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Pan Female Dominant, 55,  Bucks County, Pennsylvania
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 Dominant Female

 Bucks County 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 150 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male


A Poly Household




 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Body Worship



 Chastity (Expert)

 Foot Worship

 Hair Pulling (Expert)


 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage

 Orgasm Control

 Outdoor Bondage



 Female Supremacy

 Lifestyle BDSM


 Rock Music



 Amusement Parks

 Art Galleries

 Fine Dining


 Canes and Crops





 No Strings Housework

 Obedience Training

 Plastic Wrap


 Sensory Deprivation


 Wax play


 Alternative Medicine







 Curious About:




 Heavy Metal Music

 Auto Racing



I am looking for a sub for a live-in position. You must be able to relocate. Age 40-60, no exceptions. Send a (brief) appropriate email, telling Me about you and your RT experience.

Life as I see it...Thorough training, enforced by discipline, tempered with seduction and compassion and balanced with vanilla. I enjoy the sensual, erotic side of Ds along with the mental and psychological control. you are willing to transfer your strengths through developed trust knowing that your submission will not make you weaker, but will allow you to experience a bond that only this type of relationship can provide. you have come to terms and embrace your need and desire to submit. Loyalty, obedience, honesty, an open mind a willingness to please just one. One whose soul begs to surrender to the will of a Dominant Woman. I prefer you have experience, and to Me, that goes well beyond reading a book or playtime with a gf. This is RT, LTR only - dont even ask about online.

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Journal Entries:
9/30/2017 10:00:44 AM
Looks good for anyone interested in sissy training or a fun twist on a humbler - Bee Sissy Training

6/3/2017 10:10:19 AM
Grocksolid.... I adore his profile. Probably because it sounds a lot like my own! At least he could have the decency to respond to my email when I asked him about it. Maybe he'll respond when he finds someone else's words to use.

5/13/2017 3:27:07 AM
An interesting site I came across for chastity, especially for those with piercings. This is not an endorsement

3/4/2017 1:34:23 PM
Submision has nothing at all to do with you, your wants, needs or desires. It is about protocol, rituals, Her rules, and adoringly worshiping Her. It is about instant, unquestioned, eager obedience, praising and glorifying her. It's about open honesty, fearlessly searching and revealing of ones self and deeply dedicating yourself to your owner. It is about unendingly aspiring to please and pleasure Her, and finding your completeness in doing so. The goal is something that could take a lifetime to perfect. It must be reinvented each and every time one enters into a new relationship, because a Mistress is unique unto herself. Every woman is different, and is also growing and learning and striving to perfect herself.

11/12/2016 12:11:31 AM
It's amusing when he starts commenting on the "hot flashes" he's getting as a result of the herbal supplements. Welcome to menopause, bitch!

9/10/2016 8:06:29 PM
Hops... yes hops in beer. Hops can cause vaginal dryness in women. In men, hops makes it difficult to maintain an erection. You would need 3 beers or more to notice any difference in the sex drive. Anything less than 3 doesn't do anything. Hops decreases libido in men by increasing their estrogen levels for short periods of time. The inability to sustain an erection after drinking beer is called brewer’s droop.

8/19/2016 11:16:18 AM
All to lower the libido and block testosterone...Chasteberry, hops (yes, the same hops they put in beer), rehmannia, skullcap...all herbal supplements to reduce the male sex drive. Camphor essential oil...monks use it to remain chaste. :)

7/25/2016 10:31:00 PM
Chemical castration update... The doctor I originally thought could perform the procedure can't because she requires him to be on hormones for at least one year. There are 2 other options, one is in Ohio the other in Arizona. Continuing My research.

6/16/2016 9:03:47 PM
Finally, a comprehensive response that made sense.  Thank you, Assisted......!!

Mentally & Physically - The testosterone blocker made it very difficult to achieve an erection.  Despite what I have read other places, I never had a lower sexual drive or desire.  I just wasn't able to do anything about it.  My sexual drive was still strong but I rarely felt fulfilled.  It was difficult to become erect but it was sometimes possible.  The orgasm becomes much weaker and mildly refreshing yet extremely un-fulfilling.  

A man's orgasm weakens to level's that re-enforce their ideas of inferiority.  The chemicals have great impact on the orgasm.  An orgasm which was once a 'rocket shot of sperm' will slowly turn into a somewhat hard/somewhat limp cock that has only a drizzle of pre-cum.    

