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Hetero Male Dominant, 65,  Maidstone, United Kingdom
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It was the late great Albert Einstein who was allegedly the first to define insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well I guess I must be insane then because after many years and profile changes Im still here.

I also seem to remember someone once saying that a bird in the bush is worth two in the bed (or something like that anyway).

But the one quote that really seems to make sense of all this endless, fruitless searching is the one which is thought to have originated Royal Navy in the eighteenth century that one volunteer is worth ten pressed men (or in this case girls of course, Im really not into anyone of the male persuasion in the slightest whatever their claimed gender may have been modified to suggest, its not a prejudice just a natural preference).

Welcome to my profile.

I do have Kik, Skype, WhatsApp etc and we all know how much easier these are to use.

I am a very experienced MARRIED Master of many long years who left the lifestyle several years ago for a valid and sad reason now ready to return to the lifestyle. I seek a long term exciting affair with an interesting sting in the tail with just ONE sexy minded willing to learn female.

If you take time to read my journal post The First Meeting you will have a pretty clear idea of the way my mind works. Maybe you might even recognise me or even find yourself if were very lucky. It is essential that we talk on the phone at the earliest opportunity and without withholding numbers, over the years Ive been here I have waited a few times now for now shows with cold feet or perhaps they were just pretending for unjustifiably vindictive fun (you know who you are) but either way I looking for commitment to actually meet without chatting for weeks then vanishing and therefore I must know that youre real in the first place.

I am very willing to consider helping couples with a genuine training requirement or couples wishing to test the water but I will want to both mentor and teach by demonstration of ALL the BDSM facets required including sexual use and female orgasm control (one of my favorites). I would also be interested in talking to couples wishing to cuckold the husband, this has been becoming more and more interesting as I read profiles here.

As well as being genuine I should point out very clearly that I AM STRAIGHT.

Take care., Sir perhaps one of these decades??? xxx












 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 5' 5"

 190 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

Sub/Sub Couples

Male Dom Couples

 Lives For:

 Blindfolding you (Expert)

 Canes and Crops (Expert)

 You wearing my collar (Expert)

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Orgasm Control (Expert)

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 Travel (Expert)


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 Outdoor Bondage (Beginner)

 Public Play (Expert)

 Role Playing

 Vacuum Stimulation (Beginner)

 Wax Play (Beginner)

 Chess (Beginner)

 Cybering (Expert)

 Historical Shows

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 Photography (Beginner)

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 History (Beginner)

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 Scuba Diving



 Electrical Play (Beginner)

 Erotic Hypnosis

 Fire Play

 Medical fetish play (Beginner)

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Sensory Play


 Theatrical Scenes


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 Masks on Partner



 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Rubber Fetish

 Card Games

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 Political Activism (Beginner)



 Garage Sales (Beginner)

 Martial Arts




 TV Sports

 Body Building



 Hard Limits:





 Genital Punishment

 Gas Masks


 Female Sovereignty


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Journal Entries:
11/27/2021 7:02:20 AM

Still seraching but not loosing heart yet.

I want to get back to where I was.


8/29/2016 5:28:26 AM
I was just surfing the internet waiting to go out and I came accross this clip. It's quite intoxicating and really reminds me of what the feeling of vulnerabillity does for a woman.


9/12/2015 3:13:52 PM
This story was?started a very long time ago and it was still in an almost bullet point stage when I left it. Badly in need of expending and filling out and it would read very?differently if were to have written it today but I decided to publish it intact in its original form. For those may imagine a soft Master from reading this. Please remember it was only conceived ad a "first meeting", a seduction, a luring and was always intended to go very deep into the erotic world of pain and extreme pleasure but a teacher has to start somewhere, perhaps inspiration is nor far away? I hope you enjoy it.


We have not met but have chatted for a while on the internet until finally the long awaited day comes. You rush home from work and check your emails, I have left my final instructions which you know you must now obey.

You knew that you would be mine tonight, you had agreed that much. You thought we could be going out you had no idea where or why.

My instructions are very clear. Firstly you are to hide the door key outside in a pre arranged location. You are to bathe and set your hair, apply your make up and delicately scent your body paying particular attention to the crease between your buttocks, your breasts and your pubic mound (I hope you are shaved, or you will be very soon). You are told to apply the nipple enhancers, two small elastic rings, with the application syringe which I sent you last week. You are to put on a pair of sheer black stockings and a suspender belt, your black heels, some jewellery. Finally you are told to take the blindfold which was sent with the nipple enhancers and go to the hallway. At 7:00pm precisely you are instructed to kneel facing the door sitting on your heels with your legs wide apart, place the blindfold over your eyes and wait with your hands behind your back.

