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Pan Female Mistress, 24,  Central MS, Mississippi
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MadamDeviltry - Dominatrix

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Hmm, it was time to prowl around a bit and see what may be lurking.

Life is complex, and so am I. This is the wicked streak that I have.

I do custom leather work, let me know if you need something.

I'm looking for a local boy toy/sub/slave to play with.

I'm also looking for a LTR female, who doesn't have to be local.

"Fight club was the beginning..."
No longer looking for a cuck.
Tell me I'm zombie hot.










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Journal Entries:
1/10/2011 5:05:23 PM

Hmm, who wants to be interrogated?  Ve have vays of making you talk.

1/10/2011 4:57:24 PM

Today's fortune cookie says "A mop handle up the pooper loosens not only the bowels, but the tongue as well."

1/10/2011 4:55:00 PM

Salt in a wound, not just an expression.  Mmm....

12/28/2010 7:32:00 PM

I bought  a big box of craft sticks, like popsicle sticks really.  I took them in the back yard along with a bag of toy soldiers.  Built myself a nice model prison camp, replete with mini barbed wire and guard towers with machine guns.  I used Chistmas lights to light up the stockade.  It was very festive.

12/28/2010 6:52:09 PM

The mop handle beckons.  It may chip your back teeth.


I'm doing some pro sessions again, in person or distance and taking orders for custom leather gear.  I moved here for a change of scenery, and didn't like the scenery, so I'm off to some place new.


Oh, and does anyone have a new stock for a Krag?

11/24/2010 4:16:30 PM

I want someone I can carve up like a turkey.  I'll even sew your legs together.  Volunteers?

11/9/2010 3:35:35 PM

Seems my little snap-on ball spreader is quite the hit.  Anyone else going to want one?  Supplies are limited boys.  Oh, and I also have different colors now.  Blue, red, maroon, and reddish-chocolate.  Come come now, don't be shy.  ;) 

11/7/2010 2:34:41 PM

Made my first batch of Viking Moonshine today.  We'll see in a week or two how it's coming along.  Gotta love making your own alcohol.  At least it's something I like to drink. 

11/5/2010 6:17:47 PM

Random thought, this salad fork and your balls.  Together at last.  Yeah.  It'll hurt.

11/5/2010 6:12:36 PM

Q: "What do you need all those guns for?"

A: Those zombies aren't going to blow their own damn brains out, now are they?

10/9/2010 10:49:33 AM
I want my very own Peter Steele.  Just not a zombified version.

Also uploaded a picture of the newest little fun toy I've made.  It's a simple ball harness with separator.  ;)  You want one?  Just message me.

10/7/2010 6:41:23 AM
Answer to a frequently asked question:
Q: "What would life be like with you?" 
A: "It would make the Hanoi Hilton look like the Parisian Ritz Carlton."

10/1/2010 9:15:21 PM
Hmm, five old pairs of panties in the laundry hamper.  I wonder... Anyone pathetic enough to make me an offer?  Hmmm?  You know you want to, so that I can laugh at you all the more.

9/30/2010 6:28:46 PM
If you thought the mop handle end of the mop was bad, wait until I use the mop end of the mop...

9/28/2010 6:54:41 PM
No one ever said that I was a good person, and if they did, they were either lying or else sadly misinformed.

9/28/2010 6:11:06 PM
I can honestly say that I like to make people cry.

9/28/2010 6:10:19 PM
I'm not evil, I'm just amoral. 

9/23/2010 10:02:29 PM
Who wants to be a dear and make me uberly happy?  I've been so down in the dumps lately and it sucks.   I think a nice pair of knee-high boots would make me smile again.  Tell you what...anyone who's up to getting me a pair for my birthday will get a private webcam show as a thank you.  ;)  

9/22/2010 6:20:57 PM
My favorite pick up line ever "Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"

9/22/2010 5:34:12 PM
Let's simplify things... I have candy... rattles bag

9/22/2010 4:04:25 PM
If you don't speak English properly, you owe me something for having to translate your garbled messes.  Idiots.

9/22/2010 7:53:25 AM
Good job Norway.

9/20/2010 7:08:20 PM
Kane finally wins one.  Hurray for evil.

9/18/2010 10:18:26 PM

Mean?  Moi?  I'm all sweetness and light. 

9/17/2010 8:37:01 PM
Eh.  Like is too short not to be somewhat amoral. 

I put the Nitrile gloves on again tonight for the first time in a while.  Mmm, they do make a lovely crinkle sound when I flex.  Purple might just be my color.

Hurray for Canada, part two.  Seems to be a wonderful bunch up there.

9/16/2010 8:24:27 AM
Add a flanged mace and a literal warhammer to my wants list.  Anyone feeling generous?  You wouldn't want me to not make it into Odin's hall now would you?

9/15/2010 7:06:47 PM
I think that I'd like to get a replica blunderbuss...