Using hormones and testosterone blockers for prolonged periods creates some permanent changes.  Oddly the drive still exists though.   

I can also tell you it created a deeper somewhat spiritual connection as it will for you and your slave.  Chem/Cas is not bdsm 101 stuff.  It's a little deeper and a touch more extreme.   It brings a taboo feeling that really enhances the connection between Domme and slave.  Not sure about the Domme but the slave feels this constantly.  It is very rare and nobody in the outside/vanilla world is aware.  It allows you to share a secret with your Domme that nobody else in the world knows.  It's hard to explain,  It secludes you from the rest of society.  (somewhat similar to those wearing chastity in public) but that awkward feeling feels great.   It's a secret that nobody will ever understand so you keep it to yourself and Mistress.  It helps create a very deep bond and greatly helps in advancing one's true slavery.  

5/31/2016 7:59:32 PM
Chemical castration....has anyone ever experienced it?

2/25/2016 1:09:36 PM
Yes, he relocated.
Just 2 weeks until he relocates. The i's being dotted, t's crossed. Putting together his list of duties / responsibilities. I'm also working on a 1 year plan that will involve his on-going chastity training and various other areas to further enhance his submission and service to Me.

2/7/2016 8:55:43 PM
Practice, practice, practice! Dildo training 2 hours a day. 1 hour oral, 1 hour anal.

1/16/2016 9:22:42 PM
New photo...16 days with no release. He's at the point where he's wet constantly.

1/6/2016 10:00:45 AM
Being your slave, what should I do but tend upon the hours and times of your desire? I have no precious time at all to spend, Nor services to do till you require. ~ William Shakespeare 

12/7/2015 3:54:52 PM
Chastity continues to progress nicely. This trip, I introduced a butt plug which he took with no problem. he seems to be a bit of a size queen! he rides his dildo like a dog in heat. he was allowed to cum by humping my leg, like the dog that he is. I also had him doing some dildo sucking training. He can't take much in his mouth, so he'll need some practice in this area. When the time comes, I want to make sure he can suck cock without being an embarrassment. While out, I ordered his food for him. he needs to go on a diet and drop some weight. he also need to work on his housekeeping skills. I suspect some of its laziness comes from being single and not held accountable to anyone.

11/25/2015 7:25:24 PM
A short overnight meeting with the cum slut yesterday. It was another 12 days since his last release. To eliminate any future whining, I wanted to make sure he was completely dry of cum. 8 times in 12 hours, humping My leg like a dog in heat, licking up his mess. LOL...what a sight! He is back in chastity. Next week, I will be in Ohio for 4 more days of training.

11/14/2015 5:22:45 AM
Today marks 11 days that the slut has been locked. He is to masturbate 4 times. In between each one, there is 30 minutes of dildo training. Then locked again. Walking and sitting seem to be a challenge!

11/6/2015 7:46:11 AM
A productive 3 days training the new sub. 10 days in chastity. Things are progressing nicely. Overcoming the distance may become an issue as winter weather sets in, but the will is there!

10/30/2015 4:16:59 PM of the few times it's acceptable to dress as a Domme and walk the streets. Also looking forward to training the boy for the next 3 days!

10/19/2015 3:55:47 PM
Who would have thought a trip to NY would prove to be so successful! Finally!

9/17/2015 2:56:24 AM
How incredibly fitting for the incessant wankers here. Lyrics: Liquid Dream Posters of love surrounding me, I'm lost in a world of fantasy Every night she comes to me and gives me all the love I need Now this hot girl (Hot) She's not your average girl She's a morpharotic dream from a magazine And she's so fine, designed to blow your mind She's a dominatrix supermodel beauty queen, ooh I dream about a girl who's a mix of Destiny's Child Just a little touch Madonna's wild style With Janet Jackson's smile, throw in a body like Jennifer's You've got the star of my liquid dream (My liquid dream) Liquid dreams, my liquid dreams (She's my) (My liquid dreams) Waterfalls and streams, these liquid dreams Ohh ohh ohh