You knew it would be difficult being unprepared for any instructions you might read in my email that evening on returning from work but these instructions go far beyond anything you had imagined during your very long day at work. You were so consumed by the prospect of ?giving? yourself to me this night that you made so many errors you had to retire to the lady?s room to relive yourself of the tension on no less than four occasions. It is not clear to you if you actually made things worse by doing that. Now you are confronted with those instructions you wonder if you are capable of going through with them.

But you promised to trust and obey me and you will do your best to comply. You do, and with only minutes to spare you comply. Kneeling blindfolded looking and feeling like a million dollars facing the door you tremble with anticipation.

You hear the door open then close again, you hear my footsteps as I walk slowly towards you but I have said not a word, you tremble hoping that the sight set out before me pleases me, you wonder if you have missed something in my instructions for your preparations. You feel something soft being wrapped around your wrists then fastened with the unmistakable sound of Velcro, first one then the other. Next you feel your wrists being pulled, or rather just gently moved behind your back for you offer no resistance, you hear a plastic "click" and you realise this is the point of no return, you have been cuffed!

You sense the sweet aroma of the freshly cut flowers I picked up from the florist on the way to you as I brush your nipples very lightly with their damp petals your nipple enhancers are doing their job. But still I say not a word.

It seems an age and you are listening so intently now that you are sure you can hear me breathing, or is that your own breath? Unsure you turn your head slightly so as to hear better. "STAY STILL!" I snap, these are the first words you hear me say and they are not followed up, at least not yet, you obey.

As I move the petals down ever so slowly to your naked stomach, slowly downwards, slowly, "open please" I say very politely in direct contrast to the previous order and remembering the impact of that previous order you obey immediately and open your knees as far as you can. You start to move your hips as I very lightly brush the inner tops of your thighs above your stockings with the petals touching your now swollen labia as if "just in passing" as I move from one thigh to the other. Finally and only after I am sure by your movements (which I permit this time) do I concentrate the contact of the petals to your vagina and clitoris, I sense your arousal building, your breathing becoming heavier and more erratic you are gyrating your hips in a manner which must surely be painful in your current posture and you are moaning softly. You are becoming desperate for release......

"I'll just go and put these in water then" I say as I march briskly away to the kitchen. You hear the sound of wrapping paper being removed and water being poured into the sink. Knowing that you can be seen from the kitchen and remembering the first time you decided to strain to hear me whilst you remain perfectly still. I leave you there for longer than it would normally take to put a bunch of flowers in water whilst I quietly explore my surroundings for the first time. I discover the bathroom and your bedroom and I am pleased to see that you have a decorative yet well constructed wrought iron bed head. I decide that you have remained unattended for long enough and as I return I see that you are indeed a willing submissive and have not moved a muscle.

You hear me approaching and you know that I can see your breasts heaving in anticipation. Your pussy is self lubricating profusely now and you are certain that, despite the use of the perfume as instructed, I must be able to detect the sweet scent of your arousal, I can. As I stand close beside you and bend to bring my face closer to yours I gently tilt your head backwards slowly I move still closer until our lips touch, at the same time brushing my fingers almost imperceptibly over your nipples, first one, then the other. As our lips touch I open my mouth, you respond instantly and return my advances with a long lasting sweet and very deep French kiss.

At last I release your mouth back to you, not that you will ever really own it again. Moving behind you I gently order you to "stand up now please" and assist by lifting you as best I can by your waist and your upper arms. I turn you away from the door so that you are facing me and repeat the kiss this time very lightly passing my hand between your legs back and forth, back and forth until I can feel you effortlessly and freely dripping your sweet juices onto my hand, you taste wonderful at both ends. I take hold of both of your nipples quite firmly but not enough to cause you any real pain (yet) and walking backwards I guide you by your nipples.

You guess where the next stop will be as I expertly manipulate your 'reins' so that you are standing with the back of your legs touching the foot of your bed. "DON'T STAND WITH YOUR FEET TOGETHER!" I shout, no not shout but firmly order. You obey immediately by moving your feet about 18 inches apart. You have no difficulty in responding to my orders by now simply because you want to not because you are being made to or fear the consequences of failure. You no longer fear anything but long for the inevitable reward of compliance.

"Thank you, that's much better" I whisper softly close to your ear. "Now sit" in the same tone. You obey and dare not close your legs. I reach behind being certain to contact your nipples and bush across them as I work. It takes a ridiculously long time but I eventually locate the plastic clip securing the two halves of your handcuffs. Taking a wrist in each hand I move your arms to your front and re-secure the clip. Now working from the side I lift your hands above your head with one hand and placing the other between your shoulders I slowly lower you onto your bed.

