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Pan Female Switch, 54,  Ocala, Florida
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I have been on a wonderful journey this past year I learned I could love and be comfortable with who I am. That journey has ended and I am ready to start a new one a permanant one. So here it is in a nutshell, I am very outgoing, spontaneous, love the outdoors, working out, doing stupid crazy things like zip lining, and I might even try bike riding never know. Independant, Strong, Vibrant, and for the most part a happy person. I am not perfect nor will I ever be, so don't expect that. I am looking for a Dominant in my life a forever Dominant. Belle is ready to settle down. The Dominant I am looking for is what I found this year in me, if it is the right Dominant the submissive in me comes just as natural and willing as drinking water. So there it is, most of you know me, the person I am. Feel free to contact me, I am willing to relocate in Florida only as long as I can transfer my job. Now for the home me, I am the type of person that wants the wrap around porch with rocking chairs, to sit outside and relax and talk and enjoy life around us. Yes and that damn picket fence. I love to cuddle on the couch and watch movies, from horror to some romance, not a sappy type of person. I am a touchy huggy person if that makes sense. I like the connection that a touch can bring you. Outside life come on world I am ready to take you on! "You want me to do what?" "I love doing what I do it is a passion of the being I am" by ME EXPERIENCED DOMINANT APPLY HERE... LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGE? I AM YOUR GIRL (LOL) What part of in the Florida area do you all NOT undertand?? I AM A MASOCHIST AND A SADIST.. IF YOU CANNOT PLAY TO MY LEVEL PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME. I LOVE SINGLE TAILS, NEEDLES, CUTTINGS, CELL POPPING, RUBBER FLOGGERS, STRAPS, ETC..
I have been involved actively in the lifestyle now for around 23 years give or take. I am a switch, but I am in search of a Dominant for part time play. Right now I am not in search of love, romance, commitment or anything else. Does this mean I will play with you right off the bat, no... I am careful, will set up calls, will ask for real names and address's. I also would like to get to know you a bit first (well okay more then a bit), what your play is like, how long you have been in the lifestyle, you know the regular questions. Please be in the state of Florida, prefer close to the Ocala area. I do not do online, I do not want a LDR, I am very real, expect the same from you. There are so many fakes and wanna be's here, it is getting harder and harder to weed thru you all. I do not also do phone, I want to feel you, see you, look into your eyes. As they say the eyes are the window to your soul.
I also am the owner of the local munch in Ocala. We start at the munch then I do host parties at my house afterwards. So if you are curious about the lifestyle, and want to come out and met others within the lifestyle, this is a great place to do it. If you are not familiar with a munch it is a local gathering for like minded individuals at a public venue. We also do demo's, have classes, and host both a submissive and Dominant round tables.
I am living now in the city of Ocala, and love it, have a great concrete pond in my back yard, great for relaxation and exercise.
As far as a relationship goes, our lives will move forward very slowly. I am in no hurry to be tied down again anytime soon.
Here is the norm information.. I am 5'8", I am not skinny nor am I fat.. I do not cyber, play online, or do phone.. I am a very real person, who believes in actual meetings.
Seduce my mind and you can have
my body,
Find my soul and I am yours


"True Love Is Giving Someone The Power To Destroy You, And Trusting In Them They Won't"
"Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning how to dance in the rain."










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Journal Entries:
1/25/2013 12:06:19 AM

Friends are just family that have a different blood-type. Moreover, friends are people who choose to be your family. Not a matter of being born into a last name, raised in the same home, or connected only by mutual blood or parenting. Friends choose to over look the flaws, and insert themselves into your mess! We all have our own brand of messes. Our friends take a look at our scattered lives and say, "Hey this looks like fun and jump into our hearts because they find themselves at home in our hearts. Family is not a choice-you cannot pick who you are related to. However our families are often times the ones that hurt us most, becuase we have given them that power over us. Family is important, as it brings us to an initial identity and trains you up from childhood. However, our friends become surrogate family because there is no OBLIGATION!! Thank God for the family unit that raised us up-no matter how dysfunctional. Thank God also for those who CHOOSE to love us just as we are! A blended Heart=A connected spirit

