polyamory (Beginner)


 Anal Play

 Begging (Expert)

 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Body Worship

 Breast Play (Expert)


 Canes and Crops

 Chastity (Expert)

 Corner Time


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 Exhibitionism (Expert)

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 Wax play (Expert)


 MMORPGs (Expert)

 Online Chatrooms (Expert)

 Online RPGs (Expert)



 1950s Household

 Swinging (Beginner)

 Victorian Household


 Domestic Service (Expert)

 Fire Play (Beginner)

 Foot Worship

 Gas Masks

 Housework Service

 Knife Play

 Masks (On Partner) (Beginner)

 Medical Play


 Theatrical Scenes (Beginner)

 Tickling (Expert)

 Vacuum Stimulation


 Cybering (Expert)

 Body Art (Beginner)

 Low Carb


 Uniforms (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Enemas (Beginner)

 Photography (Beginner)

 Goth Lifestyle


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Journal Entries:
4/9/2015 4:24:13 AM
The Auction

You slowly start to open your eyes, rousing from a deep sleep. The room you're in is dark. You're warm from the blanket that is over you, but a little uncomfortable. Whatever you’re lying on is hard. You move your hands and hear something metal clink in the darkness. You feel something solid encasing your wrists, so you move a little and feel around your wrists, finding some very heavy steel cuffs. You try to pull your wrists apart but they are chained together a few inches apart. The same is for your ankles and thighs, closely chained and encased in solid steel. You know you’re not going anywhere fast. You pull your hands up to feel the collar on your neck but find that your arms are chained to your ankles and are unable to move much more than a few inches. You try to lift your head but your neck is chained to the floor. You can feel that you have no clothes on at all, just naked lying on your side, wherever you are, and fully restrained without any chance of release. You try to push your legs out but find that wherever you are is quite confined as you feel something solid at the end of your feet.

Suddenly, you feel movement, but it’s not normal. You realize that you’re locked inside a crate of some kind. Instantly terrified, you try to scream, but nothing comes out. It’s like someone has taken your voice away. You can breathe normally and move your mouth, but no sound is released. You start to panic even more . You pull against your chains and cuffs but as solid as they are, nothing happens. Just the noise from the chains can be heard. You start to cry because you have no idea what is happening. You feel the crate being put down onto something and then you hear someone start a truck, and realize you’re being driven away. You are driven for what seems like hours but have no idea how long.

You start to think back to what happened before you awoke, but only remember spending time with your Master; him stroking your hair softly, your head in his lap, as you watched a movie with him; feeling unusually tired shortly into the movie; then nothing until you awoke.

Finally the truck comes to a stop and the crate is lifted off the truck and placed down. A few moments later there is a loud bang as something is wedged underneath the top of the crate, and it is slowly jimmied off and removed. As the light streams in, your eyes slowly adjust, finally focusing on the man with a large black beard and messy unkept hair standing above you. You do not recognize him, and you feel a sinking feeling deep inside you. The sides of the crate are pulled away, leaving just you covered in a blanket , your arms and legs fully chained and bound, your neck secured to the bottom. The man pulls away the blanket and tosses it to the side. Your body now completely exposed, suddenly open for all to see, you feel the cool air pass over your skin and shiver slightly. The man chuckles as he sees your exposed body, looks over his shoulder, and speaks in a strong voice. “Hey guys, come over and have a look at this one!” After a moment 2 other men appear and look over your body. One of them grabs at your breast and squeezes it slightly. He starts to speak in a foreign accent you can’t quite distinguish. “Ah, a real beauty this one! She will fetch quite a pretty penny! “ He spends just a moment taking in your beauty before saying, “Ok guys, back to work! Take this one to the holding cells ready for the sale. We haven’t got all night!”

You look around panicked, not knowing what he meant or where you are. You see that there are several empty cages against the wall. A few moments later, the man with the beard chuckles to himself ,and then pulls out a small plastic tag with the number 25 written on it, and starts to speak. “On this tag is your identity number. This is your name and who you are from now on. If you misbehave you will be punished severely. If you try to run, your ankles will be broken and you will be tossed to the side and punished daily until they heal . Do you understand me? Nod if you do.” Absolutely terrified of what is going on and what he just said, you slowly nod your head. Shaking from fear, your eyes welling up in tears at your current situation. Once he finishes explaining the tag, he pulls out what looks like a piercing gun, and within moments SNAP a steel bar pierces through your ear and the tag, permanently attaching it to your ear. The pain is strong and you wince at it and your eyes well up even more and you cry. But no sound is coming from your mouth; it’s almost like someone has hit mute on your voice.