"What is this?" your mind asks, "How am I to ever know the difference between order and praise? This man is a mine field of confusion and that just in the few words I've managed to hear so far. I must remember to listen very carefully and understand. Why do I feel so comfortable and yet so exposed, vulnerable and defenceless in front of this stranger?" Your mind is working overtime but you don?t want this kind of stimulation. You have become wanton, you crave for another kind of stimulation right now and all of your sexual organs are relentlessly demanding it! "Am I becoming a slut?" You giggle under your breath.

Still holding your arms above your head I once again release the clip only to re-secure it on the other side of the bedpost. You are now both exposed and imprisoned and I can 'work' hands free. Returning to the foot of your bed I firmly take hold of both ankles and slide them upwards towards the rest of your body. Your knees have to go somewhere and partly because of your perceived order not to close them (I have said nothing) and partly because you don?t want to close them, you allow your knees to part of their own natural accord. It is only when I run out of room to move your feet any closer to you that I change direction and move them apart as far as my arms will permit The shortest distance between to points is a straight line and my face now lies exactly in the middle of that shortest distance between your far spread ankles. I am presented with a wonderful gift of stimuli. The heady aroma of your relentlessly flowing natural juices mixed with the subtly erotic scent of your delicately applied perfume perfectly compliments the very close proximity of your open vagina and very swollen labia wet and glistening like a dreamscape. You are gorgeous!..

All of my senses are in overload, the close proximity of the heady aroma emanating from your deliciously perfumed pubis mingled with the sweetness of your natural juices together with the stunning shimmering wetness and fine aesthetic detail of your genitals are driving me wild with sheer passion. I want to take you here and now but I resist. Softly I blow on your womanhood first cold then hot, then cold again, alternating hoping this will stimulate you. It does.

All of your senses are in overload, stretched and splayed open in this way for this near stranger. You feel so helpless, so vulnerable, so 'displayed'. After only just recovering from your earlier experiences your breathing is becoming heavy once more. The tingling in your pussy returns, as you feel a flood of your natural juices start their downward journey towards your bed, your mind is screaming for me to take you here and now.

Firstly I plant a soft tender and very wet kiss firmly and squarely over the whole of the opening I now crave to enter. Then lightly, almost imperceptibly with the tip of my tongue I slowly, softly encircle this most inviting of entrances. After more slow sloppy wet kisses and still more very slow circuits I firmly and deliberately collect your sweet nectar from bottom to top with my tongue. Your delicate flavour is exquisite to my tongue.

Lost in your own arousal you abandon yourself to your inevitable fate. Melting, calm and yet not relaxed you feel a tension building, growing relentlessly. You want to grab hold of me by the ears and just shove my face into your pussy. "Fuck me now!" your mind bellows, but you resist this urge to scream.

As I suck your clitoris though my teeth, deliberately gently at first then more deliberately, releasing the pressure only to renew it immediately, sometimes gently sometimes powerfully, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly I feel your hips gyrating, trying to match this elusive non existent rhythm. I know only too well this is simultaneously frustrating and exciting for you, just a few more sensations to add to your rapidly growing collection of experiences. Only a little longer my sweet one and you can have your release I muse.

"This guy is driving me wild" struggling for breath now, sometimes holding it in an attempt to achieve release. Maybe if I move my hips more urgently (he might ease off and prevent me), maybe if I lie still (he may try harder, else he will guess, anyway I can't be still), what if I ask nicely? Or demand it? No he won't fall for that one".

You are now clean out of options, nothing left save to abandon yourself totally to my control. I have already decided how and now it is for me to decide when. I am enjoying watching, feeling you struggle for release, desperate now, pussy lips swollen out of all proportion, a damp area on the bed under your buttocks (I am pleased I remembered to place a towel on my passenger seat this evening) this girl is prolific. Getting nearer now to that point of no return, that point where the spirit, abandoning the confines of the material word, floats timelessly in that all too short moment of sheer ecstasy. I finally relent and combine my movements with yours permitting you to control the speed and direction for these last few thrusts as you slip out of control into a second shuddering climax which seems to last for eternity. You feel ecstatic, contented and relaxed. You want to sleep but I have other plans for you this evening.

Resisting the urge to lap up the remainder of this delightfully sweet nectar you have been so kind enough to secrete for my enjoyment I move to the headboard and release you from your cuffs but not the blindfold. Sitting on the bed sideways and beside you I caress you tenderly while allowing you a few moments of peace, I lovingly stroke your hair, your face, your breasts, permitting myself the luxury of spending more time on those than would seem necessary.

