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Hetero Male Dominant, 52,  Akron, Ohio
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I'm pretty light, to middle of the road on the bdsm stuff. Pretty much enjoy giving pleasure more than pain, however, I've learned that if you want to be taken care of 24/7, I have some expectations, and I won't put up with not meeting them. I think they are simple, we need to lay our cards on the table at the outset, and be honest. I have a stressful job, and I need ZERO bullshit at my house.

Other than that, I like making people laugh.

If you have only model pics, and are looking for "gas money to be owned" based on texts/emails. Sorry, I'm not your sucker!

Any relationship, in this lifestyle or any, is like two glasses. And each is potentially half full. Some come into it, half full, and looking to fill the glass, and that is really the goal. Most come in either one quarter full, or even empty, that has been my experience. Some even come in less than empty. The only way you can be less than empty, is if there is hole in the vessel, and the vessel is your soul/mind/body. And no matter how much you pour into that vessel, it will never be even a quarter full. Vessels can be fixed. But the vessel needs to want to be fixed. Otherwise, a lot of good stuff keeps getting spilled on the ground, that might have been used to make someone else complete.












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Journal Entries:
12/5/2014 9:11:27 PM
Ok.. this is the beauty of scammers from.. pick your country....

If you start your intro with... "I am blank, by name"...... I KNOW you aren't real.. and now I will toy with you... you are most likely from Ghana or Nigeria... and you aren't a real person.. so I will make you do tricks..

The only reason I spend a few minutes of my day making these toothless scumbags do tricks for me... is to occupy their time.. and keep them off of dumb ass dude.

I am sarah by name.. when is the last time you met a chick in your time who said that? HELLO.


Did you ever go into a restaurant and the hostess, waitress, etc.. said "hello I am sarah by name.."  NO..

All scammer's parents were killed in some kind of accident.....

Most scammers are actually working with the UN, or other incredibly awesome organizations.. until they get home to YOU.. First of all the UN is useless.. it is like a penis that never gets erected.. NOTHING..  Second.. no, they are from Ghana or Nigeria.

I'm so relieved that the beautiful white model trapped in a hotel in Ghana.. with them holding her passport, etc... scam has died down... Jesus Christ.. if you wanted to meet an American Model.. go to the only decent hotel in Ghana.. there are HUNDREDS of them there.. all just need a few hundred dollars...then they will come to you.. promise

But then, I have to be real, .. the ones i like to toy with.. eventually or at the same time are playing "lord of the corner speedway"... and he's on board.. because.. well he is Lord of something. .. I want Lord of Dorkness, living in his mother's basement to get fucked over.. "sniff, sniff, I just sent my whole $150 paycheck to her... sniff, sniff.."

I hope he learns from it, and doesn't dip in mom's stuff..

The only ones I feel bad about are the old guys..I'm Old. Scammers hit old guys like crazy... Lonely guys..

I'm old, compared to some, LOL, but I don't need someone.. I would like to find someone.. but.. ehh... I' m good.................. good  people will come along if I keep on my path.

12/2/2014 7:51:52 PM
I'm probably a Psychologist who should have taken the longer path.. instead of the shorter one into the income stream...

I find people so interesting...

On the subject of Atheism, a good relationship, got busted up because of a cadre of Atheists in the mind of an agnostic.  Atheism is a religion.. If you are SO firm God doesn't exist... that is a belief strong enough to qualify as a religion... if you are sure you are going no where but into the dirt... that is a religion... If you steep yourself in it so much that you proselytize it... it is a religion....

If you all have to get the same tattoo....... religion... or cult.. choose.

And it seems that people who are proselytizing atheists... if you read their profile.. have found another deity..

Harry Potter
ComCon...... hope I got that right, comics convention.. I encountered that once.. it was interesting... I was there for Air Quality...

back in the day it was Star Wars...

Darwinism is still a theory.. and it is predated by centuries by the Talmud, and the New Testament...

Good news is.. Atheists will probably produce fewer offspring.. and that is a good thing...

11/26/2014 5:23:52 PM

"Stop signs, caution lights" in profiles...they are both necessary... to keep the stupid messages down, but I highly believe that the stupid people are probably going to message you anyway... and they are probably making some good people walk away...

I pay attention to the signs and lights... if I don't fit what someone is looking for... I'm honestly not going to try to over come... life is too short, and there are enough people in the world, that I don't need to find a "maybe" in a "stop sign". 

11/16/2014 8:30:04 AM
Life is.. well as Gene Simmons would say.. Life is Good..

I'm not fabulously wealthy.. not even close... but life is good..

Rid yourself of the bad stuff.. that took your time and/or money...

Simplify.. do you really need that?

And only let good people in the fort..

Do this.. and in 30 days.. you will know that life is good. God is Great.

People are crazy.


11/12/2014 5:20:56 PM
I read these profiles... you are 18, and your new Master/Daddy/Owner/Lord Darth Vader of the region of Northern VA, (because there are just too many LDV's so you have to take a region)/ after banging you two times puts you in charge of... finding a sister slave, or a mommy slave... to live in Lord's mother's basement, with you and he...

This is a classic..

Unfortunately, collarspace formerly collarme is a place where vulnerable women/men can meet men that haven't ever been able to have a relationship in their life.. they never broke out of the gravitational pull of mom's basement, and the allure of living there free...use Mom's car to pick you up, but "it has to be back by...".

Not all... but the more grandiose the "Title/Name", the more likely this is the case...and the more this is likely a fantasy, rather than a person who has done this before, and who will do it well... and treat you well.. However being treated well means to you...

Any relationship... takes time... throwing another person into it slows that time.  Whether it is Vanilla, or Owner/slave, the bond has to form, before anything real really happens.

Hence the number of "no limit" slaves, who've been owned by many Masters, and are on the market again for the 30th time and they are 50.... Or the number of Masters who have had"countless slaves/subs"...

These are people that are either really stupid (keep making the same mistake, going back, expect different results); living in a fantasy; or most likely unable to have a real relationship in any way... Addictions, abusive, unemployed, criminality... there are a lot of people that think you ARE THEIR MEAL TICKET........ if that is your cup of tea... knock yourself out... because when you don't pay the bills.. He will.

I'm not a real slaver, I've had subs with slave tendencies... if you want to be property and not think.... then you better pick someone who is thinking well... if whoring you out is cool.. cool.... for how long?

And when you are asked to find a sister slave, and he doesn't have a big place.... and he's whoring you out... what do you really get?  How long will this last? And in 20 years are you going to be 50, kicked out and looking for a place to start again?

To own something or someone is to love it. Take care of it. My dog and my cats, they know I love them.  No, I don't fuck them.  But they know my expectations, and they live up to them, when they don't, they know, with just a glance.  Subs, they've known too. 

11/2/2014 7:17:35 AM
my last post was almost exactly a month ago.. it was pithy... lol...

This one is not.  It is more advisory..

Peeps.. here are some easy "tells", or flags that the person you are "talking to" isn't really real...

1. They call you dear. or dearest.
2. You are in America, and they supposedly are too, and use the term "mum" for their mother.
3. They have a father who is now dead, who ran a hugely successful company, but they have no access, or are just too proud to access that cash... but, can "you help me make the rent"?
4. Ghana
5. Ghana
6. As far as I can tell, there has never been an honest person who came out of Ghana.
7. Women who are in "jewelry, art, crafts" and  such from Africa. Or Great Britain.... there is an area in UK that is a haven of scum bags..
8. Someone died from a car crash, plane crash, etc.  If a crash is involved... a scam is ensuing.
9. If you do it right, you don't need ten... If it seems too good to be true... IT IS.

I do like to play with these folks... I think I'm keeping them away from stupid people.. But there are probably more dirt bags from Ghana than there are stupid Americans..Thankfully, I've not paid for the toothpaste they apparently are not familiar with anyway..

10/3/2014 8:28:21 PM
Hmm.... what it means to be a leader, a Master, even an owner...

In my world being a leader is someone that others follow. Simple right?

But not so much so.. in battle, to follow someone into danger takes something... faith, belief, devotion, commitment to where we are going... a vision.  Do you want what that person wants? Own it? Own your part in it? WANT IT?

Honestly, leading and following isn't much different in business, military, politics, and relationships (vanilla or bdsm) .. do you believe and want to go where the leader wants to take you..?

Leadership isn't always good.. Hitler was a fantastic leader... horrible person..... but he lead a country and even the world almost to extinction....

If the vision is to destroy, then it is probably not good leadership, but evil.  Hello Hitler, Mussolini, Mao...  but evil is not sustainable... eventually followers realize that they don't want to follow that. I believe, and will until I die, that at our core..... we are seeking good.  We want to leave a good splash, not a swath of destruction..... the rest that don't fit.. well you will end up somewhere... and I won't be there.....

I've led many, in many arenas.... but never because they HAD to, they always wanted to.  I guess I'm not much of a slave owner, I'm a leader.... if you like where I want this to go... follow..... if not, stay where you are. Someone else will support you in staying there, or going someplace neither of you envisioned......

Leadership is probably more about followership.. leaders learn their people... because it isn't just about what he, she, or I want... what does my follower want/NEED? What motivates a person to do their very best?

Just read a couple of paragraphs by a retiring and awesome shortstop.. and I don't even like baseball... some people need a kick in the pants, some need a hug, this is an interpretation, not his words... have heard that time and time again from LEADERS.

You aren't a leader if no one follows... you can tell yourself this over and over...leaders have to have followers... otherwise you are just LOST. Find a leader.

9/18/2014 7:08:39 PM
Kids, if you LIVE for Atheism.. hmmm, what does that mean? Really. What does that mean? You, live for believing that there is NO GOD.... if that is what you believe... bam, you are there.  That was easy...

Problem is, you try to proselytize the rest of us into, well, I know this is going to be offensive, your RELIGION... of Darwinism.. which is still a theory... hate to say it.  It's a simple theory based on a simple set of observations by a guy who took a trip... 100's of years ago...

Monkey to man.... still the missing LINK...

How did a meteor strike the Earth and turn dirt to life... we can now smash atoms.. can't create life...

Bam, there is your creation theory screwed up.

Dinosaurs?  Not inconsistent with the Bible.. Genesis
Genesis 6:4King James Version (KJV)

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

King James Version


And you have "the Big Bang theory"?

There are more Biblical references, but you won't care, devout Atheists... LOL

Agnostics, I respect that. For some, unless you experience God, you can't grab Him.  I was blessed.. I got a couple of God with me moments....... Mother Teresa got 1 I think and felt abandoned through her decades of taking care of the poorest of the poor.

You atheists love to say you are Humanists... yet you talk a lot, and do very little... Have you ever ministered to and cared for the poorest of the poor?  I'm not even Catholic. 

Humanists love to say that  "you don't need God to do good things for fellow man", True.

What have you truly done? Other than spend all your money trying to, threatening to sue, remove God from our beautiful Republic.  Look at your dollar bill, "In God We Trust", back side. 

The Constitution does not say what you want it to say... And it is, my friends, the law of the land.

You can NOT remove God, religion, whether it is Hindu, Jew, Christian, Muslim, or whatever.. from freedom to express such. 

I want to see the day that atheist/humanists live with and take care of a leper colony, lose their lives to terrorists, because they are just there.... not going to happen..... Atheism is a monday morning quarterback/spectator sport.

9/7/2014 10:48:58 AM
Life is funny, unless you let it get tragic and sad.  And, sometimes whether it is funny or sad, is a gametime decision.  Try to always make it funny.  

8/28/2014 6:19:36 PM
Ok, Peeps,
This is easy... say what you want and don't want.... answer if you are willing to relocate...if you have age ranges, size ranges, STATE THEM....The thinking people on here will respect your desires, and not try to persuade you to change... the others, STAY AWAY. LOL

This isn't hard, doesn't mean idiots won't hit you up and say, "Hey, I see you are a Lesbian, but you haven't tried this dick before".

Ok that wasn't me but a paraphrase from someone who probably will not add progeny to the gene pool, Thank YOU GOD, but if he does, it is going to be really bad, because a woman that goes there.... OMG.

Social media dating sites are efficient, and quite entertaining...

Like life, you have to separate the BS from real/good/desirable. And trust your instincts.

8/24/2014 4:58:43 AM
Ran across a profile, in my never ending search for entertainment... and I wasn't disappointed. 

