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Hetero Male Dominant, 59,  Middlesex, New Jersey
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I am currently a single and unattached Dom with much experience over the years training subs and slaves. My method is quite simple: I link your own kinks to orgasmic pleasure, conditioning your mind and body to want and need kink in your daily life. Once you have been trained, vanilla sex will never satisfy you again. I am very good with a newbie who wants to explore that dark side of herself with a knowledgeable Dom. I only work with one sub at a time and prefer to find the right sub or slave for a long-term live-in relationship since training requires commitment and daily dedication. Local only. I take ownership seriously and accept all the responsibilities of taking care of my sub or slave who lives with me. I will provide for all of your needs including health care, food and clothing. In return, I expect complete obedience and will use you daily for my own erotic and sexual pleasure as well as exploring and developing your own kinky side. My passion is eroticism and my favorite sport is sex. You will be at the center of my attention all the time. I am fully employed and make very good money, enough to take care of a slave and all her needs. Thus, you need not work if you simply desire to be my slave and companion. However, if you do work, provided it doesn't interfere with your training, any money you make will be put into a trust fund for you. This is a great way to save money for your future. I value health and physical fitness working out regularly. I will enjoy taking control of your body and molding you into a fine specimen of feminine erotic beauty. I can be demanding, but it is all for your own good. I train a slave through bondage, discipline, protocol and rules, hypnosis, orgasm control, forced orgasms, enforced chastity, anal sex, oral pleasure, massage, bimbofication, exhibitionism, public play, humiliation, objectification, breast and nipple play, blowjobs, dildos and vibrators and plugs, pet training, bathroom use control, and more. I am definitely very interested in any specific kinks that my sub wants to explore since those become the most powerful keys to opening you up to your sexually ecstatic nature. I am not into physical or emotional abuse and want a home that is drama-free. I do value my sub above all else and will treat you like my most prized possession. I'll create a very safe environment where we can explore our erotic interests together. This position is ideal for a girl who likes to learn from a knowledgeable and caring Dom. Magic Scepter











Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 New Jersey

 5' 10"

 195 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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