3/19/2012 4:50:53 PM

SMACK MUNCH Date & Time: in 5 days Saturday, March 24, 2012 · 4:00 PM –12:00 AM Location: Copa & Tropix Restaurant 2330 S Pine Ave Ocala, Florida 34471 @ map Cost: Cost of what you eat or drink, a dish to share at the house and what you are going to drink at the house Dress code: At the Copa Genitals, butt cracks, nipples on females must be covered. Description: FRANK ALBERGO NEGOTIATIONS AND SETTING UP THE SCENE - Discussion on proper terminology and setting up your bottom for a good scene Come on out and join in the discussion I am looking forward to hearing him speak.. so bring some questions you might … continue reading FRANK ALBERGO NEGOTIATIONS AND SETTING UP THE SCENE - Discussion on proper terminology and setting up your bottom for a good scene Come on out and join in the discussion I am looking forward to hearing him speak.. so bring some questions you might have.. I am sure he will be glad to assist. We will host a 50/50, to help defray cost of gas.. The party follows at the house please bring something to share and what you are going to drink. The house will supply the paper products

1/19/2012 6:33:47 PM

Munch is coming up soon, make plans to come out! All the information is below, January 28th at the Copa

1/9/2012 7:24:32 AM




Date and time




Saturday, January 28, 2012 · 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM  

The Copa Nightclub & Tropix Restaurant
2330 S. Pine Ave., Ocala, FL, 34471
Cost: cost of food and drink at the club, and a side dish for the house
Dress code: nipples, genitals and butt cracks have to be covered at the club
Sir Rounder is well known around our community and around the US. He has graciously agreed to come and present on the 28th. This could not have come at a better time in my opinion.


This class is not a case study on laws and court case, but a review of what happens when real life collides with our kinky lives. Taking real life examples that have happened to the presenter and friends of his, he will give you the tools you need to avoid bad things happening at bad times. The main areas covered are consent, medical emergencies, family issues, and possible criminal issues.

This class will not be discussing any state laws in specific detail. As always, the laws in your state may differ that the laws in my state. Specific questions dealing with your situation may be best directed to your local kink friendly attorney.

Party to follow after the munch, rules will be listed prior to the event as we will be working on them this week

9/16/2011 11:57:38 AM

Come join us on September 24th, 2011 for SMACK munch back at the Copa. Starting at 4:00 PM we will start the munch, at 5:00
This month I am happy to announce Daddy Michael and his lil girl Amaia..

Daddy Michael and his lil girl are located right outside the Tampa area. He has been in the lifestyle for 8 years. Entering the scene he was unsure of his position but quickly realized that being a Daddy was where he belonged. As he searched to understand his Daddy side he found that there was very limited information and knowledge. He began to educate himself and help others that were interested in finding their inner big/little. One day he realized that the reason he was always getting questions from groups and community members is that there is a need for an age play group in the area. The group “A ‘Little’ Kinky in Florida” was born. This group has given us a place to get together and discuss different aspects of age play as well as the problems and success of being in a nurturing environment, regardless of the D/s title. Additionally, Daddy Michael enjoys the fine art of fire play and fire cupping. He has given demos on fire play and cupping at the Phoenix Club, and numerous private events. Daddy Michael is very active in Florida as a participant in F.L.U.I.D (Florida Leaders United in Diversity), and a member of MAsT-Tampa as well as on Staff at the Phoenix Club in Largo, Florida.