"It's owner wants it to experience... with it's owners approval".. something like that.

Ok, here is what I'm about 100 percent sure of...

It and it's owner have never met, physically, but they have this amazing online bond... I had that with a girl when I was 13.... we didn't have that bond. 

The reason that it and owner haven't met is cuz owner works at a convenience store, and can't get the time off, or borrow mom's car to go see it. 

Reason owner is cool with other people banging it is, well, owner hasn't banged anything but his fist in his whole life, and hearing about someone else banging it is better than spanking the monkey to something impersonal like porn. 

Happy Sunday! LOL

8/10/2014 7:36:28 AM
The only thing worse than being around a lot of people you don't necessarily like, is being around same that you don't/can't trust.

New view, trust no one.

8/3/2014 2:27:45 PM
Life is about finding your purpose, and then executing it. All the rest is just things that happen along the way.

6/3/2014 6:13:41 PM

Look peeps.... if you check out my profile... and don't like it... move on... sending a message and blocking is juvenile, and well, telling of what kind of person you are.... Don't waste my time.... and I won't waste yours...


An insult, and a block, says, "I'm a pussy that says how I feel, but can't deal with a discussion", in which case, you probably ought to think about joining tiddly winks for wimps, instead of collarme/collarspace.


And just so you know, I find it funny... which is why I share it... you are a wimpy bunch that do that stupid shit... you just wasted my time.   Anyone else getting this?



6/1/2014 11:58:45 AM

This is funny....... so my dog Star... comes up... and i find that place... the happy place for any critter...... you scratch it they are happy... dogs are simple, cats are more complex... but people... geez  


But once you find that happy place... everyone is happy. 



6/1/2014 9:04:41 AM

I'm in a really good place, happy place... Not sure if I could have ever said it before.  If I did, I'm in a happier place than I was then....


It is my home.  My dog, my cats, my yard, my job mostly, just looking for the missing piece, my one.... someone to love, be loved by, and come home to.


Hope everyone else can find a place... it is a good spot to be.

5/26/2014 4:27:52 PM

Ok, so stupid keeps showing up... a bitch from Detroit has a profile.  I say hi.  She says, right off the bat, "do you know how to use a bullwhip".... I answer "no, but I'll figure it out if that is what you like"... a week later stupid cunt sends a message, mostly misspelled, about how stupid I am, and I'd end up in jail.... hmmmm, so bitch wants a bullwhip, requests it.... and I'm supposed to be properly trained.. hmmm, where exactly do you get properly trained to whip a stupid not even pretty bitch with a bullwhip? 


Is there a junior college program?  Bullwhipping bitches... the Associates degree?


And of course, bitch who can't spell blocked me before I answered... curagous bytch.. that was intentional.

5/23/2014 10:18:55 AM

I am who I am, I present myself just as I am.  If I am not what you want, then pass me by, but I'll still be me.


Why in the fuck do people need to pretend to be someone else?  Put other people's pics up, pretend they are a person that they aren't? 


Eventually, if anything is real, you meet face to face, and Snow White becomes Godzilla... and now what?   I've been there.... Appearance is easy. 


Personality/soul that dichotomy is so much more painful.  Pretend good people who turn out to be heartless monsters.... leave scars. I am pretty sure I never left a scar like that, but the scars from others... ugly.

5/21/2014 3:44:20 PM

So, out of the blue, some hideous bitch who I have never messaged, sends me a message "asshole", and blocks me.... how courageous of this behemoth. 


I know I read that others get this kind of juvenile shit on a regular basis.  This was my first.  Yay, I have my first hater!

5/17/2014 12:57:32 PM

I've tried this way too many times... loving someone out of a sewer... she found her bottom... no not her ass, the bottom of being on Earth... failed, fell, and hit the absolute bottom.  No downside potential...


I've never been there... I've always, if I make bad choices found a new bottom... but I stopped looking for it... I've been climbing for years. 


But I meet others who are free falling, or just hit the "bottom" with a thud. 


So far, after about 50 attempts... I'd say that people that you pull out of the sewer, generally find a new sewer. Bad is a comfortable place to be for some.  Don't interfere with their goals......or do so at your own peril. When you try to lift someone up, there are two possible outcomes... you pull them up (good luck with that, if it works, let me know), or more likely they pull you down.


Best choice, keep climbing... and along the way, you might find someone else who is climbing too!

5/3/2014 6:55:23 PM

Time is finite... it happens... oops it just happened again...Love is, or can be, infinite.. I remember the love of relatives that have been gone for decades.. they, and their love, live with me...Love lives............. love is, and if you know Christ... you know love... if you have another God, I hope love lives for you.

5/2/2014 10:46:49 PM

Ok, peeps, after a just too stupid interaction.............. it is rather easy to say... "My age range is..........".... but to not say that when you have one..... is a waste of time.. When you are young, time is abundant to waste..... until you grow up.. time is precious.. spend it well.  As Benjamin Franklin said, "Time is the stuff of Life".... and if you don't know what he did with his time......


So, do you want people you don't want to talk to hitting on you?  If not put your preferences on your profile....... age, etc.  And the real people who don't fit that, will not mess with you...the rest, block.


And please, don't be stupid, and say "I'm not stupid"...... sure sign.

4/24/2014 8:10:14 PM

Here is the deal........

at the end of each day... did I/you make someone's life lighter, easier, happier?  did I make someone smile? Laugh, take a weight off his/her shoulder?Did I prop up another person and tell he/she is awesome? 


If you didn't ,double down tomorrow.


I've had days where I made people cry, and made 10 laugh, (no not about the crying), I make people cry about 2 times a year.  I make people laugh about 5 times a day.  So I put more positive into the world. LOL

4/24/2014 7:49:50 PM

Hey kids..


Another rant/reflection...


Life is a struggle.  Life is an adventure. Love is the same.  You can hold back, ......... but for what? Trust me..... on this Earth you have a finite number of years, how you live your life may determine that, but in my world God knows when you are done, or waits til you get your job done.  Our death can be used either as a great example, a reward well earned, or a cautionary tale.   I've been in all three places...not sure where I am now.


Love is life.. to sit it out forever.... you do a disservice to the world, and yourself.  If you don't love God, and you do this, then you will never know love, other than pets, etc.  Love is a thing, an energy, a place you want to be.  open up to it. 


That doesn't mean being stupid... you can love the world, but keep your guard up, love is a pretend thing for evil people, and people who have no love to give ( the latter aren't necessarily evil, they just are empty).


Love smart, be safe, I never had a bad consequence from showing love with people I'll never be "in love with". and of course loving critters is easy and always works.  Perennials..... I'm waiting.. waiting after my first planting last year. LOL


Life is good... live it, love it, love others. Leave a legacy of love...



your own personal

4/21/2014 5:35:51 PM

I'm an asshole... I had a dream come true.. and I wanted it sooner than it wanted to happen. And I blew it.  That hasn't been me in the past.... is it that I'm getting older, and want dreams to happen faster, so I get to live it more? I don't know... but I screwed it up.


4/13/2014 8:35:48 AM

Ok, I observe.. and here is one, or a series of ones. LOL.


I think that guys/doms are pretty predictable...I'm different from the rest, let me differentiate myself. 


But Dommes... step it up.. so predictable.  Taking a male sub and putting panties on him, bra, etc.  Lipstick?  Banging him with a strapon?  Blah blah blah.  


Is that all you got/have?


If so, no wonder men rule the world. Sorry ass bitches.

4/13/2014 7:26:24 AM

One thing I forgot to say... Life has an expiration date.. We never know it.  Don't let yours expire without making a splash, love, doing something memorable.  You have today... No one can promise tomorrow.  What will you do with today?

4/13/2014 6:59:48 AM



Based on 52 years of it... I think I have a right, and surely a reason to talk about it. 


I've watched many die... I was blessed with a lot of Great Grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.  They all enriched my LIFE.


I've been blessed and cursed by non familial relationships.


That plus LIFE have made me who I am. I'm not who I was at age 15, not who I was at 20, who I was at 35, and sure not who I am now.  Who I will be in 10 years, probably won't be as changed as it was at those milestones.  But I'll be different. 


Life is best lived. 


It is NOT a spectator sport.  


You can't be what you can be, if you don't try. Fail. Get back up, and try again. 


Life isn't safe.  It comes with pain.  Worries, and disappointments.  And JOY. Happiness. Achievement.  


For me, I have God, and as far as I have fallen, into places I never imagined, He was there.  Waiting to lift me up.  And He did.



4/5/2014 8:36:20 PM

Happy... isn't that what we all want?   How you get there is important.  What makes you happy? I'm happy a lot of ways. 


The big question to me is this... are you making other people and critters happy... your/mine happy... small....... are you making happiness, or just sucking it out of the world?

4/3/2014 6:06:04 PM

Ok, again my friends... if you haven't even met your "Daddy/Master/Dom/Master Lord of something or else" and he lives 3 states away..... and your first assignment is find a sister slave...


You have a picture hunter... or worse...


4/2/2014 6:30:51 PM

Good stuff happens when good people get together...  If you want bad stuff to happen.. that is easy.  Know what you want, don't accept anything less, make the other person prove they can and will provide that.. and have the capacity to work towards a common goal. 


Works for teamwork (trained that for years), and relationships... Love has a work component to it.. anyone who didn't come ready for some work, run!


If you don't want to be loved, I don't understand you, it is one of the most basic human needs.  Hell, my dog, and cats need to be loved.   Wanting to disappear... that isn't healthy.  Sorry if I've offended anyone. 


I love my yard,  it is not an animal, but it needs love.  If I don't take care of it.. it dies.


I have loved motorcycles.. I polished them, and took care of them...


I've never possessed something for long that I didn't love. Actually I've never possessed anything or anyone that I didn't love before I possessed it... Still remember that first motorcycle!


Love is a positive energy... embrace it..

2/27/2014 6:07:07 PM

Ok peeps...


I found the one... usually I sacrifice a few things that perfect would be, and settle on "the one available, or best available".... you can only see that from a higher perch..I never was looking for someone to make into something she isn't.... I knew what I wanted, and that changed over time... but not much.. and I found her...

2/27/2014 4:35:13 PM

Fun stuff... LOL


Ok, subs/slaves... if your Master/Owner/Daddy... 15 minutes after he meets you tells you to gather sisters for the family... meanwhile, you've never met in most cases, and in others met once or twice... ummm,  I don't want to be mean... but until you get one relationship working, in any form, don't start piling on new ones. 


If you are doing a long distance thing... never met face to face... ladies... you don't HAVE a relationship.. he has a fantasy... and he's trying to get you to fulfill it... that is a lot different from building a core relationship with you, and then building upon that.  If that is needed... I generally find that more than one is a nice treat, but if you have to work to produce wealth... not really a permanent thing... I'm not a sheikh... I work. 


If someone doesn't want to, or for whatever reason, can't meet with are dealing with a fake.. Master Lord of the Sword, or other type titles... good indication that you have a gas station attendant, living (if lucky) in mom's basement.. playing video games a lot... and wasn't able to score (have sex) with "normal girls", so he is looking for girls with issues.  Not to build them up, but to tear them down below his level.. and that is low... from part time gas station dude, there are few places to go down... car wash... and I've done all those jobs on my way up...LOL


Picture hunters are aplenty here... you are going to end up wanted... but not loved/used/owned.  And suppose, it all goes well, and you and your sister, who you have never met, and let's get real, she is probably more desperate than you (under the fore mentioned conditions of no real relationship to build on), and Lord of the Sword gets mom's permission to move you into the one bedroom "suite" he's carved out in his mom's that where you wanna be?


Set your goals high, shoot for the stars, and if you hit the moon, you still got somewhere... (not my original work, but good).  Aim for the basement... you will surely get there.

1/17/2014 11:08:51 PM

I am in Las Vegas again for business..... everyone I work with thinks this is glamorous... it is work.


Trust me,   my voice is shot after a couple of presentations.  My feet... same.  And I'm away from my home.  I miss my bed, my cats, my dog, my friends.


I'm not crying... just saying... I do my job...I go to my room.. and get my stuff ready to do it tomorrow.


The dryness doesn't help.


But I had an awesome 45 minute conversation with an illegal alien young lady... and it was awesome.... I respect anyone who is going anywhere to lift their family up.  That is America.


