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Pan Transgender Switch, 48,   , Pennsylvania
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Hey all! Working on my profile. A private minded crossdresser, looking chat and maybe more... I don't often send the first message.










 Transgender Switch








Actively Seeking:


Online Romance





 Humiliation (Beginner)

 Curious About:


 Housework Service

 Orgasm Denial

 Clothing Selection

 Rubber Fetish

 1950s Lifestyle

 Female Led Relationships

 Victorian Lifestyle

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Journal Entries:
5/9/2023 9:14:11 AM

The chat room, is it me, chrome, or something else? I can't seem to get on

4/5/2023 3:37:00 AM

Dronification has sparked my interest as of late.  Anyone have experiences or resources that they would likentobshare?

3/16/2023 5:22:43 PM

So it's no secret that I really like role-playing and cyber.  In no less then two days two play partners profess their IRL attraction to me. Now we've never met or exchanged photos.   Should I be creeped out? Avoid that chat room? Let them down slowly?  I need some advice. 

2/7/2023 2:42:15 AM

Today I turn 50.

100% true IRL.

Getting older stinks 

2/2/2023 5:05:05 PM

Is it just me or is the chatroom wiggy?

9/28/2022 7:22:34 AM

Working with an online sissy sub during Locktober.  They are very eager and I'd love to hear any ideas on for training.

8/16/2022 11:24:22 AM

Reverse image search is a thing that exists.

7/28/2022 4:38:57 AM

I mostly browse here on the mobile version.  For those who don't use it, all you see is a photo, gender, orientation, sexuality, age and  

For everything's else, I have to look at your profile. 

7/21/2022 12:20:53 PM

I'm taking a keen interest in distance training

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