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Domme/Sub Couple, 44/34,  North Bay, California
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First off, a few things of note

Im a bbw. If thats not your thing, I wish you the best of luck in your search, but I will not be a good match for you.

I am not a kink dispenser. I do not take online slaves. I will not be your JOI, your cyber buddy, etc. Likewise, I do not scene with people who are not in a relationship with me. If you are on my profile looking for sexual gratification, move on.

If you want to talk to me, send me a message. I seldom message anyone, unless theyve reached out to me first.

About Me

Ive been in the lifestyle, on and off, for over 15 years now. Ive tried nearly every kink that Ive had any interest in. That being said, I am not looking for one-offs. What I am looking for is an intellectual and emotional connection someone that I can build a long-term TPE relationship with. Basically, I want someone who can be as much a part of my vanilla life as they are a part of my Ds one.

I am dominant, educated, creative and an INTP. I write, I game (World of Warcraft), I garden, I blog, I cook. I like scifi and fantasy. Im nerdy, carefree, introverted and eccentric. I tend to favor a laid-back, bohemian-type vibe. Straight-faced seriousness is fine for work, but when were together I want to smile and laugh.

Also, Im very touchy-feely. I love soft eroticism kissing, caressing, playing in the dark. The light in me wants to just lay in bed and giggle and play, curl my toes and scream Again! But I am also very sadistic. The darkness in me wants to see you cry and bleed.

I love smart, nerdy, open-minded, well-mannered men. I also have a strong preference for introverts. Being a little socially awkward is hot. And being submissive is sexy as fuck. I also value loyalty, honesty, and vulnerability.

Ive had plenty of relationships where I didnt have an emotional or intellectual connection to the person I was with. That is NOT what Im looking for now. I want the all-consuming infatuation of new love. I want a slave who adores and dotes on me. I want romance and flowers. Someone who loves hard and likes a lot of attention in return. I want amazing chemistry.

Im married. My husband is fantastic open-minded, naturally submissive and extremely tolerant of my eccentricities. Hes a bit of a computer geek, gamer, plays guitar, and likes anime. He has no problem with me adding another partner to our relationship. My ultimate goal is to add a third into our family basically a polyandry type dynamic.

I have no tolerance for brattiness, arrogance, poor manners, or men who want to top from the bottom. Also, if you think that Dommes live in corsets and thigh-highs, you are living in a fantasy world. I prefer my clothing comfortable and functional. Think sneakers and t-shirts.

Lastly, when I take a slave, I expect for them to contribute to my life in a positive way. Before contacting me, ask yourself if you could make my life more meaningful.

And, if you want to get my attention, treat me like a human. I am a stranger that youre trying to impress. Remember that the care you put into communication is a reflection of the care you would put into your service.

Things Im Looking For In A Slave

A Service Slave At your core you must be service-driven. This does not mean me servicing your cock. It means that you derive pleasure from preing tasks that make your owners life easier, no matter how menial, tedious, or mundane they are.

A Polyandry-Type Dynamic I know that I mentioned this above, but it bears repeating. Im not looking for someone who wants to sleep around. I want someone who wants a serious, committed relationship and wants to be valued both as a husband and as a slave.

Kindness This is perhaps the most important thing to me nowadays. I want someone who is kind, gentle and loving.

Intellect Your mind will turn me on more than your body every will. You dont need to be brilliant, but you do need to be able to stimulate me with your mind.

Shared Interests Most of my time is spent on these 4 activities cooking, writing, gaming, gardening. If youre passionate about one of those, then well have something in common.

Useful Skills There are many useful skills out there, but here are a few things that would be useful to me, specifically.
Physical House cleaning, landscapingyard workgardening.
Technical CSS, SEO, epub, wordpress.
Artistic Writing, photography (especially food photography).
Intellectual Editing, holistic medicine, conventional medicine.

Introvert My husband and I are both introverts. We dont do parties, bar hopping, get-togethers, etc. We pretty much keep to ourselves. Another introvert, whos looking for connection and family would be happiest with us.

Financial Stability You dont have to be rich, but I will expect you to work outside the home and contribute to the household. Im not a free ride.

