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Hetero Female Submissive, 47,  Spring Lake, North Carolina
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Hello Looking for friends... Male , female, gypsies, leprechauns, flying monkies, Camelot and Merlin , lol all walks of life hee hee,:) I am single in reality , OWNED in heart n spirit, but still learning and curious and yes I know curiosity killed the cat, I just read in chats , groups, friends who just wanna chit chat when board ect, But I am also doing research for my writings as well,( wrote one erotica on the fly n needs an editor lol spell and grammer corrector lol ( I am a free writer and have been that way for years and have forgotten all those things lol) ( But I defiantly need to correct it so Lirotica will accept it) So you can say I'm on a duel mission so to speak lol....... I am an wandering gypsy who loves her photography both in front and behind the camera, loves to travel and loves my creativity, (sanity in a pen :) a natural adventurer by nature but more so over the last two and a half years... Still trying new things out of my comfort zone, to find my comfort zone, so to speak.... Guess that's it for now.. As I really do not know what to write in these things!!!!!! Blessed Be <3 ***Just please be who u say you are n b honest, trust worthy with no secrets as I am very anxiety strong under these conditions till I'm not,***












 Submissive Female

 Spring Lake 

 North Carolina

 5' 8"

 120 lbs






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Dominant male


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Journal Entries:
4/15/2014 11:33:15 PM
Hi!!! I don't get online for hrs at a time so please bare with me, when I can I will respond back, lol , as long as I know you have read profile :) if not , sorry , message will be deleted as I already have several pages to weed threw, not complaining lol just I don't get online everyday :) bed time early day just wanted to quickly let ya know not ignoring you..yes you n you n you lol sleep well n blessed be :)

3/27/2014 8:38:46 AM
Ya my profile is HUGE and is important to me however nothing is ever ever written in stone, ya never know ...u just might be the one...... Maybe lol :) ok ya I'm bored hee hee

3/27/2014 8:37:23 AM
I think it's so funny I deleted and replaced some of my pix yet when u click on them the old ones are still there as well lol... Ok well I thought it was funny :) blessed be

1/18/2014 5:45:21 AM
Good morning m blessed be :) will get to messeges later this weekend so hope everyone has a great day today!! Its a make up work day for me today as i was sick yesterday so back to sleep till alarm goes off l8tr!!

1/18/2014 5:45:15 AM
Good morning m blessed be :) will get to messeges later this weekend so hope everyone has a great day today!! Its a make up work day for me today as i was sick yesterday so back to sleep till alarm goes off l8tr!!

4/19/2013 7:35:04 AM

4/19/2013~ KLS


If i say its prob better this way, that no ,i was not crying ,that i was caught behind the rain, would it b easier to believe the lies than to admit that I'm in pain, will it always b this way or should i smile just to pass the day. I know that you are leaving, you already went away, but the thorns have scratched deep now and it is true that i am bleeding, yet it was only me and i found that i was dreaming, you already went away~


4/18/2013 10:58:23 PM

4/19/2013~ KLS


He spy's her from across the hall as she is getting dressed , innocently unaware. He comes to her and smiles a sweet smile and then he slams her against the wall with a loud thud and grabs her by the hair and pulls her head back and kisses her with such determination and  desire and wicked wanting till she cant breath. He turns her around with a hard jerk and grabs her throat and thrusts his hand at her moist desire, she cant breathe she cant think, all she can do is feel the burning desire of her body reacting to him as it has no other before him. She hears her blood run through her veins as she gasp for air, this man, this devil has captured her soul and she succumbs to him, tho she is nervous she craves his desire and wanting like she craves for air ,they are one in the same, she cannot not resist his hands , his mouth,his devil eyes that shine with lust, she is no longer her own person. He squeezes tighter and thrust his hands harder and she knows that she belongs to him and she will do whatever he demands of her, she cannot help it, she is his and his only..... she is addicted to the devil and knows no other way to be,. she cannot live without his touch upon her, his hands around her throat, the sting of the crop on her ass, she dreams and he is what she dreams of, she obeys every command for she is afraid he will go away,she is in love with the devil, he has made her this way, he holds the power over her, he made her his, and even thrown away she will succumb to every desire he chooses, for her desire of his touch is great she cannot walk away, he holds the power and she doesn't know how to escape or if she wants to escape for no one has ever touched her so deep and she is afraid no one can ever make her feel this way again , she is afraid to trust another for she gave it ALL to him. <3




