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Domme/Dom Couple, 42/41,  Omaha, Nebraska
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Last Online:


 Domme/Dom Couple





Primary Partner:

Gender Identity:









 5' 3"



Secondary Partner:

Gender Identity:










 6' 1"

 190 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Switch Women

Switch Men

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

*Im dominant, kinky,and primal.
*part of the lifestyle for almost 2 decades
*Im married and non-monogmous.
*Im curvy, tatted, and geeky.

a few of my fav things coffee (hot or cold), matcha tea lattes, books, tats, cuddles, my dog, Asian food

*hobbies painting, photography, reading, yoga, fitness, movies, tabletop games, hanging with friends, going on adventures, trying new things
*I have a fox side, I bite, this is not pet play, Im not a pet.
*Im happiest curled up at home with those I adore but like social time as well and adventures. Usually down for trying new things. I like partners who like the same.
*Im not the dominate you from moment 1 type. Im more the get in your head type which requires personal knowledge and observation. Its personalized dominance. If Im not given the chance to see inside your head Im not going to dominate you.
*Im actually pretty easy going. Its all about sticking to set expectations. Im a Taurus, unsolicited change makes me grumpy
*I like attention and am needy but reasonably so.
*zero tolerance policy for stupidity, game playing, and disrespect.

Potential Partners
*Submissive playmate wanted. Must be willing to attend local gatherings with me and be willing to scene at play parties.
*Only seeking a partner (m or f) willing to be socially active with a couple, romanticallysexually you dont have to be into him but know if things get sexual Im super into MFM (no same sex contact required)
*Im not a fan of facial hair beyond a little scruff
*prefer about the same age or younger (maturity is a must no matter your age)
*I like dark hair, sexy eyes, and full lips and have astrongpreference for east Asian men but isnt exclusively set on such.
*local or relocatable partners only
*must be willing to dedicate time and energy
*someone willing to be my gym partner is a serious bonus

Heres the thing, what it comes down to is that I want someone who Manbeast and I can go on dates with or just them and I. I want someone who will go with me to events and let me get my exhibitionist itch scratched. On a longer term, more ideal level, I want someone to curl in bed with me or both of us. I want someone who will eventually be part of my family and go on vacations with us, camping or road trips. Someone who I feel comfortable in my home and taking care of my pets.

Ill take something more casual but the above is what I truly want in my life.

Outside of that Im looking to network. Spend more time with my community and expand my kink social circles.

Message if you want to dig deeper.

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Journal Entries:
11/28/2016 5:16:26 PM
I'm not the "kneel bitch" type. I love to cuddle and be playful. I want to nurture and care for mine. Do I want you to kneel? Of course, nothing makes my heart smile more other than having the one I love call me Mistress as they do so. I want your actions to be willing and out of desire to be that for me. I will have you do chores, let me tie you in rope, beat you for my sadistic pleasure but during all that I will acknowledge that you are a human being with thoughts and feelings. Sure, there may be times where you crawl to me, but more often there will be times where you'll cuddle up with me and watch a movie. Where I'll pin you down and tickle you and nom on your neck. Of course you'll have cuffs and a collar but they are there for you, not just me. There will be days where I do things for you, this doesn't make you less a slave or me less a Mistress, it just means I take care of what is mine and love you and want to express it to you.

11/28/2016 5:13:47 PM

Do you want to play, little girl?
Do you want to be wrapped up in the dark voices in my head?
Do you want to kneel, little girl?
Do you want to find yourself tied to my bed?

Do you want to scream, little girl?
Do you want my marks upon your skin?
Do you want to beg, little girl?
Do you want to crave me from that secret place within?

Do you want to sigh, little girl?
Do you want to feel yourself in my embrace?
Do you want to cry, little girl?
Do you want me to lick the tears from your face?

Do you want to gasp, little girl?
Do you want to feel my wicked touch?
Do you want to love, little girl?
Do you want only my love to be enough?

All you need to do is ask, little girl.
Just take my hand and I'll lead you through.
All you need is me, little girl.
Just step into my world, there's room for you.

11/28/2016 5:13:10 PM

Can you find as much joy in the little moments as in the big? Does curling up at my side watching a movie make you as happy as a scene that makes you fly and leaves my mark on your flesh? Do you find happiness in the simple tasks such as making and serving my meals as you would kneeling at my feet in submission? Do you want me to build your reality even more than you want me to fulfill your fantasies? Do you seek share a lifetime of moments not just a single one?

Because this is what I want. I want to find someone who finds the joy in every aspect of life, not just the super kinky moments. Not just the moments that you find in an erotic story, but the ones you build a life with.

11/28/2016 5:12:09 PM

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your lips are swollen
Your ass is bruised

I hear you whimper
gasp and moan
wiggle your backside
beg for more

Ask me nicely
Just say please
I'll bite your flesh
So soft and sweet

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