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Hetero Male Submissive, 27,  Flagstaff, Arizona
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Hello! Im Wes, a science geek, stargazer, history buff, occasional adventurer, and more than occasional smartass from the east coast currently hanging out in the mountains of northern AZ.

I have a wide variety of interests, both vanilla and kinky, but I definitely tend to lean towards the nerdy side. I love learning about history and science and I work as an astronomy guide down in Sedona, teaching people about the universe with my telescope. I am also a bit of a mythology geek and am fascinated by old folk stories and fairy tales... though I went through a bit of a goth phase in HS and seem to have picked up a soft spot for all things dark and spooky as well (not to mention a penchant for overly edgy symphonic metal music).

As for the kinky stuff, I tend to favor the more psychological aspects of BDSM over the pure SM side of things and while I have nothing inherently against pain and enjoy incorporating it into scenes its not really my main focus. Some of my favorite kinks are bondage, sensory deprivation, chastity, orgasm denial, and latex and I freely admit to having a little bit of a dark side when it comes to some of my fantasies and love a good mindfuck or a bit of humiliation or dehumanization. I do not enjoy outright cruelty however and though I might like to delve into darker topics and places from time to time I universally prefer a more supportive, trusting, and affectionate type of relationship with my partner... regardless of which role Im playing.

Im not exactly expecting to find my soulmate on here (though that would be nice) however I do need some kind of a relationship with someone before Id consider doing anything kinky, even if its just as friends. Ideally Id like to find some fellow kinky people around my age to talk to and hopefully find a few friends and maybe a play partner or two, hopefully leading to something more down the line.












Last Online:


 Submissive Male



 Willing to Relocate

 6' 5"

 235 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Switch Women

Friends Only

Online Romance

 Lives For:



 Orgasm Denial

 Sensory Deprivation






 Rubber Fetish


 Anal Play

 Canes and Crops




 Medical Play

 Obedience Training

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Role Playing


 Wax play

 Hard Limits:


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