3/25/2013 9:32:18 PM
Thinking of you~ Written by me~ around October 2012 As i lye in our bed with my neck in my steel pajamas, naked, i readily await your return, hours upon hours of daydreaming of your hands on my body and around my throat , my addiction in my mouth ,god that sweet taste of chose me though i do not know why and now, i crave, desperately crave, and it only intensifies each day this craving for your hardness in my body filling me with aching desire ,the sting of your hands across my face, the crop on my ass, your hands grabbing my thighs and grinding me harder and harder on my addiction and my dampness drips out on to the satin sheets. I close my eyes, i don't need my stories to get me running, just my chains and thoughts of you, i cannot help it i have no choice my hand has to touch,my breath grows heavy and i grow wetter for you....i cannot cum, i NEED you! Yes, it is still the repression and my own mind that wont let me, it only wants to cum for you, on my addiction, or while u watch, or on your command as you are fucking your favorite spot :) :) yet i still dream and i feel your hands upon my throat and i am internally begging you to squeeze harder, to slap my face as i beg for more, please daddy more, yes i need you, i dream of you ,and all you can do to me, all i want you to do to me that i don't even know yet but it makes me so fucking hot for you ,the thoughts of the unknown while chained & gagged an blindfolded by my daddy and him having his way with his LB! GOD hours still left only several hours have past,,,.will this day ever end.....this seems so long tho i know its not but this desire only intensifies..... YES daddy, I LOVE MY JAMMIES that only you hold the keys for. I am my daddy's little bitch and proud to own that right! I wear your marks with pride, please daddy mark me some more! I belong to you! In every sense, my heart, my soul, my mind and most defiantly my body! Hurry home daddy... I NEED YOU!!!!!!!!! 143 your LB! March 25, 2013~ → Written in a time when Daddy was prominently a major focal point in my introduction in this lifestyle tho teaching were held back and no longer a prominent force at this this stage, and my life is currently in flux at the moment and not sure were i wish to purse to the fullest , which path I plan to chose while finding and discovering that in which I seek or to even know yet what I seek other than to truly belong Somewhere, really belong , for me as me, I am a writer and this was my very first try at erotica stories..... And I would like to share it with you, blessed be~ To read some vanilla writings by me or to see some of my own photography you may visit this site below, there are no pictures of me on this site , (and i will never upload to hear pix without clothing im a tad bit old fashion in that way as i like imagination n believe it fuels the soul vs showing all up front no offense intended to thiose who do as we are all unique in our own way and chose to express our selves in manners that are true to ourselves and that i do RESECT, people who are not afraid to be themselves whomever that may be)and other than writing below at this point all writings are vanilla but they are mine and I am proud to say that as creativity is my passion and fuels my soul , please keep in mind site still under construction and am updating all the time , Also, please keep in mind that this site has my true info on me and I ask that you RESPECT my privacy both online and offline and do not try to befriend me other than here if you happenstance by my FB ect , Thank you and blessed be , I hope you will enjoy :)

2/22/2013 12:04:23 PM

An Erotica Story I Wrote~My Second



Way up on the side of the highest mountain was Grey-wolf Manor, with its old and spooky appearance it held the craziest of the crazy for it was an insane asylum.
Jax, a patient ,has been there most of his life and every day he tries and tries to find ways to escape, for it is rumored that below , Just below the mist line lies an enchanted forest so beautiful and lush with brightness and life, unlike the cold & dark and dampness of the manor in which he resides, it is also rumored to be the home of the of the forest fairies and it is fabled that if you catch one of these beautiful but rare creature woman and steal there fairy dust bag they must submit to your will in any way you bid. But what intrigues Jax is the rumor of the queen of the fairies, for she is to be said to be the most stunning, beautiful sexy and enchanting of all her court and she is rumored to be called Fala, but nobody knows for sure. But with Fala being the queen ,was said, she would fight against the dust if captured for she is the strongest and will never give up her freedom ,Jax wants to prove this wrong!!!! that is all he can think about day and night he has become obsessed with owning and controlling the queen, he wants this ,he gets hard thinking of her. Not even sure if its real, he focuses all his time combing the manor
To find a small crack , a loose stone a way to get the hell out of his prison, Well it just so happens that Jax caught a break!!

He would help wherever he could within the manor and on one of his regular rounds as he would call it "to deceive and disappear" the side entrance to the ?basement were cole would be delivered was UNLOCKED! the new delivery guy forgot to follow standard
procedure and triple all locks on all doors,Jax was ECstatic! Wasting no time and reaching for his sack, he his several escape bags round the manor for just such an occasion and the great thing is no one will even begin to know he is gone til well after lights out when they do headcount, Jaz made haste !

