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Hetero Female Switch, 46,  Danville, Pennsylvania
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If you're looking for more than friends, look elsewhere. I'm not here to sleep with, serve, or be served by everyone. Do you even have a pic? Have you even told me your name? Do you have a profile? Because most of you usually don't bother to read my profile, because hell, it may have something in it that you don't want to see, like that I'm only looking for friends. So try something new & different READ THE FUCKING PROFILE!!!!!
I am lime green jello to my Redi Whip I am a Switch lady truck driver. I run team with my Husband/Master, so I'm not looking for anyone, other than as stated, FRIENDS! We run 40 or so states. We have no problem meeting anyone for coffee or dinner, but we are not looking for a play partner or to add anyone to our relationship. Again, we are only looking for friends.
We are always looking for new friends, male or female, in the lifestyle or not. We are real, and expect you to be too. I am me, and do not want to be expected to be someone that I am not. I enjoy making others laugh. My job in life is to make people laugh, truck driving is just my paying job, and that is only on weeks that I get a paycheck...LOL Basically all I do seek right now is friendship, if this is a problem (as I have learned it is a problem on another site & have been totally degraded & belittled for it & have also been informed that I just don't know what I'm talking about or what I need) then move to the next profile. I am a big girl. I know what I want and need right now. Well, that is all that I can think of at the moment, if I think of anything else, I'll add it later. If you made it this far I would like to congratulate you for making it without falling asleep LOL! Have a great day, week, month, year, life? Lauri











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Journal Entries:
10/2/2011 7:02:41 PM
Greetings all, I had my surgery & everything went perfectly well. No issues or complications. The clear liquid & full liquid diets were hell, but from 9/1 (when I started the 2 week 50 carbs or less per day, pre-op diet) to 10/2, I have lost 30.6 lbs. Since my surgery on 9/15 I've lost 23.6 lbs. So in total since 9/1 I have lost 10% of my full body weight. Only another 40% to go. The biggest thing that I've noticed is my ankles (especially my left one) are no longer swollen at all WOOHOO! I will say this, learning how to eat all over again is NOT an easy task, especially when you're only able to eat 3 - 4 ozs of food at a sitting & constantly getting the hiccups after eating doesn't help either. Otherwise things really are fantastic, honest! Also, as you all see, no issues with going to Mexico either! Oh & 1 final note...10/1 has been 1 1/2 years since I have quit smoking as well. I'm well on my way to learning what it feels like to feel good. Lauri

9/12/2011 12:30:30 AM
Well, I'm down to the final count down. I deliver in Sumner (just outside of Seattle) around 6am Wed, then I get on a plane at 1:45pm & fly to San Diego, CA. A driver picks a bunch of us up & takes us to Tijuana, Mexico. I have my Gastric Sleeve surgery on Thurs, then fly back to Seattle on 9/17 and sit in a hotel for a week healing up. If you're going to be in the area & want to share a cup of chicken or beef broth or an ice pop let me know. I'm sure the boredom will set in pretty quick! And this shouldn't have to be said, but if you're looking for more than a totally vanilla, NON SEXUAL meet & greet, you're looking in the wrong place. You won't even be gong past the lobby. Lauri P.S. For those concerned about me having my surgery in Mexico. I personally know & have talked to 5 people who went through the same organization, hospital & Dr. I have thoroughly researched everything. All is good, I promise! Any & all prayers are always welcome! LTD Lauri

7/16/2011 1:23:51 AM
Just thought I'd let everyone know, I have decided to give myself a belated birthday present, my birthday is 7/18 & I'm going to make an appointment for Sept or Oct to give myself the gift of life. I'm going to Mexico for weight loss surgery. I have gained a lot of weight since quitting smoking, sitting home for 2 months, etc & its been taking a toll on my health & body. I see a better, healthier life & a brighter future ahead of me! Lauri

5/6/2011 9:40:57 PM
Looks like I'll be spending more time in the Woodridge, IL & the Tacoma, WA areas & of course I'm still back in Scranton, PA every 10 - 12 days. I will now be on a dedicated run, I leave Harrisburg, PA around 3pm every other Friday, I get to Woodridge, IL around noon on Saturday, leave Woodridge around 3pm Sunday, deliver in Fife, WA on Wednesday around 6am and leave again Friday morning to head back to PA. Anyone in those areas let me know. Would love to find some friends in both areas. I'm so thrilled to be spending time in the Northwest again! Lauri

4/24/2011 1:26:49 PM
Hi ho, hi ho, back up to Washington State (near Seattle) I go! I've missed running up there. I'll deliver 6am Wed & (hopefully) leave Thursday or Friday. Hotel & relaxation time again! Hope everyone had a wonderful & blessed Easter. I worked, but it was my decision to do so. Lauri

4/1/2011 7:42:18 AM
I have been a non smoker 1 year today! WOO HOO! I have been through hell & depression & have not touched a single cigarette! Yeahhhhh me!

