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I'm a friendly guy looking for a once in a lifetime, rom-com type of relationship where we bot
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I'm a friendly guy looking for a once in a lifetime, rom-com type of relationship where we both fall head over heals in love with each other and can't wait to fall asleep in each other's arms at the end of each day so we can wake up to each other each morning. I have discovered that power exchange and various BDSM activities are a necessary component of this for me. I've been interested in the D/s lifestyle since before I can remember, and I had my first D/s relationship start when I was 15. Since then, I have been hooked. I can't imagine a vanilla relationship without all the wonderful sensations, experiences, and fantasies for which BDSM allows.


I'd like to think I have a unique approach to the lifestyle, but I'm sure that's true of everyone. I'm looking for a partner who will enjoy a wide variety of bdsm activities with me. Someone who shares my cravings for the lifestyle and is eager to submit, but is unwillingly to settle for anyone who will treat her as anything less than a goddess. While I love to give spankings and strict bondage as well as objectification and humiliation types of activities, at the end of the day it is essential to me that my submissive knows she is loved, cherished, respected, and seen in every way as an equal. We may have a relationship where we voluntarily shift the power balance such that I am in charge, but I will never lose my respect for my sub or allow her to lose her respect for herself. While I would be excited to gradually push my sub's limits and explore kinks that maybe neither of us even knew we had, I want to make sure that at all times we are only engaging in activities for which we both enthusiastically consent and are thrilled to be doing.


Below are some of my interests:


Behavior Modification / Lifestyle Control - Part of what I love about power exchange is the control I can have over aspects of my sub's life. Together I'd love to come up with goals that will benefit one or both of us. Maybe you want to learn a foreign language, reach a particular fitness goal, read for pleasure more etc. Maybe I want you to send me cute snapchats or learn submissive positions. We will come up with a schedule along with a system for punishments and rewards to help us reach whatever goals we set. 


Spanking - I love to spank. This was among the first kinks I got into. I can spank at any level depending on your tolerance (from just a couple of slaps with my hand to something seriously painful if you're a masochist or at least eager to experience something harsh), and I have a wide variety of toys that I have acquired over the past 10 years in the scene.


Bondage - Everything from simply ties with scarfs and belts to advanced shibari and subspension bondage, I love it all.


Massages - I love to give massages. I like receiving them too, but I particularly love giving them. I have my own massage table. I got it in college and used to give massages to students on campus either for pay or just because I liked it. There is something really pleasurable to me about making someone else feel good throughout their body and help them relieve any stress or pain they are feeling.


Aftercare - This is such an underrated and underappreciated kink. I love to bring a submissive to a wonderful place during a scene either through pain or pleasure or a combination. I also love to bring them back slowly and deliberately through massages and other meditative techniques. I want any scene to end with the submissive feeling safe, cared for, and fantastic about herself.


Sensation Play - The hitachi wand is my favorite toy for this. It's amazing what constant and powerful stimulation to the clitoris will do to a bound submissive. Combining this with hot wax, feather ticklers, ice cubes, wartenberg wheels, floggers, blindfolds, ear plugs, etc. can create a fun atmosphere for both of us.


Oral Sex - I actually prefer to give than to receive, but I love both :)


The list goes on and on, but those are some of my main interests.


While I mentioned that I am looking for a wonderful long-term relationship with a sub I can truly connect with, I am not at all opposed to just making friends as well as meeting casual play partners either online or in person. I am always looking to learn and explore more of what this lifestyle offers, and I am happy to talk with people of any gender or orientation who feel like talking. To anyone who does reach out just keep in mind I'm no one's master, dom, sir, boy, sub, slave, or anything else. I'm just Michael. I look forward to hearing from anyone who feels like dropping a line :-)

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