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Bisexual Female Submissive, 45,  California
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Liz95 - submissive

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Last Online:


 Submissive Female


 5' 3"

 160 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Online Romance

 Lives For:

 Fine Dining


 Breast Play




 Anal Play












 Hair Pulling


 Obedience Training


 Role Playing

 Serving as a Maid/Butler




 1950s Household





 Housework Service

 Massage (Getting)

 Orgasm Denial


 Curious About:


 Body Worship


 Canes and Crops




 Masks (On Partner)

 Masks (Wearing)

 Mental Bondage

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play

 Sensory Deprivation


 Speech Restrictions



 Wax play



 Fire Play

 Foot Worship

 Massage (Giving)

 Plastic Wrap

 Rubber Fetish

 Vacuum Stimulation



 Needle Play

 Hard Limits:

 Electrical Play

 Gas Masks

 Knife Play

 Medical Play

i am not looking for ownership at this point.  i enjoy conversing with those who wish to contact me.  i am open to completing  tasks but am very busy and do not want to let down or disappoint a Master/Sir.  You deserve respect.    i have been at this for a few years now and have enjoyed growing in the process.  i love to be controlled.  I am a quick learner and look forward to being educated.  Yes those are my tits in my profile picture.  So far I know I love to wear my collar and clamps.  I can not relocate and am not available for 24/7 relationship.
i want to be clear - i am not going to do realtime or videos.  
look forward to talking to You...

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Journal Entries:
5/1/2016 10:53:31 PM
i added some new pictures from this weekend.  hope You enjoy my accessories

2/17/2015 10:45:13 PM
i went to our swing club by myself - my husband sent me.  i went in with my usual rules i have set up for myself (do anything but no intercourse).  i sit at the bar and just planned on people watching, until he entered the room.  i became instantly wet and knew i would need to fuck this gorgeous man who was built and had a beautiful big, black cock.  i started talking to this fine specimen and explained my rules.  he said OK but there is allot that we can do.  i said yes and we went and found a bed in the group room.  i knelt down and took his cock into my white married hands and began stroking and sucking.  he then told me to lie on the bed.  he began liking my gushing pussy.  he would finger me until i was about to cum and stop.  he was totally teasing me.  i had him lie down and began sucking him again.  i knew i needed him inside me.  i put a condom on his gorgeous cock and got on top and rode his cock.  Cumming so many times i lost count.  then when he was about to cum i got off and stroked his cock.  his cum shot out and hit my face.  i could not wait to get home and tell my hubby!  i was a slut and a tramp! and i loved it!!!!

10/6/2014 10:34:26 PM
Occasionally i will go to the club to get some sun, by myself leaving my husband at home.  He knows where i am and what i am up too.  i enjoy laying out naked and feeling the sun's warmth on my tits and pussy.  

i went this past Sunday to get some sun.  i was laying out naked in a lounge chair by the pool and chatting here and there with guys as they walked by.  An older man started asking me about the book i was reading.  We talked about books for a while and then he told me he liked my nipples.  i said" i like them too" and laughed, thinking i really do like my nipples and he walked away.  Later he came by again and said "I like your nipples"  i said "then do something about it",  he said "really?!?!?"  i said yes.  He knelt down by my chair and started to suck on my nipples, he said he loved the way they reacted, my nipples were now rock hard.  He started stroking my pussy, commenting in how wet it was.  He then began fingering me and then teased my clit with his tongue.  He looked up and said "we have an audience"  i replied "I like it that way" - there were 3 guys jacking off standing around my lounge chair (i love people watching me, i am such an exhibitionist slut- i crave the attention).  i kept eye contact with one black man as he jacked off his big cock and licked my lips (thinking i have this man old enough to be my father getting me off and i really want that BBC in my pussy, but when i go to the club by myself i don't fuck.  i want my husband there to watch, or else that would be cheating, lol).  The older man made me cum 3 times.  I eventually stroked his cock some, not much and told his that is all he gets.  He said that was fine and thanked me telling me that my pussy is delicious.  i got up, nodded to my audience, shook my ass some as i walked away and headed home.  Fun way to spend the afternoon. 