6/2/2015 8:15:50 PM
Travel to Ithaca, NY area 6/12

2/21/2015 3:34:04 PM
The submissive should realize that initially, in early stages, he is serving himself. Fulfilling his images, fantasy and desire... which too often seem to be needs. When he is considered by a Dominant, he must be willing to set aside and control that old sense of self and not delude himself into thinking he is prepared to serve Her, by continuing to serve himself. This is not easy. The mind does not quickly change. A conscious forty days to change a habit, but it is necessary and can be accomplished by concentrating on the pleasure of the Dominant, and even more so by witnessing the growth of Her confidence and power while feeling the diminishing of your own sense of anxiety to be this or that, do this or that. It is a slow and subtle dance. A deep beauty and it underscores the futility of thinking/desire to meet "Someone" and immediately be Her submissive. It is a slow, sometimes frustrating, but sensual and true feeling of growth of Her power as She sees the him sinking to his place, and the submissive sees Her flourishing in Her dominance.  The old submissive serving himself is barely remembered as the slave finally surrenders to his true Mistress.

2/16/2015 3:20:54 PM
If we make arrangements to speak at a certain time, I would expect you to be ready and available to do so....not out grocery shopping.  I planned My day accordingly so I would have uninterrupted time in My day. Was it not as important to you, to do the same?  I have no intention of trying to talk as you're running up and down the isles...because the purpose of setting a time is so there are no interruptions.  
What's that....can I call you back in an hour?  No.  No I can't.  Because most times, you only get once chance to make a first impression.  

Take notes, boys.

1/18/2015 6:06:14 PM
A little something about SERVICE.... I never fail to be 'tickled pink' when I see how satisfying routine daily chores can be when performed to give pleasure to another. Making dinner, scrubbing a floor, running an errand, raking a yard can take on an almost "Zen-like" concentration and loss of time when done with the eyes of one's Domme in mind. 

1/13/2015 4:28:50 AM
Ascesis - The practice of severe self-discipline or self-control.

1/5/2015 10:58:55 PM
By the looks of things....all the subs are hiding in Croatia.

2/28/2014 4:25:35 AM
Those who choose to acknowledge and adore its essence, will humble themselves to its passionate fury. **** Those who choose to ignore it, will come to recognize moments of near insanity as their soul cries out for one single touch. **** Those who are addicted to the kiss of the whip are never the same and their flesh cries in its absence.

7/19/2013 5:41:26 PM

Finally...something exquisite to read!  Lady and Yesmaampleases' journal.  Ahhh, let the mental orgasm begin.

6/8/2013 3:56:26 PM

I saw the best bumper today...CHASTITY - The choice of the next generation

4/11/2013 10:48:52 AM

~ A Woman serves a man best when She has Her joy above all other values.

~ A gratified Woman is someone who constantly experiences the abundance of life itself and the privilege of life itself because She knows that wherever She is, just by the force of nature that is Her being, anything is possible.

4/8/2013 5:12:51 PM

It always amazes Me.  How most of you seem to know what you want, yet when confronted with the reality of finding it and actually living it, you run from it like a bunch of pussy's.

2/22/2013 5:58:55 PM

Just a thought....if you find there is something I've written in My profile that resonates with you, don't just blatantly steal it.  Have the decency...the respect, to email and ask if you can use it as PART of your own.  I realize that what we have written, is up for grabs for anyone to use as their own, but...really?  Try formulating a sentence based on your OWN thoughts and putting it down in words.   

It's just plain lazy if you don't...and no one wants a lazy slut!  No one!  Right Wine Guy?!

11/30/2012 5:42:42 AM

Finally, starting to rebuild the arsenal! 

9/13/2012 10:32:22 AM

And then there is that one day when you find that all the crops and props and restraints and floggers from My 20+ year journey, have been stolen. 

5/7/2012 9:57:50 AM

My my my! 

Read, learn.  Then re-read and learn some more!


4/10/2012 2:55:34 PM

For some fun, online computer control, try using TeamViewer!

6/9/2011 4:11:13 AM
It has been ages since I found anything news worthy to post here, but today, today is different. Congrats to Ms Lisa & Ken on tying the knot (couldn't resist). My best to you both!

5/17/2010 4:10:28 AM
How would it make you feel if someone copied your profile and claimed it as their own?  I got an email from a sub yesterday saying that he connected so much with my profile, he copied it and is using it for his own.  Of course he emailed AFTER doing a copy and paste.  I suppose I should be flattered, but instead, I feel violated.  He can't articulate how he feels or what he is looking for, so he steals My words, which are a culmination of 20+ years of soul searching.

