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Pan Female Dominant, 32,  Midlands, United Kingdom
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I am a Trans Girl (M2F), looking primarily looking for women, but I am open to men (slaves) ? I would like to talk to Dommes, submissive and switch girls (and possibly couples). I do not submit to men ? Yes, those are my legs and lips ? I go out in public dressed as a woman, and love dressing sexy. Would love to meet girls for friendship, ?to go shopping with, out for drinks and fun. To me the friendship side of things matters, and makes fun even better. ? I like to take control however I am switch with Women, so happy to chat with Dommes too. I would like to be owned by a Superior Queen who's feet I can kneel at. ? Slaves and submissives will find me to be friendly but also a dominant. I can be a naughty flirt too.? ? I am sensual and enjoy the slow intimate side of things as well as the rough and kinky. I enjoy massaging, cuddles and kisses too! ? When it comes to Ds, I am very open minded and love to explore. Sensual dominance, or rough and wild both work for me. ? I have been involved in BDSM for a number of years, and have experience in the live scene (clubs etc). I've owned a slave (female), as well as played with subs, so do have an understanding of how this all works ? ***Crossdressers read below *** ? I am willing to help train crossdressers, but this will involve the following:? - escorted shopping trips (you will need to pay for my time) - teaching you make up (paid service) - training on beauty, facial products, skin care, getting smooth skin etc (paid service) Contact me for prices with an explanation of what you are interested in ? ? *** GUYS NOTE: *** ? It seems impossible to have a profile and not get contacted by boys, so little worms, here are the rules for you: ? I do not submit to men at all. ? 1) Men will kneel before me and obey. ? 2) I like people who put effort in. One line messages do not impress me. Do more than say hello. ? 3) I do not chase guys. If you want to maintain our contact put effort into writing regularly. I only write to those who have left me a message for when I come online ? 4) I do not do guys up the ass, unless it is with a strap on. Getting real tired of that fantasy from every guy!! Not every crossdresser is into that, get a clue. ? 5) If you message me expecting me to do all the writing, telling you all?the?time what I will do to you, I will get bored and block you. Stop being lazy you sods and put effort in yourselves. I put effort in with those who put effort in ? 6) Tell me how you will pamper me, treat me like your Queen in your FIRST message! ? **************** ? Answers to common questions:? ? Read these so you don't have to ask me them! ? Q: How can I impress you?? A: If I have to answer that, you have already failed to impress me ? Q: Do you accomodate? A: I only accomodate once I know people face to face. So the first meeting you will need to arrange this. Hotels are fine. If you cannot accomodate or sort a hotel, then you are clearly either married and not telling me (if you are married tell me. I don't care if you are, I want honesty); or you are too cheap to get a hotel. ? Q: Do you do guys in the ass?? A: No, unless I feel like using a strap on, but do not expect it ? Q: Do you do girls in the ass A: With pleasure ? Q: Can you send me a face pic? A: Only once I know you are consistent, and not just asking for a pic on the first day. I am tired of sending pics to people who are just looking for pics ? Q: Will you meet me in a dark alley to suck my cock?? A: Not a chance in hell. If you are too embarrassed to be seen in public with me, then you are not for me ? ? Louisa x











 Dominant Female


 United Kingdom

 5' 11"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Male slave/sub

Switch Female

Domme/Dom Couples

Sub/Sub Couples

Female Led Couples

Male Dom Couples


Online Romance

A Poly Household


 Fine Dining



 You begging

 You worshiping my body


 Feminizing you


 You massaging me

 You kissing my feet

 Massage (Giving)


 You worshiping me in stockings

 Female Sovereignty


 Coffee Shops



 Blindfolding you

 Tying you up

 You worshiping my breasts

 Disciplining you with a cane

 Eye contact with me is not permitted

 Disciplining your private parts

 Local BDSM Community

 Penetrating your rear

 Erotic touch

 Hair Pulling


 Training you to be completely
obedient to me and only me

 Complete control of your orgasms

 Sensation Play

 Deciding what you wear

 You servicing me with your mouth

 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play

 Role Playing

 Spanking you

 Dominating you with a strap-on

 Tickling you while you're bound


 Wax Play

 Online RPGs

 Web Surfing





 Rock Music

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Journal Entries:
11/21/2013 7:08:51 AM

and another ignorant, coward, wanker sends a nasty message, then blocks me, running in fear of my reply. such cowardness, total whimp and loser. So sad to see such scum living on this planet, wasting valuable space. Would be better suited if they simply left the rest of the real human beings to enjoy this place in peace

6/13/2013 5:45:06 PM

Another sad, lonely loser who had to hide behind a fake profile, pretending to be someone else in order to get anyone to talk to him. Shame, I am tempted to feel sorry for those pathetic, lonely little boys who can't get anyone to talk to them without making a fake profile, however I don't feel sorry for them. They need to go get a life and be real. Maybe then they would actually be able to stop being so lonely and sad. Unfortunately, they're not going to do that, and will remain fake, lonely losers who's only joy in life is to pretend to be someone else online while being stuck with only their hand to satisfy themselves for the rest of their pathetic little lives

5/10/2013 5:44:48 AM

Why do so many males have pictures of females as their profile pictures? This is not a fashion magazine trying to get sales by putting pictures of women up. This is a meeting site. If you can't stick Your own pic up, don't put someone else's there instead!

4/25/2013 8:39:40 AM

Thank you to those who have sent me Birthday wishes today. I am having a very nice day :-)

4/25/2013 12:50:06 AM
It's my birthday today :-)

4/24/2013 3:52:00 AM

For crossdressers wanting help and training:

Please read the section of my profile addressed to you

4/17/2013 4:25:20 AM

8 days until my birthday.... :-)

4/9/2013 4:38:38 AM

only a coward sends a rude message attacking that I am a crossdresser, then blocks me so they cannot get a reply. Closed minded gender bigots have no place on this site

4/7/2013 9:56:51 AM

I am primarily here to meet girls (and couples). I will tolerate boys, but you need to prove yourselves worthy, and grab my attention. 



4/3/2013 7:57:26 AM

I can't wait for my Birthday this month! :-)

4/2/2013 6:03:21 PM
Any genuine, convincing crossdressers/TV/TS on here? Ones who go out in public dressed as a girl?

3/19/2013 8:18:00 AM

GUYS: read my profile, especially the bit addressed to you. Read my journal. Your FIRST message to me should show you have done this (don't just say you have read it, show by doing as I have said), otherwise I will delete and block you

3/19/2013 7:42:57 AM

ooooo I likey:

3/12/2013 4:29:40 AM

why can't boys think of more to write than 'what are you going to do to me'?

3/12/2013 3:32:28 AM

So many pathetic online fantasists here. I want real people who will meet, not just those getting their kicks out of online chat 

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