3/12/2011 1:57:03 AM
Ever get the feeling you're going in circles? Since Feb 1, 2011 Pennsylvania to Seattle area x 3, Pennsylvania to New England x 5, now to Chicagoland (Woodridge) 03/12, then back to the Seattle area for Wednesday 03/16. Round & round she goes, dizzier than usual as everyone knows! And for those of you keeping track 19 more days & I will be a non smoker for ONE FULL YEAR!!!! I'm ready for the celebration!!!! Lauri

2/17/2011 1:54:05 PM
Wellllllll, now that my truck is fixed *crosses fingers* I'm hopefully going to be able to roll & get to spend a fun filled (note sarcasm) weekend up ny Seattle since delivering tomorrow is no longer an option. If its not 1 thing its another. Ohhhhh well.

2/12/2011 7:25:02 PM

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day. I'm essentially sure mine would be better if I had a Valentine. The down side of being single.

I'm beginning to think that I'm should become an honorary Washington State resident, I'm going to be heading there on my 3rd trip in a row, this time going to Sumner, WA. Hopefully I'll get right back out of there, or it's going to be a long drawn out weekend!

2/8/2011 8:31:36 PM
For those who have been emailing me about updating my journal more, I promise to try. Life does get in the way sometimes, sorry! I stopped to get fuel this afternoon & decided I had nothing better to do today, so figured spraining my ankle seemed like it could be fun & exciting...ummm NOT! I did get lucky though, the truckstop had a chiropractor. The truckstop had to pay the bill. I stepped out of the truck to fuel, there was a hole in the pavement, my foot found it & my ankle buckled. The good thing is the next time I get in there we are going to start working on my wrist & shoulder for some relief & possibly put my surgery off for awhile. Though after my best friend enlightened me about a few things I may have no choice but to put it off indefinitely. Just passed the 10 month mark as a non smoker! Almost at a year WOO HOO! I'll live, I'm driving, it hurts, oh well. Lauri

1/17/2011 8:07:19 AM
I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. I'm still a non-smoker & still traveling all over creation. I'm in Sumner, WA (by Seattle) waiting to get unloaded. Speaking of me traveling all over the country, let's visit that for a moment shall we? I may be a submissive, I may travel, but that DOES NOT mean that I am a traveling play toy. I travel to do my job, not to play with who ever, where ever, when ever, SO QUIT TELLING ME WHAT I WILL DO! SHEESH! If you're thinking "hey she's coming to/through here, easy lay" I'm here to tell you...ummm NOT SO MUCH! Now if you want to meet, & I have the time, for a non alcoholic drink (I don't drink coffee), talk and/or dinner, I'm fine with a platonic (hugs are always welcome) meeting, but playing, I'm thinking NOT. As always, feel free to email! Lauri

11/30/2010 11:15:37 PM
As of today I have been a NON smoker for 8 months! God I need a smoke! LOL Hi Ho, hi Ho out to California I go! Now I'm really nervous, I haven't been to Los Angeles in about 4 years. I sooo do NOT play well with others, but oh well I'll just cuss a lot & hope for no more accidents!

11/17/2010 6:46:57 PM
Well as of tonight I'm back on the road. A bit nervous about coming back after being off the road for 2 1/2 months, but I think I'll be ok. Everyone just needs to stay off the sidewalks & hide all young children & small pets & we'll all be ok LOL

11/11/2010 10:26:52 PM

I am finally going to be back out on the road! I was given a 2nd chance at life by a small 65 truck company! And the best part is I'll be running all over the country again. THANK GOD I really have missed running over the road!

Just figured I'd update & let everyone know.


9/11/2010 7:58:12 PM
Well, as much as it hurts, and I hate to admit it, it looks like my career is over for the next 3 years. It breaks my heart, but due to 2 accidents in 1 week, and 1 of them I still say was NOT my fault, my lease was terminated & now I'm on my own!
I have decided to get away & clear my head for about a week, but can't even decide where I want to go *sighhhh* Thinking Denver or South Dakota, or Arkansas, or ???? I'm thinking Mountains, but need to be back in Kansas City by 9/20. I soooo don't know what to do!