You smile, uncontrollably.

"Sit up" I say happily, as I help you swing your legs to the side of the bed and offer my arm for you to pull on "Don't close your legs" I marvel at your still very wet genitals slowly returning to their un-swollen state. Leaving you there for a moment I move to your wardrobe. I have already chosen your clothing, you modelled some items for my on your webcam recently. A mid length full skirt. A white lacy blouse, not see through but thin enough to disclose the outline of your breasts and your enlarged nipples in the right circumstances. And a soft feel woollen coat, more like a wrap than a coat for it has a tie belt but this is the only means of closure. It resembles a dressing gown in many ways. It is not cold but it could be on the way home, I will carry it for you.

You hum softly to yourself as you hear me rummaging through your clothing but you care not for you trust me now. And then you hear my voice once more. "Open please" I softly command as I run my finger tip lightly across your ruby lips. You obey. Hearing the unmistakeable sound of my zipper fly directly in front of your nose you understand your next task without me even uttering single word. You are happy to provide this service after the treatment you have received so far this evening. You softly caress my shaft in your now free hands and guide me eagerly into your hungry mouth. Lovingly you go to work on me and languish in satisfaction as you hear my soft moaning, satisfaction of an expertly executed task, "for him!" You wonder if you can swallow, if you must swallow, what will be my reaction if you spit, dribble. What if you pull off before the end? But you need not have worried those questions will have to be answered later I have every intention of prolonging this first meeting and our shared arousal well into the night. I save myself for later.

"Get up please, time to get you dressed". You obey.

You feel the soft, light fabric of the blouse first, you have no idea which one I have selected but you are very aware that I have not selected a bra to accompany it. Lifting one leg then the other, you are aware of your skirt being pulled upwards to your waist. "Men!. You giggle quietly to yourself, they never know how to dress a woman, easier over the head, all those years of trousers" you feel the skirt zip tightening the waist band. You feel completely vulnerable now and you are aware that you could never go out like this alone!

I make the final adjustments to your neckline, or rather your plunge line, as I strive to create the desired effect. I don?t want you naked, not looking like a tart but I need you feeling that way on this our special night.

"Oh hell, I might as well be naked!" you think as I move you in front of the mirror and finally restore your sight. It is difficult for you and you know you can always refuse but you trust me and a small part of you has always been eager to appear totally naked in public anyway. It is your inhibitions which need to be overcome and I have already explained that you need this type of experience in order to reach your final goal and chosen destiny.

I take your arm and escort you to my car, opening the door I remind you not to sit on your skirt or close your legs. Noticing the towel on the seat you obey. I go to the other side of the car and place your wrap on the back seat and ease myself into the driving seat, before fastening my seat belt I cannot resist one more kiss. As I lean over my hand moves instinctively to your pussy as I give and receive a long loving French kiss. Your flowing juices once again betray your excitement. "Keep it wet for me" I softly, lovingly order as I ease the car away gently "plenty of time, DON'T CUM YET!".

"This is going to be an interesting night" you think as your mind wanders into the dark and yet to be explored corners of this, your newly discovered alternative existence of true escapism.

During the drive your sense of exposure is relatively subdued as you toy idly with your now soaking wet pussy. You are aware that I have instructed you not to cum so you deliberately just keep things ticking over but this is not exactly what I had in mind. I turn into a quiet pub car park, a seedy looking place with large mud filled pot holes as if frequently used by truckers.

"My God!" You think to yourself as I carefully negotiate the pot holes bringing the car to a gentle stop well away from the pub, "surely we're not going in there are we?" You listen with interest as I explain that you are not achieving the necessary levels of arousal for my taste and that you are to insert this vibrating egg into your pussy and that I will have full control of the remote unit. You obey, but not before I take advantage of the stop to explore your wetness during another long French kiss.

This time, as we drive off you begin to get more excited and for the rest of the drive you do find it difficult to resist the urge to cum, not least because every time you stop toying I take over with my remote control. You very soon realise that DIY is preferable because at least you have some control. As we reach the restaurant car park I turn on the egg and remind you that you must not do what your pussy is now screaming for. I deftly reverse the car into an available bay and remove my seat belt. Before I once more explore your wetness in another sensual embrace I provide you with the instruction which you have craved for the last 20 minutes. "CUM for me now!" You obey.

I turn off the egg and allow you a few moments to compose yourself then collecting your wrap from the back seat I move round to your door and assist your exit. "One leg at a time, don't touch your skirt" I am treated to the most delightful view of an open and dripping wet well prepared and closely shaven vagina glistening in the street lights above the contrasting dark lace of your stocking tops. The entire effect is most pleasing to behold.

