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Hetero Male Master, 55,  London, United Kingdom
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 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 5' 9"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Switch Women

Domme/Dom Couples

Sub/Sub Couples

 Lives For:

 Obedience Training


 Amusement Parks

 Musical Theater



 Body Worship

 Canes and Crops (Expert)


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Domestic Servants

 Foot Worship


 Mental Bondage

 Public Play


 Speech Restrictions



 Lifestyle BDSM

 Victorian Household


 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries

 Fine Dining




 Martial Arts

 Scuba Diving



 Breast Play



 Corner Time



 Local BDSM Community


 Hair Pulling

 Housework Service




 Orgasm Denial

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Role Playing

 Serving as a Maid/Butler








 1950s Household

 Blue Grass


 Classical Music

 EMO Music

 Folk Music


 Nineties Music




 Pop Music


 Rock Music

 Seventies Music

 Show Tunes





 Curious About:

 Ultimate Frisbee (Expert)



 Old Guard



 Knife Play



 Hard Limits:


 Soap Making


I am a Dominant Male with many years experience, and you can speak to previous women who I've trained.

I enjoy training in Obedience, introducing women into submission, and also dealing with more experienced submissives.

I also enjoy acting as Disciplinarian, having disciplinees report once a week, fortnight, or month for review of their behaviour and progress toward goals, and ensuring they keep in line.

I'm willing to discuss goals that women want to achieve and together reach a mutual decision as to what your goals are, what the punishments would be and what would measure progress.  Possibly a contract on performance could be drawn up if appropriate. 

Experienced subs are great, new subs are certainly welcome and will be met with patience and I'll help you learn.

In the past I have encouraged and disciplined women who wanted to lose weight and needed that external discipline; women who needed to get control over their debts; women who were disorganised and needed to sort out things in their life.

Dare you? (Grin!!)

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Journal Entries:
11/24/2013 1:14:21 PM

About time I started this activity again.

Real Discipline for women who need exactly that.

Here's a report from a woman who I did this with a while ago:


A Disciplinee report of her first Attendance......


It was the choice between going back home to my muddle and mayhem or walking those last few steps to the flat, knowing that i was meeting my end of the  
bargain with you.  That if i didnt then the muddle and mayhem would  
continue unchallenged and unabated until it all fritzed.

But my heart was pumping and my feet didnt want to walk fast at all, though  
youd asked me to hurry up, i didnt, i took my time and walked thoughtfully along, deciding with each step, and, with each step the choice remained mine until i rang on the doorbell and stepped in.

You're not so scary looking in real life.  You have a nice smile and a distant  
warmth thats genuine. i liked you the moment i saw you.

The wine helped and the chatter about stuff i wasnt really listening to.  I felt hot and my hands were clammy (my hands never go clammy) and i realised then how frightened i was or had been, but i think i appeared calm and self assured, im not sure, probably not. 

Then you started talking to me about things, again i cant really remember what.  You talked for quite a while and i found myself wishing youd just get on with it and kill the nervous suspense, but at the same time glad that nothing had happened and quietly wondering if maybe nothing much would and it would just be a meet and a chat and a breaking of ice.  Deep down i knew that wasnt how it was going to be. 

I felt no resistance, no desire to stop anything, without any sort of process on my part i felt completely submissive to you and the situation.  So when you told me to
take my jacket and trousers off and stand straight at the wall it felt ok.  My heart was pounding and my breath was shallow and the anticipation of what was going to come and not knowing exactly how was nerve wracking.  I stood straight and still because youd asked me to, but i couldnt help fidgeting too and you reminded me to stay still.

And then you went quiete and i was waiting for something to happen but nothing did.  eventually you told me that you would call me into the bedroom to be spanked over your knee and when you did my stomach lurched but i walked in.

You were sitting on the bed and told me to kneel beside you and place myself over your knee, you told me to hurry up.  it was deeply humiliating lying there with my bottom exposed.  the spanks started lightly, not anything harsh and i slipped  
into acceptance mode which stayed with me for the rest of the evening with you.  The spanks got harder and a couple really stang and i think i whinged a bit, but  it was more the humiliation of lying there that made it difficult.  Then you sent me back to stand in front of the wall.   