7/31/2010 8:48:31 PM
Yep, It's been 4 months since my last smoke! OK let's see, I drive in approx 20 states. My perimeter is Dallas, Atlanta, Columbus (Ohio), and Minnesota. Look at a map & that's pretty much it, anywhere within that area, now with that being said I'm trying to find some like minded people in this lifestyle who like to just have vanilla fun, getting to know each other & progress from there. Respect earns respect & if you think there's going to be sex or play the 1st xx times, then keep on moving, it's not happening! I'll be posting this in my profile later when I get on my laptop. Lauri

6/19/2010 5:30:51 PM
TODAY IS DAY 80 AS A NON SMOKER!!!!! I guess some day I'll figure out how you go from pain being at a 1 to within a few hours being at a 7 & you have no clue what you did to cause it. I'm learning REALLY quick how reliant I am on my right hand. Can't brush my hair, have trouble shifting the truck and trying to take a shower later will really prove interesting. The shifting part is the worst & I'm amazed how loud I can scream when I shift gears. Needless to say, this REALLY sucks big time!!!

3/30/2010 7:27:26 PM
As of 3/19 I'm working on quitting smoking. As of today I'm averaging 1 cig every 1 1/2 hours. VERY tough, but between Chantix, hynosis & the strength & support of my Masters & friends I'll make it!!!

2/16/2010 11:19:50 AM
Though 1 person who I said something to informed me that Those in this lifestyle are not allowed to brag, and I was called a whore for it, I am going to brag, as of this past Saturday I accepted a collar. In all the time (over 10 years) in this lifestyle I have never accepted a collar from anyone, but this felt right & I agreed to be His submissive & wear His collar!

1/29/2010 11:29:53 AM
Ok, the snow can quit anytime now, sheesh! I'm beginning to feel like a prisoner in my own home, but at least I'm finally at home instead of being stranded in the truck somewhere.
I'm definitely ready for the spring thaw, that's for sure.
My semi has been encased in ice & is now being covered by snow. I might be able to break it loose by April? LOL

1/26/2010 12:21:33 PM
Deliver in Topeka, KS @ 7am then drive 300 miles home before the big storm hits. Forces me to stay in & relax, especally since I'm getting sick & I am totally burned out. Just wanna crawl under a rock

1/25/2010 11:31:54 AM
I know that it's been awhile since I've done any reading on the subject of D/s. I have had a few people email something quite interesting. Evidently from what I can figure out, the meaning of a submissive has changed in the last year or so. I was informed that a submissive becomes a slave once she has a Master & that her gift of submission is then taken her, for her to no longer give to her Master freely.
If this is the new meaning for a submissive, the I guess that my time in this lifestyle is done. I am not a slave & I have no desire to be. And to those who are slaves, I think that is wonderful. We all are what we are, but when I was informed of this new definition I was totally blown away.
Yes, this journal post IS sarcastic, but I really did receive this from more than 1 person.
Have a GREAT week,

1/23/2010 3:03:53 AM
Hi all, another slow wkend! Pickup in McPherson, KS today, be in Paris, TN (where ever the heck that is) for 7am Mon, then Clarksville, TN before noon on Mon. Fun, FUn, FUN sigh Have a GREAT weekend!

1/19/2010 8:06:43 AM
Sitting in St. Joseph, MO waiting for my load to come out tonight going to Terrell, TX fun, fun, fun, gotta love it.
Hope everyone is have a great day!

12/31/2009 11:21:21 AM
Happy New Year all. Tonight I'll get the joy of sitting in my truck in a truckstop in Earle, AR OH JOY! then drag my feet to NC for a Mon delivery. Hope alll will be safe this amateur weekend. Lauri

12/30/2009 7:52:10 AM
Why is it so hard to make people understand thgt I am NOT looking for a relationship???? Friendship is ALL I AM LOOKING FOR!!! I don't have the time or mindset for a relationship at this time! Lauri

12/18/2009 11:20:34 PM
I want to thank everyone for the words of encouragement, they really have meant a lot to me.
This week has been a lot better week financially, but not emotionally, still highly pissed off at the lies & bullshit that I was told AFTER putting a bunch of money out that I couldn't afford, and I just get more pissed off by the day as I sit in my truck hour after hour eating microwave junk (little to no nutritional value) & get more pissed at him for all the lies because he put me in this position, BUT I WILL PREVAIL! I may have to eat microwave junk for a year, but I will come out ahead & things will get better.
I'm a survivor & I will either stand strong until the tough times are behind me, or I'll go down fighting until the end, but I WILL survive.