4/11/2009 9:30:52 PM

** If interested, take the time to construct an informative introductory email.  Tell Me about your experience/training in the lifestyle, your vanilla interests,  your qualities and what you feel you have to offer a FemDom, including the amount of time you have available to serve per week or any restrictions.

11/4/2008 8:26:13 AM
There are times, where even I, cannot resist. When I thought I may have heard it all...eventually, if I wait long enough, around the corner is something new.  Below is a portion of an email I received today.  A note to the subs/slaves who say they have "no limits," you really should reconsider, as this boy did.

My name is ******  I would love to be ur slave. I dont have a cam. I will tribute. I can and will relocate. My  limits are death, missing parts and very negotiable, men. I am 30

10/10/2008 10:48:41 PM
"Planting triggers"... planting a seed in someone's mind that takes root... and establishes you there. Having the breath pulled from you and replaced with... something intoxicating, that clears the senses and makes one oblivious to everything.   Knowing that I can feel his helplessness,  his need to give whatever is inside to show his devotion... while he strugges inside, the fragile male ego getting molded and formed for My  pleasure. That's not something a lot of guys can walk toward easily. Surrender.
~thanks, daniel

9/9/2008 12:22:13 AM
Hypnosis can be a wondrously effective tool for accessing the subconscious. For accessing the foundations of a person's identity, and the core principles that make up their root personality. Having access to this gives you enormous power to train, mold and ultimately change them into something else. It can be a tool for encoding concepts and training right into the mind, and making them far more permanent than normal physical training. It goes beyond mere fetish introduction, or stimulation control You can literally remap certain aspects of who they are, and what they want. The base wants and needs of a person can be rewritten into something that You, the Dominant, find pleasing.

Hypnosis is not a one time affair.  Brainwashing does not happen overnight.  Enforced, permanent changes to a subject takes time.  The changes, are slow, with very few "dramatic" moments like the more cliche fantasy of mind control works.  The hypnotist cannot effect long lasting change with a snap of the fingers.

Indeed, the changes are gradual, especially the subject.  What you can expect to feel however, is a growing sense of confusion, exhaustion, and detachment.  As the reality of the subject is first broken down, and then all together the removed, the subject will understandably go through a period of disorientation.  This is normal, but the hypnotist must take great care to provide guidance during these times.  Properly administered, the confusion itself can be the fuel upon which profound changes in both behavior and identity can be created.  Confusion allows for redefinition, and allows the hypnotist to offer clarity where all of a sudden none exist.  This dependency can be a useful tool for future suggestion.
  There is little that cannot be changed about a person.  It comes down to their behavior, which comes from one's identity.  Many believe that there are limits to what can be altered or modified, but this is not true.

Behavior and identity are linked, and as such, can be used against each other for purposes of alteration.  Change the behavior, and so will the identity.  Change the identity, and behavior no longer has any anchor.  It is a circle, that once a skilled hypnotist has access too, can be used to for extensive and deep rooted traning.  Create confusion in either within the subject, and they will become like clay within your hands.  Remove the anchor of identity, and they will cling to you to provide another.  Alter the behavior, and it becomes a simple matter to instill a new identity to anchor the new reality.  It is a circle that will reinforce itself.  Once changed, the two will reinforce the other, locking the subject onto the path that you have set.

All it takes, is time and the will of hypnotist strong enough to force open the doors

8/26/2008 6:12:23 AM
"Be Careful What You Wish For"    (a fictional story)

After emailing back and forth on multiple occasions, we finally agreed to meet for our first session. 12PM sharp. His mind had been constantly occupied with the idea of the 'perfect Goddess."  Tall, elegant,  seductive red lips, beautifully manicured nails and hypnotizing eyes. 

I instructed him to meet Me at a quiet motel in the middle of nowhere. I'm sure he thought this to be an odd choice, but his obsession with pleasing Me would have him obey My orders...instantly. 

