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Switch / Dom Couple, 28/42,  Columbus, Ohio
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Last Online:


 Switch / Dom





Primary Partner:

Gender Identity:









 5' 5"



Secondary Partner:

Gender Identity:









 5' 7"


 Not Listed

Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

A Poly Household


To read or not to read, that is the ultimate question

Below are simple requirements and a few things from the other messages, we have left before.  Ask of us what one in service is to do; we will answer as well as we can.  Everything shall be dealt with in a test period and contract that those you are to be in service with creating with the one to be in service. It answers many of the normal concerns, having the basic rules are already in print, our needs and questions; as well as our requirements.  Those you are to be in service with are traveling artist/crafter vendors in renaissance faires and medibody language), or through attitude asks for.  We will not think twice about it.   Master or Milord can be very sadistic if that is ones preference.  We can be gentle when the reward warrants it.  We are expecting and wanting that individual who knows her own needs. If, another is willing to give us a slave of his/her own, that would be acceptable as well. Said slave would be most welcomed and dealt with.

Why do most want to judge based on looks, not talent?  Yes, pleasing to the eye is one thing, but personality and individuality is another and the more important to us.  Being nice to look at is good not required, a bombshell is not needed, physically fit is needed, dressing tastefully {a requirement of the majority of shows we do.} to attract attention to the tent is accepted. We find that those who search only for others starting by looking at a photo are not very sincere people at all, and are in this for the playing and tee, ha, ha fun games. We are not looking for one to be physically attracted to either of us nor need there be anything of a sexual nature {for sex is earned not just given}. We are in search of one who wants to serve truly.

We will help in all ways with ones understanding of what to expect while in service, to us. If no life but this, what one in service asks is what shall be. One with us will work for what one receives. This means clothing, food and shelter.  One in service shall be allow bringing three Rubbermaid containers of “street” clothing, items and a good pair of work boots when arriving. We pay all the bills, seeing to whatever happens in the world outside.  As a merchant's slave/sub, one in service must be able to interact with the public as well as our artisans.  There is no discussion or lead way on this subject.  Good work equals good reward, bad work … well, just leave that up to us and then …

Those you are to be in service with expect absolute truth and honesty; nothing is to expect to hold back. When asked, “What are you thinking?” tell all of it.  If one in service is angry, say so, respectfully. Tell us, not act upon, the emotions one in service may have be they good or bad. Nevertheless, do so with respect.  Alternatively, we will deal with the lack of respect.  Communication is a must and requirement with us.  Do not act without discussing what you would like to do with us first. Do not walk away when either of us is talking to one in service. We will expect one in service to understand certain wordings.  If one in service uses specific terms, explain them, for we do not want to misunderstand you. We want to know that one in service knows exactly what they are saying or what one in service is asking.  One in service must know and understand what one in service asks of or, one in service may be in for a bad surprise.  Be very careful in what one in service requests.  

One should be medically clean and have no problems of a major sort.  Being physically ready helps for this life style. Because it involves endurance and strength. We do not believe in online training, it is more like role-playing to us as dice and gaming is. This life requires absolute discipline.  Many ask for this, but many do not realize what to truly entering into service is. This will be 24/7 for the one to be in service, will also be an assistant to Milady or Mistress, an apprentice to Master or Milord or Milady or Mistress depending on what is needed when required. Normal life in society is completely different, many are not ready for the differences this style of life has.

The practices and workings that most acquainted with this, will be learned, used, and taught while within service. Nevertheless, that depends on one’s good or bad actions as to which skills are learned and how they will achieve. Understand and know this as fact, this is NOT about sex.  Sex earned, not given; that will take some doing. BDFSM is not all sex. It seems that this what many believe that is what it is for. It is a way to be kinky; that is NOT what we seek, to start with. If you are just in this lifestyle for the sex, then do not contact me. Do not get us wrong, we enjoy the sexual aspect of it as well as the next person. We will not have sexual actions with those we do not believe we will want to use sexually. Not to mention if any of those involved are interested in such acts to begin with.  This is about a mindset and a discipline; this is not about how many orgasms one in service can have or give to Master or Milord or Milady or Mistress.  This is about a lifestyle and a traveling business combined. This is serious, not playing as most probably want even though they claim differently. Again, this is true service not your ideal fantasy.

. This has been the current reaction to date: There are many listed as “slave” and “submissive” types on many sites. Some of those are only looking for fantasy or have fictional “romance novel” ideas. Those you are to be in service with having sent messages out to a selection of those who are available the 10th of each month when internet is available and wanting placement, categorized relocatable as female slave or submissive from the ages of 18 to 30, because the preferred age bracket of 21-28 was not getting any attention. Fewer than ten percent have conversed with us from this and other sites. Of that percentage, we have received a 40/50 split of “get lost!” and “what is wrong with you?” When one is to become in service and is talking then they suddenly stop all contact without reason. Those who are to become in service, start conversing and then stop are just plain immature and childish. It is polite at very least give a reason as to why not, instead of blocking or ignoring. For those who are to be in service and have indicated that they have read this profiled message. Those you are to be in service with await some type of answer. It would be polite and informative to know that someone has read and answered. Not being hatefully, but truly constructive. We will be on the road doing shows and almost expect none of those approached for service to contact us outside of the "return button" or "delete" read or unread. Yet we look forward of the possibility of it happening. Because we will be on the road and not always near electric, internet messaging will be very sporadic at best. Therefore, the best ways to contact us is via our message service, following the instructions so we know who you are, how and when to reach you.


Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries a Dept. of Ask for IT

Lady Isabell Demona Companion to Marquis Allen M. Drago




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Journal Entries:
11/21/2008 11:14:40 AM
Stuck in Jackson Mi waiting for the slave or submissive for us. Waiting sucks

8/22/2008 10:14:41 AM

29 Trans 1 Sept  5-7 12-14Des Moines Renaissance Faire, De Moines Iowa STATUS Bonnie & Greg yes to coming back and now just have to figure out how to make it happen.


3-5 Fishers Renaissance Faire, Fishers Indiana

10-12 17-19 24-26 Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival, Tuscola, MI


1-2 Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival, Tuscola, MI

1/12/2008 1:54:37 PM
Well here it is the beginning of the new year.  I am still in search of one who is willing to serve.  It's sad to say many have turned the offer down because they think it means having sex with the both of us.  Service to us is not based on pleasure or sex.  These can be used as rewards for good service.  One can even say they are needs in the agreement.  We are willing to work with a wide range of needs and wants.  Until next time the search continues.

1/11/2008 5:31:25 AM

One more time this shall be placed forth using the basic data, finding the profiles that match and Offering what at lot ask for and few even truly comprehend.




{18} 21-28 {30} of age

Of Medium build

Willing to relocate

 Red, auburn to black hair

To enter in 24/7 service

True to One’s words and honor

Common Sense and Intelligence

No medical problems

Able to carry tables and boxes

Willing to work long, hard, and extended days

Traveling January till November mostly east of the Mississippi river

Will be well taken care of and looked after and taught

Compatible with the current people of the tent

Must past Lady of the tent questions

Some adjustments could be..........

Seasonal test period required three or 7-month periods

We prefer a slave to a submissive

11/10/2007 10:33:36 AM
I am still searching for female who can travel and serve me well.  

4/12/2007 12:29:27 PM
Looking for 21-28 old female slave/sub relocatable bisexual. Red to black hair. 5'4" to 5' 10" medium build and a real figure. Not stick with bumps. Actual measurements and visually appealing. Able to travel and work outside among many other things. True inquires only. All others will be ignored. I do not play and do not expect those who contact me to be any thing but serious either.

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