12/12/2009 2:23:59 PM
Well, another relationship bites the dust, and this week has completely sucked aside of the relationship...if I could just crawl under a rock somewhere...............but since I can't crawl under a rock, and I can't cry, because, well, the tears just don't come, I will just continue to sit here think about things & I guess continue to get more pissed at the week, don't know how else to deal with it, so I just deal with it by NOT dealing with it

11/12/2009 12:53:50 AM
FIRST READ THE DAMNED PROFILE JUST ABOVE THIS BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm, I'm a little confuzzled by it all. I can rarely get anyone to read my profile, then when ONE PERSON does, I'm informed that my profile is arousing to many people on CM, and that I am evidently wanting something more than friendship. He had a hard time accepting the fact that I was NOT willing to cheat on my boyfriend, and then when I was screwing with him and said OK I will put off my move this weekend, leave my boyfriend sleep in his car for another week (yes, until the move he's in his car due to lack of work), and I would come to TX and let him satisfy his fantasies.  Then after I finally told him that none of that was going to happen, and my move was still going to take place this weekend, he informed me that I am troubled inside, and if I ever need to talk he would listen. I informed him that I'm NOT troubled inside, but he needs to learn how to take no for an answer.
Why is it so hard for people to take "NO" for an answer?????

10/20/2009 4:00:46 PM
Can someone PLEASE explain to me, why it is when a profile shows up that people can't read the little box to the right of the picture, also known as "THE PROFILE" I guess that's just too hard for some people to do????  I mean come on people, it's NOT that hard to do, both the profile and journal are right there, geeze!

10/18/2009 8:38:58 PM
I will be in Irving, TX until Thurs morning taking some long over due time off. I am NOT looking for a play partner or sex, but someone who would be willing to sit & talk for awhile would really do me a world of good. Lauri

10/18/2009 8:43:45 AM
Good morning All,
Well, either my phone decided it doesn't like CM or CM decided it doesn't like my phone, so I can no longer read or reply to emails until I get stopped for the day, or I stop to take a break.  It is very frustrating, but just another of the million things I'm dealing with at the moment.

9/29/2009 12:53:22 AM
Greetings All, I hope all is well. This past week my ex boyfriend and I have reconciled and are actually moving out of Kansas City to Tulsa, OK. So again I will reitterate I am only looking for friends., I am NOT looking for a Master, I am NOT looking for a Dom, I am NOT looking to serve anyone other than my boyfriend who IS a Dom. I am ONLY looking for friends. Have a GREAT week, Lauri

9/22/2009 6:44:09 PM
***THIS DOES ''NOT'' PERTAIN TO EVERYONE*** As of this night I have a new and very simple profile. I am sick of the liars, losers, and players on this site. I am sick of the emails from wives & girlfiends of the liars that CLAIM to be single. I AM single, and I have been for over 5 years (MY choice), and I'll stay that way the rest of my life if I have to deal with someone who is unhappy in their marriage, but instead of ending the marriage they will tell an innocent, unsuspecting person they are single. I want to clear something up while I'm at it. I have been in this lifestyle for more than 10 years, I have moderated chat rooms, mentored many, and have SEVERAL friends in this lifestyle, and yes I have even given my gift of submission to a few. Just because I do not conform to everything that you do in this lifestyle does not make me a wannabe or clueless. Do I know everything about this lifestyle? Am I perfect? Far from it on both counts, but I still read, learn, and ask a lot of questions and discuss a lot with those who have been in it longer than I have. I do pride myself on the fact that I am truthful and honest, I am highly respectful of others until they show me total disrespect, and many have put their trust and faith in me. It is sad to see the 3 things at the top of the list of this lifestyle hardly exists on this website! ::curtseys, gets off soapbox, picks up soapbox, carries it to the corner and sits down on it waiting for the hateful comments to start rolling in, and maybe a good one or two:: Lauri

