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Pan Female Submissive, 19,  Europe, Norway
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shouldn't submissives allowed just short profiles? say...max. 10 % of an average Dominant
the more submissive you are, the shorter your profile?
now I am feeling very submissive, so reduced my profile to this minimum. on a scale from 0 submissive to 100 Dominance submissiveness is maybe 34%, and decreasing. Decreasing, because 3 wonderful strict Mistresses convinced me to make a No Sex Pledge for the whole year of 2018!!!.....can you believe that? than later my "no orgasm period" was extended to 2021.... in a weak moment made promise even to 2022, but have not signed any official papers about that yet. I hope the extensions of my "Chastity" stops there, because....I love sex! For me more exciting to please Dominant Women, it is just a lot cooler I think..... Much more humiliating for a woman, to kneel to another woman! I can tell, that humiliated by a Dominant woman, feels better! Somehow I feel...lower...more submissive....more willing to please.... Do Dominant Women enjoy greater satisfaction, when a "rival" kneels? I try to answer also polite Males with manners, just those ones that say "Kneel down, bitch!" - it is just not polite, so they are ignored. Last, I always ignore "copy paste" messages. You do not have to write the most interesting message to stand out. If you want my attention, please try to write not boring ones, but you do not have to the best. In the part of Europe I live, we call it "lagom", "just good enough".











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Journal Entries:
3/26/2018 5:44:52 AM
Easter start this week. 
Everybody should try their best to please Dominant Women!!! 
It is difficult, because Dominant Women is hard to be pleased, 
but it is no excuse for anybody not trying their best....
If you are absolutely clueless (male or female slave), 
you can try to please submissive women (like me!) first, 
so that I can tell you what mistakes you do, 
so you learn from your mistakes and
so you can dedicate your life to please Dominant Women!
Why do you have to try so hard to please Dominant Women?
Stop thinking, listen to your heart: is it the right thing to do?
Most of you must hear a big YES!!! now...
if you don't hear that, your heart is broken, and must be replaced by a new one.
Your Heart is only healthy if it says inside: I love Dominant Women!
It's also OK if you cannot love all of them. 
In fact you are encouraged to give all your love to only 1 or maximum a few, 
because women love to feel Special...
No please leave me alone and write the best respectful message to your most admired Dominant Woman telling her why she is so special, why is she at the center of Your Universe! 

3/24/2018 2:57:58 AM
IMPORTANT TASK for Bitches! (males, females, trans, anything...even to dogs maybe) 
Write "Nissa" on your body now with a pen. Or if you are very hardcore person, tattoo it! 
If possible, please also send me a photo of that. 
Report to me when you are done! 
You will get explanation why you were asked this, after you did the task! 
If you really want to help, or my attention, 
please ask also other sub or slave friends to participate! 
It doesn't matter if the task is "satisfying" to you or not,
what matters more is that you are helping me with this! 
So, if possible....go and do it now!
Thank You.

3/24/2018 1:35:33 AM
Is this (the Collarspace website), is actually the meeting place of highest quality people of the world?
Personally, I have recently very good experience of contacts here:  
I do not usually care that much about who you are, just what Energy you have.  
I think the key to enjoy everything on here is "not to have too high expectations".
If you have too high expectations - you just get disappointed again and again...
but if you lower them, and open to receive, than you can be easily happy!
It is essentially the HALF GLASS FULL perception of things.
Not just true for this website, but for most in life! 
Happy day for you!

3/19/2018 8:00:21 AM
anybody please can help with How someone can suddenly disappear?
Missing Person: mistressmarta89, she was Female Dominant, from Latvia. 
Her profile page was registered 2009.
she was always very active, than suddenly disappeared 19 March 2018, without a word?
Not only me, but her profile is not visible for anybody.
I am worried about what happened to her...
She was(is) a very happy, playful, warm-hearted woman, with always lots of energy!  
There was no sign of any problems or she would enjoy her online life. 
If anyone knows she has any problem, would love to really find and help her!
Thank You to everybody that read this!

3/17/2018 10:00:50 PM
Time has a different "speed" under Chastity. 
1 day....feels like 1 Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have a high sex drive and want to live so long it feels like 500 years?
ask a Mistress to lock you for minimum 1 year! 
No kidding....TIME DOES NOT FLY ----if  you wear chastity!!!

3/12/2018 10:42:49 AM
Thank you everyone that were respectful, kind, polite, demanding, humiliating etc. to me!
Next? What to expect on Week2:
Mentor Training to serve, serve, serve...Under Consideration Status.
Lots of work...but---- it feels totally natural that a submissive
has to work super much to please...and learn how to work better....
Everybody (men, women, subs, Dommes- if I do not answer, or not quickly, 
it is due to increased workload and tasks I was assigned for wonderful Dominant Women!!!

3/12/2018 10:33:54 AM
Summary of Week 1 of Long Term Sex&Orgasm Denial:
The first week gone smooth, however, for me the most unexpected experience so far was that on one occasion chatted with a really hot (sexually attractive!) vanilla girl, and I had to actually send her away, ask her to not contact me and I felt obliged (because she was nice: I had to tell her that everything is fine with her, not to lower her self esteem) to explain her that I have to send her away because I liked her too much, and I have felt like a super #humiliating , #weirdo vibe... 
I did not expect that! From now on do I have to turn down the "temptations"? 
This made me also hang out much more on Collar website,
because while I can talk to very attractive mistresses here,
I can trust them, even if we hit it off, because Dominant Women are strict!  
Note1 to myself: stay away from all hot vanilla or weak sub/switch women! 
The immediate benefit of the "strict pledge" I made, 
was better than ever and more caring and most wonderful communication
with Amazing Dominant Women!

3/9/2018 1:10:11 AM
this submissive has started Long Term Chastity Pledge (no sex, no orgasm)
to sacrifice sex life in honor of Dominant Women! 

It is not so bad, not like joining a monastery,
I expect to the same life as before (more challenging as I will need to figure out ways how to deal with temptation and frustration!)

How long?
I had incoming orders from several Mistresses that set the date,
and so as to please all Dominant Women,
I had to go with the strictest:
summer 2021 or longer depending on a random factor,
I also had to thank this powerful strict Mistress that she would like to decide later if it can be extended to 2022 or 2023....

12/29/2009 2:07:09 AM
help to some silly guy who asked me how black mail works:
you buy a white envelope
you buy a box of black paint
you paint the envelope black
you send the envelope
that is called blackmail
for me that is not so interesting sexually:p

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