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Pan Female Submissive, 26,  Over here, United Kingdom
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Am in a relationship. Am looking for people to chat with regardless of who they are. I am quite nice really honest. Formally colouredin for those who remember

Who I am, other than simply me. I am a woman, I decided that recently, I am young in age but old at heart. I enjoy discussion and debate with pretty much anyone really.

Life is what you make of it, too long is spent thinking wasting the time we could be living.

"I want to be good, I want to be pure"
"We all do at first, the world doesn't work that way"

"You don't love me, you won't hurt me, not even a little bit"

If I am not interested in talking to you then I won't reply to you, pretty simple really.










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 Submissive Female

 Over here 

 United Kingdom

 5' 2"






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Journal Entries:
8/1/2012 4:27:32 AM

Ok I have some honesty for people out here, everyone wants to feel special. No honestly this is a universal truth, there are not many of those, but seriously. No one wants to feel as though they are just one of many, we all try so very hard to be unique and different. We all want to feel cherised and important, as though the person we are with simply could never find someone better.



Its just a bit of advice for people out there, take it into consideration.

7/23/2012 2:02:48 PM

I love these days, hot but comfortable when I can sit and read all day. I am feeling so nostalgic at the moment for people I used to know and feelings I used to have it is kinda beautiful acutally. Almost like I am reliving them.


There are people I wish I could talk to just to tighten up those images a little, to remember some of the magic.


It is strange for me to have the rose tinted specs well and truly on but I don't feel as though it is a bad thing

7/30/2009 10:49:07 AM
There are many people in this world, I would imagine that I am not interested in the vast majorty of them for a relationship, just as I imagine the majorty would not be interested in me. I won't walk around telling anyone that I am not interested in that I am not interested in them, be that face to face or via the internet, I would be very happy if that were the case for everyone else.

7/29/2009 4:27:10 PM
I find reading profiles and posts on this site fascinating, the difference of opinion interesting and how often I want to get on my high horse frustrating. The last few days I have read about how starvation is good, that real submissives act a certain way and how women are fundementally less important than men.

Thing is, as fascinating as I find it I am also slightly sickened that people believe some of the things that they do. I think though if I claim to be open minded I have to accept the fact that some people are ignorant and bigoted and they have as much right to live that way as they like just so long as they have nothing to do with me.

7/29/2009 5:08:41 AM
I have decided to clean my room, I remember reading a novel once based around the idea that if you declutter your home then you manage to declutter your mind. It is quite rewarding but not sure that it will work.

I resigned on to another site yesterday then had to delete my account again after proclaiming I wouldn't there was a really good reason for it, and I have to say a great piece of advice is never to use the same passwords for more than one account, honestly it is just way too much hassle. 

7/28/2009 5:07:15 AM
I work differently to most it seems, not intentionally I add traits I don't want to my list, most of which should have been on there before I started. Here is a list of things I can't be doing with.

Uncontrolled Mental Illness
Married but unfullfilled
Terminally Unemployed
Drug Addiction
RIght Wing

Yup, any of those words apply to you, walk on by my love walk on by.

7/26/2009 12:12:14 PM
Proverbs and platitudes are all over the place, seems that I don't go one day without hearing at least one but there is one that I seem to keep hearing in my head. The idea that life is a lesson, that is it's purpose, not what comes after but that every day, week, month and year we grow and develop as human beings.

The older I get it seems the less I know, or the more I accept that I have more to learn. Most of these lessons seem to be learned in times of pain, loss and heart break, through mistakes and trials and problems. As though it takes breaking to pieces to be able to build myself up stronger. Of course not all problems lead to improvement, there have been moments where I seem to degenrate but I guess that I need that too.

I know that so often we speak like we know all the answers, but it is easy to sit in an ivory tower when it comes to other people while systematically making all the same mistakes. Owning up to them is not an easy thing, but harder, for me at least, seems to be owning up to my achievements. This is something that I am painfully learning at the moment.

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