If you want to come here to be a leach, a parasite, fuck you and be gone.  We have pesticides for that.


Come here to do something to lift yourself and your family up. That is the American way.


I'm a mutt, Native American. Mostly Irish. Scottish, English, German....  apparently I come from a long line of people who will fuck anyone. LOL


I just had this amazing conversation with a young lady named Cynthia...her mom illegally brought her here....from Mexico... when she was in Kindergarten........she is working her ass off... that is the people we need....... workers, people that want to make that life.

12/5/2013 5:19:55 PM

Why is it that a small slice of this community, just absolutely wants to stay completely unviewable, even after you start talking about likes and wants, and seem to be moving towards a meeting?


You don't have to post your picture, and I'm talking FACE pic, if not a clothed most of body pic...on line.... just send a pic privately....


I'm 51 years old.  I've had enough experience that I don't sit in front of a computer beating the meat/shaking hands with the unemployed(always loved that one) looking at your tits, your ass, or your p........ I know there are A LOT of guys that one "dirty pic" is good enough for that... they are like 15, or still operating like they are. 


I don't need the goodies shots, from you shy ones, they won't be of any good to me til the goodies are in front of me... if you want to share that kind of pic.... it is kind of like a menu, or advertisement.... gets the taste buds going, and entices me to take time out of my busy life to bring you into it. 


Gee now that I think of it... 1. Doesn't have to be a face pic, 2. Doesn't have to be naked, 3. Just want to see what you kind of look like... if you can't deal with that, you are a 15 year old (possibly a 25 year old who still is 15 sexually) who is looking for masturbation material... Eww... I feel dirty... It takes a lot to make me feel dirty.   LOL


Just had one of those experiences.. wanted to share the laughs.


I did have ONE experience on a vanilla site with an Avatar profile pic person... warning... don't ever go to meet an avatar profile pic person.. Ever.  You think you are meeting annorexic annie, and you are meeting Godzilla. I gave it a go, really I did, but if you lie on your pic, you lie throughout.  Banging Godzilla... ehhh, not the worst thing I've ever done.  LOL.  OK it was a female Godzilla, just wanna be clear.


I'm not from Australia, but I have a few friends that are, I love their sign off.....


11/14/2013 6:53:42 PM

It is kinda funny.. and I like funny stuff, and more serious stuff.. but fun is so much better...

Ok, so slaves are seeking "no limits....... blah blah blah", and , Masters demand complete ownership til death........


Why are so many slaves/subs and Masters still looking after their last relationship?


If your Master, who gives you three hots and a cot (military/prison term), and days after he entices you, (finds you homeless, offers a wonderful place with him in his mom's basement), and immediately tells you to find "a sister slave"... hmm, this is a guy who hasn't gotten laid much. 


Threesomes have always been offered me as a present by both vanilla and sub/slave women.. all I considered as a gift, and enjoyed the gift...


Making a two people relationship, whether vanilla, or bdsm work is Hard work... otherwise so many wouldn't be here except for friends.    "Sister Slave"?   That means this douche bag can't do it on his own... and probably is taking on more than he can handle. 


I guess it is possible, in the real world, like if you are the Saudi Prince, that you can manage, pay for, etc. a couple of or a dozen of slaves... But guess what ladies..... and not so lady like... the Saudi Prince isn't surfing this site.... LOL


Now, I'm sure there are well established Masters/Owners that have their own place, and own a little hot slave, and want to mix it up, even permanently... That is, apparently few and far between.. since I've batted cleanup on that configuration a few times.....


Polygamy sounds awesome... then you get one, two, or three needy people in your life,... and how do you distribute the "love"? 


I think owning someone is not really me, but if you want to be property... I can do that.. but I love my house, I love my car, I love my yard.. and they all know it.. I spend a lot of time making my property better.  I rather like to base it on love in the first place.


And I have lots of other people and a few critters that I love (in the non-sexual way, pervs, LOL), love isn't finite, but attention, time is.  I know swingers, I don't know a happy swinger. I know a lot, a lot of broken up, disenchanted swingers.. Someone always gets the short end of the stick...I'll forgo the funny things I can say after that.. LOL

11/8/2013 4:21:31 PM

Ass play aversion....


Hey to each her own, but to have an ass that Sir Mixalot would sing about, and all men would crave... and have ass play as a hard limit is kind of like parking a Ferrari in someone's driveway... and not giving them the keys. LOL

10/20/2013 2:33:00 PM

I belong and am active, on a few sites.. only here do I find people so easy to offend... hmmm. Damaged people have a few options on response to any stimulus...  Rest of us have many options.  Good to be us. LOL


9/30/2013 6:50:24 PM

Why is it that people send an insulting (gee that hurt, NOT) message, and then block.. cowardice is my go to. 


8/4/2013 7:34:04 AM

Don't know about you... but isn't it weird that the people that tell you they are, "Highly/very intelligent", turn out to be uneducated idiots?   Anyone else find that?


I've never told anyone that I'm Highly or very intelligent... I let the IQ scores and academic achievements do that for me... if someone is interested.  I'm not Einstein, but I'm not the person that claims intelligence.. and isn't.   Somewhere in between is where I am, 140 to

8/3/2013 6:30:36 PM

Wow, a minute or so after posting the last one, I got a lecture from a mom... who must have been from a 50's lifestyle about men not growing up, she gets hurt, and then what happens to dinner, and "your kids".... Ok, I can cook for myself, probably better than most folks, I have only furry kids, a puppy, and two older cats, and some wild cats at work. 


And if you are Mrs. Cautious... what the fuck are you doing on this site? If I was a chick, and I'm not, and I like that, I'd prefer braving a river in a canoe with a bunch of fun people over throwing myself into a situation where I might be subdued and thrown into a cage for a year or more... mmm, where is that girl? LOL


This is not the place for moms that want to say that the problem with men is we never grow up.... the problem with women like her is... they are about as fun as a librarian. Hmmm, all you fun librarians holla, LOL

8/3/2013 4:48:20 PM

Ahhh.. I've been busy with life... sorry lovers and haters. LOL... Remember, if you go through life without rocking the boat, you are always too cautious, I'm more of a canoe guy.. and usually with a bunch (boatload?) of equally juvenile (as in aimed at having fun) friends, and their/my usually not so juvenile (if you dump me in the water I'll never talk to you again) spouses or (for the moment) significant others...


If you canoe a good river, drunk, and never hit the water.... you are navigating the shallow, safer waters.  You will probably live a few years longer than me, perhaps many.. but what stories will you have to tell?


Life is about living, living is about creating experiences and moments, for yourself and others.   I am SOOOO glad that when I die whether it be tomorrow, or in 50 years (if I go that long.. it is God being spiteful, and I worry about that, since I've been so careless with this body He gave me), neither I, nor my friends and family will be able to say.."he never tipped over his canoe".


I saw many a relationship strained by our many canoe trips, as we got older it got worse. The women who used to be just as fun, had turned into moms... and when we'd hit the end point, if they looked like drowned rats, they were angry drowned rats. LOL.  Don't get angry.. next year, you be the one ramming the other couple's canoe, that dumped you this year.. revenge is awesome when well directed... and plotted for 12 months. LOL

7/4/2013 9:18:29 PM

Just met someone who was born here, as I was.. but has totally different roots... as I do, and most of you..


Being American... it isn't about the color of your skin, your religion, where you came from.. it is about US, no not USA, but that too...... it is about becoming US, not staying off on your own, do that if you want to, but become American. 


I was just back in Detroit for the first time in 15 years..... 


I remember working at Stroh's on my internship... and one of my coworkers took me to little Mexico for lunch.  And Detroit was the melting pot...because that was where the jobs were...


I love the melting pot idea... throw some hungarian in, some thailand, irish, etc.   And we forge a strong nation... but only if the people want to become American...change the flavor... but American...


I travel more than I want for work... and I get the experience of riding in a lot of cabs.... and most are from Africa..... and why do they come here ... if you  ask Al Sharpton...... we are a nation of racists...they don't ask Al... they come because they know this is a place where you can work, and get a life for your family.  Period.  God Bless you, God Bless America.

7/4/2013 11:48:59 AM

New person wanted to "whack a mole" on me... she wanted to debate the founding of this great country...and atheism...   after an intellectual beat down... the bitch has shut the fuck up.. that may sound bad. LOL

6/24/2013 5:00:33 PM

Ok... so that last post was very religious... I know a lot of people on here HATE religion, or have their own religion of "nothing".  Rock hit Earth, magically it made life... didn't work on any other planet we can tell, but yep, worked here.  An ape evolved into man... yet evolution theory says the reason for evolution is that species become irrelevant so must evolve to survive,,, but apes still exist... hmmm...


Any who, there I go again.  LOL


On to the real topic of today... how to properly get to know a person who you are interested in either to be sub/slave to, or own/master...


I may be crazy... but my approach is this... if I don't own you, or am your Master. I show ME.  I don't go to work with a leather harness, crotchless leather pants, and a riding crop.  It would be frowned upon.   I don't go through life telling people "kneel slut".  Really bad for the career.


Honestly, I don't do that with sub/slaves either... unless I know that is "what works", for me, for her.  And I'm not going to wear that fetish shit, period... if you need it.. buy it for a Christmas present... then I'll do it for you baby.  Happy sub/slave is a good one. 


I strongly suggest, to you sub/slaves... find someone who you like.... and then explore the other stuff. 


If this "TPE/24/7" stuff really was working a lot... why are so many of us still looking, even though we've had it?  I suspect that success in this type of relationship is even less durable than marriage.  And that is about a 50/50 proposition. And if the first thing your Master/Mistress/owner wants is for you to find someone else... run.



6/18/2013 6:12:24 PM

Ok kids... I'm 51... life has ALREADY presented challenges, disappointments, absolute failures, total fuckups.... and guess what?   It wasn't life.. it was me... but maybe that is just me.


Some of you may be the new version of Job.  For those of you who hate God, bye, for the rest of you, Job, Old Testament... good lesson... God, let Satan play a shitstorm of bad stuff on Job... because God believed, he'd still be a believer.. and he was.


Bad shit happens to good people.... why? So others can learn to live in faith with bad things happening.  In my faith... God only gives us what we can handle.. so, if you are having a happy ass life with no challenges, problems, (you are either on a really good psychotropic drug, or you can see the sunny side of a shitstorm, or... you are a candy ass that God knows can't handle your part of "shit". )


So, those of you who just have happy ass stuff happen everyday, no effort, and you just wonder, "dang, why are others having so many problems?"  Chances are... you are a Candy ass that couldn't take it,  and we others... we are shouldering your share of life! Enjoy.


Hope this make people laugh... because that is the purpose... but it is true.

6/16/2013 8:08:48 AM

Wow, I've been quiet way too long. (Well some would probably like me to stay quiet).


I was just thinking... you can run across SOOOO many profiles of people with just pictures of someone else.  No pictures of the perpetrator of the site. I say perpetrator, because to post pictures of activities you aren't doing yourself, is simply poaching. 


Be real... sure I understand that a lot of the people on this site are actually high level public officials, and their face picture, would doom their career...hello Anthony Weiner. 


But to simply poach pics from mainly porn sites, and put them on your page... means you aren't experiencing much.  You are just dreaming.


And, ladies, if you post a pic of Beyonce..  um we know that isn't you.  So you are either hideous, or well, Anthony Weiner.


Just saying.

12/29/2012 9:26:56 AM

As I meet more and more people on this site and others.... it comes to me that we all enter relationships with certain needs, and preconceived notions.  Well most of us... and that is fine.  Personally, I have needs, and I'm fairly low on the notions.  Pulse, not psychotic, not a liar.  Other than that, I think I can work it out with most anyone.  I know, I've been in enough relationships.  Even in a M/s relationship, relationships are negotiation.  You scratch my back, I scratch yours, or whatever you want scratched. lol. 


When I read a profile of someone who just wants to throw herself into a totally committed, no holds barred relationship with a total stranger... I either want to give her a big hug, give her better advice, or suspect she is fake.  I've thrown myself into a lot of messed up situations.  Sometimes it made me better, most times it dragged me down. 


Life is a gift.  Give it to someone who deserves it, and enlarges it, makes it better. Two broken vessels don't usually make one whole one.

