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Hetero Male Dominant, 65,  Akron, Ohio
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Hello all you submissive/switch/Dominant women. If what you seek is a lifepartner to further your journey with, do write and tell me about yourself. Life is to short to sit back and look/read and think about this wonderful lifestyle, ACT. A submissive is the one who must come forth and allow a Dom to take a look. Life is give/take, and both of us must have our needs fulfilled for a D/s relationship to procede. Tell me about you vanilla life wants and do indulge me with your kinks. You will be respected, and that includes a safe word. I, want your mind first and formost, then i will take, intoxicate you with the rest. Be realastic, and respectful, as I, will be to you. NOT NEW to this, my previous name on CM was MDom1, but I am locked out of that profile. ADDED: Non smoker, no drugs, and a very very moderate drinker- a bottle of liquor will last me 2 yrs.











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 Dominant Male



 5' 8"

 199 lbs






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Journal Entries:
4/19/2016 3:38:03 PM
Hello, Sunday night I had the good fortune to spend the evening with a Domme and her cuck, which she was going to milk that evening for my and her amusement. And after watching this scene it left me with a different perspective about these relationships. When I arrived, he was naked/secured/hooded, she told me knowing he was to be milked, but not knowing someone would be watching, and watch I did. We talked for about an hour, as she played with cuckie. Him being in chastity- caged, she put a heavy ring around his balls first. Spanking him well with the added weight had to pull down on those swaying balls. But as she remarked, :so what they belong to me and he doesn't need them any longer", she made her point. Made me wonder what this guy was thinking. Her plan she calls it, he shoots on a BLACK plate, all the while being in relaxed soft state, then off comes the hood and he is instructed to eat it, lick the plate clean, which he did without a word. Then back on the hood goes, without one word from him.  It was all done in an atmosphere that was erotic/well planned/exciting to observe and as a teaching tool, very educational.  Makes me wonder do slaves (true slave really need to cum, or can they be trained to cum on demand. I, am going to think deeply on this subject.  PS subbie was not released from ball ring weight, she said earliest would be in the morning. And we spent another hour talking about his other duties..............Truly enjoy KINK, as do others!

3/4/2016 4:22:12 PM
Why is it all these women will write and lead you on, then just disappear. No wonder people think all on here are fakes. And all the taken ones, who don't want anything, why bother with a profile, they can troll without a profile.

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