Daddy Michael never leaves home without his lil girl, Amaia. They are in a 24/7 D/lg relationship. As a co-founder of “A ‘Little’ Kinky in Florida”, Amaia is dedicated to understanding what it is to be a lil and educating others about it. In January of 2011, Daddy Michael and Amaia took over the leadership of the Orlando group “Florida Daddies and Lil Ones,” an online group with the plans to organize meetings and outings in the Orlando area. Speaking presentations have included the Naples Munch on Daddy/lg 101, and Role Play in the D/l dynamic, as well as hosting the Lil's/ROMP room at Beyond Leather , a national pansexual event held in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, for two years running. They have had the privilege to host a Jealousy discussion at the Tampa MAsT meeting, as well as the Ocala SMACK munch in September 2011. The couple is devoted to learning, living and educating the D/lg modality.

Classroom Presentations:

1. Daddy/ little girl relationship 101. This introductory class explores the dynamic of the D/lg modality. General observations of what it means to be a Daddy and a little are presented. We discuss different complexities that arise in this dynamic, as well as how it is similar and different to other D/s dynamics. We tackle the most often asked questions of the D/lg dynamic. This class is great for those that already find themselves in a D/lg dynamic as well as those that want to have a better understanding of the little in their play space.

After the munch is the party at the house. If you plan on swimming please bring your own towel. In Daylight hours bathing suits must be worn. Please bring a side dish to share and what you are going to drink. Please be respectful at the house, no nudity on the sunporch or in the kitchen. Let's have another great munch!

7/14/2011 1:36:59 AM

Next Local Gathering SMACK (Sumter Marion and Citrus Kink) in Ocala is

Date: July 23, 2011

time: 05:00 PM to 12:00 AM
where: The Copa
address: 2330 S Pine Ave, Ocala Florida 34471 map
cost: Not a thing except a smile..and what you eat and drink.
dress code: Genitals and nipples and butt cracks must be covered, other then that you have free reign.  There is a party that follows the munch at my home. If you plan on swimming, bathing suits required in the daytime, nudity is fine at night. Please bring your own towel, and it is also usually a pot luck at the house. If you have never been to a munch, please come on out and join us. We are a laid back group of people like you, that would love to meet you and welcome you to our family.  Any questions please feel free to ask.. 

In Unity and Respect,


12/1/2010 12:52:33 PM
Posted a new picture of my microdermal piercing.. love it!

10/7/2010 4:16:26 AM

date: Saturday, October 23, 2010
time: 05:00 PM to 12:00 AM
where: The Copa
address: 2330 S Pine Ave, Ocala Florida 34471 map
cost: Not a thing except a smile..
dress code: Genitals and nipples and butt cracks must be covered, other then that you have free reign

Our demo/class this month is the marvolous Ms. Faye. She will be teaching

Sensuality with Impact Play

1. History of flogging etc.
2. Safety: to include a brief anatomy lesson, first aid for the oopsies, questions to ask the bottom to ensure safety.
3. How music sets the tone for those sensuous moments and how the wrong music can take someone out of their Happy Place once in it.
4. A short Impact Demo with Richard or a volunteer.
5. Hands-on experience with audience participation so they can experience the difference of not just aiming for the beautiful marks but connecting in a spiritually and sexually charged manner.

I wouldn't want a question and answer period because of time restraints, unless someone has a question during the discussion. I will be available for questions or more hands on practice at the party.

I have a golden ticket for Beyond Leather that we will be raffling off. The raffle tickets will be $5.00 a piece. Now folks this is how this will be run. I will continue to sell tickets at the 5 dollars until we have raised enough money to purchase another ticket for Beyond Leather. We will continue to do this until the registration closes for this event. You will be writing your name on the back of the ticket. Let's bring more members of SMACK to Beyond Leather this year!

8/17/2010 4:00:42 AM
Next SMACK (Sumter, Marion, and Citrus Kink) will be held on August 28th. This months Demo/class is on sharpies and pointies, yes there will be blood..LOL.  If you are interested in joining us this month, feel free to email me on here for the details. There is a play party that follows the munch at my house

5/17/2010 3:37:05 AM
Next party is a pool, bbq, play party on May 22nd, if interested email me on here...