Emotional Stability If you have any mental health issues that might effect your emotional stability be sure to let me know, so that we can discuss it and see if its something that we could manage in the context of a relationship.

Things I Wont Tolerate

Already Married Im looking for someone who will eventually be a live-in and be part of the family. If youre already married, this precludes you. The only scenario in which I might consider someone already married is if they are a subsub couple, that come together as a package deal.

Anger Issues I live a happy, peaceful life. My husband and I never fight and never raise our voices at each other. If you are argumentative, prone to raising your voice, have temper tantrums, throw things, etc, you are not for me.

Bigotry If you have a prejudice towards any group of people, whether it be racial, ethnic, gender, etc, Im not interested in cultivating any sort of relationship with you. I want someone who is filled with love and tolerance, not someone hateful and close-minded.

Smoking I cant stand the smell. Smoking is a danger to you and to those around you. Hard pass.

Drinking I seldom drink, and my husband never drinks. If you drink more than once a month, its probably too much for me to be comfortable with.

Drugs Im not interested in someone who does drugs recreationally. Im 420 friendly IF, and only if, it is for medicinal issues.

Communicable Diseases Im not only responsible for my own health, but also for the health of my husband. If you have something contagious, Im terribly sorry, but Im just not willing to risk it.

Results from
100 Dominant
100 Sadist
100 MasterMistress
98 Owner
87 Voyeur
64 Exhibitionist
62 Primal (Hunter)
49 Experimentalist
47 Ageplayer
46 Degrader
43 DaddyMommy
37 Non-monogamist
28 BoyGirl
23 Rigger
1 Primal (Prey)
1 Vanilla
0 Rope bunny
0 Slave
0 Degradee
0 Brat
0 Submissive
0 Masochist
0 Pet
0 Switch






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Submissive Male

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 Canes and Crops


 Domestic Service



 Female Supremacy


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 Martial Arts


 Electrical Play

 Massage (Getting)

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Journal Entries:
12/16/2016 12:35:49 AM
Thanks for amusing me with poetry games tonight, JustAllAroundBoy!

December is the month of snow
of glowing lights and mistletoe
Love and cheer all bound in a gift
Reindeer working the graveyard shift

It's also time for hope and dreams
soft, sweet kisses and startled screams
black leather bows, black leather whips
fancy floggers with stingy tips

Pretty boys all down on their knees
waiting for a chance just to please
Santa knows that I've been naughty
That's why I'm his favorite hottie

12/14/2016 2:21:00 AM
Added new pictures to my profile.

11/29/2016 12:22:00 AM
Cutest line from a CS boy: "Men are one track mind and predictable and just ugh and yawn for sure."

11/28/2016 1:31:20 PM
Just got back from seeing Fantastic Beasts. How many of you subby boys got excited when Credence had to take off his belt and present it to his adoptive mother for coming in late?

P.S. I need a house elf. :P

11/26/2016 6:45:56 PM
I have ZERO interest in dominating anyone online. If you live more than an hour away, chances are that you are NOT what I'm looking for.

11/24/2016 1:36:49 PM
Happy Thanksgiving!

10/22/2016 8:57:13 PM

Close your eyes and dream
Sex is your sin that you can not escape
All your fantasies in the closet locked
Open it, like Pandora's Box
Let your demons out
Let your dreams unfurl
Let it collide and rip and tear you down
Until all that's left
Is the beautiful truth
Of you

7/6/2016 11:26:28 AM
For all you boys that have not been properly socialized, do not approach a Domme, acting as if she is your sex toy. It's disrespectful and utterly common. Common is boring. If you can not manage the simple task of being a respectful human, you are not cut out to be a sub or slave.