9/13/2009 1:46:13 PM
Hi All, I just wanted to update everyone who has been reading my journal entries. First I want to thank everyone that has emailed me, and I have really made some great friends. Anyway I did end up losing my truck, BUT all is not lost, I am lease purchasing a brand new 2010 Kenworth T660. I should be going into it in about 2 weeks or so. Which will be a good thing since I have to be out of my apartment by 09/30. I am NOT looking forward to living in something no bigger than a walk in closet, but I guess it's the punishment for my financial stupidity. I WILL survive. The biggest problem I am trying to overcome is the lonliness, no one to sit & talk with face to face, and no human contact. But again I guess this too shall come to pass. I look forward to hearing more from the friends I have met on here, and the friends I have yet to meet on here! Lauri

8/29/2009 11:00:06 PM
I was going to post the new emails from MasterSt.Louis, but after the really majorly derogatory things that he said about me, and the lies that he put in the emails.  I just wanted to let you all know that I have appreciated knowing you all and that if he is telling the truth about reporting me I will probably be banned.  So while it's been fun I guess I have to wait and see if I still have an account here.

8/28/2009 11:01:49 PM
The following is the intelligence of a wannabe (supposed) Dom.  You could not ask for better defense than the way he defended himself in his emails.  As he continues to add more intelligence I will edit this journal post with his responses.

MasterInStLouis on 8/28/09 at 10:35 AM: hiu
LadiTrukDriver on 8/28/09 at 10:38 AM: Hi
MasterInStLouis on 8/28/09 at 10:39 AM: what is your yahoo?
LadiTrukDriver on 8/28/09 at 10:41 AM: It doesn't matter I can't use it right now, I'm responding through my cell phone.
MasterInStLouis on 8/28/09 at 10:42 AM: what is your number?
LadiTrukDriver on 8/28/09 at 10:51 AM: Sorry I don't give my number out to people I don't know, and I also don't call someone until I get to know them. Or is it an order that I give you my number, that would be different then.
MasterInStLouis on 8/28/09 at 10:52 AM: it is an order.

LadiTrukDriver on 8/28/09 at 10:58 AM: Well then with all due respect you are an idiot. Evidently you know very little about this lifestyle, and since I'm not a rug to be walked on and I do NOT just drop to my knees and obey anyone and everyone. Some may do that, but I respect myself and this lifestyle more than that.

MasterInStLouis on 8/28/09 at 10:59 AM:



LadiTrukDriver on 8/28/09 at 11:45 AM: Aww poor baby, I'm sorry to see the truth hurts you. You have to realize there are those of us who don't think this lifestyle is a game. When you started telling me what to do from the 2nd message, I knew you weren't real. As for the names you called me, you're just showing your childishness. Watel off a duck's back.

MasterInStLouis on 8/28/09 at 12:02 PM:



LadiTrukDriver on 8/28/09 at 2:03 PM: Evidently you have a juvenile mentality and you are not worth my time. You put the name Master in front of your name and think subs & slaves are to bow down and follow your every demand, it just doesn't work that way, but hell according to you I'm a moron and a wannabe who has been in this lifestyle for ten years. You know the good thing is I CAN lose weight, but you never grow a brain, and common sense is a foreign concept to you. Oh, and by the way, have a great weekend.

MasterInStLouis on 8/29/09 at 0:16 AM:


LadiTrukDriver on 8/29/09 at 0:37 AM: and you are nothing more than annoying, and that message you just sent will be the last one that I'll be reading as you are now blocked. You're juvenile, and you need to get a clue on what this lifestyle is about. If you were an actual true Dom, you wouldn't call me the same names over & over, you would either reason, defend yourself or walk away, but you're not intelligent enough to do that, which all the more tells me you're nothing more than a wannabe

MasterInStLouis on 8/29/09 at 0:38 AM:



LadiTrukDriver on 8/29/09 at 0:57 AM: the great thing about freedom is when I post ALL of the emails between us to my journal, this way people will know just how immature you are, and yes, your user name will be there for all the world to see just how intelligent you are.