11/24/2012 10:49:40 AM

As we enter the Holiday season, and holidays in this  country have, usually, a lot to do with God...especially Thanksgiving......


I just ran across a profile of someone identifying as Atheist. 


It is interesting to me.  Curious actually.  How in the Hell, can you be sure that God doesn't exist?  I particularly love the proselytizing into a "religion" of nothing.  Did that with an ex, who I loved very much. 


Agnostic, I get that, anyone who lives, probably has doubts about God.  I had them early in my life, like the first 20 years. 


Most people that hate me for my belief are not very scientific.  So it is fun to play. 


So, supposedly, a rock hit Earth, and had enough energy to turn dirt into life.... that's what you have?  Meanwhile we have developed the technology to smash the atom, and STILL can't make life.   Hmmm.  Rock throwing, Atheists?


I personally have had God with me.  Enough times that I know.  Sorry you haven't if you don't believe.


Happy Thanksgiving.

11/14/2012 6:05:00 PM

Three months since a journal entry.  Sorry for my, many on here would pay for my silence. 


In a new place.  To me it is a mansion.  The second largest house I've ever lived in since college, and no, that was NOT a frat house. LOL. 


And it is ALL mine. 


And I sure as hell have room to play, love, have a dungeon in the basement, the third floor. LOL.  Now it is time for subs and/or slaves.  Cum to papa.

8/12/2012 10:37:14 AM

Have you ever lived in a terrible place, one you were ashamed to have people over?... While you saved and dreamed for a better place? I've been that person for over 5 years.  Love the yard, and proximity to work, but nothing else.


And, now, I'm ready to do the Jeffersons, "Movin on up!"  LOL.  Loved that show, God Rest Sherman's soul.  Good Guy. 


I think it is finally internalizing.  I am going to have a house that truly is better than any I've lived in, was raised in.


And it is all mine.  No mortgage, nothing. Taxes is it. 


Oh, and just to make this somewhat collarme appropriate, I have a basement I can convert to a dungeon, and even do suspension! YAY. LOL

7/29/2012 3:06:10 PM



Life is about risk. If you never take a chance, you never got in the game.  I hate to think of love like a game, most play it that way, but they aren't slinging love. 


So I don't see love/relationships as a game. But the comparison to a football game is so real.  But it shouldn't be.


Love/relationships should be about win/win.


If you are all about scoring points against the woman/man you sleep next to...everyone loses.

7/28/2012 7:00:19 PM

I am not the first person to say this, but life comes down to keep getting up.


Life WILL knock you down at times, sometimes, stomp you, but if you get up, you win.


I boxed in the Golden Gloves, , I never got knocked down, but I had some total blackouts, if you have never "woke up" in front of someone punching you, hmmm, if you can skip that, do. LOL. I still got a draw on that one.


Life WILL knock you down.  If it doesn't , get scared. 

7/28/2012 6:34:41 PM

Ok, I'm a serial monagamist. In case you don't get it, NO, I don't like one cereal, until I get tired of it. LOL.  That is funny



7/27/2012 4:33:47 PM

Ok, I don't know how it goes for the women on here, but for us men.... here is what I've learned...


I am not sure that there are more than about 3 honest African women (as in BLACK and living in Africa) on this site.  I've met one. And that is one out of about 50, not a good percentage. 


If you get a "hey I want to be your no limits drink your piss, eat your shit, slave" (and quite frankly that isn't my thing, different strokes for different folks, I'm not judging, but I like kissing my sub/slave..... not so much if that interaction just happened. I have a toilet for that. Rimming a freshly washed ass, good!)


Well anyway, I digressed, if you get that, and she is white, and living in Peoria, and next thing you know, "Gee I'm in West Africa on mission, or buying artwork, or modeling, or with UNICEF, but I'm coming home soon".  Hmmmm


1. Start with a lie, you are always a liar.

2. They are always a total scam.

3. Play with them, the ones who are dumb enough to fall for that shit, you just have to protect them by keeping the scamming community hopeful and busy. LOL


From the scams I've been pitched... there are about 10,000 white USA models trapped in hotels in Africa, who need help with their passport, and hotel bill. 


I didn't know that Africa was like the place to model? Do they have huge shows? I thought NYC, Paris, etc. 


And, in the wildly improbable chance that she really is a hot ass model, who got swindled in Africa... wouldn't it be best to leave her dumb ass there?  It improves the gene pool in the USA. LOL


My thoughts, yours?


p.s. I don't mean to demean all African women, I've met some really nice honest ones.  But a honky in Africa, never met one yet. 


Also, I actually do date/love all races.  I'm an equal opportunity guy.  LOL

6/10/2012 6:46:13 PM

Ok, this is my second draft, I'm having internet issues, and I probably just wrote the best treatise on life ever written, and lost it.






Here it is in short form, for I am angry:


There are heroes and zeros,   they fall upon a scale.  WE ALL make a splash in this world, much like the smallest pebble in the lake.  How big of a splash, that isn't necessarily up to us. 


But, with every action, inaction, we change history. 


For most of us, our "splash" is with our friends and family.  We can either leave a boat load of positive or negative memories "history".  Or a mix. 


So, it is up to each of us what we want to leave.  Happy splashes, angry splashes, non existent splashes.  Memories.  Every human interaction, hell, every interaction with animals, gives us CHOICE.  How do I want this to end?


In 15 minutes you, me, or anyone could be dead.  I've personally experienced the "gee, I thought he was going to grow up" moment.  And, yes, the last time I saw that person, I was not proud of my words. 


What history do you want to make? What kind of splash?


6/5/2012 4:38:40 PM

Ok, it is nice when a sub/slave posts hot ass pictures she has pulled off the internet.  But, how about seeing YOU? Is that crazy? lol

6/3/2012 9:54:08 AM

Ok, I may be a weirdo on a weird site...


I am a Dom, I have a Master's degree from a major university.  


But, I don't walk around in leather gear at home or in public, I have some leather shoes...


MadDog48 .... for a significant period of my life I was known as MadDog.  Mainly for my propensity for beating the shit out of idiots.  And competing in the Golden Gloves and Judo.  Never started a fight, but never walked away from one, no matter who, or how many opponents.


But, yikes, I like to get my sub/slave off.


Me getting off is a given.


But I like my sub/slave happy. 


A masochist will be beaten just like SHE likes, And then I get my happy time. And I enjoyed the pleasuring of the masochist.


Am I a bad man? LOL

6/3/2012 9:36:38 AM

I'm 50.  I never lived my life to get this far, apparently I'm blessed, or totally ignored.  LOL. My father and grandfather on dad's side were both dead before 45.  Brother, dead at 40.  They call me the underachiever. Therefore, it is my intention to bang the snot out of every sub/slave I can until I find my one, or die.  Please form a line.  No, to the left. LOL

5/7/2012 4:24:39 PM

I'm totally sorry, but the way I see any internet dating is kind of like chumming for sharks.  You want to catch a shark, and eat it.  But you spend a lot of time throwing the bait, and then evaluating whether that is your shark.  Still it is way more efficient than going to a bar, getting a chick drunk, getting her number or taking her home, and finding out she is ....

4/16/2012 11:51:07 AM

Wouldn't it be funny, if someone that you messaged on here, responding to their profile posts, messaged back, "you are a sick freak"? 


I'm laughing just thinking of it.  It never has happened, but it would be kind of like going to the zoo, and saying "gee there sure are a lot of animals here", LOL. 

4/6/2012 9:40:53 PM

Happy Easter, especially to those of you that hate us Christians! Hope it pisses you off, because that energy will be burned off, and not directed at trying to convert us to your vision of nothing.  I ran into a clan of atheists, run by a "super smart" atheist leader, who convinced a few of them to do a stupid "darwinistic" tattoo. 


She spent a lot of time showing the falseness of any religious beliefs.  Scientific she was.  But not.  To be scientific, in reality, requires constant "but why?".  And never accepting a theory, that can't be proven. 


Personally, here is my view of the Creation vs. Evolution/Big Bang theory....


If a meteor hit the Earth, and produced enough energy to turn mud/inert matter into life....or a lightening bolt did the same..... don't we, with nuclear power, have the power to recreate life? Have we? NO. 


As far as evolution, surely, you can show that species succeed and fail, but if Darwin's theory of evolution is true, and we are direct descendents of chimps, why hasn't that species failed? It was supposed to be constant survival of the best, I'm not looking at the theory, for that is exactly what it was. A theory. 


And, if we were first salamanders, why aren't all salamanders human?


Personally, I've felt God with me twice.  It was a great thing. It has been far too long.  But I know He is.  And He is with me.  And He is with you, if only you let him be.


Mother Teresa had very early "God with me moments", and then felt the emptiness afterwards, and I guarantee, that woman did more good to her fellow man, than any secular "hey you don't have to be religious to be charitable" person.  And I'm not a Catholic. 


You DEVOTE atheists, which is important to recognize, your hate of us, and your LOVE of Darwin makes you a Darwinist.  That is your religion.  I know more about Darwin than you.  I loved his initiation of the study of dust.  Far more important than his THEORY. Far more scientific




4/5/2012 6:14:50 PM

Wisdom from the aged, on "should I take him/her back or not?"


Ok, for those of you with short patience the answer is NOT. 


Nuff said. 


Although I tend to be somewhat verbose, I'm gonna keep this short. I hope. LOL.


After hundreds of missions behind enemy lines, I mean, relationships, and dozens that had "I'm sick of you leave."  "Can I come back?", "yes" interactions ad infinitum, and NEVER taking a crappy relationship into the HAPPY land, I've come up with this....


Relationships have stages.  A few have fairly positive ones, with ups and downs.  Then some come into the far edges of the bell shaped curve.  Addicts, thieves, liars, etc. 


Well, when you get into a relationship with a liar, let's say, and after enough lies, you kick him/her to the curb..... and then he/she begs for a second chance, and in your forgiving spirit (aka damn that was some good sex), you say, after a fair amount of begging, cuz it feels so good, lol, "Ok, but if I see another sign of THAT bullshit..."


And you let them back into your life.... here is what that really is...


Somehow, on the road to relationship happiness you ended up in a pile of shit.  Your mind says, "Gee, how'd we get here, everything was fine", your cock/cunt is saying "shit it was good man/baby (umm I don't know how pussies talk to women), but this is sucking".  And finally, after a few hours, a few days, weeks, months, you work your way through that pile of shit. Life is good, etc. Money is back to normal, the stolen shit is replaced, you get the idea....


Next time you/I have that pile of shit begging to come back, cuz he/she changed....remember that pile of shit you spent so much time clawing through.


Now, on the other hand, you could do what I did for a while... once in a pile of shit, just own that pile of shit.  Love it.  Keep it. Treasure it.  But that doesn't do you or anyone any good. 


We don't get the love/relationships/slaves/owners we deserve.  We get the ones we put up with. 


Good nite freaks! LOL

4/4/2012 6:04:51 PM

Ok, well you know how I feel about the bulk of "Dom"s on here.  If not, go back to first entries on this treasure trove of musings of a crazy man.  Hope that's not all that it is, but, I admit at times that is it. LOL.  


Just met a young lady, on here, I was totally impressed with her profile.  It was way serious about what "doesn't work", but kinda vague on what she really wanted.....


So, as the stand up, super nice, sadistic as you need me to be, kinda guy I am... LOL.  I offered the olive branch of friendship.  Told her, "hey, may not be your cup of tea, but let's at least be friends".  She wants to jump to yahoo, I jump.


She says something along the lines of "hey your ideas were lame, but at least you put thought into them, and I'm looking for more extreme humiliation, and public exhibition". 


Things were friendly....for a minute. so, although humiliation and public isn't a strength of mine, which I SAID upfront, I'm kinda a keep my slave/sub for me kinda guy..... I only like to share with a girl or two.


So I put some more extreme ideas... and she got all crazy.  Ok, look, as a NON expert in public humiliation and abuse, umm if just being displayed by "daddy" is lame, but getting thrown on a bar table to have all bar folks see, touch, use, is "ewww, gross, no, wrong, what a waste of time", I don't know how to find that "sweet spot". 


Can I get some guidance or ideas from ladies that like this stuff? HELL no I'm not dealing with her again.  Until you can articulate what YOU want, quit taking auditions.  What she was looking for was a scene, a night or a weekend, again, not my thing. 