I watched from the window as a car pulled into the parking lot.  I could see the Motel's neon sign flickering off and on. A man approached the sidewalk by the hotel.  As I watched him glance over the room numbers, he
circled the motel on foot, until he arrived at room 105. The placement of this room was in the far back of the hotel, strangely separated from the rest. I watched as he walked up to My door.  His quick pace, slowed considerably.  Something seemed wrong. Almost as though he decided to leave.  He had come too far to leave.  The anticipation, fear of the unknown was causing his hesitation, I suspect. Finally, a knock on the door.  
I twisted the doorknob slowly and opened the door.  His legs seemed frozen in place as he looked directly into My eyes.  He was already captivated.   I motioned him into to the room by waiving My longer slender finger slightly. I sensed My tall, powerful figure was intimidating and erotic. Barely able to walk, he squirmed inside the doorway. 

Without warning, I grabbed his neck and pulled him close... As I whispered in his ear... "get naked slut. I have a special surprise for my new boy." 

Barely able to speak, he uttered, "y-y-y-ess Mistress." 

He quickly started to unrobed, legs wobbly, placing his clothing in a sloppy pile in the corner. I knew I already possessed his mind and thoughts fully.

I could see he was fumbling, stalling for time....."Kneel," I said.   

he obeyed instantly. 

I quickly slid a soft leather blindfold over his eyes, depriving him of sight.
I cuffed his ankles together, tight and inescapable... followed by his wrists. 

I lifted the blindfold a bit, freeing his eyes. I looked down into his eyes with a sweet smile, running My fingers under his chin, lifting his head upwards. 

"Now, we have been emailing back and forth for nearly a week, slut. You have your Mistress excited about training you to be a little cockslut," I whispered.  I could see the goosebumps on his bare body.  

"Yes Mistress," he replied. "I want to be a good boy for you and learn, so next session maybe we can try a real cock" 

I burst out with a quick sharp laugh, and a grin.  "Such a good idea boy. Next time... Indeed." 

I slapped his cheek in a playful manner. "Is your bondage tight my slut?", I asked quietly 

"yes my Mistress. I cannot move at all" 

"Good boy. Try to wiggle free" 

He began to wiggle his wrists and ankles hard, finding out that My bondage was totally flawless. The only way he was to be free is if I chose it for him.   

"Mmmm very good slut. When do you have to leave today?" 

"Well two hours is perfect for me Mistress, so I would say by 2:30 in the afternoon" 

"Good boy. Very good boy." 

I pulled the blindfold back down, making sure he captured My sight once again. I walk past him, brushing My leg against him as I left. I opened a drawer, which I'm sure piqued his curiosity. Sounds of chains rattling filled his ears. I walked slowly back over to him.  The echo of My heels on the floor filled the room.  I placed a leather collar on his neck and gave it a good, sharp tug.    

"Perfect," I said to him. "we are almost ready to begin. First we need to take care of the paperwork" 

Confused, he uttered, "paperwork?" 

"Yes slut, a Domme has to be careful these days. I don't want a law suit from a sub, stating I was abusing him. It is all very standard. Would you like to read it? It just states the everything that happens is consensual. 

"No my Mistress, I trust you" 

"Good boy," I replied.  I worked the pen into his cuffed hand, right on the signature line. He scribbled his name quickly without a thought. 

"Very VERY good boy. We are ready to begin. Stand for Mistress" 

He rose to his feet awkwardly, legs still shaking.  
"Lay on your belly on the mattress. I want your chin resting right at the edge of the foot of the bed. Place your ankles and wrists together in the center of your back." 

He quickly got into position, as his back naturally arch. I could see his cock was already throbbing.   

"Good boy," I said in a very calming voice.  I hogtied his ankles and wrists into an unmovable state. 

"Perfect. One more thing slut. Open your mouth as wide as possible." 
I knew he secretly wanted Me to use his throat with My strap-on, something he had very little experience in.  I inserted a metal device into his mouth, clenching on to his teeth. His jaw was pried open, making it impossible for him to close his all. 

I grabbed his collar and attached a leash.  Pulling hard, raising his head upward even further. I quickly tied the leash to his ankles and wrists, leaving his head and body totally immobile. 

I bent over, My lips right by his ear and whispered, "Like the Jennings gag? Hehe..slut.. you have no idea what is coming... you have no free will from this point on. That document you signed stated that you are my property. It stated that I own you fully, and that many acts are acceptable. I would read the entire list of acts to you, but it is too disgusting for Mistress's lips to read. I wanted to get you here by noon because you have a very very very long afternoon, night, and morning coming to you" 

To Be Continued....... 