5/12/2011 9:35:47 PM

There was a new moving, obscure and slow

A transformation only death can sow

I was wilted, wasted behind my mask

A broken vessel and a poisoned flask

I smiled behind my cherry red lips

I laughed and giggled as agony’s whips

Tore at the core of my demolished soul

Never letting on I was weak, unwhole

I reached for the two things that I had known

A shadowy semblance close to home

Writing--the first of all my desires

Then submission, which passion requires

To take up these boys in my arms unfurled

And draw them into my lacquered world

Like a tornado, I look to the core

But alas I choose to keep just one more

4/28/2011 9:32:33 PM

For U

I miss the sweet press of your lips

the honeyed kiss, the gentle sips

of divine exploration--

a writer's adoration

4/14/2011 6:46:46 PM

She felt of snow and candy

The promise of sweet wonder under the cool taste of dew

Her skin was alabaster too

Like clouds and divinity

I would have licked her for such heavenly

Dreams that ne’er come true

3/17/2010 4:17:55 PM
Per Vittoriano

"Bed me. Bed me," his breath was hot as it whispered through his lips.
"Bed me. Bed me. I feel the swell, rising below my hips."
"Bed me. Bed me," he murmured soft, parting along the lips.
"Bed me. Bed me. I love the bonds that hold me in your grips."

"Alas. Alas," she turned her eyes, that dark sadistic smile.
"Alas. Alas. Tis not for you," touching herself the while.

"Bed me. Bed me," he pleaded hot, his hands against her leg.
"Bed me. Bed me, my dark goddess. I will forever beg."
"Bed me. Bed me," with trembling hand, quivering on her thigh.
"Bed me. Bed me. I can not live, if you, to me, deny."

"Alas. Alas." Her eyes were bright. Her cane tore at his skin.
"Alas. Alas. There is much more, than spending in my quim."

7/27/2008 9:38:02 PM

On the air you can taste the bite

Of leather and blood and steel

On the air you can hear the crack

And the scream that can not stand still


The nylon whip slithered around

Like a viper snake formed of light

Its teeth sinking into the flesh

Leaving tears of blood as its bite


“Scream for me. Scream for me” she said

Tracing the blood down his firm back

“Scream for me if you’d have mercy.”

He quivered and bit his lip back.


“Your choice,” she sighed indignantly

Taking up her favorite cane

Painting his ass like a mural

With stories of pleasure and pain


She knew by the rise of his hips

As the cane danced along his flesh

That the torture she inflicted

Had a very different mesh


Somewhere in that glorious pain

The sparkling bits of pleasure

Gave an animated life

To his starving, unused member


With fingertips red with his blood

And her freshly speckled cane

She reminded him she was the boss

As majestically she came




10/18/2007 10:07:17 AM

Drunk upon the crimson nectar of pain

I gather you up My beloved, shining boys

Gather you up into the asylum of My arms

Show you the terrible love

Of marriage to a painful master

Reveal an age

Where divinity is tasting the ambrosia of My body

Teach you to dance a magical dance

Wrapped in the soft fur of wolf

With one foot in heaven

The other in hell

So that you learn of the animal you have become

The animal you have always been

Then collect you into My hallowed arms

You, my suitors that endure forever

Unforgettable pleasure, full of wonder

A streaming mound of kisses

Covered in the blood of your body

Enough ecstasy to scandalize the masses

And leave them begging to drink the dark watered nectar

The enchanted treasure

Carried here on the backs of boys

Into this forbidden world


They think they drink of the tears of the ocean

But it is the tears of our world that they taste

10/16/2007 3:24:09 PM

A breath of silent wonder

A kiss to stop the pain

The terrible, lost beauty

Of love that will not wane


I’m the herald of the dark

The knight of lust and pain

The trembling of the soul

That knows of loss and gain


You’re my errant knight ashore

Awash from stormy seas

The one who has hid his pain

In whispers on the breeze


I have heard your secret call

Have brought you here to Me

To be My servant of yore

My slave of ecstasy


I will wrap you in My arms

And shield the storms away

I will make of you a god

For you will never stray

10/15/2007 3:29:20 PM

Into the deep, white cold of winter

I long to walk

Through the darkened allies

One boy behind

In the “follow” position

Walking the same world as Me

Fed by My hungers

And feeding Me

On the dark

Erotic whims of Me

Someone who longs for the intense ecstasy

Of pleasure sharpened by pain

A moan and cry in the dark

Screaming out

A plea for love

To be owned

Uncompromised devotion

For the sin of loving Me

7/24/2007 2:31:59 PM




Put judgment aside and bias

Let go of social conformity

Forget the “no, no, no” that your parents always said

I am not your mother

I am your Lady, your lover, your bed

For Me there will be no “No”