That is kind of like acting.  Never did it.  Although, in the real life I usually act like a normal professional. 


Movies don't call actors, or agents, with no movie, saying "gee, tell us what kind of movie do you want to make?"  They have a part to play. Can you do it?


Lesson I've learned.... if the person in question can't spell, create a sentence, etc.  Expecting intelligence is a fools bet!


Get it straight you crazier than normal crazies on cm.  LOL


I hope this was both instructive and humorous. 



3/27/2012 4:27:05 PM

Shit, I just found out that by most standards I'm "middle aged". OUCH.  Damn, I lived my life in such a way that I never thought I'd make it this far! Damn! Just read a profile that said "if you are considered middle aged by society", blah, blah, blah.  So I googled it.  Damn, I am, sam I am, green eggs and ham.  And the sad thing is only you middle aged folks will get that last sentence! LOL. 


Well anyway, I never meant to live forever, at least on this earth in this shell.  I'm starting to think that God in His infinite wisdom, takes those of us who are abusive to the perfect body He gave us, and really makes us pay!


Life is funny like that, and I hope you all are finding some funny in your lives!

2/11/2012 12:31:52 PM

You would think that this is the place where you can find the dirtiest, most evil, craziest shit in the world of relationships.  And, I think you can.  LOL.  


But, I just ended a 7 month totally vanilla relationship with a woman less than half my age.  She was boring in bed.  But, that isn't what this is about.  When it comes to animals.  Pets if that is what you want to call it.   Killing a pet/animal/member of a family, as a part of just breaking up for the last time, WAY over the line.  


Rest In Peace, TJ.  He was a cat that counted on me.  And I let him down.  And now he's dead.   And in our fucked up world, I can't kill that bitch. God's got my back.


1/13/2012 2:44:21 PM

Thinking with the "other head" as in penis head.  I think almost everyone has joked about this, believed in it, or even thought that every man thinks only with the penis when it comes to a lot of things. 


All True! LOL.  Not really, and nothing is universal.  However for significant periods of time, in a lot of men's lives, they/we/I certainly do/did/have made some very bad and costly decisions with my penis.  One of them was getting married to a woman who I connected with on ONLY that level.  That didn't work for long.  It never will, unless better connections are established. 


But the purpose of this entry, like, well most of my entries is an observation that will hopefully make people laugh....


The crazy thing about a penis, well really about having really good sex, cuz this part of it really has to do with how you feel about everything AFTER you just had really good sex.  I'm sure women may experience the same thing, is that after you get what your penis wants, you make different decisions for a good many hours.  You are happy, fulfilled, in the back of your mind you are constantly thinking about how good it felt, etc.  Obviously your brain chemistry is off the charts. 


So here is a story.  About 11 years ago I was dating/banging/loving a woman who had been my best female friend for years before we got it together.  She lived about 3 hours away, so I'd get off work, drive to her, and then we'd bang like a rockstar drummer for 3 days, to make up for the days that intervened.  This particular weekend was no exception.... on this particular weekend, I decided to stay Sunday night, get up really early, and drive to work in the morning.


So, we went to bed early, banged like rabbits, and were asleep early.  I had to get up at like 3am to get the drive/etc. done.  I wake up to my watch alarm, she does too.  And, well, there is nothing like a good morning romp to get your day started joyfully! And we did. 


So I made my 3 hour drive in a super great mood.  Get to my job, which was Human Resources.  Get to work....


First thing in the morning, one of the WORST employees of the company comes into my office.  She LOVED being off work, but collecting benefits.  Bad union contract.  But one really good part for me.  She came in to come back to work.  Strangely, her 6 months of benefits were closing... hmmm, lol.  She had a slip from Dr. to let her come back to work.  I said "great, take this slip to the clinic, and you can do your pre-return drug test".  She looked mortified, though this wasn't her first rodeo, lol.  "But Mr. _____" I don't do this really, but last weekend I smoked a joint". 


Under the contract, I could have TOASTED her.  Gone, a nonworking terrible employee.


But, I was still riding high on endorphins and other tremendous brain chemicals, from my morning sex.  


"Ok, well, I understand, you have the option to take 6 months, unpaid, no benefits leave, I'll disregard your Dr. slip, and then at that time, come back."


"Thank you, Mr. ___________"


So, EVERYONE, if you want to make the world a nicer place, bang each other more frequently. You'll be nicer/happier.  Your partner will be too.  Imagine how the world would be if we all had great sex this morning or at least last night, every day?


Should I be the Ambassador of Banging to the United Nations? LOL

1/11/2012 10:41:31 PM

I'm thinking of changing my username with the new year.  MadDog has pleasant memories and a long history, that was my nickname, that I earned when I was in college.  It fit. 


But it just doesn't seem "Collar Me" enough.  I'm thinking something, well, more Masterful!


How about Lord of the Rings Around Uranus?  Master Breaks Wind, I've earned that one for sure. Sir Laughsalot?  Lord of C U Next Tuesday?


Help? LOL

12/28/2011 6:34:30 PM

Ok, call me bad names.  I feel kind of bad for this one already.  As someone who dates/plays in and out of my age bracket and race, I feel like I have a right to observe things, and report my observations to the folks that have a narrower age/race bracket....


On race, let me just tell you, the color of our skin really has so little to do with the content of our character, that it is ridiculous to focus on it.  Just is.  I've probably had as many relationships out of my race as I have in it.  The quality of the relationship, averaged over many, had no discernible differences between races.  People are people, and you can have a crappy relationship with anyone of any race.  Conversely, you can have an awesome one.  I've had both.


On age, pretty much the same thing.  Certainly, I have found that you can date/play with a 39 year old woman who makes the last 18 year old look like the most mature lady you ever met. But over all, from just a developmental standpoint, teenagers have usually earned their tough to deal with image.  Not saying I'm swearing off teenagers (18 plus).  A relationship with a teenager is kind of like (may have wrote this already in my journal) eating an ice cream cone on a 100 degree day.  Tasty, fun, but a complete mess.  Enjoy it quickly.  Fortunately, unlike ice cream, teenagers have a tendency to reappear, and the mess starts all over again, and it is still tasty and fun.


But, the genesis of this entry is a chronologically challenged man, I try, and if I've failed, please someone call me on it, to have "age appropriate" pictures.   I've not got the body worthy of latex, spandex, or skintight leather.  I suspect I'd rather look like a sausage, and an ill formed one.  I regularly date women my age.  And when I say date, I mean date in a collarme kind of way.  Ladies, please, I love seeing your goodies. Love it.  But for whatever reason, sometimes, when I see you dressed in regular garb, and licking a 9 foot long double ended dildo, it just offends the senses.  If you are naked, and it is buried to a suitable depth, it is cool.  When it looks like you just came home from church, I don't know, it is tough to handle.  One picture has you looking like you just led a rousing round of "Come all ye Faithful", and then in the same outfit, putting a strap on into a dudes ass.  I'm not a "sizemologist" this isn't about size, as I'm not Tiny Tim either! LOL. 


Let me put this in perspective.  You can see my size and age from my profile.  Picture me in a suit like I'd wear to church in one picture, and then the next one, I'm wearing a black leather banana hammock, and a stupid grin in the next.  I wouldn't do that to you.  Gravity and the all you can eat buffet have won over time. LOL


If this is instructive for anyone, great, humorous for more, awesome. 


I did just experience a moment in the land of ridiculousness, (which I enjoy actually, it's a good land, visit it sometime).  My on again, off again, (yes double entendre) love affair with a 20 year old lady gave me this moment of "damn I am old"....  I had tried to save a buck on glasses by buying online.  I got them.  I hated them right off the rip.  Put them on, called my love.  She said "take a pic".  I did. She called right back laughing as if I sent in the clowns.  She said "you look like a grampa". OUCH.


To sum it all up...I'm never afraid to "send in the clowns".  I'd rather that the last experience I give someone is laughing, than crying. 


For those of you ladies of a certain age (including mine)  who still want to show how you can rock some crazy ass toys and tools, if it makes you happy please do.  Life is all about first making yourself happy, and then hopefully along the way, creating really great experiences for others.


Anybody want to see grandpa in a black leather banana hammock? LOL

12/27/2011 6:40:35 PM

It is always a joy, a gift from GOD, I like to call it DUELING WITH DUMMIES. They can't spell normal words, my most recent retard fancies himself a Knight.  I dub thee" knight of the spank my monkey to death". And, as soon as my mini knight to be, grows up and moves out of mommie's basement, I want to meet you on the field of battle.  Yes, my little stupid boy, fisticuffs. LOL

12/27/2011 1:11:57 PM

I'm sorry to those of you that hate winter, but damn it, I love the beauty of snow.  Finally, here in NE Ohio, we are getting some.  It is big and wet and I don't know how long it will last... but it is pretty! Once the foliage falls off most of the trees, it is a bleak view.  Cover it with snow, it looks like Currier and Ives!

12/25/2011 2:38:23 PM

It is always kind of funny and really sad, when a proselytizing atheist wants to run their dumb ass mouth, but then blocks you. 


OK my cm friends. MERRY Christmas.  I mean it.


If you are an atheist, great, you discovered something that works for you.  But to HATE something you aren't? Really? To me that means you had bad times and have attributed them to someone/something you don't know. I think the funniest part of atheists is when you/they put the cross upside down.  Hilarious.  If you believe in the devil, then you bought the God and Jesus and Holy Spirit.  You have a chance of redemption.


Or you are just stupid.  Which is most of you.  I don't hate jews, hindus, buddhists, druids (don't know much about them), muslims, agnostics, atheists. Hating takes too much energy, and it isn't what MY GOD, Jesus Christ, taught.


Why? Why Anyone who makes Darwin their God, and believes that his THEORY is the truth, so ignores scientific facts.  And of course you also believe in "global warming", my little minded al gorists.   Of course, for the last couple of years, it was "global climate change".  LOL. This year we have a warm winter...oh gee, is it global warming again?


I love dueling with dummies.


God Bless you all, and to all a good night!



12/23/2011 2:10:54 PM

It was the Christmas party, and everyone was feeling Mary,

Mary left, So the guys and gals jumped for Joy,

Joy ran away, so the freaks settled on Holly!


God Bless you all, and Merry Christmas. For those of you that HATE Christianity....why?  Even if the rest of us are idiots, and Jesus makes us happy, WHY?  You base your theories on a freaking dude on a wood boat, and NO one has called Darwinism anything more than a theory.


There is evidence that MY Savior was hung on a cross over 2000 years ago.  What do you have?  If "natural evolution" is the engine, why do some of the oldest forms of life still exist?


And, bottom line, proselytizing atheism is kind of like telling people they are stupid for hoping for more. With no evidence.  I don't really do a great job of proselytizing for Jesus.  But I have had " God with me" moments. Twice.  To "hate" any religion, because you are atheist, is probably the most ignorant view to have.  Hate is so strong, we Christians, and I'll hazard a guess... Jews, Muslims, Hindu, etc. are not based on hate. Some "churches" are.  But most aren't.  We want to engage you in a positive conversation.  If salamanders turned into something else, hmmmm why are there still salamanders?


Yo, Atheists, have you had any Darwin with me moments?


If your particular pastor/priest/etc was bad, I'm sorry.  That happens.  It was NOT done in God's name. Guarantee. God still loves you.


For you "Darwinists", you need scientific proof for God.  Yet you have totally bought into the idea that a meteor crashed into the earth, and created a spark that made mud into life...... R u fucking kidding me? With atomic energy and bombs we've powered up countries, and killed millions.  So, my scientist friends, why can't you create life?


I actually just read that some university thinks they have enough atomic reaction to recreate that collision.  Anybody want to bet me 100 bucks that it never creates life? I'll take it.


Merry Christmas to all and to all, Good Night!








12/19/2011 2:22:10 PM

Well, I narrowly escaped the company Christmas party.  I guess I was born in the wrong time.  Back when I was in college, you could engage in a bar brawl, fisticuffs, or other forms of male on male aggression, and NOT go to jail.  Times they have changed. 


If the BS I encountered would have happened back when I had nothing to lose, there'd be a guy who lost a few teeth, and perhaps mobility in several joints, Saturday.  But cooler heads prevailed, and I really hate jail.  The amenities suck, and the company sucks worse. LOL.