You lectured me some more and i giggled a bit.  You told me to touch my toes, but i couldnt, i have tight hamstrings and i was tense anyway, but i had to bend over and you spanked me hard with the slipper.  That burned and stung and made me yelp, it was only a couple but the contrast from the warm up spanking was pretty  
appalling.  It was a taste of what was ahead and i began to feel nervous again. 

Then, i think it was then, you taught me the obedience stances 1, 2, 3 and 4.  More lecturing and most of the time i hid behind my hair and forced the giggles down because i didnt want the slipper again.

Then you ordered me back into the bedroom and told me to lie across the bed with my feet on the floor and you spanked me with the paddle.  Each spank of that thing burned like hell.  it stung when it landed and burnt deep.  It was hard to keep still for it and worse when they landed on the same place one after the other.  i  
know i yelped and wriggled about and you kept landing them until my bottom felt hot and sore.  you pushed my head down a couple of times and held my hair to force my head down and you kept spanking me with the paddle until i was close to tears and sobbing and my bottom hurt everywhere. then you took your belt off and spanked me with that.  it stung, but after the paddle it didnt feel anything like as bad and then you told me to run back into the sitting room and resume my position by the wall.

i stood there, with my face to the wall, my hands down by my side, fingers straight.  You walked in a few minutes later and began to talk to me about the mess id got myself in and about other areas of my life.  how much i didnt care about my business folding, the people id let down, my mother and forgetting her birthday.  and then you began paddling me again, hard, really hard and i writhed against the wall, yelping with each hard strike.  i remember i was fingering the lace on the top of my stockings, twiddling it and pulling at it and you remarked that it was good i wasnt using my hands to shield my bottom, that if i did id be in more trouble.  and the spanking continued while i sobbed and squirmed and thought i couldnt take any more but i did. 

I dont really remember the sequence that led up to my first caning.  i just remember you telling me to kneel on the seat of the chair and bend over the arm so that my hands were on the floor.  you told me to push my bottom up.  this was the bit i had been dreading.

The first few werent so bad - they stung and the after burn came straight after.  and then they got harder and more frequent and the ones that came one after another were impossible to stay still for.  they made me sob but i didnt cry.  it was more that they took my breath away and i was dreading each one that came and then you told me that i had 12 specific strokes for specific disobedience and they came together and i think i had to count them, which helped to focus and they really really hurt.

And then you stood me up against the wall again with a coin to hold with my nose. Eventually you told me to resume my position on the chair and you spanked me hard with that awful slipper.  pain wise its up there with the cane in my view.  its a different pain and it bites hard and they came one after the other until my bottom was really sore and really didnt want anymore but they kept coming and then you made me count to 20 and that helped again, but damn it hurt and i was wriggling  
about and sobbing without tears, but the tears werent far away and i  got to 20 and relaxed and you landed another one and i remember thinking 'oh shit he's not stopping'. but you did. 

By now my bottom was genuinely sore and hot.  I didnt become aware of the  
throbbing until later, but it must have been.  you told me i was going to get 12 of the cane and i said 'no' so you increased the strokes to 13 and asked me if i wanted to disagree further.  i didnt. 

They came one after the other as well and i had to count those too.  Each one landed with a fresh acute sting that burnt deep and i dreaded each one that came.  it wasnt a struggle to stay there, in fact i never once thought of getting up, but it was a massive struggle to stay still and more than once you warned me that if i didnt you would start counting again.

And then it was over and id survived and it was a relief to put my trousers back on.

A few times you asked me if i felt humiliated by any of it at any time.   its odd, but i didnt, apart from the spanking at the begining but i think thats because theres an association with being a child and being treated like one.  i should have felt humiliated with my bottom stuck up in the air on the chair for my caning and slippering, but i didnt. all i thought about was the pain i was going through and the fact that more than once you told me it could get alot worse and with a couple of  
really hard strokes it actually did.

Thank you for last night, i feel really settled and centered and calm.

This woman corrected several things in her life under my instructions.

All real-life major problems.


Who is next?

Sir Robert

12/6/2008 7:46:32 AM
.... the voices continued on... in the background.... a dull hum; a staccato exclamation; a chink of laughter......

They were drowned out by her own thoughts, the screaming inside, the rushing wall of shame, the drumming in her ears.