Now down below in the forest which yes was very much real the fairies were having their spring solstice with music and dancing and laughing for they never fear ?being caught as it was the 25th century and humans didnt believe in magic of fairies anymore so they were free to roam and play and help the forest grow. Fala , a fair skinned, brightest purple eyes you have ever seen with the reddish hair and slim body with small perky breasts, and long legs, made the others always do a double take when they appear before her, her beauty was more than looks alone it radiated all around her like she shimmered , ?radiating of a sexuality that would just draw anyone within her reach into her lusting flow of energy. now all the other fairies were just as beautiful as she but it was Fala all wanted, craved, desired.. her and her power .

Meanwhile as the fairies are having their solstice, Jax is making his way down the mountain, years and years of pent up aggression, and frustration , anger ?resentment, and lust for a creature whom he wasnt sure was even real and the fact as he was stone cold crazy kept Jax pushing on down the mountain to claim Fala; nothing was going to stop him, while he traveled down all he could think about all the things he would do to Fala when he caught her and controlled her dust, evil nasty things making Jax get hard, he would grab at himself saying wait this time we wait,,,Fala will get it ,,i will make her suck me off and cum in her ?mouth, i will grab that bitches throat ,push her up against a tree then grab that hair and yank her to her knees and shove my throbbing fuck stick in her mouth

What Jax didnt know was that it wasnt easy to catch a fairy, especially the queen, you had to be very manipulative and cunning evil inside to pray on such a weaknesses, for she will only show herself to those she feels deserves her light, but nobody knew the queens weakness ?as it was a was a well guarded secret for if she was to ever truly be captured she would never be able to escape, for to capture the queen said such person would absorb all the powers she possesses making her a slave to her captor bound by infinitive powers he would now own her for as long as he wanted and she would have to obey

Jax has finally gotten to the mist line and below he sees a glowing warm light and he gets even harder, it is real! evil grin and thoughts getting more and more prominent in his mind and he cannot wait to lay eyes and hands on his prize, he will concur the queen and he will have his way with the little bitch

Jax rushes his pace,

Below the faeries are unaware of the looming threat creeping down on them ,not aware that nothing will be the same, that a life bout to be changed. Now you have to keep in mind forest fairies are powerful but no aggressive and are unlike man with army's and guards usually a fairy will hide whenever a ?human appears so they never learned Battle strategic they use magic in an evasive manner, a way to deceive its hosts to make them see what is not and most just blow little dust hide themselves an the humans go away as i said they stopped believed along time ago,

But not Jax ,he always believed, he had to believe, it was his only survival mechanism to believe in the unknown ,the possibilities of hope, of desire, of love, of anything better than hell, but his mind became more ?and more twisted and the positives he tried to hold on got lost in the haze within his mind and medications to a addiction to having that power an wielding it in ways of sin and sex, he lost clarity and hope along time ago so now his needs and desires are mixed with pain and anger and now he wants to control to take whatever he wants, whenever he wants no tie downs he needs to gain his control back at least that what he hears in his head, its turning nightfall and ?he finally reached he bottom of the mountain and is standing at the edge of the forest, the lust for Fala growing stronger with each step closer into the forest.

It was rumored that you would know the queen on recognition, not for a throne she doesnt not have nor for a jeweled staff or crown for the queen works along side her court for she does not have the need nor desire to be treated any different than her counterparts , she was born into this this was not a chosen life ,

They said you will know the queen for she is the only fairy with fiery red hair, she will be humbled and if you find her weakness will show herself before she will let any of her court, for truth be told that is her weakness LOVE, The Queen Loves from deep in her soul,she cares for her court, she cares for the forest , she loves in many different ways and the trick to capture the queen is to find what love captures her heart, which form cuts her the deepest that she will sacrifice herself and risk being captured by revealing herself.

Fala hears a sound to her right, a faint whimper, a cry maybe, not sure if its the wind she moves away from the others to listen harder, Jax sees her god she is a wonder he thinks to himself , he feels the power radiate from her all around and for a second his reserve weakens when the glow surrounding her faintly touched him, it touched further than ever has been able to reach and for a second all the evil dissipates and he remembers what hope and love felt like then she turned and the glow disappears from within and his twisted mind returns and he knows he has to have her even more now, just that little bit of pleasure was more than he could bare and now his mind twists and he is angered even further and now he wants to punish, punish the fucking bitch for making him feel. what's been put aside buried to far to be reclaimed and he grows hard and angry and he grabs at her and falls to the ground for all he grabbed was air. humans can see fairies if they believe but they cannot touch a fairy if the fairy has not chosen to show themselves, now Jax is even more pissed, but he somehow somewhere from deep within his twisted mind remembered the weakness, and so he sits back and watched Fala, trying to discover what hers is, he cant help but touch himself she is so beautiful , his cravings for her mixed with his anger tword her keeps him hard but he wont cum he is saving that for her.

