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Hetero Female Mistress, 47,  Des Moines, Iowa
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Last Online:


 Femdom Dominatrix

 Des Moines 


 5' 7"

 192 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Submissive Female


 Lives For:

 Gorean Lifestyle (Expert)



 Amusement Parks

 Fine Dining


 Renaissance Faires









 1950s Household

 Country Music

 Eighties Music


 Antique Shows

 Coffee Shops



 Conservative Politics


 Alternative Music


 Heavy Metal Music

 New Age Music

 Nineties Music


 Rock Music


 Hip Hop Music

 Hard Limits:


My real name is Barbara, Babs to my friends. I am a Gorean Free Woman who lives the lifestyle 24/7, not just when my computer is on. I have no interest or use for male submissives  or role play, 
I do not wish to receive any more messages and or offers from submissive men in any lifestyle. I have made this clear, so I thought but continue to still receive more offers then I care to from such men. 1 offer from any submissive man is 1 too many and I find disrespectful to my wishes.
I list myself as a Dominant female, only because Collarme has no description for Gorean Free women. So, I strongly state again I am in no way searching nor do I have ANY use for submissive men, do not message me, they will not be responded to and will be quickly deleted and blocked. As a Gorean FW I will defer to a true man, not to just any male claiming he is a man, believe me, there is a vast difference between a true man and a male. I would be more then happy to explain what I mean if you ask.
I am also looking to meet a Dominant man, who applies Honor, Integrity, Respect,Accountability, and Honesty into his life. I am looking for a Friend, that could turn into a LTR. I feel I have a lot to offer a man, I am loving,caring and extremely loyal.I can be the snuggly couch potato  to stay at home and watch movies with, over a bowl of popcorn or I can be the fun loving adventurous type to go and try anything, at least once. I do enjoy dining out and going to see a good movie.
I want a man I can care for and make feel that he is the center of my world, because frankly, when I meet that right man, that is exactly what he will be.

My right man will know he is the head of the house hold but who will also include and consider my opinions and feelings when making the decisions he will make.

I was searching for a female slave to join my home, but I have decided to put that off.
I want the man I choose to be with one day to be a part in searching for the right slave in order for us both to be happy and satisfied with which ever girl we decide to accept.

Please feel free to message me any time if you feel you could be that right man.

I wish all, well and enough.

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Journal Entries:
11/17/2009 4:53:30 PM
If women will not be women
Then men CANNOT be men!
A different role -
And a different soul -
And if that role’s despised,
So is life’s prize!

Men need women
More than women need men.
So, women should all see
How important “we be!”
God made us that way,
And we’ll rue the day
When women decided
To be junior or senior men.
Then feminism will have Won out!

God created the sex’s model
He created Adam and Eve -
Not Adam and Steve -
That’s a heck of a difference!
And it shouts of INTERFERENCE
With God’s design.

If women will not be women
Men CANNOT be men.
If God’s way is despised -
(What a cost!!) -
Basically, ALL is lost!

- Jo Jean DeCristoforo -

11/10/2009 3:33:07 PM
Never make anyone your priority, when they only make you an option.!!

11/2/2009 7:28:13 PM
Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” -- Robert A. Heinlein
I seen that quote on another persons profile and laughed my ass off.
If ya can't take a joke...then...I feel bad for ya.

4/2/2008 11:16:46 AM
Ok, do submissive males have no reading skills?
I have stated 3 times in my profile, that I have NO use or want for submissive males, yet I receive an abundance of offers from them a week. boys, I find this to be a direct insult to my wishes. Do NOT approach me, for any reason what so ever.

8/7/2006 4:03:25 AM

The most dangerous lies are those which we tell ourselves.

        You may judge and scorn Goreans as you wish, know as well however, that they judge and scorn you. They fullfill themselves as you do not,Hate them for their pride and power, they will pity you for your shame and weakness.


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