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Wanted slavesub who is seriously interested in long term, live in Either a slave and
Gay Male Dominant, 54,  Failsworth, United Kingdom
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 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 5' 11"

 233 lbs






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Submissive Male

Wanted slavesub who is seriously interested in long term, live in

Either a slave and a separate subvers boyfriend vers would be to both use slave, I am not vers
OR a slave who can handle the role of boyfriend as well
Mainly under 35s but, if young looking, sometimes a little older

I am looking for a lifestyle slave who is seriously interested in long term submission slavery. I am rarely interested in slavessubs wanting no-stringsone-offs at all. I have plenty of regulars for when I just want some fun. I am now mainly looking for meets that could lead to you serving me long term, live-in, 247.

Not just sex - serving is the biggest part of a true slaves life. Duties will include cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. Always putting me first - make yourself useful to me - your role is to please me to make my life better for having you around.

servant, sex toy, bdsm plaything, property, owned, chastity, discipline, training

Young (mainly under 35 but possibly a little older)
Athleticmuscular or slimskinny to medium build not fatoverweight
No facial hair, no piercings
No tattoos, or not much (I dont like them but may accept one or two small ones)
Have pics on your profile or send
Few limits
NO CYBER - real only
No grocery list - dont come to me with a list of wants, it shows you have the wrong mindset
No sissiescross dressersTVTS or slaves already owned or in relationships
No fantasists - you will not be kept in a cagedungeon 247, thats a prisoner not a slave - you cant serve me whilst locked in dungeon

you dont need to have lots of previous experience, BUT think it through first so that you know you really want it its not just a wet dream.

I am not into kinks, I dont play in gear and I dont wear fancy dress master costumes. For me it is a way of living not a dress up or role play game.

Masterslave is a relationship, albeit an unequal one. I believe that there can be room for love as well as absolute submission within that relationship.

There are 2 main ways for this to happen ...

One would be for a slave who can also be, in part, and secondary to being my slave, my boyfriend also

BUT I also recognise that sort of setup will not work for most, so I am willing to also consider JUST A SLAVE without the boyfriend part have a separate boyfriend who would be sub to me, but under me, could also be dom to slave.

In that respect I will also consider a submissive boyfriend, though if just sub I shall probably want a slave as well as him.

Note to the stupid I will not send you air-fare to relocate from Nigeria, Ghana, Mars - I wasnt born yesterday

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93 Sadist
75 Primal (Predator)
71 Voyeur
63 Exhibitionist
50 Primal (Prey)
45 Non-monogamist
24 Vanilla
0 All-Rounder
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