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Strong guy. Workout. Typically more on the dominant end of the spectrum in my relationships wi
Hetero Male Submissive, 26,  Fayetteville, Arkansas
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A Poly Household

Strong guy. Workout. Typically more on the dominant end of the spectrum in my relationships with women.

Finding a kinky, switch woman who would like to play and experiment would be hot, but Im expecting the chances of that are pretty slim. So, Im willing to expand my interests to other guys as well when it comes to some of my fantasies that can include them.

***As an update, after some recent experience, I want to specifically mention an interest in transgender or CDs as well. However, I find my instincts with them, like with women, is far more on the dominant side. If you are 100 percent submissive, despite what the rest of the profile describes seeking, I am confident we could have quite a bit of fun playing together. Feel free to reach out.

Willing to experiment if it means cumming in satisfying ways, while single and in school.

Turned on by the idea of someone Im not even attracted to, forcing me to cum from how insanely good what they are doing to me feels.

Anyone out there turned on forcing a straight guy to empty his balls for you? Interested in doing it often? Forced milkings?

Femdom edging handjob porn is my favorite (extended edging sessions, forced to cum over and over, milkings, bondage, blindfolds, prostate stimulation, post-orgasm stimulation, etc.). If youre into that kind of thing, even better. Exchanging videos we like could be hot.

Possibly interested in other things that feel insanely good. Let me know what you have in mind.

After a few conversations, I believe I might also be attracted to the idea of a dominant, gay bottom that enjoys taking advantage of someone that is straight. Particularly if you love to use a fat, uncut cock for your needs. Taking ownership and control of my cock, the amount of pleasure it receives, and every drop of cum it produces...or is prevented from releasing. Maybe something even more extreme like keeping me in chastity between meetings to insure you are getting all of my cum, and Im extra desperate for release and your touch.

Is anyone else interested in this kind of thing?

To be clear, Im not interested in meeting with another guy just to get off. Im only interested if we have very similar interests.

The possibility of something ongoing or long-term is especially attractive to me.

Age isnt an issue for me. Compatible interests are.

**My situation has recently changed a bit. Ive graduated and am currently self-employed. I can work from pretty much anywhere, so Im more open to relocating than Ive been in the past when talking with those that have had shared interests. So, if weve talked in the past, or if you simply love the idea of having a straight guy whos sexuality you control, or your own fat, uncut cock to take advantage of or milk, definitely reach out. If we have very compatible interests, Im very open to making something work.

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