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Hetero Female Mistress, 67,  Orange County, California
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Hello, hope youve had a good day. A little about me, I am college educated, intelligent, a widow, retired, cultured, passionate, nonsmoker, has dark brown to black hair, like Netflix, creative in many ways like Interior Design, love Musical Theater, many genre of music and consider myself happy and outgoing. I am 5feet 3 inches. I live in Orange County, California. Born with a tan and raised in the Carribbean. I am a 67 and will be 68 this year, but feel like 50 and I am told that I look younger than my age. I am looking for a long term relationship.
I appreciate those of you who have written to let me know that you like my Profile. That is sweet of you and thank you sooo much. For those of you who wish to know me, my time is precious and I am asking for you to please provide proof of yourself before we can have lengthy chats. If I dont respond to you within a 72 hour period, its because I am not interested. I get a lot of mail so sometimes I just do not have my time. I dont accept Tracphone numbers, Google numbers and similar numbers like from Hangout etc. I want and will only respond to Genuine and Honest members who has a cell number and proof of your full body, with clothing of a current pic to me and is real, no exceptions. I need to see that youre taking your photo with your phone. No naked photos. Please do not brag on how much money you have because my communication will cease. Show me. You cannot buy me, unless its a Rolls Royce. lol. I expect a response from you if youre interested as how you see our lives meshing together. I have written my Profile in great detail so you should respond in great detail as to how you can possibly fit into our world. Thank you for being respectful of my wishes. I have met some really nice people on here who will always remain my friends.
My motivation to be involved in a Ds relationship is based in a clear self understanding of my needs and my desires. I believe that such is not only highly erotic, but can take a couple to a deeper level of Intimacy and Trust. I seek someone who can willing serve me as his Goddess, adores me and is a true servant in every word . I truly believe in each other being Compatible, having Chemistry and we must embrace that as we grow together in a loving relationship that knows no boundaries. I look for solid Values, Honesty, Openness, Loyalty, Spontaneity, Integrity is an important value, Love, Commitment, Caring, Sharing and yes, Romance. The BDSM lifestyle keeps both partners happy as long as we establish an Agreement and live by it. Its a win, win situation. A few of the things I live for, is Body Worship, Orgasm Control, Chastity, Begging, Cages, Mental Bondage, Obedience Training, Impact, Strap-Ons, CBT. BDSM Lifestyle and is seeking one who is ready for TPE. NO Extremes. I will not go off Collarspace website to your private email if offered to do so. I have done that and regretted it. I will never do that again. All communication must go thru Collarspace Website.
It is a big turn on sexually for me and hopefully for my Submissive slaves finds joy and fulfillment in servitude to me. By the way, I hope that pleases and excites someone or maybe two, to become my slaves in serving and worshipping me. I am a demanding Mistress. The specific dynamics of our partnership will depend on our Chemistry and your desire to have TPE. I have a continuous yearning to make myself happy, to take care of myself, my skin, my health, my teeth, my weight, dressing sexy and at the same time creating that look of being a Vixen in command, in charge, so that you understand by the tone of my voice that I may sound like a threat, sounds humiliating, disappointed, disgusted or disapproved of your behavior which may require punishment. Inspection of your body is necessary prior to entering in a relationship. I expect my slave to be well groomed. We will work together on an Agreement.
I am one of 12 siblings so I was trained in discipline by the best. You being on the other end of the spectrum, my same powerful voice can be soft, quiet, like sweet chirping birds, giving you praises, thank yous, showing kindness or a smile beaming off my face, a gentle kiss on your head as you lay on head on my lap seeking my approval or a rub on your shoulder, that you did an awesome job and is proud of you. I enjoy giving of myself and putting a smile on peopless faces but I also do enjoy handing out punishment to fit the crime. I am not a hardcore Dominant.
Its very important that my slaves realizes that he has A) ONLY one election ....that is total submission to the Will of me, his Mistress or, NOT. If that choice is made in the affirmative, then that is the LAST choice a slave makes. If I choose to have a second slave at some point later on, I dont want you to feel surprised or rejected. I am being upfront with you. I would be delighted to have one more sub for several reasons maybe to cook, clean and train him to fit into our arrangement, for his Mistress LadySasha.
Everyone has to be happy with themselves before they can add happiness to my life and to be open enough to allow me to add to their life. Even though you, the slave, may not like it, its the choice you made to be in submission and respectful to me so keep that in prospective. I would hope my slaves live a life of humbleness, submission to me and be proud of their abilities to serve, to please me because they should think of it as an Honor and Duty and a Pleasure to please their Mistress. You must be independent. I trust that I have explained the election you have made of Servitude. If any of this resonates with you, pleaseee write to me.
Manners and Social graces are needed if we choose to enter in an Ds relationship with emphasis in TPE. At my age, I am looking for a long term relationship. Please respect my age group. I want to emphasize that I am a Genuine Sincere person looking for the same qualities in you, so please read my Profile carefully or maybe twice. Highly allergic to cats. Not into extreme things like blood, animals, scat and medical treatments or extreme bondage.
A Female Sub once wrote an Explanation of Denial
I will Suffer, You will Deny me, I will Nod in Obedience, but I will be Suffering. Ill Clench my muscles, hold my Breath, Arch my back, pull, twist as directed - anything to Stop from cumming without Permission. Anything to stop the Intense Waves of Pleasure from giving me the Release I so Desperately want and need.
I need the Suffering more than I need Orgasm. I need you to tell me No. I need to feel your Power manifested in extreme Sexual Frustration, and I want to Relinquish my Control, beg, cry to no avail. It is a of Masochism, this need to Experience the Anguish of Denied Orgasms. Its painful, but its crucial to my Existence as a Submissive. I cant feel Owned without Denial I dont want to be Owned without Denial. I want to give my Pussy and its Pleasure away, completely Surrender to your Will.
I want to ask for every Orgasm, whimper out a little, May I cum, Miss? Every single time Im on the edge. It is Essential. It is my place.
Lets not minimize my Love for Orgasms. Oh, Im going to Love Clenching and Cumming should it be allowed, though I know I Truly shouldnt. Im going to love touching myself exactly the way you demand but part of what makes all those Orgasms - which may never happen - a Pleasure in my mind is that it will be solely your choice to let me have them or Not. I dont beg for them so that I can experience a purely selfish Pleasure I beg for them because theyre only Worth having if you say Yes. You own them. Theyre yours. The very Sound I make when I cum will be branded with your Initials. And when I cum, if I cum, I will cum exactly the way - and experience exactly the feeling you desire, all because you said yes. True Power requires no more than just One Word, though I understand ( and oddly need) that











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