4/21/2010 2:17:50 AM
Next party May 22nd...

2/15/2010 1:15:54 PM
This month's demo is on impact play being taught by Lord Sebastian from lakeland. The demo will be held at the COPA they allow no nudity so please keep your clothes on,  The address for the COPA is Copa & Tropix Resturant, 2330 South Pine Ave, Ocala, Florida 34471. Don't forget the roundtables they start at 3:30 also at the COPA. SMACK is holding a Dom's roundtable hosted by Sir Paul, the swithes roundtable will be hosted by Lady Deblynn and the SMACK-- US group will be hosted by yours truly. We do have a topic of discussion for this month. We will be again running a 50-50 raffle with half the money going toward the basket SMACK is donating to Beyond Leather

1/23/2010 2:46:12 AM

11/25/2009 6:56:59 AM
November 28th is the next party at my home, will you be here?

10/20/2009 3:23:35 AM
October 24th 2009.. 5-7 PM
Here it is another month gone by, and we are getting into the colder weather.
This is the last munch of the year as November and December are so close to
Holiday's'. So come on out and join us. Last month we had 51 people at the
Munch.. Can we make 100? Here is the info..
Gator Dockside
3920 SW 42nd St
Ocala, Florida
Those coming on 75 it is exit 350 SR 200.. If coming on 75 South you will go to
The right to the very first light past Cracker Barrel and make a left into the
Shopping center with HH Gregg and Kohl's.. For those coming 75 North, make a
Left, you will go to the 2nd light. The munch is from 5 PM to 7 PM.

After the munch we tailgate or follow someone back to my house for a class done
By Sir Rounder on the Art Of Mind Fucks.. As this will be a joint class of
Tops, bottoms and switches, it will be a general basic understanding of how to
Be safe while really fucking with someone's mind.

Time permitting, we can excuse the bottoms and I will be glad to talk to the
Tops on some of the tricks of the trade.

He will also need one or two demo dollies for the presentation.

After that is the usual party, social, play, etc...

So come on out and join us this month....

Also there will be NYE party at my house. I need your RSVP for that because I am
Cutting it off at 40 for the party. So if you want to come out and join us and
Bring in the New Years please get your RSVP's in now...


10/6/2009 3:40:00 AM
Next SMACK & L munch October 24th.. class by Sir Rounder on the Art Of Mind Fuck. Ask me for details.... SMACK & L stands for Sumter, Marion and Citrus Kink and Lake.

9/22/2009 6:49:36 PM

8/26/2009 3:35:03 AM
Next munch is September 26th, 2009 at Gator Dockside right off of 75 on 200... across from Cracker Barrel in new shopping center with HH Gregg and Kohl's. 5 PM to 7 PM Demo/class to follow at my house, with after party and swim.

8/18/2009 6:22:48 PM
SMACK munch is Saturday hope you can join us.. details regarding the munch is a couple entries down..

8/13/2009 3:55:39 PM
Going to the Woodshed Saturday night, anyone else on here going?

8/12/2009 3:32:26 AM
Okay folks it is time for another SMACK munch, August 22nd so make plans to join us at Gator Dockside 3920 SW 42nd Street, Ocala Florida.. starts at 5 PM goes until about 7... then we will have a class demo at my house, then play/swim, snacks... Not sure what the class will be but it is a pick between, needle play, breast bondage, firecupping..

7/29/2009 3:35:58 PM
WOW WHAT A MUNCH!! Our local munch is growing to be a very nice gathering. We have recently changed the times due to my work schedule to be 5 PM to 7 PM with class/demo, play party to follow at my house.. Next one is August 22nd... you can find all information in my journal regarding location of Gator's Dockside and the address....