8/18/2008 6:40:26 PM
If I can train a sub to have a release without any physical contact....hypnosis and mind control should be a piece of

I've had My first experience with planting triggers...and it worked great.  All at the snap of My fingers.

8/12/2008 2:10:31 PM
At the encouragement of a few friends, I have decided it is finally time to quench My need and desire to further explore My hypnotic interests.  I have made great strides over recent months and have now solicited the assistance of an experienced (hypno) sub to work with moving Me to the next level. 
In addition to working with him on hypnosis and (affectionately) being My guinea pig, I will also be working with another sub, eventually utilizing the hypno as part of his training.
With that said, I suspect My plate to be full and doubt I will be actively searching. 

2/29/2008 9:25:38 PM
The beauty of the internet....a wealth of knowledge at the touch of a key.  In regard to this lifestyle, what it teaches you is that dominating and submitting is easy and almost always fun.  All you need to do is know that there are buzz words, the key phrases to say, and at what time. Anyone can assume a false on-line persona, simply by knowing the right words to say. Submissives who have only recently discovered or decided to pursue their sexuality are, as a rule, so sexually and emotionally needy for control, any kind of control, that they fall right over if you assume a stern, forceful demeanor in their cyber-presence and issue the sort of orders that you read about in S/M magazines.  

It's incredibly easy to dominate someone from a distance. It's so easy, in fact, that many Dom/mes who are not genuinely dominant have discovered that if they put on their stern dog and pony show, they can have as many no-strings-attached online slaves as they like. The problem comes when such "dominants" begin, as they often do, to believe their own propaganda, even though they've never had any experience in controlling anyone in real life.

Eventually, they think that dominating someone in real life is identical to the virtually effortless fantasy play that is  conducted  online or over the phone. 

2/26/2008 6:27:19 PM
A Mistress/slave lifestyle is one of absolutes. One's role in life is precisely defined. Obligations and privileges are spelled out in unambiguous terms. Two people enter into a partnership where one will take the lead, and the other will follow in support. There are no vacations, no time outs, no reversal of positions. Laws and rights are irrelevant; no outside agency dictates how they will live. The structure of their lives together is based on the trust, and faith, each one has in the other.                                                                                                                                                           A Mistress leads. Not just when it's easy or fun. he submits.  Not just when it's fun or convenient.  There are no breaks because She is tired. There are no open and closing times.  In some cases, it is a 24 hour per day occupation. She answers his questions, every one, every time. he will never hear the words "I don't care" because She doesn't have that option. She will have an answer to everything, even if it's no better than "I have to think about it". If he has a problem and asks her what to do, it becomes Her problem. She does not pick and choose the ways She will be his Mistress.  It is all or nothing.

A submissive follows and supports. She is his Mistress because he trusts Her judgment. he has a deep abiding faith in Her leadership, a faith never shaken by the inevitable mistakes She may make, for he knows She is always motivated out of concern for him. he knows there must come a time in any disagreement when Her word will be final. For the sake of harmony and peace, someone must yield, and he will be the one. It is his task to build that place of refuge for the two of them, the island of quiet,  free from strife. Through his obedience to Her ultimate authority, through his love and devotion to the woman he calls Mistress, he creates that oasis where She can go to relax and be Herself, with him at Her side.

10/26/2007 6:32:27 AM

"i am nothing, but when you stare in my eyes,  i know nothing is everything"

Thank you, ~r

10/25/2007 8:27:45 PM
There is no definitve plan or agenda with this journal. It's purpose can change with the wind, or My will. It's an aimless, designless, desultory, haphazard, hit-or-miss, irregular, indiscriminate, objectless, promiscuous, unaimed, unconsidered, semi-planned, purposelful collection of thoughts.

What you read here, and in My profile, is who I am. A culmination of 17+ years (off and on) in the life. I think about it daily. At times, it consumes Me.  Never has there been a day where I regretted My choice
Viva la differance!!

9/14/2007 5:43:52 PM
"Unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it's a waste of your time.  There are too many mediocre things in life, love shouldn't be one of them."

4/26/2007 6:42:09 PM

A true story dated 4/26/07...
"Women's Town to put men in their place"        

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese tourism authorities are seeking investment to build a novel concept attraction -- the world's first "women's town," where men get punished for disobedience, an official said Thursday.

