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Has Found THE ONE!!! and not looking anymore-----------------------------------------Current
Bisexual Female Dominant, 47,  North Providence, Rhode Island
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 Dominant Female

 North Providence 

 Rhode Island

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Has Found THE ONE!!! and not looking anymore

Currently looking for a REAL LIFE partner not a play only partner or onliner. I'm looking for a mature person who is real, open and honest, that can be bad in the bedroom. Someone who is open minded, loves BBW's/Full Figured women (if you need to ask, you don't want me). You should be polite, unselfish and generous by nature and yearning for a mature, responsible woman to share your life as well as fantasies. The experience we share should be rewarding and pleasurable for both of us.

You need not be an active lifestyle member, however you do need to enjoy kink as much as I do. You need to be free of emotional baggage from past relationships... have a life of your own, a job and a car, I do. Just need someone special to share that with.

I enjoy all forms of BDSM. As a Dominant.. I will bring you to places you thought you could never find. I am Safe, Sane, Sensual and Somewhat Sadistic with a Masochistic side as well. I guess you could say I am a Switch. I love bringing you from sensual sensations to corporal, take you to space and back. I love to also be with someone who can get me into space as well.

MY PERSONAL QUOTE... ~~~ I've been changed by things that have happened to me... I refuse to be reduced by them ~~~

FAVORITE SONG: The Dance by Garth Brooks
~~~ I could've missed the Pain, but I would've had to miss the Dance. ~~~ 
Ideal Person: I am a strong willed person who is Dominant with both sadistic and masochistic qualities. I have learned that in my personal relationships I want and need to be nurturing, caring and most of all loving.
As a person with a dominant nature who wants and needs equality within the contents of relationships, my desire is to please my partner and also let her know what pleases me. This Mistress has her submissives best interests at heart and through her control, she will please her submissive.

I want a D/s relationship where we both grow together. Starting with friendship, humor, lots of communication (would you expect anything less from a Gemini?) during that time enjoying the exploration of all the aspects of ourselves that we bring to each other, testing each other, watching each other blossom from the knowledge we learn of each other, building trust in every aspect of our lives, nurturing and comforting each other, caring for ourselves as well as each other.

Tried to have a normal life with a normal relationship but was always left feeling not only that something was missing, but feeling empty inside. I need to have that total sharing of oneself with another who has that hunger and craving of a deeply committed relationship that I feel, one can only find with like-minded people of this wonderful lifestyle.

Its not only about the kink. Its not only about the things we do when we play. Its not about the toys we use. All of that are the tools we use as a means of expression.

It is about the immersing of our whole being into that relationship, into that other person. That other person who knows what that burning desire is, that hunger and intense craving of being totally lost or immersed and being intertwined with the other persons mind, heart, body and soul. The intellectual connection when we communicate through our eyes and feel each others spirit without saying a word. The sharing of our hearts, so deep a feeling, that it has to felt and no words can describe that sharing. Sharing that ecstasy is satisfaction of that intense hunger and craving. The intertwining of our bodies, when our bodies are so close that they melt into each other, we feel that we are one. Being in a relationship with someone who understands that hunger and craving is the only thing that makes me feel complete.

The experience we share should be rewarding and pleasurable for both of us. You need not be an active lifestyle member, however you do need to enjoy kink as much as I do.

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