8/9/2009 6:06:24 PM
Greetings, OK I shouldn't have to say this, but I guess it's warrented. As my profile sorta hints at, I am a truck driver, I do read my CM mail while I am driving, I read it through my cell phone. There are times I can NOT respond immediately, because my time might be occupied by something silly, such as ohhh shall we say DRIVING??? There are times I can NOT SAFELY respond!!! If you are not able to understand that, then please don't email me. And sad as it is to say, some (NOT all) of the truck drivers that email are the ones that understand the least and DEMAND an immediate response. Lauri

7/27/2009 5:36:31 PM
Well, I went & did it, I changed my profile, so lets see what happens, if I get too many responses that I don't care for, I saved the other profile, and will put it back.
I've been working my butt off, and other than 2 break downs in 1 week, and sitting in a truck stop in Elkton, MD for the weekend of my birthday, things are picking up & I'm ummm rolling right along?? (no pun intended...LOL).  I'm sitting in Henderson, KY waiting on my load and then heading to Garland, TX where I can hopefully deliver tomorrow (Tues 7/28) guess I'll just have to see what happens.

7/3/2009 8:03:55 PM
I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th.  I get to leave home around Midnight Sunday morning and head to Rapid City, SD to deliver for Monday morning at 7a.m., then load in Custer, SD to pick up a load going to Carrollton, OH, then pick up in Cheswick, PA and deliver in Watsontown, PA, then off to spend the weekend with my mom & son!!!!!
Then I get to run around PA & MD for a few days.
I figure if I keep people updated as to where I'm going to be at I might be able to meet up with some and say hi.  Plus there are a few who enjoy reading my entries and seeing where I'm at, or so I've been told.
Have a safe 4th,

7/1/2009 8:17:01 AM
I am now leased to a new company! I believe that I finally found another home after having to leave the one that I loved for 3 1/2 years, and making the mistake of leasing onto one that was nothing but liars and thieves almost costing me the price of losing my truck.
Anyway, this now means that I will be running back over the road again.  I will only be driving to & through approximately 40 states, and Western Canada (until 9/30) then I'm going to try to stay on the southern route.
Now I might get the chance to meet & get to know people, and find somewhere else to move to.
This does NOT mean that I'm going to meet someone and play on the 1st meet, that is not the way I am, nor will I ever be.  I believe there has to be a sense of trust, and getting to know more than a screen name on a web site.  If I have learned anything in the 9 years that I have been in this lifestyle it is that MOST, not all, but MOST people are definitely not who they claim to be, also known as the wanna be's who I have come to know & can't stand.  Then there are those who will play with your heart, lead you along, and then just *POOF* disappear, never to be seen or heard from again, and then there is the last ones that will get to know you for a few months, and hit you up for money.  I have experienced all of this in a matter of about the last 6 months, not only does it hurt, it REALLY PISSES ME OFF!  And unfortunately it has definitely made me trust people a whole lot less, that's for sure.
I will be 41 this month, I have been single for well over 3 years, and it gets really old being alone, but it also gets old getting to know someone just to get hurt, besides that, there's also the fact that very few out there want someone who is only home a few days a month.  It does make it tough on both ends of the spectrum, but that is known as "life as a truck driver".  And if I have learned nothing else over the years I have learned that it takes a very special person to be in a relationship with a truck driver, and that you highly cherish the little time that you do spend together.
Ok, now that I have bored everyone to death that actually did decide to make it to the end of this rant, which I doubt is very many.  I guess I'll go drive another 4 hours since I haven't been able to fall asleep.  I'll be parking just north of Wichita now & watch the world pass by 1 cloud at a time!

1/28/2009 7:13:04 AM
Greetings...I just want to reiterate a few things in my profile.  Since I'm beginning to think that no one reads it, they just email me.
1) I AM a smoker
2) I am NOT HWP, I AM a BBW, but working towards BW
3) I may be a submissive, but I am my own person, I am a business owner...translation - I am NOT getting rid of my truck, especially since I own it, I am NOT driving according to YOUR schedule, the company I'm leased to dictates my schedule, NOT YOU. I am NOT quitting my career choice.
If you think that I am giving up my truck, my career, or running according to your schedule, then you better be prepared to pay me a MINIMUM of $4000.00 (yes, that is FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS) per WEEK!!!
Maybe this all sounds harsh, but I'm sick and tired of the players out here that keep informing me what I am going to do.  I am NOT a slave, I am a submissive, which means I get the choice of what I want to do with my life, and I'm also allowed to own my own property and business...which brings me to my final point...I am NOT nor will I ever be a slave, I am a submissive, this is my own personal choice, and it is who I am, and if you can not accept that fact, then do NOT message or email me.
I'm not holding my breath on anyone actually reading this to the end, and I'm sure I'll be asked and told where I run and will run, and to those people I will give my typical answer...READ MY PROFILE!!!!!

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