So, my coworker brings her ex husband who is a fucking weasel.  She is really a sub/slave but doesn't understand any of that.  He's just a weak little man, who finds women slightly weaker.  Hate him.  She divorced him this year.  So what does she do? Brings him to the Christmas party.  I'd rather she brought the crack head she was dating a couple of months ago. LOL.


So, I tried to be cordial, and it was working, but the f'ing little weasel kept poking my belly, which is big, and saying " twins?"  I let it go once, twice, three times.  Number 4, I said, "I'd like to introduce you to my other twins, "Lefty" and "righty".  And then you will shut your little mouth. 


His exwife said "tim he's just kidding", I told her the first few were kidding, the last was asking for a reaction, and he's got one. I stood up.  He said "you are drunk", I said "yep and you are a lousy husband".  All of a sudden he shut his mouth. Sitting down.  My sometime girlfriend, told me "let's go",  she knew I was on the verge of beating the weasel half to death.  And you guys that have ever done it know, it's hard to stop at the half way point. The adrenaline is running, blood from knuckles, and face, good stuff.  Asshole men need to be beaten senseless at least 2 or 3 times.  One would argue they were senseless to begin with, but if words and direction worked their parents would have raised a man.  Didn't work.  I think, when he sat there, looking weak and dumbfounded, it was lesson one. 


Am I wrong? LOL. I don't care.  He's been an asshole to her for years, I see her as my little stupid sister.  I feel good about it.

12/10/2011 7:02:45 PM

Is anyone else just enjoying the interaction with a wide range, usually on the lower end of the intelligence scale, of people?


For you ladies, I really think you are getting to experience what it is to encounter someone with a 60 IQ, livin in momma's basement, and dammit I made it to independence at the local gas station.  My name is "Master of the uinverce/darcht vapor".  Yes the typos are totally intentional.

12/10/2011 6:51:27 PM

I must confess to a guilty pleasure.......


When foreign fakes come at me, I do the "how many emails before they ask for money" game.   Then I do the "how many tricks can I get them to do before I say HA, No money" game.  


I lost the game a couple of times, YEARS ago, now I always win. 


You know, getting old kinda sucks, but you sure do get a lot smarter.  If I would have been playin those games 20 years ago, damn, I would have lost a lot.


Old isn't bad, as long as you can play!


12/6/2011 12:45:46 PM

Ok, ladies, I know that MOST of you don't like unsolicited "COCK shots".  Personally, as a straight man, I'm not a fan either. Personally I think penises are ugly and should be covered up by mouths, pussies, or asses. 


So I was surfing collarme, cuz, damn it, it is fun.  Finding crazies to fuck with is one of life's simple pleasures.  


So I find a female profile with her sucking a, well , miniature penis.  I'm not hung like a horse, I'll never tell anyone I am.  I want NO surprises.  Nothing kills an average hardon like laughter, LOL, never had it, I'm just saying.  So this dude has a penis that wouldn't satisfy my cat, and she's fixed.  So, being the altruistic guy I am, I said "Bear (yes he fancies himself a bear, I don't know shit about bear penises, but I have a feeling bears are getting Gloria Allred to sue this poorly hung bitch).  And this Master of the Bear den of what the fuck ever, sent me some douche bag response, and then blocked me.  I was truly trying to give advice.  If you are hung like a gerbil, then market your other talents, like "communication" LOL.  I'm figuring he's working at the local gas station, worked his happy, gerbil hung ass up to shift manager, $9/hour.  And he'll get benefits in 20 years or so.  His GED is still in progress.  But he has a bear den. Things that make you go hmmmm.  Let's make a rule... if the only sex pics you can make involve money changing hands with a stranger.... you are just a fucking loser.

12/5/2011 2:37:29 PM

You know, the best part of collarme, is that no matter how sick your own kinks are, you can always find someone that makes you say...."Damn, I'm not so bad" LOL.  I'm not judging anyone, it totally is different strokes for different folks.  LOL

11/28/2011 3:08:59 PM

Ok, at the risk of being obtuse, I don't get it.  I LOVE lesbians, they are the women I GET.  But, it seems that a necessary tool of most Lesbians is a strap on. Hmmm. Hate cocks and men, but love the penis? I don't get it. This is just in the name of jest, because damn it, this world needs more jest!

11/20/2011 8:29:31 AM

Great pickup lines for bdsm:


1. "Does this smell like chloroform to you?"


Well, Hell, once you've mastered that one, you don't need anymore. LOL

11/1/2011 3:44:26 PM

Pics Pics and More Pics.


Ok,  I think that asking a person online for a picture is a delicate issue.  For one thing, what is put in a digital format has a half life that makes nuclear waste look like jello!  It should be understood, that if someone shares a pic with you/me, that is a personal thing, unless expressly agreed.  So, pic exchange requires a bit of trust. More for some than for others. 


I personally don't like to share my pictures of my sub/slave/girlfriend/possible any of the fore mentioned.  They are MINE, I'm possessive.  Well I'll show the clothed pics of my hot ass woman, and keep the others to peruse when I'm in a hotel in some crazy ass town on business, and I'd rather look at porn I've participated in, than random! LOL.  "Memories...." I hate Barbara Streisand, but it's a good song, at least for this soliloquy!


I believe on my profile I have some body part pictures of a sub.  But that keeps her anonymous, and though we aren't together, she doesn't mind.  Those pics show a little bit of what I enjoy, they evoke memories, etc.


Now to the chase!


When all the pics you have are posed model shots, and you are requesting "money to relocate me so I can instantly eat your shit, and drink your piss (first of all, when you send that to me it says two things: 1. you didn't read my profile, cuz those aren't activities I'm looking for, 2. you think I am an absolute moron who wants to send you hard earned money for an imaginary move.) But you know what, I have moved a couple of subs (didn't send money, sent tickets, who had no place to go, and in both cases it didn't work out for very long).  BUT, asking for the "custom pics" is a way the sharper player in this usually unfruitful game is the way we cut to the chase.   If you have only model shots, and I ask you to write a little sign for Daddy, or to do a particular thing to your body, means I'm checking out your veracity.  If you comply and want the same returned to you (a picture of me with a sign saying I can't wait to take ownership of your username) or (a sign hanging from my penis (self penis pics are very hard to take)) that is fair.  


But trust me, I have an active enough life, that looking at random pics of women I have never really met, isn't that stimulating. 


For me, at least, if I'm asking to see more of you, it is either a part of the "dance" that leads to our first meeting, or a verification that you aren't trying to scam me. 


If you've never shown up at that "public place" meeting, and been totally blindsided by the person who isn't looking anything like what they did on their profile.... you are lucky.  My philosophy is "eventually I hope to meet this person face to face, WHY make that an unpleasant surprise?"



10/28/2011 3:18:22 PM

Once upon a time, I was young

I was very, very dumb

And I was so full of cum.


Now I'm older

I'm quite a bit wiser

But still cum like a geiser!


So my subs and slaves alike

Come to get some cum you will like,

I will gladly replace the product if you like!




Just knocked that one out, LOL

10/22/2011 10:20:54 AM

I think I finally figured out why so many girls use model pics they stole off the internet.... they are just fucking ugly?  Girls, as a man on the back side of the hill of life... be u, and I'm relatively certain on any given day you can get laid. LOL


Look, I'm not Brad Pitt, or James Bond, so, and I know this is crazy,,,, I don't post their pics.  I post me, "good, bad, n UGLY",   so when we meet it isn't   "Jesus Christ the last 24 hours have been tough on your old ass.  LOL

10/22/2011 9:32:20 AM

Ok, now that I read my last entry, I think I should clarify.


I think that gender fluid studies or Gay/Bi/Transgender studies are terrible majors with no future employment options, however I don't hate people who are gender fluid, gay, etc.


I think that African American and/or Racial Discrimination majors are terrible with very poor employment options unless you are going to be a professor at a liberal university (I've taught at universities, and have my MA). However, I date without regard to race, creed, etc.  Unlike the fakes, I can honestly tell you that I've probably had more black girlfriends that I loved dearly, than most black men.


So, I'm not just an old, mean racist, homophobe that happens to be conservative! LOL

10/17/2011 12:41:10 PM

Ok, this is probably the easiest "litmus test" you can get..


If you think the "occupy wall street" peeps are cool... you and I aren't going to do well unless you just like to have a more intelligent person beat you to death with your own stupidity.


If those jackasses want a job, do it like the rest of us, go put in applications.


I've been hiring people for about 30 years.  I never hired anybody from a "protesting ling".  I hired people to be engineers who only had worked at McDonalds.  Never hired an unemployed, dreadlocked, druggedout, person who thought that Wall street was the new 60's counter revolution. 


Kids, if you majored in "Fluid Gender Studies", or "African American Rights", or "Feminist studies", etc.  And are expecting to find a real job, umm, you are DUMB.


College, particularly at the price it is now, should be focused on getting a job you LOVE. That is how I ended up.  But notice, JOB came first.  I borrowed money I had to pay off, which means, being community organizer wasn't possible.


Don't hang out on Wall Street, bitching about not having a job, while you crap on a tree, and then talk about environmentalism. 


Eventually, mommy and daddy are going to die, and your lazy ass will have to get a job.

10/14/2011 7:12:20 PM

Thank you CollarMe! I've been having a blast, meeting really awesome friends, launching a few relationships, and most importantly enjoying the craziness of human behavior!

10/6/2011 2:48:47 PM

Is anyone else noticing a shitload of bitches with the exact same profile, except for location, with hot pics, (today it was all 23, all hot chicks, and all were searching for "Dominant males and Online Romance" and no other details, hitting your site?

9/17/2011 10:33:01 AM

Ok I just saw it again,  someone "fanning" an array of Andrew Jacksons (20's).  If you are trying to say you are a big time "roller" or "whale" in Vegas terms, 20's is kind of ridiculous.  Save those twenties, and then when you have the same number of Benjamins, try this all over again.  But it still is ridiculous, because I've known a lot of very rich people, and they have no pictures like that on any profile.


What is next? A "fan" of Hamiltons? Lincolns?  A handful of penny rolls? LOL


If you are "fanning" a wad of 20's, and driving a Ford Fiesta, you ain't all that! LOL

8/23/2011 2:45:22 PM

Ok, some new observations:

1.  Being in a committed relationship with a 19 year old is kind of like eating ice cream outside in 100 degree weather, enjoy the hell out of it, it is delicious, but it is very likely to turn into a hot ass mess fairly quickly. Oh, and it isn't just the 19 year old that contributes to the rapid pace of messiness, you are a big part of it too, perhaps the biggest.


2.  Unlike ice cream, the 19 year old is likely to reappear in your life, enjoy again! But bring a lot of napkins! LOL


3.  Life isn't a zero sum game, it isn't accounting.  If you put  100% of yourself into any effort, whether it be work, relationships, sports, your life increases.  Life is more of an effort than a time frame.  Some people pack one hell of a lot of life into a very short time frame.  Be one of them, and if you end up living a long time, you will be someone that everyone wants to be like, and remembers. If you die tomorrow, you had a damn good today!


4. Love is a renewable resource, an energy.  Give it, and as long as you get some return, you fill up all over again.  Keep giving it and getting no real jolt back, and then you are fucked.  But, if you survive, you can regenerate.  Kind of like those critters that grow their tails back.  LOL. But to have that energy, and to not give it at all, for fear of losing it, is a crime against mankind.


5. As hard as I've tried, and as hard as I've failed, I don't regret a single relationship I've been in.  They each had at least a kernel of wonderful moments, and I'm not throwing any wonderful moments out with the bathwater. 

7/9/2011 5:48:06 PM

All right, I've figured out something about myself....


I'm always introspective, at least when I'm not extrospective, which apparently isn't a word, but it should be (definition, I love analyzing other people).


As I look at me, in my treatment of vanilla girlfriends, subs, slaves, I now realize that I'm 

DOMflexible.  I just enjoy the female body, company, etc.  I have been totally vanilla with women who were into that, but if you take vanilla to the level of "gee you really like doing that (eating her pussy)", I probably won't stay long.  


I seem to naturally gravitate to DaddyDom, I'm a loving, funny, nurturing, caretaking kind of man.  When the situation calls for it, I can be on the 70th percentile of sadistic.  And on the outside, chicks at work will say "Gee he'd be an awesome boyfriend".


I enjoy all the levels, but I think the total vanilla won't work anymore.