The man comes back over and rubs your neck with an alcohol swab and speaks to you again. “This is to paralyze your vocal cords. The effect is only temporary, but if you make any sudden movements as I make the injection, it will be permanent. You must keep absolutely still while I inject it.” You try to stop crying but are unable to at first. As he approaches close to your neck with the needle, you force yourself to be still. It is over within a few moments and he places the needle to the side.

The man then starts to slowly unlock some of your cuffs; first ankles, then thighs. He then attaches a long chain to your collar, chains the other end to the ring on the bottom of the crate, and removes the short chain that held your collar to the bottom of the crate, and sits you up. Leaving your hands still cuffed and chained together, he removes the chain that was attached to your ankles. Then the first act of kindness from the man, he wraps the blanket around your body to keep you warm. You look around the room and see several other girls all in the same way: naked and cuffed and chained. The other girls are all different in sizes and colors, and have various sized bodies and breasts. And the same as you, none are able to speak or make any kind of noise.

The room is fairly large, with several crates and boxes stacked around on shelves, which you suspect are empty. Along the other wall there seem to be several cages on wheels, each with a lock on the top and the bottoms lined with carpet. A bottle hangs within the cage. On one end is what looks like a rubber teat and the other a hook to hold it within the cage. It looks like it’s filled with water.

The man that has been working with you wheels over one of the cages; your cage. He opens up the front of the cage and then approaches you and releases your chain from the loop on the bottom of the crate. He leads you down off the platform you're on. You stumble at first as your legs almost collapse under you from the time you spent in the crate, but you gain your footing with the man supporting you, and he leads you to the cage. He lowers your head and lets you crawl into the cage as best you can. You turn around and face the entrance and he takes your wrists and locks them to a small steel loop on the floor. You are unable to move more than a few inches from the floor of the cage; you can reach the water teat and that is about it. He closes and locks the front door of the cage and wheels you out of the room.

Looking around it seems like there are quite a few rooms. You’re led into a large room at the end of the hall. The floors of the new room are concrete and in the middle there is what looks like a large drain. The man pushes your cage up against the wall and then leans down to look at you. He speaks to you as he looks into your eyes.“The water is here for you to drink,” pointing at the bottle of water with the teat. “If you don’t drink, you will collapse under the heat of the stage lights, so I suggest you do, because if you are displeasing to the auctioneer, you will be severely punished. You will be collected later today for the auction”.

Several hours pass and you drink almost half of the water in the bottle. You feel so degraded, treated like an animal at a stockyard; humiliated without any clothes or cover, only the steel collar around your neck and wrists. But unable to change your predicament, you just accept your position and wait. There are a few other girls in the room with you. The movements of the chains and the sounds of the water bottles being drunk give it away. You can’t see each of the girls because of the partitions between each cage, but you know they are there.

Eventually someone enters the room and you hear them working on each of the other girls but you can’t see past the partition. Finally they come to your cage and release your arms from the loop in the bottom of the cage. You're pulled from the cage rather forcefully by a large woman. She looks very disinterested in you, and forcefully takes your arms and attaches them to a chain above your head. Four other girls are in front of you, each of them in the same position. A chain is linked from your collar to the girl in front of you, and then the woman takes the chain on the first girl and pulls her along. Each of you are pulled forward as the chain is pulled tight, your arms above you, along what looks like a pulley system with tracks leading out of the room and down the hall. You are eventually led into a tiled room where you are lined up against the side of the room. Each of you are sprayed down with water and soap, and every part of your body is washed, including your pussy. Then all your body hair is removed, shaved clean, leaving nothing but your eyebrows and head hair. You are then led into the next room where a large vent suddenly blows warm air onto your body to dry you off.

You are then pulled along once again into the next room. You watch as a man slowly moves from each of the 4 girls in front of you. He has a set of weird looking pliers and some rings. Each girl has their nipples pierced and the rings closed with the pliers, and then the septum pierced on their nose, again closed with the pliers. Only able to be removed with pliers, you see it’s something permanent. He finally reaches you and does the same. The pain is intense, but you're used to it from the training your Master had given you in your past.

