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I have learned that the foundation of any lasting intimate relationship for me is one that is based on being loved and loving authentically the core of the person. Learning and knowing this person for who they are as well as opening myself up with who I am. I built such a foundation with two incredible women and now another wants to know me as much as I want to know her.

? The second pillar that has been a foundation to my joy is that the unity and closeness of all. This is not to say we are lovers with each other. But we are best friends and there has always been openness of not just the good but the ugly things as well. Acceptance of good is rather easy. But when one can feel accepted for those not so good days, you really begin to understand that you are loved!

? So much to discover and grow. There is definitely a fear of letting go of the now for a different future. But as we learn to understand what our future is and make it the now the fears will subside. Not everything will change. One might move to a new house but yet much if not all the furniture will be the same. We are in a time discovering what we all can embrace and need for the happiness and well being of all. I don't want to just exist but to thrive. To thrive and grow as a person.

? When I think about it. About the only thing I know for sure is that I am in love and feel loved with three incredible women. I also know that the strength of character of these incredible women will create a thriving family for everyone. It will look both new and different but yet have a very familiar feel to it.





I can only finish by saying....

An Optimal relationship is achieved when the individual does what is best for themselves and their relationship.

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12/20/2013 11:25:03 AM

                    A beautiful women?


A beautiful women, what is that? Society as been pretty good at giving us the standard to measure that. But I wonder if society is doing us any favours here? Are we being sheep and listening to a few that are leading the way?

Pick up most magazines or watch most scenes in a movie or show and what do you see? What I notice most is you don't see the same things that you would see walking down most streets or in most shopping malls. There is something decidedly inconsistent between the two. Is the former really the standards that we should be measuring our beautiful women by? When the latter is the authentic version of our world.

Women are more than just warm bodies right? They have incredible minds and hearts that enrich the world for everyone's benefit. That's what we tell ourselves right? But do we say those things because we believe them? Or is it to make ourselves feel better that our partner is not like we see in those magazines or on the screens of our TVs?

Is a beautiful women determined by a number or set of numbers? 36-26-36 was a set of numbers I heard as I grew into manhood. I learned other numbers like size 2 and 110 lbs. Was these the things I was to measure a beautiful women by?

My ladies don't seem to go with most of those magazines or shows I see. They would be the first to tell you that. But yet I don't know or care to know their numbers and they are very beautiful to me regardless. Not just their hearts and minds which are beautiful in their own right. But the touch of their skin and the smell of their neck. The movement of their flesh as they walk across the room. I ache to feel them to join my body with theirs. They are so beautiful to me.

They are so beautiful! Each are unique in all aspects. From the marks on their bodies to their shapes. I see it all and enjoy it all. Some see imperfections, they see imperfections. But I embrace those supposed imperfections of theirs. I can embrace them and lust for them because I don't have expectations of perfection. Because perfection is a fantasy that minimizes their beauty.

Women are beautiful! I lust for women! To hold them, to grab them, to have them is a pleasure of great delight. To feel their flesh and enjoy them will always be the pinnacle of conquering the most prized possession on earth. Of course, learning their hearts and minds is like walking into heaven. But right now, being king of the land is good! I will take heaven next.

12/27/2012 6:58:33 AM

this is my latest profile that is being replaced by my current profile


You will find in my journal previous profile entries that reflect apart of who I am. This new profile is a furthe reflection of myself.

What is fun? BDSM is an interesting world and many are motivated to engage into this world for the pleasures that come from the activities. It is often tied to ones sexuality and generates intense sexual pleasures in the course of engaging in the activities.

In Part, BDSM can and does provide alot of sexual gratification for me and those that I play with. However, it is not always about sexual gratifications. In fact, sexual gratifications are secondary to my motivations to play.

It is the bonding experience and what I learn about myself and my partners is what drives me in this world of BDSM pleasure. I have found that the variety of activities that I have engaged in brings forth a sense of emotional and mental stimulation that far out lasts the physical pleasures that are gained.

I am driven not to try new and interesting activities for the sake of physical gratifications but to stimulate our emotions and thougths from the activities.

I believe that each person brings to the play an energy of their own. In coming together our energy melds together and enhances each other from the experience. It will ignite our minds and hearts with thoughts and emotions that will send us on a journey. Sometimes the journey is short and sometimes it could last a life time. Either way we will be enriched from the experience. But I always hope for a journey of a life time.

There is no denying that a significant part of the path goes through the physical pleasures that we can enjoy in our BDSM activities. The physical pleasures are like a key to unlocking our hearts and minds to the journey and unleashing the energy that is within us. However, the key is not the simple strike of a flogger or paddle. But it is the combination of sensations that are done with varity of intensities, flow and pulse of action. The key is like a musical piece that both demonstrates technical skill and artistic creativity.