So, kind of like Baskin Robbins, What's your flavor! I'm your ice cream man, stop me when I'm passing by. LOL

6/18/2011 12:40:31 PM

I am having the time of my life! Well, all time is the time of your life, until you die, and then it is the time of someone else!


Honestly, I'm having more fun at 49 than I ever had at 39, 29, or 19!  I finally figured out the basic facts:

1.  I'm allergic to drinking and driving - I break out in handcuffs.  That was a big one, hard lesson.  LOL

2.  Don't argue with an idiot, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. ( I didn't write it first, but it is so true).

3.  When you meet someone, IT ALWAYS is good for the first 4 weeks.  After that the facade starts to fade!

4.  Assume the person in front of you is lying their ass off.  After 4 weeks, reevaluate. LOL

5.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, you don't have to be rich to enjoy it, for I know some millionaires who are the most miserable human beings on Earth, but you have the moment you are in, it may be your last. Go out with a bang.

6.  Thinking of forever with another individual, in this world, and particularly on this site, is kind of thinking of sunny days every day in Cleveland, Ohio.  Gee it would be nice.  Hemmingway in the "Sun also Rises", there was a line "isn't it pretty to think so". Instead, we have moments we share with others, and we should make the most of them.  I used to think "marriage/ltr" from the get go.  So if I look back, I'd see a landscape of failed ltr's.  Now I look back and can see some really awesome moments, mixed in with bad ones, but I focus on the good.  It doesn't mean I've totally given up on forever, just that i don't expect it.

7. In keeping with 6, it is my goal to create great moments for as many people I encounter in this world, in bed, and everywhere.


And that is why "it is good to be me". LOL

5/24/2011 6:08:18 PM

I just had ANOTHER epiphany! LOL


Have you ever asked yourself, "gee, self, why am I not meeting REAL men/women, on this site?"


Guess what, the internet IS a great way to meet, screen, and discard the NONREAL people, but it is also a place where YOU CAN BE WHOMEVER YOU WANT TO BE.  It's all just pretend.


How many of you have chatted/talked etc. and then finally it is time for the (hopefully) safe meet at a coffee house, bar, brothel, lol.....And you show up, and the avatar isn't the person? LOL I did that once. LOLOL.  But seriously, I try to show ME, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" (great guy movie), but I have all those parts, and I'd rather be meeting a woman who knows what "she's getting into", than trick some ingenue into meeting Brad Pitt, and I look more like Drew Carey!


Online has some efficiency advantages, as long as you have a really good bullshit screen, but most of the men/women you encounter are about as real as the Easter Bunny.  They are doing the best they can to MARKET a pretty terrible product.  "I am Master of Darkness I own 3 slaves, and they aren't capable of meeting my needs, I'm looking for a 4th slave. blah blah blah."


Now, I'm sure there are dudes out there keeping a stable of slaves, however, I'm thinking the masters that can afford that, put up with all the bullshit of a bunch of whining slaves, etc. is a small number.


Instead, what we have is a bunch of StarWars, Master DarthVaders, who were the picked on outcasts (hey just for the record, I was the cool Jock who actually defended you little pussies, lol), living in their momma's basements, and finding out that, "gee I never got laid until I met damaged women". 


NOW, ladies, and not so ladylike, and I love both of your groups!  LOL.  I'm NOT saying you chose this life because you are/were damaged.  I know that isn't true.  However most I've met do have very similar stories/backgrounds.  I've met some true masochists, shout out! lol.


So, that was my epiphany, what is yours! lol

5/22/2011 10:48:28 AM

Some seem to try to deny aging, some try to reverse it.  I can tell you, that as I look at my hands, my face, my arms, my legs, every wrinkle, every scar has a story.  I hope, when I die, that my face has more wrinkles of wonderment and smiling.  And if that jackass person that "pretties us up" for the box, hides them, he did me a great disservice. 


I don't want to be 18 again. I'm not going to be.  However, against mathematical theorems, I've found that 49 can get into 18 several 


Every scar was hard won, every memory was as well.


And, I'd like to be the person that puts the smile and wonderment wrinkles on everyone I meet. 


It's my mission!


It is good to be me, even  better than being Charlie Sheen, with a tiny fraction of the cash! LOL


5/19/2011 4:12:34 PM

I just watched what I think is one of the most beautiful mating rituals, at least around here!  I know, I'm a total PERV.   LOL


A male Cardinal set up shop in the tree right outside my kitchen window, and he had a female who was obviously a bit older than he is, set up in the same tree.  He was singing his little heart out.  I'm guessing this is his first spring, after being born last spring. 


Bird mating rituals are so freaking amazing. He sung his little heart out, ruffled his beautiful plumage, she was checking him out, BIG TIME! lol.  But finally she decided, "shit, I'm bigger, stronger, smarter than him", and flew away.  Now he's just chirping.


So I do his same call back, and I think he's saying "shit I'm way better than that" and he starts doing his thing!




5/16/2011 3:37:34 PM

"In the name of God and All that is HOLY..." Exorcist....


If I see one more profile that has only quotes of Anais Nin, or whom the fuck ever, and not one original thought, I think I'm going to kill someone. LOL


Perhaps it is these folks who really need "tpe, 24/7, drink piss, and eat shit everyday".  Cookie cutter mf'ing profiles.  What kind of dentist do you take such a slave to? Hell, I won't even tolerate a dog that eats cat shit out of the litter box. 


I love quotes, use them all the time, but I actually understand them before I use them.  


But I must admit, that surfing profiles for either originality, or just outright ridiculousness, is kind of addictive!


How about something original... like a quote by General Sherman, there are some gems.  Or Margaret Thatcher. 


Or gee, is there a thought IN YOUR HEAD? If you refuse to lead, as the fucking anais nin quote that is on half the profiles here, states, so well, how about "how will you follow?" Blindly like a lemming off a cliff, or studiously, like any sentient being, looking for who is the real leader?

5/13/2011 2:25:04 PM

All right, since I posted a pic a couple of weeks ago that was, admittedly a "half ass" Burt Reynolds, Playgirl pose from a quarter century ago (ouch that hurts me almost as it hurts Burt), I've started getting like a ton of profile views from Domme's. 


I guess Domme women are a little like ALL men, we are visually stimulated.  I sure as hell didn't think I'd get such action, it was fun to do, and I wanted to be lighthearted, and fun. Because, well, that is how I am! Really. 


For the most part, I'm into making people laugh.  Except when they really, really want to scream in pain, or just ride a ship into subspace.  But, after the trip, I'll be waiting at the hatch, to make you laugh! Is that crazy? Probably.  But that is me.


And, in the words of Gene Simmons, "It's good to be me!"

5/10/2011 3:29:04 PM

Thank you to the people on here who actually put some thought into their profiles. 


I'm so sick of "I'm a no limits..... blah, blah, blah".  And "ready to relocate immediately".  Which of course is all an indicator of SCAM.  What a waste of time. 


And, if you can't post a pic of yourself, don't steal other's pics! If you ever do end up hooking up with someone, don't you think they will be sadly disappointed when you really aren't Brad Pitt, or Sasha Grey?



5/6/2011 11:30:50 AM

One thing is for certain, if you are happier alone than with the last person in your life, you dodged a bullet!

5/2/2011 8:12:02 PM

I have learned that it is good to be ME.  And I support everyone in becoming YOU.  Only when we do, do we have anything to offer anyone in a relationship.  And, if you are an empty YOU, you can probably be filled up with just about anything, including a bunch of bs, them.

4/22/2011 2:50:43 PM

What a truly magnificent maelstrom of relationship craziness! I have had some really crazy experiences recently. Ok, on here, they might qualify as a walk in the park, but mentally a real crazy time. 


Having to end a relationship of 5 weeks, a relationship of 5 months that ended  before this latest,  the ex offers the olive branch of peace, or rather accepts the branch I offered 2 months ago.


Ive had an epiphany.  The greatest thing about maelstroms, is whether the weather anomaly, or the more personal, they change the landscape.  The view. 


Ill just give a sneak peak of my epiphany.


When I look at my past relationships, the old me would say "a landscape littered with failed relationships.  in most cases, they didn't "get it done", and I ended it.  A few, they ended it with me, probably because they just couldnt handle my awesomeness.  (thanks Charlie Sheen, LOL)"


Now I see life, relationships, everything, as moments. Chunks of time. Experiences.  Before I saw it all linear. I'm old school, back in the day, Id start a relationship, and it was damn near a sprint or a marathon to "LTR/Marriage" or something like that. Total commitment. So with dozens of missions behind enemy lines, oh yes, that means relationships, under my belt.  The old me would say, "gee dozens of failures, none made it to the end zone, the one that did, you ended anyway". 


The new me says, "No, each of those relationships had moments of extreme joy, happiness, fantastic sex, love, etc.   They also had moments of bullshit, lies, cheating, disappointment."


And my Platos ideal of living a good life would be this: living as many joyous, happy, fantastic sex, loving, etc. moments as I can.  AND creating those moments for as many people as I can.  No that doesn't mean, I now want to just be an indiscriminate bang everyone, person.  That isnt me.  But, when I start a relationship, Im not looking at the end zone anymore.  Im enjoying the present.  Also, the fantastic sex, at least for me, is reserved for women.  LOL. But loving? I plan on trying to be more loving than I was, even though I'm a pretty warm and friendly person.


I'm telling you, it is working like a charm for me.  I've always had an eye in the rearview mirror, and one on the long term future, and that doesn't leave an eye to see the beautiful possibilities of the present.


And the ability to look back and see the past in a different, better way, is really a positive thing.  Think of your WORST relationship.  Somewhere in there, in most cases , damn it there was a kernel of happy, content, etc.  Doesn't mean you go back and get in the mess again, but it may give you some peace to make peace with the past.


And for the record, I came up with this in the midst of pain, and I'm NOT on any mind/mood altering substances!


4/13/2011 2:33:55 PM

Ok, I think because this is the internet, congenital liars and people living in a non real world may be more prevalent. 


Here is how I work.  I have my flaws.  And as soon as I talk to someone, and it is moving in some direction, I fly flaws, and my kinks/wants/needs like crazy.  Why in the world would you want to have someone interested in a you, that you really aren't?


I've been in a lot of relationships, and I know what works, and what doesn't.  Lying will kill a relationship in a minute.


In the words of "Black Eyed Peas", perhaps paraphrased: "don't want no drama, no, no drama". 


If you can't do monogamy, "SAY IT".  There are plenty of folks looking for that kind of fun, and the one you are dealing with might like to try it too.  If you need multiple partners, say what kinds, women, men, etc.  I can deal with a chick who wants some female loving.  Threesomes can be real fun, and watching two chicks get it on can be fun, even knowing that my woman is getting it on while I'm at work, and will be ready for just about anything is awesome too.  Not into sharing my woman with other men, but if the right relationship was created, I could probably get my mind around doing some of that, if my woman wanted it.


But if you hide and lie what you are, what you want, you NEVER get to be you fully, and you never really see that your partner might be able to try that out.


If you aren't true to yourself, and/or the one you profess to love, you are living a lie.

4/12/2011 10:56:28 AM

Another one bites the dust.  Seems like simple expectations are too much for many!

3/27/2011 8:23:55 PM

In the name of God, and all that is Holy, I do NOT know why CM, when 2 profiles elect to become a couple, ERASE all pics of the dude!  It has happened twice now.  WTF?


I don't have a lot of pics of me, and I'm getting tired of going and finding them.   Anyone else have this problem?

3/20/2011 1:06:44 PM

I realize now that my baby, the sweetest woman in the world, needs to fill a hole in her soul.  She needs a REAL female friend.  Sex might come along with it, but it has to be based in love and friendship.  Tall order.  But she needs it, and Daddy is all about fulfilling needs.

3/12/2011 12:33:56 PM

You know, sometimes, you think you are rescuing someone, and it turns out you were, and are rescuing yourself at the same time!


So, if your heart is good, and you want to help people, remember it is at least as good for you as for them!

3/8/2011 2:07:15 PM

Holy Shit! Last night was amazing. We have the most fun times, laugh all the time, and when it comes to the bed, WOW! 


But I really have to get that pain threshold up.  But I have nothing but time, and green lights!

3/5/2011 2:45:09 PM

Yikes! great sex, she has a low pain threshold but wants to get better.  Any tips!?