11/23/2013 11:05:04 PM

Occasionally my husband and I will go to a local Swingers Club.  We were there recently and sitting downstairs enjoying a glass of wine.  I noticed quite a few young black men walking around.  What I love about the club is woman can were lingerie, but the men must be naked.  I enjoy being able to see their cocks as they walk around.  I was wearing black fishnets with a garter belt, a black babydoll nightie and 5 inch high fuckme heels.  I felt very sexy.  I love to put on this outfit.  The nightie has a halter top that lifts my tits, but can easily moved to the side for easy access to my tits.  

So I am drinking my wine, enjoying all of the gorgeous young black men hovering and all of them have amazing cocks.  My husband and I move to a couch near the dance floor, my husband has taken my tits out of my top and starts sucking them as I spread my legs so he can finger my cunt.  Next thing I hear is a polite young man ask if he can touch.  I say yes and he takes my pale white tit into his big strong black hand and starts caressing my tit and his fingers moved to my cunt.  I hear him comment how wet I am.  Oh yes I think.  I am wet, I am soaking wet.  Next another gorgeous young black man steps up and asks if he can touch. I nod yes and he takes my other tit.  The first guy asked me if I would like to move upstairs. There is a group play area up stairs. I nod yes and head up the stairs.  I make a detour into the restroom to freshen up.  I enter the bedroom and see the 2 black men stroking their gorgeous cocks, my husband is sitting on the corner of the bed.  I got up onto the bed on all fours with my big ass in the air. 

Immediately there is a cock pressing against my lips.  I open my mouth and begin to suck this delicious cock getting it nice and hard so he can fuck me and stretch out my pussy.  The first guy moves to my soaking wet cunt, he pushes into me and starts fucking me hard and fast just how I like it, a second cock enters my mouth and I start sucking it.  The man in my cunt starts to finger my ass as he is fucking me.  Then I feel the cock leave my cunt and start pushing into my ass.  I have never had a black cock in my ass before, I start pushing back, wanting him to fuck my ass so bad! My ass slowly opens to him as I scream into the cock I am sucking.  As I am getting my ass and face fucked I look around the room and see 2 more gorgeous black men stroking their cocks getting them ready to fuck me.  The cock in my ass pulled out and was replaced by the cock I had been sucking. He did not even try my cunt, he just went straight into my ass.  I am such a filthy slut!  I start sucking the next cock and I make eye contact with my husband and mouth to him “They are fucking my ass!”.  He just smiles and continues to stroke his own cock.  Third cock into my mouth, it gets hard and the last cock just finished with my ass, so the third guy starts fucking my cunt.  It feels good, but I am longing for it to be in my ass., but I could not bring myself to ask him to take my ass.  I begin sucking the fourth cock and wait for him to begin fucking me.  He starts right into my ass.  I am loving it!!!!  I have cum all over myself so many times. 


4 BBCs in all 3 of my holes!!!!!  What a night!!!!.



11/30/2012 10:44:38 PM

Assignment is now complete!  i slept with my ass plugged as did my bitch.  i woke up to my ass throbbing and my cunt was wet.  i immediately thought of Sir,  thank you Sir!

11/29/2012 11:13:46 PM

My Sir gave me an assignment which i have partially completed.  Here is what it was:

i put the cage on my bitch's cock and plugged his ass.  i selected one of our larger plugs. i was then to spank him.  i spanked him while he was spent over the bed until my hand was all tingling.  i then had my bitch lie across my lap and spanked some more.  Then i told my bitch to pamper me.  he gave me a foot massage and continued by rubbing my entire body with lotion.  It felts so wonderful to be pampered.  Thank you Sir for this assignment! Then i had my bitch lick my pussy to make me cum.  he licked my cunt as i ground it on his face and finally came.  then i pushed his face back down and told my bitch to make me cum again.  

Then i sat on his face and continued to grind my cunt on his face.  i came several times this way and what i enjoyed most was seeing the color of my bitch's cock in the cage.  it was a deep, deep purple.  

Next i had my bitch suck on my tits to make me cum.  As his sucked my tits i rubbed my clit and came again.  i lost track of how many times i came but it was close to 10 times.  

the final part of my assignment is for both of us to sleep with our asses plugged and for my bitch's cage to stay on.  Here i sit with a plug in my ass typing away before i call it a night.

Thank you Sir!

