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Hetero Male Slave, 57,  Massachusetts
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I am a single, totally unattached fun, fit, intelligent, professionally employed man living and working in southern NH area. I hope to find a compatible woman for long term relationship in which she will be in control. Vanilla on the outside to enjoy things such as travel, the beach, boston etc but I will always be her slave, personal attendant, domestic maid and anything else she so choses. I have many interests but being her slave is my primary goal. Ideally, I seek a complete honest long term relationship and would even be happy to simply start out as a real part-time domestic maid and personal slave and see what may or may not develop, at least you would have a real personal slave and/or domestic maid. I have many other interests to share with right woman. Self employed but still a fair amount of free time to enjoy and serve a woman who may care to have a slave such as I. Ideally, a relationship which appears entirely vanilla to friends, family, and rest of world but in private her slave in all ways.










 Male Slave


 160 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women


 Being allowed to beg you for things

 Being allowed to worship your body

 You tying me up

 Being placed in a cage by you

 You disciplining me with a cane

 You controlling my male parts

 You giving me corner time

 Being allowed to see you in corsetry

 Being crossdressed by you

 You punishing my gentials

 Being allowed to be your servant

 Being allowed to worship your feet

 Being allowed to do all of the housework

 Being humiliated by you

 You putting me on a leash

 Mental Bondage

 Being allowed to be obedient to you

 You deciding when I'm allowed sexual pleasure

 You deciding what I wear

 You treating me like your butler


 Role Playing

 Being spanked by you

 You telling me when I'm allowed to speak

 Being allowed to see you in stockings

 You using a strap-on on me



 Female Sovereignty

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