She had her back to them now..she didn't know what was worse - to be forced to stand under the lights and be examined and shown and ...touched.... squeezed.... or to be put with her nose to the wall, safe from their eyes to an extent, but so open - so dreadfully, totally, exposed to their comments, and, their lack of comment.

She didn't know what was worse - hearing them talk about her, or being naked in the room while they talked about anything else but her...

Which was worse - the pain of the sudden 'whoosh' of the cruel whip, or the fact that nobody stopped talking while it happened, or said anything about it... and then just left there, again....

Soon, she knew, that little blonde bitch, the one half her age, the one who had commented on her older breasts, would SNAP her fingers, and when it happened, she would turn, INSTANTLY, or she knew she would be cruelly punished... rise to her toes and stretch to be viewed, or if there was a second click of her fingers she would drop to her knees... in a split second..and she would be paraded like a dog... oh... she would hate it, but, she knew she could not avoid it..

The cute little blonde girl had been so chatty when she arrived "oh, hello, heard so much about you, so lovely to meet you".

Half her age, so assured, so light, bubbly - but then had turned into a tyrant when Master had said, so casually "go into the room with V, she'd like to talk to you".

"Down. Do NOT speak - Listen" "I will only tell you once - when I order, you obey, INSTANTLY - or I will crop the back of your legs and you wont be wearing a skirt without marks showing for weeks - is that clear?".

Master had arranged for her to be "Mistress of Ceremonies".

Oh, oh... and yet, and yet.... she had never felt so alive.....

9/26/2008 5:31:02 PM
A Disciplinee.  
                                                                                                                                                                                     a woman who has very strict orders to report at certain times, to report on her actions, and have her fate decided for her.... "Your Reports, there, on that table; your clothes there, in that cupboard, you, there, in that corner".

                                                                                                  “Report well written – at least you have it properly headed, sub headed, and indexed, this time”

“Lines acceptable; if you had not behaved so badly 3 weeks ago you wouldn’t have to work so hard on them, would you? Must have taken 2, 3, evenings?”

“Content of Report – not too good, is it?”

“No Sir”

“Some progress, some backsliding.”

“You are going to get a dozen strokes with the strap, and same with the cane. And the same 500 lines. I expect better behaviour from you in the treatment of your staff. You have a lot to learn”.

9/26/2008 5:27:47 PM
"molly is on the phone"


"Yes girl?"

"Sir, molly is on the phone; asking for her Instructions for today, Sir"

"Didn't you tell her already?"

"I..I'm sorry, Sir - I forgot..Sir"

"well girl, you know what that means, don't you?"

"no Sir, only that I will be Punished, Sir"

"quite right; no, you have no idea of the Punishment you will receive. you will go with molly to get what she is going to get, at Madame Cane's. Tell molly where to go - she is to be there at 6.00pm - and so will you. Call Madame Cane and ask if she has room for two 'subjects' for the evening instead of just the one. I'm sure she won't mind".

" " "Yes Sir"

"Get on with it"

"Yes Sir"

"girl - while you are on the phone, tell Madame Cane that molly will not be released from her belt. Because you forgot to pass on the message, molly will go another week. If molly is good she can give you half a dozen strokes as payback."


9/24/2008 6:08:41 AM
The Appointment - Part 3.

I have a number of different Part 3s - tell me how you think it develops!

9/12/2008 1:57:34 PM
The Appointment, Part 2

..suddenly she knew why people talked about "I could feel his eyes looking at me".... suddenly she KNEW he was watching her for the slightest movement... her knees were getting thoroughly aquainted with the carpet; she contrated on her breathing... and holding her arms still. Her fingers suddenly found the hem of the skirt slightly heavy....she hoped the time she'd spent wondering whether the pale blue with the little bows, or the simple "Marks White" or the Perla - somehow she was sure the simple white was the best choice, it made it clear she understood she was to be disciplined - so why had she changed her mind at the last second?....Oh God,, I somehow didn't think I'd be here (I knew I would be)..I thought we'd have coffee (2 sips, and then "I think its time you straighten up, emma; put the coffee down)... "I want you to go and kneel, there" (her eyes had instantly followed his hand.. and she, sort of followed her eyes... "turn around, raise your skirt with your fingers, hold your arms across your back". Oh HE had finished HIS coffee alright...