7/22/2009 6:33:26 AM
This weekend is the SMACK munch, looks like it will be hugeeeeeeee... Over 40 people have RSVP'd to me... After the munch is a demo/class at my house on how to make toys on a budget.. then of course play.. even a suckie bed will be here.. so if you are in the area, come up to Gator's Dockside at 3920 SW 42nd Street in Ocala Florida.. it is right across the street from Cracker Barrel, by 75, at FL200... in the new shopping center with HH Gregg and Kohl's... starts at 2.. there will also be a basket raffle... big day Saturday!!!!

7/13/2009 3:03:13 AM
Okay everyone you asked for it you got it. July 25th Saturday is the next munch up at
Gator Dockside
3920 SW 42nd Street
Ocala, Florida 34474
This is across the street from Cracker Barrel, right off of 200, also right by 75... It is in the new shopping center with HH Gregg and Kohl's. The munch starts at 2 PM and goes on until we leave..
After the munch will be a class/demo at my house... Sir David has agreed to teach us about making toys on a budget... He can demo several toy-making procedures including how to make a flogger, a dragon's tail, and a vampire roller.  He can also show how to make a sandpaper paddle and a slapper paddle. He will show us how we can make a handle with anything from a dowel, a piece of PVC pipe or even just several sheets of typing paper rolled up.  If people want to make things there, they can bring a lint roller and flat headed thumb tacks (vampire roller), leather if they want to make a flogger or a dragon's tail.  I will bring roller cutters, and a 1/2" cutting guide and bottom board.  If there is an interest, I will also bring my vacuum bed and show how to make a portable one (flexible hose vs PVC pipe) Perhaps someone may want to experience it as well later.
We will be making up a basket for the munch itself... This month it will be a pervertable basket... Tickets will be 1.00... This will re-coup cost of the basket, plus give us money to make up next months basket... We will be doing a basket every month at the
So there you have it... Come on out and join us.... Should be a great time!!!

7/8/2009 8:07:59 AM
 Gator's Dockside
3920 SW 42nd Street Suite 101
Ocala, FL 34474 Phone 352-433-2441

7/5/2009 5:15:43 PM
Well the party is over, and it was a blast! I had between 50-60 people out here thru out the day.. the play was awesome, the waxing table was up and busy.. go figure right? Food was abundant, and laughter carried on thruout the night into the early morning hours. For those from here that came out, hope you had a good time! See some of you at the next munch on July 25 at Gators Dockside on 200.. gathering to follow..

6/28/2009 5:29:32 PM
WOW what a great munch! We had 16 new people show up, it truly is the people that make a great munch! Thank you all that came out and joined us.. hopefully more of you will come out and join us next month July 25th!!

6/23/2009 7:37:15 PM
 Gator's Dockside
3920 SW 42nd Street Suite 101
Ocala, FL 34474 Phone 352-433-2441
starts at 2 PM and goes until we leave. So join us and meet others in the lifestyle. Also if you have not gotten in your RSVP for July 4th's party please do so.. thanks..

6/21/2009 4:08:16 PM
Today I lost truly a dear dear friend, both lifestyle and in vanilla.. Steve you will be missed.. May the Goddess watch over you..

6/11/2009 6:01:24 AM
Seduce my mind and you can have my body, Find my soul and I am yours forever. Anonymous

6/10/2009 12:11:45 PM
The munch is coming up.. June 27th at Gator's Dockside 3920 SW 42nd Street Suite 101
Ocala, FL 34474 Phone 352-433-2441
starts at 2 PM and goes until we leave. So join us and meet others in the lifestyle. Also if you have not gotten in your RSVP for July 4th's party please do so.. thanks..

5/28/2009 3:37:38 AM
Next SMACK munch in Ocala will be held at Gator's Dockside on June 27th. Please feel free to come out and join all of us. This is a public venue so if this is your first time coming out to meet people it is a great way to do it. Here is the link for the munch

5/25/2009 9:28:19 AM
WOW What a munch and party... for those interested next munch is June 27th at Gators Dockside. We do have other things in the mix for future munches, like a picnic, topics of discussions, etc.. My next party though will not be until July 4th.. (might take that long to heal from my birthday spankings.. OUCH)  I swore to everyone I was only turning two but did I really think that would work... NOT.. The party was wonderful, and for those of you that did make it from here, thank you.. I do hope more from the Ocala and surrounding areas will come out and support your munch!