9/14/2010 5:44:16 PM
For those that keep asking, CMMG lower, the rest is almost all Colt parts.  Optic is an older Aimpoint Comp M, there is a Troy BUIS rear unit behind it. 

9/13/2010 6:05:40 PM
Saw a bovine speculum in a catalog.  I need to get one of those.

9/13/2010 3:46:44 PM
I think I'd like to see someone do a rendition of "I'm a little tea pot, short and stout" wearing pink lingerie and involving quaffing a delightful brew of urine and cracker crumbs...

9/13/2010 7:16:14 AM
People sometimes seem to like to post silly stories here, so I had a friend create one for me:

"Nam, 1965.  The Delta.  There I was on patrol with Sgt. Paul, when we assaulted by two million billion Viet Cong ass rapists.  Sexually assaulted.

You ever been in a Vietnamese prison?  All those filthy little yellow cocks slapping you upside your face, people yelling at you, now 'You numba ten GI, now you sucky sucky'.

War is hell."

Yes, because I was a black Marine in 1965.  Didn't you know?  War it changes a person.  Even into a 24 year old white woman. 

9/13/2010 7:12:55 AM
If you really think that you need a protector, I'd suggest Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.  They've been doing it for a long time.

9/13/2010 7:10:54 AM
Most people are unhappy because they don't obey the voices.  I don't have that problem.

9/11/2010 7:31:12 PM
Things that I could use, since people ask-
Surefire weapon's lights or other Surefire or similar lights

IR aiming laser

Decent quality low power magnified scope

Marom Dolphin or better tac armor (IIIA) or any decent concealed IIIA armor preferably with a female carrier

C-more, Aimpoint, or even Burris electroptical sight

Any AR upper, but preference for 18" flat top middy.

Vertical foregrip

Quality folding or fixed blade knives

Nice set of binoculars

9/11/2010 8:43:50 AM
As a wise Black dude once said, "Sure are a lot of honkies in Ghana lately."  Ain't that the truth.

9/11/2010 8:39:40 AM
Jesus wants you to buy a gun.  Seriously.  Look it up.  It's in the book of Luke.

Openings - submissive female companion, female slave, cuck husband (male), serving girl (can be part time), whipping boy (part time), or possibly others if there is something that you think that you can do and do well (specialists, step and fetch it boys, etc).

Apply here.

Read the journals to learn about the Rawhide test.  Too few takers...

9/11/2010 6:10:41 AM
Don't put sweaters on your little yappy purse dogs.  It's bad enough that you have a purse dog.  But do you have to take all the poor creature's dignity away too?  Dogs come with their own fur coat.  It's called natural selection. 

And which one of you cheap bastards is getting me an EoTech?  Hell, I'll settle for a C-more.  What do you want, your Goddess to use iron sights?  Grr.

9/10/2010 6:27:41 PM
Huh, so I read the text that some "hypno-Mistress" posted.  But instead of sending all my money to Nigeria... All I did was keep writing "RFK must die" over and over again.  Huh.  That's odd.

9/10/2010 5:59:19 PM
I decided that I'd like to try an EoTech again.  Anyone feeling generous?

9/9/2010 8:51:14 PM
Someone else passed the Rawhide challenge! Go Canada!  Yay.  Breakfast is looking sweet in the morning.

9/9/2010 7:12:13 PM
No TNA tonight!  What a crock.  Allegedly the word is that Spike was afraid of a ratings slaughter b/c of football.  Grr.

If it wasn't for seeing Regal rap on Superstars (the high light) this would be virtually a wasted week so far.  Raw wasn't horrible, and I am almost starting to warm up to another round of Cena v. Orton, but NXT was soooo awful, it hurt to watch it. 

9/9/2010 7:15:10 AM
Ah, what a happy morning.  Coffee and the first person passed the Rawhide test.  Made me start the rest of my day with a smile.

9/8/2010 7:35:51 AM
I'm in a mood today.  I want to watch someone smack their crotch with a belt for me, while they sing the Rawhide theme song.  Distance is no object on this, whip out your cams, take me a clip to view, and consider it your audition...

9/8/2010 6:50:18 AM
If you tried me on chat and it didn't work, send me an email.  I've been trying to use Trillian to make my life easier, but it seems to have made a great many things vanish into the ether...

9/7/2010 7:29:17 PM
Ack.  A Diva search for season 3?  Only Vickie's girl would I even really want to bad touch... what the hell... Pull the plug already.  They shit can Mr. Perfect's son and we get this?

9/7/2010 5:49:58 PM
I've been reading an interesting bit of apocalyptic fiction, raw, but striking.  Graunch Solution.  Google it.  You can buy it off and elsewhere.  Damn involving book.

9/6/2010 8:24:23 PM
To save a lot of us some time.  Most men want to know what I'd do to them.  I usually reply thus:
Make a fist and punch yourself in the balls.  Now do it again, harder this time.  Keep it up until you're doubled up on the floor, down on your knees.  Do it until you can taste the bile in the back of your throat.  For me, that is a soft sweet hello kiss.  It'll never be that nice again.