With your piercings done, the woman tugs on the chain once again and leads you into the next room, your arms pulled above your head attached to the track above. Unable to pull them down, you just have to accept what is happening to you. Your nipples and nose are bleeding a little, but they eventually stop and are wiped down with a cloth in the next room. Your body is then covered in baby oil, which glistens in the light. You are led on into the next room, where a bright light is shining against your body from the side of the room so you can’t see who is on the other side of the room.

You hear someone stand up and approach you from the other side of the room, and as they get closer, you see it a tall, slender man in his mid-thirties, wearing a black suit with a red tie. His clothes suggest he may be the auctioneer, and in his hands he has a clipboard and a pen. The large woman stands next to him and says, “These are the girls you requested, Sir.” He nods to her and approaches the first girl in the row. He looks her over and marks some things on his clipboard, which he then hands to the large woman. He inspects the first girl with his hands, pulling her lips apart to see her teeth, and slips his fingers into various holes in her. He then says to the large woman, “This one is red. Make sure her outfit suits, and make-up of course.” He moves down the line and inspects each girl and describes each girl’s outfit color to the large woman: two white and two red. He finally approaches you the last in the line. He looks up at you and smiles, takes back the clipboard, and marks some things down before handing it back to the large woman. He then he slips his fingers into your mouth examining your teeth. Using his strength, he pulls your jaw open and looks into your mouth. He then runs his hands over your body and takes your breast in his hand, giving your nipple a squeeze, which is quite painful after just being pierced. He turns you around and inspects behind you and back to the front. He then notes some things on his clipboard once again, before slipping his fingers into your pussy. From all the training your Master had been giving you, you are moist and ready for use. The man chuckles a little. “Well this one is definitely a red, and it seems already trained. She will fetch quite a handsome sum. Prepare all the girls for auction in an hour.” After finishing his sentence he walks off and disappears behind the bright light, and from the sounds sits down once again.

The large woman then takes the chain of the first girl and leads you from the room. The next room is nicely decorated with red carpet and red cloth hanging down each side of the room. On one side are 5 dressing tables with lights around the mirrors and a seat in front of each dressing table. On each dressing table are several types of make-up and beauty products. You eventually spot something you didn’t expect: next to the seat of each of the dressing table is a girl kneeling, wearing white silk with gold chains and a thick steel collar like yours. The large woman then moves along each of the girls in your chain and releases your collar chain and arm chains from the pulley system and leaves you standing there with your arms cuffed and chained together and collar on your neck, your nipples and nose freshly pierced. The large woman then barks commands to the girls kneeling on the floor. “These girls are to be made up and ready within an hour. Get to work!” The girls on the floor jump to their feet as they hear the command and quickly approach each of the girls, including you. The large woman then walks along behind each of the other girls and barks a color. “Red, white, white, red and red,” the last one you.

The girls then lead the new girls to the dressing table and sit them down on the stool. Your girl does the same, and you finally for the first time since your arrival sit comfortably. The girl then gets to work. Silently, she starts by brushing your hair and putting it up in a very elaborate style, finishing by putting small red roses in your long hair. You watch her work expertly in the mirror as she works on your hair. Unable to speak because of the injection from before, the room is silent. She then starts work on your face, putting on a deep red lipstick, a thin line of black eyeliner, and eye shadow of an almost black color mixed with a tinge of red. Finally she finishes up on the make-up and smiles and then disappears into a room next door.

