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There are a lot of slaves that are getting in now that I am able to put a date on when I want my slave.... So I am being very strict, I had a list of 16 slaves I wanted to look at in detail, this list is now down to 7. If it falls below 3, I will look at other slaves.

Things in my life are changing, and the cage door is about to open. I am looking to interview slaves for 247 commitment to begin in the near future - less than 6 months - that are willing to accept lifetime no limit contracts. Currently there are a few options I am looking into, but I will consider others with the right attitude - the less perfect your body, the better your attitude needs to be.

If you read this and think that life with me will be gentle, safe or painless, that I am looking for a cook, cleaner, sub servant mother or wife - then you are wrong. I will do (and enjoy) all the things that you will find on other profiles, but I want to make the point - slavery is not about sex nor bondage. It is about commitment - trust - and a permanent mental shift of your attitude to life. It is an irrevocable commitment on my part, to you. After all, if I am going to change you to suit me - which I will do to you so as to make you better for me - this will be at the sacrifice of the skills you would normally use to live an independent life..

The role of a slave in my view is to serve your Master - to provide the relief and pleasure that your Master needs and deserves. I will in return provide a safe haven, that has a consistent rules and clear guidelines. As property you will be treated as both a tool and an assert - a tool in the way that you are available and there to be used, and also an assert in that the services you provide and delivery are of value.

I see a slave as a slave - someone to make my life easier, too use and to enjoy. I expect this to cover not only our sex life - and play time - but also our vanilla life, this means that whilst we are in normal life, you will act as my personal assistantman about house. My normal is as a business consultant in the London area - but also across Europe. Due to this I am sometimes around and sometimes gone during the week, this means I do expect you to work. What ever your position it may well not be full time - as the goal is not purely wealth - more to keep you active and attractive - but you still need to make sure that the things I need are provided for. Training to meet my requirements will also take place, I will not compete with your work commitments for my needs, but understand that if I expect you to work, you will have work commitments.

Going forward - I expect you to work both in the house - and in support of the business. This means that you will do a lot of the chores around the house, and in the business - I feel that a slave needs to be able to show how they care for their Master through work, by meeting the standards I set and to taking them forward in development and service.

Now I dont want you to get me wrong - I enjoy sex and I enjoy playing games with ropes and whips - but these will not be your whole life - although you will be a Slave your whole life - Sex is not the only thing that you will suffer but also this is not a sex free life (at least for me).Things I enjoy slaves doing - Chastity and milking, forced work outs, rope work, hypnosis and mind control, CBT, and SEX. I also will have total cum control over you.Note I do not consider weight loss, muscle build, body hair or you hair cut to be permanent changes - if you do not accept that I have the right to tell you how cut or shave you hair and how much exercise to do each day, what to eat and the results being a change - in that you may well loose weight - gain muscle - or anything else I choose. Limits are challenges for the master to break, but also need to be worked up to - read, I will break all your limits, but only the ones I actually want you to do (so you can forget children and animals)

In a perfect world you will live in the UK, Europe, type area - as it makes meeting a little more likely.

Kinks and things I enjoy...

Forced workouts for my boys



long term bondage




rope work

Sensory Deprivation


dress codesstylinghair cuts

among others...

Oh and I dont chase saves - if you want to know more - contact me, if you do not replay - do not expect me to actively follow up with you. your are here for me - not to make my life complicated, or to become another obligation (a full time slave is an obligation, but also a luxury)....

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4/30/2022 1:11:30 PM

Think about what you want - I offer 24/7 - that means 6 to 8 hours sleeping in your cage and hour of sex and leaves 15 hours of time.


"Cage time" will send you mad or a vegetable.


Be prepared to show that you have thought about this if you want me to brainwash you to fit me dirtiest desires - understand that this is a working position - in my house - but 23 hours of cage time a day is not possible for anyone 2 days maybe but no more.

11/16/2016 10:19:31 AM
I am getting annoyed at no shows. ...

7/29/2012 6:08:50 AM

I get annoyed with slaves, and there are a few of them, that believe that you can make a decision on them after a few second chat, especially it they have not experience.  


a 24/7 Slave is a big commitment.  It means that you have to take responsibility for them, this not only includes sex - but also food, health, bills, etc.  Most of the time this cost will be no less than 5 - 8 000 per year - if you want to include travel, gear and other fun and games, the cost will go up fast.  


Any one that things I will make that decision after a few words on Chat - can think again.  

5/25/2012 3:13:08 PM

Life is falling apart here- REALLY NEED A DECENT SLAVE - or at least one that knows how to provide relief form the rest of the world.

3/25/2011 12:05:49 PM

If you are a Master - why does your profile say you are looking for a Dominant Male???

12/2/2010 10:46:22 AM
I would like a slave on this site - to actually want what they say - and that means meet the master.....

8/20/2010 9:52:25 AM
Limits given by slave are challenges for Masters to break No limits is really just slave speak for saying that they trust their Master completely not to harm them so badly that they can no longer fulfill their roll - and if he does that the Master will continue to care for the slave

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