3/5/2011 10:12:19 AM

Life is good.  New love is working very well.  As they say, "when a door closes, a window always opens up". 

3/2/2011 4:30:47 PM

Well my friends, and my enemies too, LOL, I've found my next victim, lol!  I'm in a new relationship.  And  all things are awesome again.  I'm not desperate, I'm just a chick magnet! LOL

2/25/2011 2:40:51 PM

I had a pretty good day today.  It's a tough thing to lose your best friend, and lover on the same day.  The practical side of me says "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" and I never had a best friend and lover at the same time before, at least not like this.  But the romantic in me, which is the larger part of me, says "Damn that was awesome, we need to get that back!"

2/24/2011 3:00:47 PM

Well, what does one do when you've had a good ride, and finally the horse throws you off? You get right back on!  My relationship (the horse) is done, but I'm ready to saddle up.  My view is this, I'd rather take a chance on meeting someone who I can make happy, and who makes me happy, against all odds of age, race, distance, than to just be sitting here cursing the darkness. And as I told my last lover, "I'd rather take a minute, a day, a month, a year... of all the happy/love I can get right now, than worry about what happens when inevitable things like aging, dying, etc. happen."  Good stuff in your life shows up, and you either grab it, or think of a million reasons not to.  And, if you keep turning down good stuff, eventually, it quits showing up.


That's my philosophy. What's yours?

2/22/2011 5:35:01 PM

Probably the best 5 months of my life just ended.  That is pretty good at this age! lol.  Relationships, whether "vanilla" or "bdsm", have an individual identity.  We all come into them with our own baggage of past traumas, coping mechanisms, etc.  And sometimes, as much as we try, our baggage, and coping mechanisms, don't play well with our loved one(s).  As long as we are open and honest, and so is our loved one, we should never part as enemies.  Love is a thing that is built between two people, when it is done right.  I've been in plenty that were a thing built by only me.  Love is an energy, a thing, that it takes two to create.  No matter how hard one tries, it isn't love.  One can only adore, worship, etc. 


But two people can create something special.  And something really special just ended.  It ended on pretty good terms. When it is built this way, it doesn't die. 


As I said to my best friend, early on, "when you get some happy, GRAB it, savor it.  You can play all the what if, what if games in the whole wide world, but if you see happy, grab it"

2/7/2011 3:39:20 PM
I have encountered more Christian HATING people on this site than anywhere else in the world. I find it kind of amusing. I've even encountered people who are literally proselytizing people into believing in nothing. I think that is hilarious. But, sad at the same time. I don't force my beliefs on anyone. When I tell others about my "God with me" experiences, I'm just affirming MY belief. If that gets them to think about their own experiences and see some "God with me" moments, awesome. If, GOD FORBID, they should decide to re-examine their beliefs, gee "who's ox is being gored?" If, perchance, someone decides "God loves me, He gave His only Son for the forgiveness of MY sins, and He has a place for me at the end of my life, so that I will live forever....." Who is getting hurt? There are the Humanists, who believe that people should just be sweet to each other just because this is our only moment in time, make it good. And that is awesome. But is it Humanist, to attempt to shoot down the beliefs that make other people feel happy/loved/directed/loving? Very curious, very interesting. I think that this militant proselytizing is more a sign of not really being sure of their own beliefs, and thus it is so much easier to attack other people's beliefs. I have my God, my Savior, my Holy Spirit. And it was all written down a long time before Darwin took a boat ride. I've felt the presence of God in my life, several times. When was the last time you felt the warmth of Darwin in your life?

1/1/2011 10:47:58 AM
A year in the rear view mirror, and a year looking forward... Well, Collarme, it was an interesting year. I met some interesting, nice people. I met scammers, lots and lots of scammers. But, when all is said and done (and usually a lot more gets said than done), I have a world of thanks to give to collarme. I met the love of my life, and I've never ended a year, and started a new one, as happy as I am right now! I hope you all find what you are looking for, and find that happiness and love are elusive only to the extent that you chase those states of being. Give your best to others, accept only the best from them, and eventually you will find love and happiness.

12/26/2010 5:48:36 PM

Names, titles, and such.....

Ok, my screen thing is MADDOG48. Only reason is because when I was in the Golden Gloves, a girlfriend gave me the name, it stuck. I wore a choker chain from age 20 to 30, sometimes only at parties. NOPE, never was a sub, women who grabbed it usually got fucked, men, who reached for it got fucked UP.


Any man on here who has some retarded "Master of disaster" or such "name" is a pussy who lives in his momma's basement, plays video games all day long, and found that cm is a place with a lot of damaged women who respond to "Master of disaster".


My gf wrote this awesome thing on my page at .  The best part was that it had nothing to do with titles.  I don't have to tell her to do a damn thing, she does things because she is mine.  It is as natural as flowers move to the sun.


In the end, in my world, women choose to be with us, and we earned it, and we need to earn it on a daily basis.  Women, are what balances men out.  I love strong, smart, funny women, who continually make me stronger, smarter, funnier.


I have the best woman that I've ever met.  I have some really good friends from here.


Can men just be men, and women, damn don't put up with less than the best!

12/25/2010 10:58:36 AM

Well my CM friends, I am ending this year SO much better than any year ever.  I hope all of you are moving in that same direction.  It isn't just, or even mainly, about BDSM for me. Though my relationship has some serious BDSM parts to it.  It's more about finding the right person to be yourself with, and for your mate to feel free to be who he/she is.


And, best of all, finding someone you can actually learn and grow with.  I love when I find people on this site who are really into what I am: mutual respect, love, and honesty.  I have it.  I hope you all find it.  This might not be the most "domly" stuff, but it is who I am, and it's working for us.


I do appreciate having friends who can add to my "learn/grow" path.  If you have ideas, past experiences that you'd like to share, so that I might keep things fresh and interesting in my relationship, I love to hear it!


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

12/18/2010 10:53:54 AM
I have the most wonderful woman in my life.  She is the best woman I've met.  And that is pretty amazing.

Here is the thing I need help with..... she has a maso side that is new to me, I've been good at adapting... but I need help from other masochist women, on what REALLY works for you to get you to subspace.  You tell me, and I'll try it and report the experience!

12/7/2010 5:16:12 PM

I don't know if anyone is really following my journal, but at least I want to keep it fresh, I've done terribly at that!  I guess I've been way too busy loving life, loving Janay, and growing/learning!


I never presented my self as Master anything.  I am who I am.  Well my girlfriend, my "sub", the love of my life, today, told me why she "submits" to me. What makes me her Dom.  And it was the best thing I ever heard.  It had all the elements I would have ever wanted.  Love, protection, confidence, dominance.  In the proper order.  Our relationship is totally based first in LOVE, and the rest just takes a back seat.  I'm 48, I've been in dozens of serious (what I thought, were love based) relationships. But Janay teaches me as much about love, as I teach her.  We've gotten through some emotional issues, mainly the baggage I bring into it, and we DEAL with it.  She is the best woman I've ever been in love with, she is ready to work on US.  And we are an US. 


I'm beaming, and proud of her as the woman she is, and looking forward to our life together.


I'm not a real "expert" at bdsm relationships, but I've probably been in more relationships than most people.  When I say "relationship" I mean, two people who at least say "I love you".


Unfortunately, SOOOO many people, male, and female, have a totally messed up view of what LOVE is.  So you go in thinking one thing, and he/she has a whole different feeling about it. Even if yours, or my, view of LOVE is different that can be a problem.  We may both have a healthy view. 


Well, I've finally found what I always wanted.... a lady, who can love, and be loved, who is open to pretty much everything, and MOST importantly, can WORK with me to solve any problem.  All people have diffs.  ALL relationships have issues to work out, those are called, in my mind, "possibilities for two partners to both, individually, grow, as people".  My definition of love is this: to be totally committed to the personal, emotional, physical growth of another.  I know I didn't create it (Peck did) but I like it best.


So, what kind of love are you giving/receiving?


Just so you know, when you are trying to help another person grow, if you aren't in the process of growing/changing too, it isn't real.  Both grow. It's set in stone.


So, my friends, lets get about the process of learning/growing/loving!



10/26/2010 3:35:02 PM

So, I have met this fantastic woman, we're totally in love.  She has way more bdsm experience, and loves things that I never thought I could get turned on by! 

If someone had told me 2 months ago, a year ago, 20 years ago, that a riding crop and nipple clamps were going to be a part of my romantic life, I'd have told them they were fucking crazy!

Once you discover the joy of a loved one's "subspace" you want to get her there, and keep her there!
I have had a million blowjobs, but fucking a face, feeling the throat constrict, and having your sub continue to milk your cum from your balls beats the crap out of the best bj I ever had!

The birth of a new semi-sadist!

9/27/2010 3:04:19 PM
Who would have thunk (I know its not a word, lol) that 48 could go into 19? In the physical world that is impossible.  But it is really yummy!

9/12/2010 12:09:27 PM
I just had another totally satisfying scam relationship from this site!  I actually love scammers.  I can see them from a mile away, I know what they are all about from the first minute.  And then I play them.  I figure, if I keep em busy, they aren't screwing over some dumb ass. 

This scammer, I'd say bitch, but probably its a toothless scumbag in Ghana, Ok he's still a bitch, posts a lot of pics I've seen 1000 times on half a dozen sites.  And she is one fine looking woman.  This bitch has a nice collection of this model's pics.  Hey, hot pics are hot pics. 

Here is the funny part,  it comes down to the "relocate gas money", it ALWAYS comes down to that.  So, I say, what kind of car do you have, what year?  IT says, Ford.  I'm like, OK, there are a lot of models, and they all have diff. gas mileage. IT says, MODEL T.  I laughed my ass off.  If IT would have said a Probe, I wasn't sending money anyway, but this is precious!

Good times! HOT pics.

9/7/2010 6:06:53 PM

When it comes right down to it, here is what I'm looking for: I want a totally balanced relationship.  No, you don't have to work outside of the house, but NO I don't want to take you to CHURCH with a collar and a leash!
In my ideal relationship, your needs will be getting met, and mine will too.  If your only needs are meeting mine, probably not a good fit.  I want a partner, friend, lover.

8/30/2010 3:30:01 PM
I'm finally starting to meet some quality women on this site.  I've had all the crazy, all the drama, all the dysfunctional that anyone can deal with. 

I'm not looking for a mindless doormat, I'm looking for a submissive woman, who has a life, a personality, needs/wants.  Together, over time we can craft a life that satisfies both of us. 

I'm a Christian, so if that doesn't work for you, well than I'm not your guy. 

If you desire a 24/7, you don't work out of the house, I can deal with that, but the expectations for how you keep OUR home will be high. If you want to work outside the home, that is fine. 

Honestly, if you have no friends in the real world, perhaps this isn't a good fit.  I'm not trying to fill a sieve, but to create a complete life.

8/21/2010 11:22:26 AM
I've discovered over my entire life, that, all individuals come into a relationship as, at best, a "half full glass".  If you were full, you wouldn't need to be seeking a new relationship. You'd be all right by yourself.  We all have voids, gaps, cracks, etc. that we want someone to heal, fill, make whole.

Unfortunately, as we journey through this path to wholeness, we often times find people who are either totally empty, or less than empty, he/she is a negatively filled glass. Which in the world of glasses is impossible.  A negatively filled glass, is like a vacuum.  You can pour all of your good intentions, feelings, emotions, sex, love, etc into that VESSEL and yet it sucks for more, and gets no better than it was to begin with. 

We all seek wholeness.  Acceptance of our shortcomings, help with growing to overcome them, and the incredible joy, of helping the one you love grow and become the person they were meant to be.  Two half full glasses becoming one full one.  Or, one 1/4 filled glass with a 3/4 filled glass becoming full.

This may very well be the rantings of a romantic fool, but, damn it, I'm happy to put it out there.

7/4/2010 12:12:17 PM

There are people, who have such an empty hole, in their soul, that they try to fill it with either hurting someone, or feeling extreme pain.  I've been on both sides of this.  Pain works.  I've given it, because it was begged for.  I've done it to myself.  But, thus far, the hole isn't full.

I'm looking for someone who really wants to work towards wholeness.  Healing. What it makes to make you happy, I'm all about it.  And making you happy, would be Daddy's mission.

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