I should just jump up...but somehow I know I can't (is this gonna hurt?) (its going to sting girl..jeez) (He wont be mean though?) (He did smile, nicely..I guess he's going to be REEEAL nice about hurting my ass!) (DON't for chrisake giggle - somehow I don't think THAT would do your ass any favours, ems my girl)...

"..spction" (What was that... time for Inspection? ..well, I guess this is where I find out if he likes the perla...)

His hand on her shoulder, again. Then lifting her face. She realised that without being told to she'd been looking down, like, well, a girl who was going to be disciplined.

"Good girl. Very sweet" .......... then, moved his hand from her chin to the top of her head; she lowered her head again. "You're learning already, aren't you, emma" "Yes" "Sir" (why do bloody Doms like to be called Sir?... I'll ask him, but, maybe not just yet) (is he going to spank me before... well, using that lot?)

Her buttons just seemed to undo themselves. Well, disembodied fingers just went button to button, button to button.

"Hands - one at a time" Meekly (she WASN'T MEEK!!) she held out the right hand.. button, undone.."Other"..

"Stand, emma, take it off, and the skirt"

(I'm SOOO blushing)...

the girl stood there, looking at her clothes on the floor. (Where do you put your hands when its an 'Inspection'?). Her hands seemed to find their way to behind her back...he seemed pleased... but...

(EMS you should have worn the simple white... this is just too, well, sexy exec, you idiot. you don't even know if he likes ... oh look GREAT in this em)...(he he - it never fails...)

"Beautiful" "thank you, Sir" (I know I'm sexy, "Sir").

"But you are here to be Disciplined, aren't you?"

(groan) .."yes Sir".

(Should have gone with the simple white) "Should have gone with the simple white" (JEEEZ. CAN HE HEAR ME THINK?????)

"You're going to get a thorough spanking and then you are going to take it off" (Understand, girl?) "Understand, girl?" (OMG....OH...MY.....)

"yes Sir" (Oh God, Oh God, Oh God)

(that's a lovely smile, he IS going to be nice while he's busting my ass)

A chair which had been there all along, suddenly seemed to spring from the background... he was sitting in it...

"come HERE, emma"

the girl took his hand, she felt guided over his lap...(oh jesus, oh god....)


Time standing still was an understatement.....

9/3/2008 2:35:58 PM
The Appointment.  Part 1.

They had met, for coffee. He seemed kinda OK, a bit nice, a little serious with odd quirky comic lines, occasionally... but there were times, like when he said "Discipline, dear girl, if you submit to it, will be real. Is that quite, quite, understood?"

WHY had she said "yes Sir", to that - she had had no intention of any such thing, but, something in the way he spoke.... "yes Sir, I understand"

"6.00pm, next Wednesday - here's the address"... "no, don't put it away without looking at it... read it, and look it up in the A to Z when you get back to your car - I'll be less than pleased if you are late - now, is THAT quite clear?"

"yes Sir"

And, somehow, there she was, knelt on the floor "DON'T move, when you have been positioned" ringing in her mind; she was utterly rigid, fascinated by the sight of the 3 canes, 2 tawses and 2 crops neatly laid on the table.

Her mouth was dry, her ..well, she was experiencing quite some feelings.... her chest felt so hot, so flushed.... he hadn't laid a finger on her yet, (apart from that grip of her shoulders as she was intructed to kneel UP, girl) but suddenly, seeing those instruments there, she knew very well that she was most certainly going to get what she ahd asked for... and there was no way she could back out now... like a moth..... the flame was too strong......

3/13/2008 12:49:44 PM
Apparently I'm into Ultimate Frisbee, and am even an Expert at it - well, its new to me, and I guess its in the list somewhere to delete, but, what the hell. Look, if YOU are really, really, into frisbees - that's OK, and I'll tolerate it.

I have met many women from the net over the years, and so far as I know, and in most cases to my certain knowledge, got on great and the women I have met, and couples, liked what I did, and we enjoyed ourselves.

(OK, its true, in some cases it was the afterglow that was enjoyed!)

11/20/2003 4:39:02 AM
My interests are rather wider than the limited options provided here!

Just ask - I dare you!

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