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Pansexual Male Slave, 66,  Texas
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Lingerieadmire - slave

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 Male Slave


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stephisissy before!
I have been here since the CM days. Things have changed!!!!
If you are older and the young people are not interested, I am.
The best way for me to introduce myself to you is to simply say, I am a TVCD sissy and have been all my life. PLEASE Dont stop reading! 65 years old. I am in Texas, for now. When married, my wife used to buy me pretty dresses, skirts and blouses, perfumes, all to interest me, so to speak. I have served women and men.
Ladies Have you had a husband that was a bully, a loud pushy man? I am not! He is gone now and you want to experience the opposite. You had children that paid no attention to you. They did not listen to you talk about growing up, and being out in the world. You find that housework has lost its luster and you lack the attention of a companion. Maybe, you long to enjoy telling someone else what to do. OK. Tell me about being a young girl on your own. Tell me about your husband that didnt pay attention to you. OR the children you loved to dress so pretty only to hear, oh, I cant wear that!
Men Your wife stayed after you to not sit around and do some cleaning, it wont kill you! Dress decently. Why do you say those things to me? You just want to watch the game, have some food brought to you, and just REST! You think of a girl in hose and a dress, maybe a little tieing here and there? SHE would NEVER do that.
Or perhaps a sissy maid is just what you want. I am not here to second guess you or tell you why you should straighten up after yourself, or why that shirt does NOT look right.
I am also not here to tell you to quit telling me that mushy stuff. I will not stop you from talking about the sale that has heels marked down. Nor will I tell you all you have is old-outdated ideas. You tell ME what you need. Lets talk and maybe I can be your friend or maybe more. Write to me. Please. I am waiting!

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