So what is fun? Is it the momentary pleasure of the body.. or is it the enriching journey from an experience?

1/23/2009 8:29:46 AM

My last profile entry replaced with my current one---------------------------------------------------------------------
There seems to be an inherent aspect of life that results in change and it only seems fitting that my profile should reflect this.   The following profile is a change from the one I have had for quite sometime.  You can find my original profile in my journal.


I have often expressed that the lifestyle and life in general is like a jewel.  It’s a jewel that has endless facets that each of us view from our own persona l perspective.  Each of us has our own perspectives of life and in appreciating other facets we can grow in a better understanding of this lifestyle and life.  The following is a glimpse of my facet.


There are many aspects of the lifestyle that appeal to me.  I have embraced or entertained much of the various avenues available.  However, the “Lifestyle” is only a portion of “my” lifestyle.  I am not just a Master, Top and Sadist to my girls; I am also partner, friend, confidant, lover, teacher and advisor to them as well.  My girls are also not the only relationship of importance to me; I am also parent, son, friend, supervisor, employee in other relationships of significance in my life.  My life and lifestyle is as complex as it is simple.  Complex in that it is diverse and varied, simple in that I see my path with clarity and focus.


The primary relationship in my lifestyle is that which exist between me and my two girls, alandra and kyra.  We live a Master/slave authority structure with me as the Master.  It’s a structure in which the authority of all decisions is transferred to me from my girls.  It’s a structure in which decisions by my girls are authority delegated to them from me.  Our relationship is about the growth and empowerment of the whole and not one individual within it.  Having authority does not equate to this relationship being all about me. With the authority comes the responsibility to make decisions for the betterment of the whole.  We three are one… and the one is US.


As a Power Enhancing Relationship it is critical that there is a foundation from which all growth and the empowerment can originate from.  Like the great oak tree that needs the right soil in which to grow and spread its roots, so do we need the right foundation to grow our relationship?


It is my view that an important foundation block is one’s relationship with self.  A stable healthy relationship with self will lend its strength to the external relationships that the self has with others.  A person that is unable to have value and responsibility of them self will not be contributing to the growth of a relationship.  Instead, they will be a drain to its existence.  A person with a healthy relationship with self will also strive to be the best they can be.  It is this drive that creates strong character that becomes another foundation block to a Power Enhancing Relationship.


A person of strong character will bring much to a relationship.   It is my thought process that an individual that strives to be the best they can be is on a path of being a virtuous person.  I consider a virtuous person as one that strives for the abstract qualities of moral excellence that are manifested thru character strengths into demonstrated behaviors.  The abstract qualities that I see are of greatest importance is courage, justice, humanity, temperance, transcendence and wisdom.  There are countless strengths of character that speak to these abstract qualities to one degree or another.  Some strength’s are actual representations of more than just one of the qualities.  By constantly working on building these character strengths and enhancing our personal self, we are being more successful in demonstrating the behaviors that are representative of these character strengths. 


These character demonstrations will have a positive effect on our intimate relationships. 

We look upon a virtuous person with trust and respect as the results of their continued efforts to be a better person.  Being a better person is also a reflection of integrity as one must be honest with self in order to achieve in improving oneself.  This is also reflective of “Courage”.  I also believe that trust and respect are also the result of other fundamental character strengths such as forgiveness and modesty, as well as love and kindness.  One can also gain respect and trust from their display of character strengths of prudence and self-control.   What it is that gains a person’s trust and respect is an important measure of ones demonstrated behaviors that are reflective of the strengths of character that we admire and identify with, whatever they maybe  Thus a  journey of character building of self will manifest itself in a healthy relationship with others.


As indicated previously, our relationship is about US and not just one of us.  I believe that reciprocity is key foundation block to a successful relationship.  In essence this is the understanding and acceptance between those in the relationship that there is a state of being mutually dependent upon the influence of one another.  This is not to say that we become dependent on one another, but we are interdependent in gaining a fulfilling life with each other.  This is to say that I affect you… and you affect me!  That you are significant to me in my life and I am to you!  This is more than personal needs/wants derived from one self.  But, these are the very needs/wants that derive because of the very functioning of the relationship.  We each create these wants/needs from each other by the very essence of being in each other’s life. 


Lastly is having Effective Interactions.  In my thought process, each time we are doing something we speak to the relationship.  We send signals of its value and importance to us.  These interactions do not need to be direct, for often the indirect manners can be just as constructive or destructive to a relationship.  It is not enough to just speak to each other but must also be aware of the message we are communicating to each other by our actions!  We keep the flow of interactions going so that the proper perception is understood by our partner; the proper message being understood makes it effective.