You will nod and will agree

“Yes, Ma’am” is what you will speak

you will surrender and be free

There is a bliss

Only to be found

On the other side of understanding

That pain and pleasure are not always so different

You moan and cry and cringe and run

But on the other side of pain

When all the pain is done

And you’ve felt the hard surrender

The last scrap of yourself that you didn’t want to give

You know what it means to belong

Bygone, bygone, bygone

You’ve put the past aside

And now you ride the waves of an ecstasy

From which you can no longer hide

7/1/2007 1:03:54 PM




Her fingers touched his neck

So warm and so alive

She wanted to sink her teeth

Into his silken human hide


But the chain was already there

A cold and chiming steel

And once the lock was locked

Their dreams would all be real


She looked into his eyes

He was alive and hot with fire

She glanced down at his cock

That was erect with his desire


She laced the lock through the chain

And gave him one last kiss

She pushed until she heard the pop

The lock that sealed Her bliss


This one had just become Her slave

Next month there’d be another

And maybe in between the two

She’d take a thick-dicked lover

6/8/2007 12:53:32 AM




She tapped Her fingernails

Against the mahogany of the desk


Some things age more splendidly than others--

If there were one boy that She desired

It was the one who would never love Her

A creature after Her own soul

She could find no fault in him


That he loved to love women


Her own slaves were three

And then there was he—

This strange creature that She desired

So unloyal

So unmoved by Her

So busy chasing after women

That in the chase he would never see

That She lingered farther

Drifted farther

And took another slave

Or three

Not giving much heed to he


No woman wants a slave

Who thinks of Her on Thursday

And sometimes on Sunday

And chases other women the rest of the week

The place for a slave is at his Owner’s feet


Her nails tapped against the mahogany

She drew a warm body close to Her

This one would be punished

For the incredulity of the other


“When do you think of Me?”

Her voice a melodic shatter

“From the moment i rise

to the moment i sleep.”

his voice stayed humble and meek

It was the perfect answer


“Will you take My pain?

Will you bleed for Me?

Would you give your body and soul willingly?”

“Yes, Madam,” was his answer


She took a length of nylon rope

And gagged him by the mouth

For all the protests She had heard

There would be not one tonight

She tied his hands up to her cross

And spread his legs real wide

Fuck all these fucking worthless men

Who thought She was just a cheap ride

She plugged his ass

And got out Her whip

And tore into his back

She let his blood splatter the wall

His moans echoed each lash

He was the penitent sinner

And for every sin he’d pay

Even if he was a shining angel

And shined for all to see

She got out Her needles

With a mischievous laugh

And made patterns on his ass

She spit in his face

And pulled his hair

Clamped his nipples

And slapped his balls

Raked nails down his flesh


When his body shook and trembled

When his breath came out in gasps

When the needles had been pulled

And blood streamed down his legs

She took pity on the tortured

And took him from the cross

She bent him over the couch

And fucked him in the ass

Only when she was content

That all the sins were paid

She brought him to her room

And pointed to the floor

Where his bed had already been made


His blood was on her skin

Their passion filled the air

Whatever the other had done

This was the one who was there

When all the tears were gone

And all the blood had dried

He was the one she loved

The one who was at Her side

5/30/2007 3:30:05 PM

The Mark



The leather bit and shred the skin

The blood was flowing hot and thin

Scarlet rivulets down his back

Seeping into the wooden rack


Blood was splattered onto My face

I licked My lips with perfect grace

Energy sizzled over our skin

Passion hotter than perfect sin


Not many could withstand such pain

Selfless surrender without gain

The marks would scar sure as a knife

A marking that would last for life

5/28/2007 10:41:25 PM



A gleaming smile upon My lips

A dark need long restrained

A sadistic desire that can’t be contained

By these smiling vanilla people

With their petty lives and petty souls

Happy none-the-less.


I look down at My boy:

Hands held behind his head

Eyes lowered to the ground

A soft brush of My skin

And his body trembles.


“Come My pretty one.

Take off those clothes for Me.”


No hesitation, no question

Eyes still lowered obediently.


“Down on your knees.”

I slide one foot forward

He gets the hint

His lips pressed reverently

Against the top of My foot.