5/6/2009 1:18:16 PM
Back from Beyond Leather, what a ride!! Lubed wrestled, learned new things, and played hard. May 23rd I am having a party at my house, so now I am gearing up for that. It is a birthday party for me, and will be a fun one. Pool party, play party, social, food, and great scenes I am sure. If you are close and interested please feel free to email me.

4/22/2009 1:21:12 PM
Tommorrow I leave for Beyond Leather in Ft Lauderdale, for those that are going maybe we could meet and say hello. Those who are not going, you are going to miss one hell of a time.  This is their second year holding this event and we are well over 400 attendee's. We have 75% of the hotel, and next year plan on taking over the whole hotel. Trust me when I say this, it is an awesome hotel. They are holding some excellant classes, from high tea, to cutting.  I had a wonderful time last year and plan to again. If you are coming to the event, look for me in the Pony Theater, as I am one of Foxy's Florida Fox Trotters... name is Fine Fox!  Also look for me in the lube wrestling...LOL.. also host in extreme genitorture and DM'ing on Friday night.  I think that is it... see you there!

4/19/2009 3:20:17 AM
It is almost time for Beyond Leather.. only 4 more days to go.. I haven't even packed yet, and trust me when I go to these events I do not pack lightly..LOL.. a suitcase just for shoes and boots.. go figure.. a girl has to have shoes!! Anyone else on here going to the event? If so let me know maybe we can meet for some coffee!

4/11/2009 2:27:02 PM
Okay, I am a very real person, that likes actual contact, if you are in another state, another country.. unless you plan on flying me to you, it just isn't going to work. That doesn't mean I will not talk to you, try and get to know you, and see where it goes from there.. But I am looking for up close and personal type of relationship... long distance is very hard on both of us...

4/9/2009 9:49:41 PM
Now I remember why I quit coming to this website, the wannabe idiots that are on here. Now let me tell everyone this, if you ask me for my yahoo ID, do NOT and I repeat do NOT ask me right off the bat, do you have big boobs, or big nipples or act like a child when I tell you to grow up. I had this lovely person from on here call me every name in the book which actually put a smile on my face because of his childish behavior.. nice way to wake up and head into work. Oh yes, and please do not ask me if I have a cam... NO I do not, and once again I will add here as in my profile I do not cyber I do not play games, I do not do phone (well unless it vibrates LOL) Okay I am done rambling at 1 am in the morning.. time to get ready for work...

4/8/2009 7:26:30 AM
I have gone from junk food lover to health nut.. go figure.. I am going to be one of those women on those commercials that say, I am 51 and in the best shape of my life. I head out to the gym every day to put in my two hour workout and come home pumped up and ready to rumble..LOL.. Not long until Beyond Leather, about two weeks, I hope some of you on here are heading that way!! It will be a great time.. it was last year.. Time to mow the yard..

3/21/2009 3:36:16 PM
Another month has gone by.. not much going on. I have learned how to kayak, and now I am going every chance I get.  It is a great way to exercise, and a wonderful way just to escape. A real stress reliever!!! One more month and Beyond Leather will be here.. hope some of you are heading that way. It is in Ft Lauderdale April 24-26!! Great classes, wonderful dungeons, and even includes meals so you never have to leave the hotel!

2/3/2009 1:51:03 AM
 WOW, here it is a new year and I barely come online or here anymore. Yes, I am still single, and finally on day shift, well for the most part. On Friday's and Saturday's I go into work at 3 am in the morning until 11 am, the rest of the week, it's all good.. 8-4.  I have been making the concerts at Silver Springs on Saturday and that has been a lot of fun... Hope everyone here is going to Beyond Leather in April!! Going to be a great time...