I'm not joking.  Do I stutter or something?

I can't wait to get my sap gloves...

9/6/2010 8:14:25 PM
Just because you saw it on Future Weapons, doesn't make it so.

9/6/2010 8:04:35 PM
Huh, so next week is Cena v. Orton... umm, didn't we spend all last summer with that?

9/6/2010 5:41:22 PM
No ROH tonight?  WTF?

9/6/2010 6:22:41 AM
It's getting to be time for new armor and plates.  It looks like the higher end stuff will save a lot of weight over the Izzy rig that I have now

9/3/2010 5:22:33 PM
How is it that Christian can't get a better push?  The man carried ECW for a year.  Is he going to have to join Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas over in ROH?

9/3/2010 5:19:06 PM
Hmm, where oh where have all the Krags gone?

9/3/2010 6:02:07 AM
If the question that you wanted to ask is "Does this look infected to you?", then there are likely better places to ask it.  Meanwhile, rub some salt in it.  Scars build character.

9/3/2010 5:57:20 AM

If you're lucky... Perhaps one day you'll be sitting at the police station, naked except for a blanket around your shoulders as you shake.  Then you can show the nice men on the GI Joe doll where the bad, bad woman touched you....

9/3/2010 3:48:59 AM
Oh, and if you type like this: W/we Y/your, I/i, etc...Pass me by. 

It's not a sign of respect.  It's a sign of stupidity.  Respect is shown by showing me you're intelligent and you care enough to not look like you're didn't graduate junior high.  If you cannot type a simple email with proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar, you are an idiot.  That goes for everyone that does it, male or female...dominant or submissive.  Have some self-respect.  Don't be a moron.

In other words, don't do it.  Got that?  Good.

9/2/2010 7:27:26 PM
Tommy Dreamer is back in the ring and seems to actually be trying.  I don't really like TNA, but I'll tune in to see Tommy Dreamer and the old hardcore guys.  Sometimes you can enjoy your childhood again.

9/2/2010 5:21:06 PM
I stepped in a nest of fire ants going out to check the mail.  Remind me not to do that again. 

9/1/2010 7:56:32 PM
Mmm, yes that flogger is mine, I make them.  That's my new heavy buffalo hide one.  Ah, the heft of it and the sound it makes...  Brings a true wicked smile to my face.  Yes, I can make more...

Oh and someone asked me what I wanted for a gift. I want a set of K frame square butt grips that are actually wood.  Yes, really. 

9/1/2010 6:39:00 AM
As a special note to the Australian friends that I seem to be attracting... I need two or three sets of Auscam.  Trousers, shirt/field jacket, and hat if possible.  Got some laying around?  You have my attention.  However fleetingly.

8/31/2010 9:59:19 PM
I'm Glock shopping.  Where oh where did all the used 9mms go?  Sigh.  .40 it shall be... Grr.

8/31/2010 5:54:06 PM
Anyone know when the new Scar-H will be commercially for sale?

8/29/2010 3:05:21 PM
I'm not all sweetness and light.  I'm the sort of person that would bring a coat hanger to a baby shower.  Think about it.  That doesn't mean I'm mean, I prefer to view myself as direct. 

8/29/2010 3:02:10 PM
For some reason the following line keeps going through my mind, "I am of the Devil, and I do the Devil's work".  Tell me where that line is from and I'll pay a bit more attention to you.  With the usual caveat that I'll still ignore you or be not so nice if you sicken me for one reason or another.

8/29/2010 3:00:59 PM

Hmm, a foot long Bowie knife for $9.99?  Sure, it might not be the world's best knife, but eh, I figure that I'll take a chance.  I can usually grind an edge if I set my mind to it.  It's hard to see how I'd not to get $10 worth of stabbing, hacking and what not out of it. 

Let that be your life lesson for today.

8/28/2010 7:01:37 AM
There's two paths open for those that wish to be part of my life.  They can be my completely owned slave, or they can be more of a submissive/pet/to some degree companion.  Yes, there is a difference, so choose carefully.

Men... eh, probably don't set your sights as high as companion.

8/28/2010 5:13:37 AM
Yes, of course I have yahoo, a camera, and a phone.  I don't live in a cave.  Here's the thing... I find increasingly that the more serious a person is, the less they mind emailing on here a bit first.  If you give me your YIM right away, I'm starting to view it negatively.

Your picture gets mine.  Usually.  Unless you sicken me. 

8/26/2010 5:25:45 PM
I'm going to have to be more picky.  Some people seem a little "off", don't they?

8/25/2010 5:37:12 PM
If I read your email and don't immediately write back, don't read into that.  I sometimes only have time to pop on and check emails and end up writing back later.  Unless you're a total waste of my time...  Then there is no later for you.  Make a good first impression.

8/24/2010 9:52:08 PM
My first day trying out this profile.  It was interesting.  I learn things all the time. 

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