You look at yourself in the mirror, your make-up and nose ring, hair done up, a thick steel collar around your neck. You then notice that the ring in your nose and nipples are gold in color. A powerful feeling washes over you as you realize you're about to be sold, about to have an owner, about to be someone’s property. You don’t have any rights; you don’t have any choices; only what your owner commands of you. You have no idea who he might be, if he is kind and gentle, if he is strong and disciplined, if he will care for you or not. You have no idea what he will look like, only that he owns you. You start to feel very aroused at the thought. Your pussy starts to flow with juices at the thought of being sold. Your hands free enough to touch your body and feel it as the complete realization hits you, your fingers move to your pussy unconsciously and you start to rub your clit. Just when you start to really enjoy the feeling, the girl returns. She smiles a little, seeing your face and actions, then shows you the outfit you’re going to wear. It’s beautiful; very small amount of cloth, but enough to cover the areas that are needed. Holding the cloth together is a gold chain, with each side having a clip to hold it together. The cloth is a deep transparent red silk. The girl places the outfit on a hook and stands you up and starts to dress you. Clipping the chain around your waist the silk hangs from your body with ease. The one around your chest clips on just under your arms and drapes down over your breasts. The girl, satisfied with your look, smiles and leans into you and whispers in your ear. “Show the buyers that you want to be bought and you will get a good Master. You are the best I have seen come through here in a while. The last girl as beautiful as you sold for millions. I think you will get more.” The girl then smiles and looks you in the eye, giving you a small kiss on the cheek, then quickly kneels down beside the chair and waits.

You hear in the background sounds of a large crowd of people gathering, and then through some speakers the voice of the man in the suit from before. “Ladies and gentleman, please take your seats and get ready for the auction. Each girl that is sold will be kept by the company until such time as payment is made in full. We have a funds transfer station set up out back ready for when the auction has finished. If full payment is not received within one hour of closing of this auction, the girl will be sold at the next auction. We will be selling white silk girls first, then red silk girls. Any questions will be answered by the assistants out on the floor. Thank you.” There is a lot of noise as people settle into their seats but eventually it quietens down.

The large woman enters the room you’re in and takes the first white silk girl out. She fights a little, but a quick flick of the switch the large woman is holding and the girl quickly falls into place. The door closes behind her and the noise of the auction continues, numbers being called out, and the auctioneer finally yells “SOLD for two hundred and fifty three thousand.” He then starts to describe the next girl, her measurements and hair color and eye color and all the details he can. The large woman enters the room and takes the next white silk girl and leads her out to the auction room.

The noise fades away as you sit staring at yourself in the mirror looking over your beautiful body, waiting for your turn to be sold; for your turn to begin your life as a slave to your owner; for your final days as a woman that hasn't any choice in her life. You think back to the days with your Master and how he treated you, giving you the freedom to do as you wanted; saying that one day you would be his completely; the collar he placed on your neck when you played.

Then right in the middle of your thought you hear the last girl before you is sold for 1.5 million dollars. Your mind races, thinking that is a huge sum of money. You could never bring that much. Then the auctioneer starts to speak “O.k. ladies and gentleman we have saved the best for last. This girl is a real gem. She has very large plump breasts and a slim body, deep green eyes that an emerald couldn't hold a candle to, long deep red hair, and to top it all off she has already been trained.” He continues on to describe your measurements and looks, flattering you with great deions. Finally the large woman comes in and collects you, clipping a chain leash onto your collar and leading you from the room.

You enter into the large arena type room on which there is a stage, and in the middle of the stage is a large tree block with a set of steel ankle cuffs on the top. You are led to the block and a chain suspended from the ceiling is attached to your cuffs and your arms are pulled up over your head. You are stood onto the block and the ankle cuffs are snapped onto your ankles. You look out into the room but can’t see anyone through the smoke and bright lights shining down onto your body. The silks barely covering anything you, twist and move in the chains but are unable to go anywhere. Finally the auctioneer approaches you and looks out into the invisible crowd. He speaks with confidence. “As you can see ladies and gentlemen she is a true catch. We will start the bidding at two hundred thousand.” Then it starts; the numbers start to rise quickly at first. Five hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand, one million, 1.2 million, 1.4 million, 1.7 million, two million. You can hardly believe your ears. Then it starts to slow a little. 2.1 million, 2.2 million, 2.3 million. After some time there are only two bidders left, until finally the auctioneer starts to count off, “Three million four hundred thousand going once...twice... three times...SOLD! For three million four hundred thousand dollars. Thank you everyone for your bids. This concludes the first auction. Would the winning bidders please follow the assistants to the back room. Everyone else, please help yourselves to the refreshments in the lobby. We will begin our second auction in one hour. Thank you.”

It has happened: you have been sold to someone you don’t even know. You are someone’s property and you have absolutely no choice but to accept your fate, no matter who purchased you.

