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Bust your balls on this before you memo me! My anthem.....? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSxArgJb33Y 1 of my favourite things... L3007 Glamour Corselette ? **Hold Me too tightly, and you will break; but allow Me to cradle you, and you will reform** ? ?** Only consider contacting Me if you are willing to give your all** ? I enjoy a full and diverse D's Lifestyle. I attend munches, clubs and private parties. I have My own personal slave and I am in the process of training up what I can only describe as a human shire horse! ? I delight in both Proform Domination and the more obscure imaginative forms; I excel in any strong Matriarchal role as I am a worldly wise mature Lady with a firm yet guiding hand. ? Intimate medical examinations with My specialist team available only by prior appointment?.Lex ? Emetophilia undertaken with consideration. ? *************************************************** ? Before your digits slip deeper into my thoughts, read this: I am a holistic sadist; I do not offer 24 hour intravenous bdsm. I act upon my discretion, and so employ my Ladies **'IMPLEMENTS'** as i see fit. I am in love with being alive, and so indulge in all its many pleasures. If you can yield, puddle jump and possess a huge amount of WOW then you may interest me. If not, move along the bus, this seat is not yours. Far better you understand now than I deflate you at some later date.? ? ??????????????????? **The wisdom of age is to know you spent your time making good purchase** ? ?????????????????????????????????????????????? ?**I'm definitely scene but not herd!** ? A more structured explanation: ? I am primarily dominant; I take on both submissives and slaves, they look to me for both training and punishment. I do not form any relationship beyond that, personal or physical, if they stand the test of time obviously a trusting friendship develops. ? I know from experience that the vanilla world is not a place to find a suitable partner for myself as I live a D's lifestyle, asking the question 'white or red and do you take it up the arse' will never work for mainstreamers! I look to an equal within the BDSM world who can move between both sub and Dom exchanges yet retain a normal view on the world. I have not to date found that connection. As it says in my profile, I am not a 24/7 Dominant. ? My sexuality is far beyond the capabilities of most men and women to understand or satisfy so rather than frustration I choose to abstain until such time, if ever I connect with a person that can puddle jump with pizzazz. ? ********************************************* ? I am Lex Magister. By nature Dominant, I am a tutor, I am an instructor for those who want to enrich themselves, learn about their deepest thoughts, explore their true emotions, dreams, fantasies and give themselves to ME. ? I enjoy exploring the minds and bodies of those who seek absolute pleasure through submitting themselves to my every whim. I enjoy the darkest corners of your mind and I require from you total and unreserved access to your psyche and your body. ? You will understand, deep inside you, that by offering yourself in abject surrender you will liberate feelings that will make your spirit soar to unimaginable heights, even though you will be used as an instrument of My pleasure and amusement. ? You will long to offer Me yourself and pander to My caprices, your mind will be open to instruction and My control will be absolute and will awaken your spirit. . . . . . . . . . . ? **To be within my ramparts** ?**Where Equus bears the horn** **And dragons dwell** ** To inhale reality** ** Exhale myth** **To be warmed by Phoenix** ** Called to rise** ** To be taken as food** ** Then nourished** ** To be cradled by nox familiaris.** **Lex, December 2004** ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ?

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2/26/2023 6:13:55 AM


My profile has been dormant for over a decade when Both the profile and pictures were created.

Although looks may sofen with age, my dominant nature hasn't, time has simply enriched it.

6/23/2013 3:54:34 PM




He stands in fidgety expectation before me, his cap at half tilt exposing tangled unruly locks, his blazer yet to be grown into over states his true size, his shirt and tie show evidence of attempted escape, his short button fly trousers display his evident guilt, his grey knee socks retreat towards his ankles the trickle of blood from a grazed knee follows suit, his black once proud school shoes now ill-used and crestfallen. Head lowered fearful of my all-knowing gaze, twisting the toe of his scuffed shoe, handwringing, and all nervous distractions of this guilty little boy.


  I sit upright in my supple leather back chair, my perfume invades the room and commands it mood, my hair neatly confined, my white rigidly ironed blouse buttoned expertly to enhance the cleavage and the neck chain which holds the key that nestles in comfort between my breasts, my black high waist skirt instinctively lays open to my mid-thigh so exposing my crossed silken clad legs, my black patent leather high heeled court shoes slumber silently on my feet, I drink in the boy before me, his discordant uniform, I inhale the adrenaline he issues and the language his body is talking.  


 Lex Magister 23/6/2013 Dedicated to my dearest boy.


5/15/2010 6:29:42 AM

 The Custodian

To know its substance

 To know how it was formed

 To know its design

 To know its truth

 Then accept if you will, this rarest of treasures

 Encase it in your heart

 Guard it with your soul

 Allow it not to break

Confine it in bonds of love

  When you uphold its value, you will then know your own self-worth!


 Any fool can own it! Only a custodian will know ITS true worth...


12/16/2009 10:48:21 PM



The platform from which we first experienced our environment,

 The seat of our first knowing,

 First nursing,

 First love,

 The sanctuary from all ills,

 The sweetness of soft comfort


I am now the vice in which you are clenched

 No longer sat on but bent over,

 No longer pride of place but placed in your shame,

 No nursing,

 Aid of a very different kind now handed out,

Now a new knowing,

 A new lust of other love,

 A sanctuary now for your ills,

 Yet still the seat of your sweet comfort.

 Lex 17 December 2009

5/4/2009 8:04:30 AM


Thu 10 Aug 06, 8:46 PM

I spin filaments of My spirit into words.

A latticework cast forward into a shadowy realm.The quintessence blown on ethereal winds call to you. Fetters of time envelop will.

My sight warmed by your being. Hands relay tidings from soul to soul. The sounds of genteel surrender within you sing.

Chalk to board now the teacher stands. The Huntress senses arcing, sets to stalk. My desires now upon your back,serve one replenished by two. In bowed supplication you proffer equus her lost wing.

Before Me My newborn,neophyte, My prey,acolyte, My other wing.Before you your Matriarch, your Tutor, quaestor, your Mistress. And before both an open blue sky enriched with thermals upon which we soar.

5/1/2009 11:57:27 AM

My Strap on  Stallion

I pull tight the girth straps that hold my entire stallion in place, I feel the fullness of its intention and it strikes out from my groin, its pride of carriage now woven into my movements.

Ready to mount

The mount readies the ground moist and yielding. I take the hair, my hands apply pressure, and the mount exhales its readiness. I slip into the stirrup position my seat, my crop first caressing then a sharp flick. my stallion now forward going, the moist yielding ground tempting, wanting to be galloped, the stallion held at walk, a slow controlled pace, the ground now open I slip into trot, I deepen my seat allowing the stallion its head, now galloping the stallions weight driving into the ground.

Taking the jump

Sensing the jump, my thighs tighten; the grip on the hair tightens, pushing the mount forward the breath now rapid sweating muscles taught the stallion takes the jump, weightless pleasure and a void in time erupts into exquisite energy, the mount spent ridden to completion, the stallions entire form its stance ready and waiting to take the mount again.....Lex, smiling.

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