As we reach our table in one of those nice secluded little alcoves I pull out a chair for you and quietly remind you not to sit on your skirt. Somewhat embarrassed for the waiter is still handing us the menus you manage to comply without making it too obvious. The meal goes well, better than I expected and every 5 minutes or so I order you to test your arousal for me by inserting a finger into your vagina and then reaching across the table for me to feel it. Most of the time it is very wet but whenever I notice it is too dry I simply turn on the remote control for 60 seconds then order a retest, it works every time.

"This is incredible" you tell me as you sip your coffee at the end of our delightful meal, "I have never in my entire life been so turned on". "It's not over yet honey" I reply quietly but just loud enough that you wonder if anyone is overhearing me. Then, I continue as I turn on the remote control "I am going to take you home now and fuck you long, slow and hard". You cum

As I settle my bill I ask for your wrap. While the waiter away is collecting it I ask you to listen to my instructions very carefully. I hand you a small fold up shopping bag and issue my orders "Take this and your wrap and visit the lady's room. Once there you will remove your skirt and blouse and fold them neatly into the bag. Then put on your wrap, we're leaving". You obey.

As we exit the restaurant but before we walk to my car I order you to give me the belt of your wrap. It is a simple matter for you to hold the wrap together but your feeling of exposure and vulnerability is now overwhelming. On entering the car you remember the standing order, you lift up your wrap and sit directly on the towel which is now almost as damp as your dripping pussy. Yet another French kiss with it's accompanying vaginal explorations and climax and we are off.

It is not long before we are back in town and crawling in a queue of traffic. "Undo the seat belt, open your wrap slightly". Reluctantly, you obey. "A little more please" I am striving for an effect which whilst not exactly exhibiting you in public, for it would take someone looking directly into the passenger window if we were stationary to be fully aware of your condition, will bring your sense of exposure and vulnerability to an absolute limit. I have to explain what I am trying to achieve and it takes a couple more minutes of internal remote manipulation but you finally demonstrate your complete trust in me and you obey.

At last I have you parked outside your home, it is dark and there is nobody to be seen anywhere. As I explore you in our now customary before / after-journey embrace I give you permission and you cum once more. "Lean forward" I order "Arms behind you" you obey.

It is not easy fitting the handcuffs in the confines of the passenger seat but I manage and the blindfold completes the ensemble. Taking your bag of surplus clothing I move to your door. This time there is no need to remind you how to get out of the car, you have no choice but to use the "one leg at a time" method and it is impossible for you to do anything about your clothing and I nearly cum on the spot as your wrap refuses to follow you immediately when I assist your exit. Taking your arm I guide you to the front door, I open it with the key you hid for me earlier.

"My thighs are soaking, these stockings will be fit for nothing after tonight" you think. I once again use your nipples as reigns and guide you over the doorstep. "He must be desperate by now" as I move you quickly through the house to your bedroom. "Come to think of it, so am I" you muse as I remove your cuffs, blindfold and wrap. Your fingers tremble with excitement as I invite you to undress me, you obey. "I'm ready for afters!" You say to me in a very soft, low sensual tone as you instinctively kneel before me and take my cock into your mouth.

"I can't take too much of this" I think as you expertly slide your soft wet lips up and down my shaft, your divine beauty echoing back at me as I gaze on the wonderfully alluring sight below. It is, sadly, not long before I stop you and sit you on the edge of your bed. You open your knees wide as I kneel between them fondling your breasts and nipples with the fingers of both hands. One more kiss then placing one hand behind you gently recline you to the bed. I slip off your heels then taking both your ankles I reposition them on the bed either side of your buttocks. Treated to the most wonderful sight known to man I just can't resist a retake of the events earlier this evening before I dressed you for dinner, "my turn for afters". "Cum for me now!" You enthusiastically obey.

Neither of us can remember being in such a heightened state of sexual arousal as I slowly but firmly move my weapon in and out of your soaking wet sheath, I am trying my best to prolong the sensation as much as possible, resisting the urge to deliver my payload into you. Gradually and almost imperceptibly I increase the pace and pressure, you match my every move with total abandon until finally we both cum together in a magnificent mind blowing crescendo and we both collapse together in state of exhausted sexual energy. Cuddling up to each other and giggling like naughty school children. But we're not done yet!

Your mind races back over the evening's events as we lay there recovering from our exertions.

I wonder if I can stay the distance, its ok for him, he only has to cum occasionally. you ponder as you remember being driven to dinner and being told "Keep it wet for me" as you sat there almost naked and very aroused in a moving car next to this near stranger you met for the first time a few hours ago. Has my life now changed, forever?

The end....... (For now)

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