6/19/2008 6:17:38 PM

Wow been a long time since I have wrote anything on here. I am living in Ocala Florida now, close to downtown. I am living alone, with two dogs and a ferret. I have not been as active in the lifestyle as I use to be due to work and having to work every weekend. I am only off on Wednesday and Thursday's nights now, and it really sucks. I am working midnight shift so it really bites... and not the good kind of bite. Just thought I would touch base here, and let people know I am still around, still looking, and still looking to misbehave!

6/12/2007 3:31:04 PM
Well, I should be packing for the Orlando bash.. which is now Bash on the Bay.. but instead I am on here cruising ads and wondering how many of you I actually have met at some event or at one of my parties. I have been in Florida for about 7 years now, held parties after the Orlando munch in Castleberry, then in Hernando after the SMACK munch, my name is Belle and I am Sir Kane's EX.. 

So how many are going to bash on here this coming weekend? Maybe we could all meet and have a drink and some fun? Let me know!!

5/4/2007 2:23:44 PM
I have officially moved as of 3 weeks now. Takes me awhile to update my journal. I still do not have my dungeon put together as of yet, but that is coming very soon. I look to the left of me, and see my cross in pieces on the floor saying build me and they will come.. So it is on my list of to do's. I am going to buy the underpinning that they use on mobile homes, the ones that look like rocks, and put it up first in the room dedicated to a dugeon. I will post pictures after I am done if they let me that is. I love it out here in the middle of the woods, it is so peaceful, yet full of life.

4/5/2007 4:42:07 PM
It is now a day closer to the move, between, packing, thinking of all I need to get together to move, plus working, this is tough and I will be glad when it is done. At least the big stuff will be moved next week, but first comes cleaning, shampooing the carpeting, etc. I work nights midnight to eight, try and get a couple of hours of sleep, then pack some more. It is wearing me out, and I am grumpy.. to say the least. So if I do not answer your emails right away, hell punish me later.. I do try to answer as soon as I can, and will continue to do so. The best thing about this move, is I will finally be back on DSL and not dial up!!

4/3/2007 3:22:16 PM

I am now in the process of moving to Ocklawaha, Florida.. it is actually out in Ocala forest. It has been 6 years since I have lived on my own, so it should be an experience within itself. The move is one of the best things for me, and it is something that I need at this point in my life. So now that I am truely single again, I am on the prowl.. so to speak. Do I want another relationship, not anytime soon. Not saying that if the right one fell in my lap I would not open the door for him, but I am not searching for anything more then friends at this time. I will be moved by the 18th of this month at the latest!! woohooo

9/24/2006 2:16:21 PM
Hello.. Another day after our local munch and party at the house. It was awesome! So much diversity in play. I just got back from Dark Odyssey in Maryland, wow, what can I say. It is an event that has many different alternative lifestyle together in a camping setting for 6 glorious days. It amazed me that between all the differences that were there, the harmony that came out from it! I am so looking forward to next years. Next trip for me is Florida Fetish Weekend in November where I will be teaching a class on Needle Play. Then December is Black Rose! If you are going to Black Rose, drop me a line, maybe we can set a play date while I am up there in Washington DC

9/30/2005 5:02:41 AM
9/30/2005 It has come to my attention that in interest, that it really does not give many. So I have decided to list some other interest that are not on my list. Flogging, spanking, fire play, cupping, canes, restraints, feathers and furs. I enjoy mental play, but not into humilation. A good mind F*** is always wonderful.  I enjoy someone that can mix the play up.. be a tad sadistic, yet gentle as well to let my body adjust to the pain and absorb it. I enjoy a good build up, and not someone that is going to string me up and hit me with full force from the begining. Just does not do it for me. (The Domme in me tends to come out at that I am sure there are other things that I have not listed on here, so look for some opps I forgot .............

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