You are released from your ankle cuffs and your arms are lowered and released. A chain is clipped to your collar and you’re led into the back room.
Inside the room are several piles of pillows scattered about on the floor, each pile seemingly meant to be a bed. On the wall next to each pile is a steel bolt with a chain. You are led to one of the piles of pillows and told to lie down. The chain from the wall is then locked onto your collar. Your cuffs on your wrists are removed; only the silks and collar are left. You lay there waiting for your owner to enter the room and take you away. You have no idea what he or she looks like and how he or she will treat you, only that you’re now completely and absolutely his or her property.

1/15/2012 3:16:03 PM

Unforgettable Evening

I was standing in the hotel room door looking out onto the street. There was a light drizzle falling from the skies. I was waiting for her to arrive. We had arranged to meet here over the phone earlier that day. She was a beautiful intelligent woman, the kind of woman that every man wants, and wishes he could have, with full luscious lips, perky firm full breasts, a body that was to die for and long full blonde hair.


I looked down at my watch. Five more minutes and she was to arrive. I left the door open and stepped back into the room and sat down on the large chair facing the door. With the warm moist breeze flowing through the door, I closed my eyes briefly and listened to the sounds of the night, taking in all that I could hear. Then I heard a car pull up outside the hotel. My eyes opened and I heard someone approaching my open door. The sounds of heals clicking on the stone outside, a half smile formed on my face knowing that it was her.


She stood at the door looking in, awaiting for permission to enter. I looked to her and motioned for her to enter into the room. She stood just inside the door and awaited my next command. The smell of her perfume filled my nostrils; it was the one I liked that smelled like roses. I smiled, knowing that she had done as she was commanded. I looked her over and told her to close the door and step into the room. Once she was close enough to me, I put my hand up in gesture for her to stop. She stopped before me and I looked over her body, examining it closely. She was wearing a long coat to protect her from the rain, but what was underneath was yet to be revealed. Her hair was a little damp but not wet and small spots of rain covered her coat. I signaled for her to remove her coat so that I could see what lied beneath. She untied her belt, and allowed her coat to slowly fall into a small pile on the floor, kicking it a few steps behind her. She now stood before me wearing nothing but high heals and her collar tightly locked upon her neck, her eyes down cast in a submissive gesture. I raised my hand and spun my finger slowly. She responded automatically by turning around slowly, allowing me take in her stunning form until she was once again facing me.


I snapped my fingers and pointed to the flooor before me. She instantly dropping to her knees as she had been taught. She did it instinctively, without thinking. She knelt before me with her legs spread wide apart and her hands rested on her thighs with her palms facing up. Her back curved forward, pushing her ample breasts out, and I could see her nipples were already hard from excitement. Her long blond hair draped her shoulders, framing the collar around her neck, as her gaze fell to the floor.


I leant down and lightly caressed her face, feeling the softness of her skin against my palm. She smiled softly, enjoying my affection.  I slid my hand behind her head and slipped my fingers through her silky hair, gripping a handful at the base of her neck. I tugged firmly on the handful of hair, pulling her to her feet. A slight moan followed by a short squeal escaped her lips as she found her way to her feet. I dragged her to the bed by her hair, then tossed her down onto her back. She seemed to enjoy my rough handling of her delicate body. My animistic instinct overtook me, and I climbed onto the bed over top of her naked body.


I leant in and inhaled her sweet scent, my body shuddered with exhilaration. My hand ran up her soft skin towards her wrist. I gripped it firmly and pulled her arm firmly toward the rope I had prepared earlier. I wrapped the rope around her wrist a few times and tied it off. My fingers slowly traced over her silky skin, feeling the softness as I moved toward her other wrist. I gripped her wrist firmly and yanked it into position, pulling her body into the center of the bed. I wrapped the rope around her other wrist and bound it firmly. She was mine to do with as I pleased.


With a quick movement I slapped her firmly on the face, my hand print left glowing on her soft skin. She moaned at the sharp pain filling her senses as she was struck.


I leant back in and started to lick her soft skin with the tip of my tongue. Then with a sharp swift movement I bit down firmly on the flesh between her shoulder and neck. She responded with a squeal and moan as the pain slowly filled her body. As I bit down on her, my fingers forced their way into her tight shaven pussy, her juices already flowing over my fingers.  My two fingers inside her wet, tight pussy hooked upward toward her pleasure spot, as my thumb pressed down on her small button-like clitoris. I lightly massaged them both as my mouth explored her upper body with little kisses and nibbles here and there.