If all these smiling vanilla people could see

What envy would fill their souls

Behind words like “absurd,” “preposterous,” “how could he?”

But they will never be as happy as we


I press My hand against his head,

To keep his face to the ground

Ass in the air

I love seeing this naked thing bare

My hand over his ass

Caressing softly, playfully


Before the “Whap! Whap! Whap!”

Of the beaded flogger


His body reacting to My touch:

Squirming, moaning, arousing Me

I feel Myself growing wet

Wanting more

Lust and passion spilling

I grab him by the collar

And jerk him to his feet

“It’s time to make Me cum.”

He’s such a pretty piece of meat.


He gives me one good orgasm

But still I’m wanting more

But not until I make him into a cock-sucking whore

My feet push him back

My voice a sharp snap

“Enter, slave!”

And another body lovely

Firm with molded flesh

Another pretty toy

With a cock made for porn

Eager, waiting, hungry


I look to the first and “suck him” say

He hesitates and I snatch his balls

Within My nailed grip

He squirms and whimpers and takes into his mouth the tip

“More. Suck it as if that were My cock.

And it truly is.”

I laugh mischievously

And force his face deeper down

Until he’s gagging on the cock

“Such a perfect little slut.

Such an eager cock-sucking whore.

Now present him with your ass

And resume your duty between My legs.

I want to cum some more.”


Obedient as always

Eager just to please

The perfect slave and whore got onto his knees

His lips touching My clit

As a cock slid in his ass

He fucked Me with his mouth while being fucked in the ass

Such moans escaped his lips

His restless body stirring

But he maintained his duty

Bringing Me to the edge

Dropping Me in the sea

Awash in ecstasy

I see the thick cum dripping

Out of his gaping ass

Now how many vanilla girls

Could get their boy to do all that?

5/24/2007 4:29:46 PM




Two pretty slave boys upon their bent knees

Their only desire aiming to please

I spread My pale legs and opened them wide

Beckoning them on for the perfect ride


Two others had filled Me moments before

Left the fresh cum dripping onto the floor

Now these two lovely slaves, on their bent knees

Would carry Me further than the mere tease


One crawled forth and the other behind

Both slaves were possessed of a single mind

My ultimate pleasure was what they sought

My perfect orgasm was what they brought


Their hungry lips drinking deep of the cum

Brought much more pleasure than the fuck had done

And My first orgasm was drawing near

The night held promise after promise here


The tongue on My ass was wiggling around

The one on My clit bobbed up and down

The cum had already been licked away

Now pleasure was on its sordid way


“Make Me cum now, you little slut whores.

Squat down further and get on all fours.”

I lowered My sex onto their tongue

And beckoned two more to join in the fun


The two that had cum just moments before

Were hard and ready like any good whore

They mounted the boys who had knelt on the ground

Pleasure was building around and around


My legs started shaking. I could not stand

The orgasm coming sooner than planned

I looked to the ones doing the fucking

Grabbed the hair of those doing the sucking


This was all I wanted and so much more

I had the boy, the slave, the man, the whore

They each encompassed all the perfect traits

For these special few, they were lifetime mates


5/17/2007 3:28:59 PM

                                   The Succubus

A soul shredding laughter

Rang through the abyss

“Sign here on the line,

you cock-sucking bitch.”


She slapped him on the face

And pushed him to his knees

“Give your soul to Me,

like all these other flees.”


His hand shook and trembled

His eyes filled with tears

He tried to swallow hard

But couldn’t abate his fears


“you’re just a little bitch.

your soul will be mine.

your punishment will be worse

The more you waste My time.”


The quill touched the paper

He had to sign in blood.

She kicked him in the back.

He landed in the mud.


“i’m so sorry Mistress.

Take my soul from me.

i am Your worthless slave

for all eternity.”


He lifted up the quill

And with blood made his mark.

The succubus smiled,

“Now that is a good start.”


5/7/2007 12:36:01 PM

The Victory

Mischievous delight as I crawled into bed

On one side My blond and on the other My red

I looked to the one, grabbed the balls of the other

“Which one of you whores is going to be My lover?”

