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Bisexual Female Mistress, 35,  Delaware
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I'm tired of all the games so I'm going to get straight to the point. I am a 40 year old lifestyle Dominant Woman who is looking to play and for eventual long term submission to me,  I love to be spoiled, but this is my life, and definitely not some game.   AS a male submissive, the more masochistic you are, the more I will enjoy you. Though I am open to any experienced male or female submissive who is into different types of submission. Take a look at my interests-I am truly looking for all kinds!    If I decide you are worthy, I will wish to meet with you rather quickly. I know what I like, and when I see it, I go after it. I am not looking for, nor will I engage in an online relationship, or play. I am not here to seduce you, tease you, play with you, and I'm not looking for any online bullshit. If you're looking for a kinky girlfriend, or fantasy provider that caters to your kink, Move on!   My interests include cbt, nipple torture, forced edging, orgasm and chastity control, extreme bondage, sensory deprivation, oral service, training, use of restraints, hoods, total lifestyle slavery, 24/7 power exchange, whips, paddles, floggers, tawsers, wax torture, sexual torment, piercings, isolation, house training, psychological torment, rope bondage, housework training, and the establishment of a poly-household.     Also, I will not immediately ignore a slave that does not immediately embrace my more sadistic side. I am a Mistress who enjoys all aspects of the Bdsm lifestyle. Inflicting pain, Is not my only pleasure, I enjoy it all. So approach me and I will take a good hard look at you, and may just find a use for you.   All others-online players, or those looking for long distance relationships-do not waste my time or yours. If you have read all of this, and you are not a coward, then by all means approach and I will hear you. Otherwise get back in the kiddie pool where you belong, and leave us adults alone to play. I am looking for real time only!!! Also, remember that you are courting your Mistress, even as you submit. Remember I am a woman first and foremost, treat me as one. I also can't wait to see you grovel at my feet, begging for me to use you in anyway I see fit, so never forget that I am a Mistress who can drive you to your knees with a thought. I will leave you with these parting words. Crawl to me and submit, if you dare. I will be waiting for you and laughing at your fate.

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Journal Entries:
3/25/2012 3:49:47 PM
You then attach your leash to my collar and pull so tight until my face is right next to yours.  Then I hear the words flowing from your mouth "you are mine now slave and you will suffer great pain for me and always do exactly as I say, do you understand?"  I immediately answered "yes Mistress"  Then you let go of my leash and I hear the clicking of your boots on the floor behind me, I have a feeling you are grabbing some type of device but I have no idea what it is.  But then suddenly I feel the sting against my ass and I yelp a little.  You laugh and keep hitting me with more and more strokes of your whip.  I try to count but you are going so fast it is impossible.  Then my worst fears are realized, you stop and pull my head back by my hair and ask "how many lashes of my whip did you just have the honor of receiving slave?"  My mind was racing and I knew I didn't have much time, so I said with an unsure tone "17?"  Then you said, "is that a guess or are you sure slave?"  I stupidly said "I am sure, Mistress."  You responded "wrong, it was 18 lashes, pay better attention from now on slave and now because of your mistake, you will receive 18 more lashes, do you understand?"  I then said "yes, Mistress, thank you."  I hear your boots again on the floor at you take you position behind me and then the lashes begin, I count and keep better track but you go past 18 and keep going.  I realize there is nothing I can do or say, I am completely at your mercy.  You stop somewhere around 25 and seem satisfied.  Then I hear the boots again as you are going for another implement.  You return and pull tight on my leash again and say "I am really enjoying myself slave, are you?"  I knew the right answer and I wasn't about to mess up again, so I quickly said "yes Mistress, thank you!"  Then you responded "good slave, I was hoping you were and for that reason you will receive 30 lashes from my crop, if you had said no I would have only given you 15 but since you are enjoying it you get more!"  Then you just laughed and stepped back and started on me with your crop.  I counted 30 and then again, you kept going.  I think at that moment I realized, there was no escape, you would do with me as you pleased.  I think it was about 15 more lashes of the crop before you stopped and walked over to me.  You released my wrists from the wall and I collapsed at your feet.  Then you locked my wrist manacles, steel ankle cuffs and collar all together with chains.  I hear the locks on each cuff and see you place the lock on the ring on the front of my collar and I realize, the chains aren't coming off.  I couldn't hardly move and there was no way I could stand up.  I was completely trapped, enslaved and at your mercy.  Then you lead me by the leash over to a steel cage in the corner of the room.  The chains are clanging together as I crawl along announcing my every move.  When we get to the cage, you look down at me and demand "now, get in your cage slave!"  I crawl in backwards and lay down facing the front of the cage.  You then close the door and I see a big and sturdy padlock being clicked shut and I realize the cage door is locked.  You put the key around your neck on a necklace and kneel down in front of me.  Then I hear the most amazing words I have ever heard in my life, "you are now mine slave, my property for all eternity, and this cage will be your home when I am not using you for my pleasure, do you understand?"  I smiled and answered "yes, Mistress, thank you for giving me the honor of being your slave."  You smiled and then I see your boots walking away and you turn out the light, leaving me there in my cage pondering my new life.  I am the luckiest slave on earth : )

10/22/2011 1:48:13 PM
I see you bound before me.... not because I forced you, coerced you, or seduced you... but because you are compelled to kneel.  Knowing that I stand and watch,  that I could help you snap each lock closed with a twist of my fingers. Instead I wait,  watch you as you secure each manacle around each  wrist,  the steel cuffs around your ankles. Watching your internal struggle, you momentarily pause, as if almost to lift your head, raise your eyes, but instead you close them, regain your senses, and then work to lock each one, each chain tight upon each cuff, wrists now linked to the wall.  Will I ever let you up again? perhaps  silently you wonder, as my collar snaps around your neck, the last lock clicks in place and you are trapped,  and now no longer alone. Mymy voice to guide you thru it, my touch to show you the only my victim for all eternity, property, a slave only if I choose to call you one... if I let you in.

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