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Pan Transgender Switch, 50,  Lambertville, New Jersey
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The more things change, the more they actually change. Friend requests sent without messages beforehand will be automatically rejected.











 Transgender Switch


 New Jersey

 6' 5"






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Journal Entries:
1/31/2012 12:55:59 PM


Caution: If you want fantasy, this isn’t for you. It’s simply the true recounting of my first experience with Madam and lover.

Madam has asked that I write this up, because of all the fantasies and heavily embellished stories found on these sites, she believes that the simple reality of the situation is sufficient.

We had spent the night at a local hotel and had arranged for a late checkout the next day, knowing the Madam’s lover would be available in the morning. He was scheduled to arrive at 10 AM, my morning routine was able to get a late start. Showering, a fresh save on face legs and torso, and a quick enema, in case Madam chooses to make me available to her guest, were how the morning started.

That was followed by getting dressed in the outfit we had selected for m, hose, wig and makeup. Madam had a much easier time of it, with a shower to freshen up, some light makeup and a sexy negligee being her only preparations.

A little back story: this was the first time Madam had arranged for me to be there when she had a date. Usually I would be home taking care of our household, making sure that Madam had a warm and loving home to return to after her tryst. She let me know that I would, at times, be an active participant, not just a bystander, and asked me if I was OK being used by her guest. She knew that I would do this for her, but perhaps, didn’t actually believe it. I had never sucked on, or been fucked by, a real cock, and if this happened it would be the first time for either.

Doing these things isn’t a fantasy for me, nor is it something I would seek out on my own. I simply don’t find men attractive, but I do want to make Madam happy, so however she asked me to participate, I had little doubt I would. I had only one fear; it may sound strange that I would happily suck a cock or give a man my ass without a second thought If she asked me to, but I was in fear that I would be asked to kiss the man. That was something that I didn’t know if I could deal with.

As Madam had laughingly predicted, her lover showed up exactly 15 minutes early. The room was lit with an array of candles and light classical music was playing in the background. Madam had me take his jacket to hang, while they made themselves comfortable. As their amorousness increased, she handed me his clothes to hang, as well, as she took control of the situation.

She had me sit by the side of the bed while they nibbled and cuddled each other. When she thought the moment was right, she had him stand by the corner of the bed, and gave me quite a show as she took him in her mouth, exciting him to grow to his full length, which didn’t stop her from taking all of him.

After a few minutes, she had me kneel beside him and take my first cock in my mouth. I don’t know what I expected; it was firm, he smelled clean, and I simply followed Madam’s lead, doing my best to swallow him completely, something that I wasn’t able to do, as I lack Madam’s practiced skills.

He complemented me on my technique, but pointed out that Madam was far better at this than I. But he still found it necessary to push me away after a few minutes as I brought him to the edge of orgasm.

He and Madam retired to the bed together, and I resumed my place at it’s side, ocaisionally reaching in to help, at madam’s request, by sucking her toes or licking her pussy. She had me sucking on his cock at one point while they kissed and nibbled at each other, but once again I had to stop to prevent his early orgasm.

Our focus on Madam was very effective; she had more orgasm than she could count (I lost count somewhere over 20) ranging from little ones to a couple really earthshaking O’s. And this got Madam to the point where she felt she could let her lover have one of her own. To help get him started she motioned for me to lie on the bed next to them and had the two of us tag team his cock. When he was rock hard she shifted and had me keep working on him until I was asked to get the condom he would need to wear to penetrate Madam. After putting the condom on him, my job was done. All that was left for me to do was to bring the damp warm washcloth for the post-coital cleanup.

It was a wonderful morning because Madam had a good orgasmic start to the day. Sucking a man’s cock was clearly not a problem for me, nor was it an issue with our relationships. Madam and her lover had a good time. What more could I ask for?

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