Their cocks started twitching. They both flashed a smile

They both wanted to win, but both were on trial

It wouldn’t be easy to win such attentions

“Come, you little fuckers, let’s see your erections.”

The blond got hard first, so I punished the red

“Get down on your knees and give him some head.

You better be good, or you’ll be sucking all day.

If you cant make him cum, then you wont get away.”

He gave a small moan that was somewhat a whimper

With the cock in his mouth it could have been either

The blond started moaning and thrusting his hips

The red knew that victory was close in his grips

I grabbed the red’s hair and jerked his head back

My strap-on slid in and I gave him a smack

“Now get back on that cock, while I fuck your ass hard.

The longer it takes you the more you’ll be scarred.”

There was a definite whimper escaping his lips

The blond thrust faster with insatiable hips

The red’s cock was dripping all over the bed

Surely he must have enjoyed giving head

The blond let out a moan of orgasmic delight

The red took the cum, as was his plight

But before he could swallow, I jerked back his head

“Don’t drink a single drop,” was the order I said.

The red obeyed, with his mouth full of fresh cum

Warm, slick and thick. I had to tease, “Yum yum.”

“Now feed the blond boy back his own filthy cum

and once you have finished your duty is done.”

So mouth on mouth, the boys made a long kiss

Neither could remember how it had come to this

But the red let the cum fill the mouth of the blond

Sent the sperm to swim in an unnatural pond

“You showed your devotions and you took this slut’s cum

You fed it to him from the tip of your tongue

And all that this slut did was just let you succeed

Without power or reason, only pure greed

But you will be better, My little red whore

And he will grow jealous when you can do more

So lay there and watch as he enters Me

In the end, My dear, it is your victory.”

4/22/2007 2:21:26 PM


Twisted in a web of silken rope

He struggled and stirred, without much hope

The binding was not against his will

But fear and hunger he couldn’t keep still

His Lady looked on him from above

She was all his mind could conceive of

Outside of Her there wasn’t a life

But with Her the pain brought its own strife

Yet with the pain there was the pleasure

Both were mingled so close together

To lose the pain, would lose the rapture—

It was something too hard to capture

His mind felt far and his hands felt tight

Who decided what was wrong or right

Society could take its status quo

To his Goddess, he could not say “no”

He opened his mouth and closed his eyes

Her cock was bigger than any guy’s

Tasted of rubber and plastic still

His own cock bobbed at the certain thrill

“What a cocksucker. You love the cock!”

By now his dick was hard as a rock

Her voice melodic, light with laughter

“Come, My little whore. Suck Me faster!”

Her hips thrust forward. He almost gagged

“I have a much bigger cock,” She bragged

Her voice was firm as she grabbed his hair

“Come on, cocksucker. You’re almost there.”

He could feel his own hard cock grow wet

One second inside all he would bet

But she a Goddess, not a cheap fuck

If he got to cum, he’d thank his luck

He tried to think, but the world just spun

Concentrate. Concentrate till she’s done.

His cock was dripping onto his leg

All he could think was to beg, beg, beg


She jerked back his head and thrust once more

“you make such a fucking pretty whore.”

He tried to remember her as crass

“Suck it, slut, or I will fuck your ass!”

He didn’t need reminding again

He took it all in for her, right then

Her body stiffened. She moaned out loud

He smiled inside—content and proud


2/6/2007 3:09:56 PM
Unless you're interested in pro sessions, DO NOT contact me if you're married or have a girlfriend. I will never be second to anyone.

1/28/2007 5:16:39 PM
There are a few things that need to be addressed....
1st: If you make a date with Me and cancel or dont show, dont bother trying to make another. you get one chance with Me, so dont blow it.
2nd: If you're from out of state and you're serious, you will be expected to make reservations to come see Me, or for Me to come see you. I'm not going to waste My time with flakes, losers, or phoneys.
3rd: I am only interested in slave boys. If you do not know what it means to be a slave, then dont waste My time.
4th: First impressions matter! How can some of you think that a "first date" is not a means to test your etiquette, manners, attention to detail, etc. If you get a chance to meet a Domme, you better be on your best behavior and treat her like an absolute Goddess.

Too many of you dwell in fantasy. Get your heads out of your ass and stop wasting the time of the Women here on this site.

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