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Hetero Female Dominant, 52,  London, United Kingdom
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I am a female Dominant from London with many many years of experience. Not new to the scene. I am more of teacher within this lifestyle, but I am seeking very specific people. I am have many business interests, and I am hoping to find people with more than 1 talent or skill, or those willing to be trained. All non BDSM work will be paid for. I do not own in the sense that others in the lifestyle own, I do not use contracts or safe words, as it shows a lack of trust.











 Dominant Female


 United Kingdom

 5' 5"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Male slave/sub


 Lives For:

 Feminizing you


 You begging

 Blindfolding you

 Tying you up


 Disciplining you with a cane

 Keeping you locked in tamper evident chastity at all times

 Collaring you


 Electrical Play

 Eye contact with me is not permitted

 Disciplining your private parts

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Journal Entries:
9/27/2022 12:41:17 PM

I am not a fin or pro Domme. I never have and never will charge anyone for my time in the realms of bdsm 

9/19/2022 10:14:01 AM

I have business interests in, Tygart Valley, America and Nova Scotia Canada. Also looking to expand into Europe but unsure where yet. 

9/12/2022 9:26:34 AM

I am in a committed vanilla relationship and therefore I do not have any form of sexual contact with anyone I chose to work with. I am looking for service orientated people. 

8/18/2022 8:35:19 AM

Anyone I chose to meet these days, I have 1 requirement, you arrive with a copy of my autobiography and I will sign it for you. I will not meet anyone that can not perform that simple task. 

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