11/9/2012 10:06:35 PM

Last night, Sir was available for me to call!!!!  After not hearing him say “Hello pet” for 26 days, i finally heard it an almost came on the spot.  i knew i was not allowed though so i did not.  He had me get on all fours and have my bitch lick my asshole.  i was begging to cum and  Sir said “not yet”.  Then He had my bitch get us 2 butt plugs and a dildo.  He said to have my bitch lie across my lap and i was to spank his worthless ass.  i did and then lubed up one of the plugs and shoved it in his waiting ass.  Then He said for my bitch to lie down on the bed and put the remaining plug on his mouth and then i was to straddle his face and put the plug in my ass.  i did and it felt so good in my ass.  i really am enjoying my ass being full. 


Then i was to lie down and tell my bitch to fuck me hard with the dildo, since his cock is worthless.  my bitch fucked me so hard with the big dildo.  i once again was begging to cum.  Sir said to have my bitch keeping pounding my cunt even when i came. Sir counted down 3...2… 1 and told me to cum.  I came so hard and my bitch just kept fucking me with the dildo.  i came a total of 5 luxurious times.  Then Sir said to take the dilbo out and my bitch to clean my cunt.


It was wonderful to talk to Sir again and thank you Sir for letting me cum so many times. Smile



10/31/2012 10:09:41 PM

It has been 18 days since i have heard my Sir call me pet on the phone and i am so horny and really need to hear him so i may cum.  i need him to instruct me on how to use my bitch.  i really need my Sir to be available, but i completely understand He is busy.  i realize He is busy, as are myself and my bitch, but my cunt really needs to hear His voice.  i am always thinking of Him and hoping there is a message to call.  my body, my mind and my cunt need you Sir.  We all hope to connect soon.

10/23/2012 9:57:44 PM

Sir would like me to describe the pain i experienced the last time we were on the phone.  There were 3 times i felt the pain.  1st while i was being spanked and 2nd while my ass was being fucked by the the dildo and the final time was being spanked again.

During the first spanking my ass burned, and the pain was a burning, intense and stinging pain.  My pussy was so wet and got wetter with each slap.  Then when my ass was being fucked by the dildo - hard, my ass was so full, the pain was a ripping pain, i did not think my ass could take anymore.  That pain brought tears to my eyes, but once again i was so excited and wet.  During the final spanking the pain was once again stinging and yet i enjoyed it.  the more my ass burned, the wetter i became.  i am beginning to really enjoy losing my sense of self and just giving into the pain which is leading to my pleasure.  Thank you Sir.

10/14/2012 9:40:26 PM

Last night Sir really used this slut good.  I am still exhausted.  He started by telling me I was going to experience some sexual pain tonight, so he had me get on my hands and knees and to have my husband spank me.  My husband spanked me good.  Sir said he wanted to hear me moan through the phone.  Then He said for my husband to worship my feet and for me to describe what I would do to Miss’ feet when we meet.  I want to suck on her toes and kiss all around her feet and then rub and massage them for her. 


Then my husband (bitch) was to get the strap on ready and to put his cock in his chastity cage.  As he was putting it on I was to pinch my nipples. Then my bitch was to get a butt plug lubed up and stick it in my ass.  Then I fucked my husband’s ass, so hard and fast.  I was begging Sir to cum.  He said it was up to Miss, I begged her to cum.  Finally Sir said I could cum and I came so hard.  Then I pulled out of my bitch’s ass and he was to lie on his back.  I then had him clean off the strap on.  He deep throated it.  Then Sir told me to take the plug out of my ass and suck it clean.


Then my bitch got a dildo and was told to fuck my ass with it.  As he fucked my ass Sir told me to slap his face and spit on him and tell him to fuck me how a real man would.  It hurt so badly, but my husband kept pounding that dildo into my ass.  Then Sir told me to get on all fours and my bitch was to spank my ass again, which he did.


I then got my new “SLUT” paddle and Sir told me to paddle my bitch’s ass and thighs.  Then I was to straddle his face as he pulled his legs up and I paddled his balls.  Then Sir said to lift my cunt up off my bitches face and to cum.  I came so hard.  I came without any insertion or stimuli.  I hope I impressed Sir.