The 2.3-square-km Longshuihu village in the Shuangqiao district of Chongqing municipality, also known as "women's town," was based on the local traditional concept of "women rule and men obey," a tourism official told Reuters.

"Traditional women dominate and men have to be obedient in the areas of Sichuan province and Chongqing, and now we are using it as an idea to attract tourists and boost tourism," the official, surname Li, said by telephone.

The tourism bureau planned to invest between 200 million yuan ($26 million) and 300 million yuan in infrastructure, roads and buildings, Li said.

"We welcome investors from overseas and nationwide to invest in our project," he added.

The motto of the new town would be "women never make mistakes, and men can never refuse women's requests," Chinese media have reported.

When tour groups enter the town, female tourists would play the dominant role when shopping or choosing a place to stay, and a disobedient man would be punished by "kneeling on an uneven board" or washing dishes in restaurant, media reports said.

The project, begun in the end of 2005, was expected to take three to five years to finish.

8/26/2006 7:37:28 PM

he hears the faint click of My heels on the tile floor, as I open the door. Standing there, tall, eyes down.  his hands, strong, clasped in front of him as though an innocent church boy.  he enters the room, and instinctively drops to his knees, waiting My instructions.  As I stand in front of him, I make sure to dangle the end of his leash in front of his face.  "Kiss My feet, boy."   he eagerly responds....kissing each foot with long, lingering kisses.  My hand reaches to the back of his head, taking a firm grasp of his thick hair.  Pulling his head back, I lean in and gently take the edge of his ear in My teeth.  I hear him catch his breath as I whisper..."Tell Mistress what you are."  "I'm yours Mistress, to do with as you wish," he responds.  I whisper again...... "Shhhhh. Listen to Me.  Right now, you are My pet."  With a firm hold of his leash, I give a tug as he crawls behind Me into the bedroom.  Dropping the leash, I instruct him to remove his clothes and to neatly fold them on the chair.  I watch him undress.  he tries to conceal his nervousness as he fumbles with the buttons of his shirt.  Standing there in front of him, his eyes lowered, hands behind his back, I notice the small beads of perspiration on his forehead.  My eyes move slowly over him.  his arms, his chest, his ass....I can already see his skin is moist.  I feel Myself smile as I anticipate his taste....

8/10/2006 5:50:45 AM
Thank you, Ken.....for putting things in their proper perspective.  "In my opinion, as long as You are enjoying the time You spend with the boy while being aware he is not likely to devote the time, energy and, frankly courage, to achieve a true submissive soul let alone becoming the slave You deserve; then who has any right to judge You or deny You Your fun? You deserve a purebred pointer but You still can enjoy a hound."

6/19/2006 8:47:20 PM

It's been a week and a half since the boy was last here.  Once inside, his clothes were removed.  he gave Me a much needed foot massage as we talked about his week.  I then had him sit in a chair as I restrained his arms behind the back of the chair.  We were both in a playful mood..... when the doorbell rang.  The look on his face....a Kodak moment if there ever was one.  I opened the door a crack, to see a recent acquaintance on the other side.  A male sub with whom I had discussed forced bi scenarios with.   I had made arrangements to have him stop by, but at the last minute, I thought they fell thru.  Much to My suprise, he decided to show up at the last minute.  I had him wait outside a few minutes, as I rushed to blindfold the boy.  As I was blindfolding him....I wanted to assure him that he was safe and would never do anything to cause harm.  With that, I opened the door and the sub came in.  This subs only purpose today was to be the recepticle for My boys cum.....and a recipticle he was.  I slapped My boys cock and balls a few times, as I instructed him to get hard for Me.....reminding him he needed to make Me proud by cumming when he was told.  After not cumming for 11 days....I knew it wouldn't take long, and it didn't.  Within a matter of minutes, he was gasping, begging to cum.....and he did, right into a nice warm mouth!
With that, the sub put his clothes back on, thanked Me for the opportunity to serve, and left, but not before asking if he could come back again next week.  I must was a beautiful sight seeing another man on his knees, giving head.  Something I've wanted to see for a long time.  To Me, it was very erotic, very arousing....and yes, I was very pleased. 

Oh, and for those who need  to know.....he's still locked.

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