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Hetero Female Submissive, 21,  Dortmund, Germany
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LittleVirginIsa - submissive

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Hello Im Isa, 21 years old and I guess still quite new on this website. (not anymore, but i dont really spend a lot of time online so still kinda new)

I am from Germany but I do think my english is quite decent ?

So write me in one of those languages please )

I am very sorry if i havent answered your message, I got a lot in the beginning xx

I try to answere everyone except if i know what you want ist definitely not what i want etc . sorry then xx

For the ones asking, yes I was a virgin when I created this profile, and no I am not anymore I lost it recently in 2018.

I currently live in Germany, Dortmund.

As I still dont really have made real bdsm related experiences, I dont think I will meet up with anyone instantly, but I am kinda thinking about it right now.

So if you are fromvisiting Cologne or close, tell me, maybe something will happen, but i cant promise that.

I also wont permanently relocate anytime soon or start a LTR, still too new with everything.

My FetLife about me section isnt updated but does contain a bit more ination about me i guess, so feel free to read that or just ask me )

The username is the same.

Hope you have a nice day

PS I do really like it when people call me names, insult me etc so feel free to do that I guess haha


Im deutschen bin ich immer unsicher ob ich duzen oder siezen sollte,

deswegen duze ich generell erst, falls das unerwnscht ist, bitte einfach sagen danke xx











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