The foundations that I have spoken of are a fundamental aspect to my relationship with alandra and kyra.  Because of these fundamentals alandra I have been successful in maintaining a rewarding and fulfilling relationship since summer of 1987 and we expect many years in our future.  Alandra and I have been active in a poly lifestyle since the winter of 2000.  It has been an interesting road in those first few years, but it has been these last couple years in particular that we have become to find our greatest fulfillment.   Kyra has been a part of our life since the fall of 2004.  Since that time the three of us have been experiencing a sense of joy and happiness that does not compare to anything in our past.


I hope you appreciate in reading my profile that my relationships are of the greatest importance to me.  Maybe my next revision I will share some of the fun I enjoy *Evil Grin*.

3/25/2007 9:12:47 AM

The following is the Old Profile that I have had for some time.

Many tell tales of deep longings and hidden desires or tell of experiences that forever changed the course of their future. I have no such things to share, for they never happened to Me. I do not recall having times of deep dark thoughts nor have I experienced any dramatic events in My life that would explain My focus and enjoyment of the intense life that I live. When I look upon My past - it is irrelevant to Me - for My future is in the present not the past.

Why I am here traveling this path is a simple explanation, not mysterious or with hidden meanings. It comes down to the very basic characteristics of self and the interaction with the people I have come to respect and/or love. My journey is deeply affected by one factor; I am Dominant! I did not just aspire to become a Dominant, I simply am. In the beginning, like all young men, I needed to mature in My understanding of self. It took time for the basic characteristics of self to form. It is these characteristics that My dominance manifests itself thru. With emerging confidence, My dominance has been allowed to reach out through My character and give Me inconceivable gratifications.

There are characteristics of Myself that I feel are a fundamental part of being dominant. Integrity being first and foremost, without this vital aspect there is no code in which to live by. Honor falls into place with integrity. It is the key foundations by which the Knight’s of ole based their code, as do I.

Loyalty is a required trait in My opinion, not just to Myself, but as well as those who have the rare opportunity to be a part of My life. With loyalty comes trust to those around Me as well as the trust in My own character makes Me a strong Dominant in the Lifestyle.

My incisive and sharp intelligence has assisted Me in being a better judge of character as well as a better judge of My own character. Tolerance and receptive attitudes to those in the Lifestyle as well as those I encounter on a daily basis.

Deep within Me burns a passion, not only for My House, but for the Lifestyle as well. To be a part of a growing community and assist it in it’s growth and escalation in both the S&M and the D/s aspects. This is not a lifestyle it is a way of living. There is nothing more exciting than watching others grow and find greater understanding of the dynamics of the Lifestyle.

Like any human being I have My faults. There are many characteristics that are a part of the fabric of who I am. Many aspects of Myself, I consider to be positive reflections of who I am, and like anyone else there are aspects of My character that I am not particularly proud of. I am continually evolving, for I am on a journey to no known destination.

Ideal Person:
I am a Man that is very much an aggressive and intense lover. I am dominating and assertive in most aspects of My life, but that is the way of a Knight. I am 6' 200 lbs short dark hair and clean shaven. My hazel eyes are intense and passionate but with a sense of purpose. I am a Dom who views his place thru the eyes of a Knight. His Manor and all within it are for Him to cherish and protect. Thru the Knight's guidance and leadership the manor flourishes and prospers. Many believe a Dom's place is one of control. They are in lust with the power that this seems to suggest. However, such control is a myth. The true power and grace of beauty comes from the consent of a submissive to the Dominant. Such consent is earned not taken. It is earned by the very actions of the Dom. One who earns the trust and respect of a submissive will be truly blessed with their undying loyalty and devotion. They will enjoy adoration that is given from the very depths of their soul. Such is the reward of Dominant that cares for and earns the respect of a submissive

I am responsible for two lovely ladies (alandra and kyra). They are a part of My heart and soul. I look into their eyes and I see everything that is Mine. Their passions and beauties fill Me with pleasure and their charm and wit fill Me with pride. I am content and at peace with the choices I have made.

My House is always in search for friendships that are based on intellectual, emotional and/or physical wants. O/one who is honest and sincere of their inner-self is most respected and would be a valued friend to the house. Please feel free to email Me.

The Land of Mists is a 24/7 Power Enhancement Household, which seeks to expand its horizons and venture into new dynamics of O/our day to day life by strengthening our character and virtues as W/we journey on a path of Self-Awareness and discovery. This is not a Lifestyle for U/us this is a Life, one that W/we endeavour to improve with each passing day.

I, Knight_of_Mists am the Lord of My House, I grip it in My gauntlet with one hand and it rests on My palm with the other.
All control and submission in this house comes to Me. It should be noted that I am in no way looking for further relationships to be apart of the house, I am content and happy to just build friendships of value and quality to which W/we can learn and grow.


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