In the course of a day and a night he sees Fala with the children, the elders and the woodland creatures and even through his sick mind he recognizes the the look in her eyes as she attends to each one. she cares which is the first signs, he watches her with the plants and the trees and sees that same look...she more than cares... he sees her watching the young lovers fairies so full of hope an joy and he sees she cares but he sees something else as well..longing! ?he sees how all envy her when she walks by and how they treat her in awe but he notices too theres something missing, she is a great queen and gives all herself and more to her court. She LOVES... he found her weakness..but how to use that to get her to show herself to him, Jax was not quite sure. How can Jax ?manipulate the queen into showing herself to him so he can possess her and steal her powers , fairies rarely ever show themselves an especially to human so he must make her care for him somehow, make her see him, for what he presents not for what he truly is for if he revealed the dark side she will never be his she will always just be air whenever he reaches for her and he is so hard , he needs to ravish her, punish her ,possess her, hurt her just enough so she knows he will own her and she will be his to do with and she will obey as it is written and a fairy once captured cannot defy not even once.

So Jax develops a plan and acts like he is hurt for the first part just to draw her out, he starts to moan and cry , little at first like a whisper upon air , Fala hears and starts to investigate, the sound starts getting louder Fala heart starts to hurt someone is in need , the sounds grow even more desperate and Fala ?feels every sob a tear forms in her eye, she watches like as if on another plain she sees but is not there, Fala spots Jax and he his hunched over and seems like he is a bit distorted body wize, now Jax in his prime was a very handsome, very sexy man but time and illness had worn out on his face and age appears more focal round his eyes and thats what Fala sees when she looks at Jax for the first time, really looks at Jax, she sees pain, suffering an a soul buried so deep she starts to cry because she can feel all the pain he has ever suffered ,all the pain the hurt the anger the frustration the rage the pleasure the passion the revenge the hatred she sees it all, she goes to him opens her arms and wraps him within her circle of glow and holds him long enough for Jax to grab her for she made the mistake, she showed love for Jax and thats was his way to grab her dust she is his now, he slaps her and says you're my bitch now i own you and you will do as i require , Fala bowed her head for she realized she had been tricked it was all a game and she is now and forevermore his slave, his concubine, his whore she was whatever he wanted her to be and she must obey, He says to her ,that slap bitch ,was for making me feel with that glow of yours, first thing i will take from you is your lust of energy your powers, strip you naked of all things you posses are now mine, and he absorbs all her fairy powers by one simple kiss to her lips, but something Fala didnt count on, for she had always heard that when a fairy loses its powers it loses its ability to feel to care to love as before, yet when Jax kissed her powers away she felt a spark that jolted her to her heart.

Jaz is so amped up on Fala's powers he failed to notice the strange look in Fala's eyes and with his mind twisted and his Body surging with power and his lust becoming more apparent he goes over to Fala grabs her arms lifts her up and slams as hard as he could just to remind her he owns her , he doesn't plan on being kind to his new fairy bitch he wants and he will take so with all his might and her added powers he ??slams her hard against the tree, he whispers now ?be a good little bitch and suck my cock till i cum , no tricks remember your role and your own ?fairly laws, u must obey, and he yanks her hair pulling her to her knees just like hes been fantasizing doing for years an years now that he finally has her he will use her and he shoves his hard throbbing cock in her mouth and begins to grind himself in her face, and as the fairy rules are written ,Fala obeys .

Now Jaz is oblivious to anything but the lust he has built up over the years and is completely blinded by the pleasure of flesh once again he grabs Falas head pulling her on him forcing himself deeper and deeper into her mouth saying good girl and grinds more faster and harder in her face , tears r rolling off Fala's face she is surprised shocked and sickened by the way she is being abused yet somewhere inside her she feels something, a small vessel of excitement seems to be emerging somewhere within, she is not sure what any of this means, she knows he has her powers she must obey him and she belongs to him till she is released from that bound if she is released, they never wrote rules/laws for how long a fairy was indentured to their capture , these rules were written by the elders so that fairies would not misguide nor misuse their powers as some had in the past and war almost broke out between the humans and the mystiks till agreement were made , and terms met, this was way way before Fala was ever born and ever Queen, a queen alone cannot change rules she is only able to upkeep and lead her court to follow.