As my lips and mouth explored her body, I moved over to the other side of her neck. I bit down hard again, leaving an impression of my teeth on her soft skin. Again she let out a small squeal, followed by a moan that expressed her pleasure. As I bit her, my fingers thrust deep into her tight little pussy, and her juices swelled out either side of my fingers.


I let out a deep guttural growl from deep within me as my eyes feasted on her beauty. During the events that had transpired my cock swelled within my pants. I removed my hand from her tight, swollen, wet pussy, and slowly released my thick, long, swollen cock from inside my tented pants, freeing it from its confinement. Her eyes glistened as she saw its gorgeous form. I moved up to the top of the bed between her arms above her head. I grabbed her soft silky hair and forced her head toward the bed, extending her slender neck so she could accept what she desired so much. I lowered my swollen cock toward her face letting some of the pre-cum fall on her lips. She lapped it up like a hungry animal, that's been left to starve. I smiled seeing her respond so well to its presence. I placed the head of my cock within reach of her lips and tongue. She instantly began licking at my exposed head, lapping up as much pre-cum as she could get. I slowly slid the head of my cock into her begging mouth, letting her suck upon it. She sucked hard indicating she wanted it deep inside her exposed throat. I slowly pushed my swollen member deep into her throat. She gagged a little but managed to contain herself as she had been taught. I very slowly started to thrust into her throat allowing her to become accustomed to its swollen presence. Hungry for more, she moaned between the thrusts, her body shuddering with pleasure. I responded in kind and thrust harder into her throat, her teeth rubbing against its monstrous form. Feeling close to cumming I pulled my thick cock from her throat. She tried to reach for it with her luscious lips, but I kept it out of her reach. I stroked my length until I came onto her face and into her open and begging mouth, letting her enjoy each and every squirt. She swallowed each and drop that she could catch. The remainder of the white sticky substance ran slowly down her cheek. I leant in and licked it from her gorgeous face, holding it on my tongue. I then kissed her deeply as I passed her the white nectar that she so much desired. Moans of pleasure and exhilaration escaped her begging lips as she received her precious gift.


I once again grabbed her soft hair and yanked her head back onto the bed, as I climbed down towards her throbbing pussy begging for attention. I leant into her flower and lightly and tenderly kissed around its exposed form. Her body reacting with a shudder from each kiss, her legs pushed her pussy toward my waiting mouth, pleading to be taken. Each time she moved toward me, I moved away, teasing her. A whimper of frustration escaped her lips as her body screamed for more. As the whimper escaped, I lunged into her pussy and bit down hard, sending pain and pleasure throughout her already aroused body. A screech escaped her lips as my teeth dug in, and was soon followed by a low growl begging for more. I then proceeded to attack her hungry pussy with my rough tongue. I took a hold of her throbbing swollen clitoris firmly with my teeth, and flicked it violently with my tongue. I continued to work furiously with my tongue, then thrust my fingers deep into her imploring pussy, working her fluids from within. I so wanted to taste of her succulence. In-between her writhes of pleasure, I heard the words "May your slut cum my Master." I release her clitoris and respond "no you may not." I pulled away from her pussy, and knelt before her, her body squirming for more. She pleaded for me to fuck her. I smirk knowing her need.


I pounced onto her with my hard engorged cock, thrusting it deep into her pleading pussy. She lets out a deep and long groan of bliss. I began to fuck her like a steam piston pushed under the pressure of an over heating boiler. She responded by raising her thighs from the bed to meet each thrust with deeper insertion. With each wave of motion she pleaded to cum. I continued to pump her tight pussy until I felt my load explode within her. As my fluids filled her i commanded firmly "CUM my slut." She responded with a violent movement of her body, squirming and shuddering with each earth shattering orgasm, over and over, unable to control her herself.


I released her from her bonds and laid down next to her. She curled up into a fetal position next to me, her head and body pressed against mine. Her eyes gazed up at me in love and need. I lightly stroked her hair as we laid in bed together. She slowly drifted off to a deep and safe sleep. I joined her in slumber, holding her safe within my arms. It was a night I've never forgotten, and one that will forever hold her within my power.


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