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Hetero Male Dominant, 55,  Calgary, Canada
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This dynamic I seek. It is based on the premise of a total exchange of power between a Man and his women. Women cook, clean, do laundry, take care of the home and look after your Man. Each has their specific roles and responsibilities, with each being no less important to the dynamic. There is a clear understanding that the Man is in charge and has final say over everything. There are many names for this type of dynamic 1950’s, victorian, head of household, taken in hand. In most cases it is how your great grandparents lived. If you are over 50 you may have experienced it with your parents. Women wear skirts, blouses, dresses and heels to enhance their femininity. They also do their hair nails and makeup to be presentable for their men at all times. This is the type of women I seek.












 Dominant Male



 5' 11"

 225 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

A Poly Household

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Journal Entries:
2/15/2022 10:20:39 AM

Principles for Enlightened women to Live by

1 ALWAYS LOOK YOUR BEST NEVER STOP IMPROVING YOUR APPEARANCE This is crucial you will never attract Men not looking your best, and you will never keep a Man if you let yourself go Always improve, always get better Be the gorgeous you you were born to be Note Be the kind of beautiful He wants eg if you are naturally platinum blonde and He prefers brunettes guess what youre doing to your hair

2 COOK FOR HIM The ageold saying is true The way to a Mans heart is through His stomach Cook for him whenever He is hungry, and certainly make him 3 delicious meals a day your preferences do not matter, cook for His tastes alone Cook naked Always bring His meals to Him in a pleasant manner Offer to suck His cock as He eats

3 CLEAN HIS HOUSE Every inch should be clean enough to eat off of He should never have to lift a finger in regards to cleaning His home or clothes Offer to clean Him, His car, His office, etc Remember It can always be cleaner

4 BE HIS FUCK DOLL If He allows it, edge daily so you are nothing more than a wet and eager hole for Him to fuck Fucking Him should consume most of your thoughts in between wondering how you can please Him better NEVER say no or act displeased to sexually serve Him It is an honour to be used

REMEMBER Nothing is too degrading for you to do for Him If something brings Him pleasure, it is 100 your job to do it with a smile on your face

5 BE HIS DESTRESSOR Always make your body available for Him to take out His frustrations on If He wants to fuck, choke, slap, punch, kick, spit, or piss on you, take it like a lady It is your job to absorb His stress This may include reminding Him how amazing He is, giving Him massages, etc

6 OBEY HIM Self explanatory Do as He wants, and do not dream of disobeying Him This also includes staying away from other Men and women that are bad influences

7 FIND HAPPINESS IN HIS HAPPINESS Literally only His happiness matters Live your life to please Him, and you hopefully wont go wrong Always go the extra mile to remind Him how wonderful He is, etc

I would like to find a women who accepts this and feels happiest in this situation

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