Jaz is on the brink of cumming and he pulls out of her mouth and with a huge moans shoots his warm cum all over Fala's Face and eyes he kept away from her hair for now oh he plans on cumming over every inch of his new toy but for now it was to pretty and he yanked her to her feet by her hair and told her to strip naked, Fala was about to ask why till she saw the look an Jaz face and did as she was told, Fala ,not even been with other fairy men, has no idea what is in store for her, she knows this man scares her but inside he intrigues her, what caused such pain, even with her powers stripped her weakness still remains, she wants to ask but she doesnt know what to say, right now she knows there is anger and pain and lust so deep that she knows till he is stated she will be the recipient of all those repressed emotions he will use her body to insert some control over what he cant ,he grabs her head again and pushed it twords his once again hard fucking stick and said suck, so Fala sucked and when he grabbed her and bent her over she made a small childlike sound and he remmed his hard throbbing fucking stik in her pussy so hard and deep she yelled out. he slaps her ass and she feels her body quiver ,slap again and again she can feel the sting on her ass and hear the sound with each thrust he makes inside her, he slaps are equaled in intensity. she finds her body growing moist, how can this be she asks herself, what is happening this man just captured me i should hate, be angry, yell ,scream ?or something and all i feel in nothing, silence, pleasure. he grabs his escape bag from the manor and pulls out a set of chains and he binds his new plaything, he says to Fala" take me to where you sleep".... bound in chains , naked and in front of the other fairies ,she enters back into the forest ,she is seen by all those who envy lusted, wanted as now a broken shell and property of human and they turn their backs, as is custom once you have been captured by human you are shunned and can never return to the fae life, you will live out the rest of your life as a mortal.

Arriving at Fala's Palace some would say..what they didnt know was how humble Fala realy was for she did not live in the palace but chose a small modest loft in the back of the courtyard for her home, when they arrive at Fala's they enter and close the door behind her, Jaz says take me to your bed, Fala obeys, There jaz chains her to the bed and explains to her who he is , but Jaz is wickedly twisted even he cant truly remember who is is or used to be, so he tells her all these things that his mind created that helped with being crazy, insane and evil. he then pushes fala on her stomach and tells her this will hurt and he wonders why he did that, he wasnt planning on being nice to this slut, ?but he shakes that off and rams himself into her ass Fala Screams! JazZ grabs her by the throat and tells Fala scream bitch i own you nobdoy will help you and he rams again, her ass is on fire and yet again that ?feeling, the small pressence inside her starts to expnad and the pain start to turn to pleasure and she feels herslef moving with him she feels herslf breathing harder and her pussy starts dripping and then she feels him shift to his bag again and feels something going round her mouth a gag , she is now bound and gagged completely at his mercy but he doesnt know what that means anymore, he keep thrusting in her ass over and over and she feels a build up of pleasure inside of her and she wonders what will come next, she realizes she isnt angry at this human who captured her, she is curious about him, wants to feel more, of what he is going to do with excitement but she wont speek, it was bad enough to be shunned by her kind but to tell the human how she feels surley they would have her put to death as she is unfamilar with human customs and feelings, so she keeps quiet and he doesnt stop fucking her ass, he has her so worked up all she can hear is, your my bitch now , over an over Jaz tell her she is his and over and over he thrusts deeper and harder till she finally exploded and whole body shakes and quivers and he laughs that a good as i say and i will keep you around for a while, defy me you whore and i will release these bounds, i know your laws i know you have been shunned so its either me or i let u go on your own in a world you know nothing about, So Fala agrees to become his concubine his servant and every day she sucks him anytime he wants and when he wants to fuck her he just takes her wherever they are......but what Jaz doesnt realize is he never TOOK her true power, the purest power was not her lust energy but her weakness. As, it is her weakness, that is where her true and purest power resides..and what Fala doesnt realize is Jaz does have all her power as she gifted it to him in the form of caring because Fala fell in love with a human.
~the end

{ah, i suck at endings always did ..usually just let people die at end of my old i .def need to work on endings, hope you enjoyed today's festivities and ?doors will be closing soon so please make sure you have all your belongings and exit to the left thank yoyu ! } lol and that was the madman and the fairy queen written 10/19/2012 by me K { i always sign date my stuff} xoxoxoxo till next time folks hope you enjoyed the ya all come on back an see us ya here



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