Then Sir asked about water sports.  I said we had experimented a bit.  He asked if my bitch had drunk my piss, I said no.  Sir said it was time to change that.  My bitch and I moved into the bathroom and I straddled his face and I made him drink my piss and made hin into my toilet.  That was fun. 


10/4/2012 10:33:28 PM

Dear Sir and Miss,


This slut has been so sexually excited and wet since we started interacting.  I think and ache for You constantly.  Beginning with our back and forth messages and then moving onto chatting online and now our phone calls – which I long for and yearn for all the time.  I am in a constant state of arousal but I do not let myself release without your permission.  My cunt is always drenched and swollen just waiting for You - my Sir or Miss to tell me I may cum.  I need to have Sir’s cock - a real man’s cock; inside my cunt.  I need You to fill me and make me into a filthy slut whore that I know I am deep inside. I need to be fucked by you Sir as my worthless husband just sits in the corner watching.


He needs to present his wife to You to make into your slut.  For You to own and use as You see fit.  I need to have You fill me.  I need a real cock in my pussy and then my ass.


I need to be owned by You so You can tell me what/who to do, so I do not need to think, I just want to trust the two of you to guide me and help me become a filthy slut and whore. 


I so need to cum for you, for you to feel my cunt twitch and explode for you.  I need you to fill me with your cum in my cunt and my ass, fuck my face and fuck me hard and fast like a good little slut.  I need you Sir.


Please punish me when I do wrong and do not follow your instructions or wishes.  Make me your married whore.


Pass me around to your friends; let them use me in ways I have only dreamed of.  The whole time my hubby is just sitting or kneeling there accepting what his wife is/has become. 


Please fulfill me, feed my need for You and quench my thirst for You.  Please Sir and Miss make me Yours – Own me!



9/30/2012 12:48:15 AM

i just got off the phone with my Sir and Miss.  They were just leaving the Fair so were surrounded by other people as they controlled myself and my husband.  The phone call began as i waited patiently for them to exit the Fair, my pussy dripping with anticipation as i laid on my bed.  My husband was standing next to the bed wearing a red thong waiting for instructions.  Sir told me to have him lick my pussy.  Then as Sir and Miss got on the tram surround by people Sir told me to get on all fours and have my husband lick my ass.  He did.  Then Sir directed my husband to get a dildo to put in his mouth and then to fuck my ass with it.  The whole time i am begging Sir to let his dirty slut cum.  Then Sir told me to have my husband lie under me and i was to grind on his face as he continued to fuck my ass.  i begged to cum but Sir told me to be loud so the whole tram could hear.  i came so loud and so hard.  Then i wanted to cum again but Miss said no.  i then was to have my husband get the strap-on and put it on me.  My husband lubed up the strap-on and his ass.  Sir told me to spank him and grab his balls and i did then i told him this is how i was wanted to be fuck by Sir and Miss.  i fucked my husband’s ass hard and fast!  i once again begged to cum while i fucked my husbands ass.  Miss made me beg and say what i was – Their Dirty Slut Whore and i needed to cum!  i came so hard again.  i thanked Miss and said good night.  My husband told me after my pussy had never been so wet.  Thank you Sir and Miss!  i hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.  i look forward to hearing “Hello pet” on the phone again soon…

9/27/2012 9:41:29 PM

Wow what a week!  i have taken a huge step. i have been messaging with HornsNHalo for a while and last week i did as Sir requested and called Him.  The second He said “Hello pet” into my ear, my cunt became instantly wet.  Several phone calls later Sir and i involved my husband; to watch my husband kneel beside the bed as i was pleasuring myself at Sir’s command was amazing.  Then for my husband to lick up all of my cum that was for another man was truly awesome.    


Last night Sir had my husband and i use a double dong in our asses and my husband said he had never felt my cunt so wet, when he licked me clean.  my husband and i slept with plugs in our asses to remind us of Sir and Miss.


i think of Sir all the time and always look forward to my next instruction from over the phone.  i enjoy teasing my husband and letting him know i want a real man to fuck me.  What an adventure it has been and hopefully this is just the beginning. 


i am anxiously awaiting until i hear “Hello pet” coming through that phone line again... Smile

1/28/2012 10:00:53 PM

I have received so many message since putting up my profile.  Thank you to everyone who has messaged me.  I am new at this so I am still figuring everything out.  Please be patient with me. 

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