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?*JUST A HEADS UP: I am NOT interested in ANY long distance relationships, neither am I pursueing anything long distance. Im looking in Maine only. 09/2015 Well I am back again at CollarMe or as it now known as CollarSpace. Glad to see all the "kinks" were worked I am happily in a relationship with Dwarven1974, my DaddyDom, as you will see on I go by Daddys-kitty35 om that website. I am submissive to one man only. I am also bisexual. I am here seeking a possible bisexual female playmate or girlfriend, to experiment and learn more with, I tend to be more dominant with most women. I would like to find someone special to have as a lover, and a friend. I am not honestly sure if what sort of Domme or Mistress I would be like, hence the need to explore and learn more with another woman. My Dom is fully aware of my intentions. He fully supports and encourages my bisexual side. Absolutely NOT interested in any other males on here for anything but platonic friendship. I just wanted an updated bio and about me so people know why I am here and what I am looking for. I am very attracted to Women with long long hair, dark skin. Love Native American and Asian Cultures. I myself am a Mi'kmaq Native, Earth worshipping, you could say, Hippy, or Pagan. I take great pride in my mixed heritage of Mi'kmaq and Celtic roots. And I seek a woman who is spiritual, who loves animals, has respect for all living things. Might seems like an impossible list of desires. But I need to connect deeply with my lovers. If we dont have similar world views, I have a hard time feeling a connection otherwise. I am of course attracted to white and other women of ethnicity, but those are just my preferences. Which if you ask me, my fantasies and usual preferences usually never happen anyways but it cant hurt to throw that out there!! ;) I am a mother, I am busy. I want to make time to search for and maybe be with the right girl for me. But my child comes first. I am not able to be online all day chatting and Im not able to txt all day either. Whether you, a woman who may be interested in me, are submissive or dominant, I seek someone with emotional maturity, not drowning constantly in attention-getting drama, but someone who is able to keep it to themselves in a way where they only share problems with select and few trusted friends and family. I know everyone has their issues from time to time, and that is normal, I just seek someone who has a handle on their lives well enough to function emotionally, to enrich themselves spiritually and even uplift others when they are able. I am only looking Locally in Maine. Please if you live outside of Maine dont bother to contact me, unless for friendship reasons. If you match my needs and such please do contact me. :) This is just a little bit about me, hope this answers some of your questions. ? ? ? Submissive 86%
Experimental 79%
Exhibitionist / Voyeur 71%
Bondage 64%
Masochist 61%
Sadist 39%
Switch 36%
Degradation 32%
Vanilla 21%
Dominant 11% ? You Scored as Tie those ropes tighter!
You love bondage! Being tied up is your biggest thrill. Sometimes, it's all about the struggle, sometimes about being helpless, or maybe a bit of both. You love being physically unable to control what your lover is going to do to you.

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10/29/2015 4:31:05 PM
Im not sure what or who I expect to find in a woman. I find it amusing that I get more hits from men, dominant or sumissive, when I have no interests in men other than friendships. Havent met someone yet that I feel a connection with emotionally, spiritually, physically. I hope that in time, it will happen. Until then I will keep up the search!

9/29/2015 8:26:51 AM
I find it kind of annoying how people just dont ready the profile and assume that I am here looking for a Dom. Funny because one Dom said he reads profiles, but was acting like I was an option for him. How silly!! I have plainly and clearly stated that I am NOT available to any men, not seeking a Male dom, male switch, or male submissive, not seeking any sissy men or transmen, not interested in or even searching for men. If someone says they read my profile but still talking to me like Im a potential submissive, I simply will not waste my time trying to convince them otherwise. No hard feelings, I wish you all well despite not paying attention to what I say and write. Peace, Light and Love... Kitty

9/28/2015 5:16:20 PM
I have returned to CollarMe or as it is now known as Collarspace :) I found my Dom, my perfect match, Things have been going strong, steady, serious. Its been good, the very best in my life actually. He is very encouraging of me exploring and enjoying my bisexual and dominant side. So I have returned in search of a woman to explore with. Im open to chatting with Dominant and submissive women, both bi and lesbian. Its a lttle difficult to find materials and resources on switching, or on submissives exploring their dominant side. So Im hoping for a little guidance in that area as well!

2/26/2014 10:17:37 PM

I don't hand out my phone number, facebook or yahoo info to strangers. I like to get to know a person and feel safe with them before doing such a thing. Trust is very important to me, so is loyalty. I demand to be respected, and will give fair amount of respect to a stranger but for my full respect and trust to be given, it takes time and effort, patience. If you respect me you will be patient and if I come to trust you, you will have my respect. Trust doesn't come easily to me, I've been hurt far too much in this life, hopefully a daddy dom out there will be patient enough with me to wait for my trust and respect :) :) :) I only hope for the best!


I AM NOT POLY, I am too jealous for that. I will not share my man's affections and love. I am not into relationships with married men, or long distance, so if you are either, Im not interested.

If you are not dominant and strong and manly Im not interested either. I need a strong dominant man, both physically and emotionally. I need somone I can count on to be there for me always.


I am not generally interested in men younger than me. How can he be my daddy if he is younger? lol... it doesn't make any sense to me. No offense but most younger men act much younger than women their age. Im more attracted to men who are older, as in ages 35-45ish.

2/18/2014 4:57:32 PM

Dating vs. Courtship in D/s Lifestyle


"I can't blame a guy for trying, only in this lifestyle Im not interested in the typical dating, going out to eat or giving out phone numbers. I don't feel safe with it. I feel safer when a man "courts" me by taking the time to write to me and we can get to know each other first before going on a date. A date seems to always have these expectations of something more afterwards, a big decision to make: yes or no. (by courting I don't mean the courtship that comes before marriage, but rather a Dom pursuing a relationship with a submissive.) And with something like talking to each other online as friends or something similar to being courted by a Dom, its not as fast and in your face but developes slowly over time. It allows for trust to grow, and allows the two to see if they have anything in common worth meeting up for a "first date" if you could even call it that. If I really like the Dom I will spend a lot of my time talking to him, he will get long replies and I will actually ask questions and show a lot of care and concern for him. If its a man Im not interested in I am less talkative. I do not want to mislead a man.
Of course then there are my friends male and female where i just love talking to them anyways, but to me developing a friendship is more important than a date. If a friendship grows into more and we have feelings, then Im ok with meeting each other. That is more the way I like things to work out when it comes to relationships. Is that unreasonable? I dont think so.
The whole dating concept it so vanilla and I really want no part of it. I like the more dedicated time it takes to get to know someone on a friendship level through a lot of communication and throw some kink and attraction in there to make the bond stronger, sure that works! Thats just me though."

1/20/2014 10:41:30 PM

Why finding a Dom in my own state is so important to me


I spent 8 years in a long distance relationship with a man in the army, first year I dated him, the other 7 years we were married. And he was away most of the time, overseas or in another state serving our country. Thats fine and all, and yes its a sacrifice to be a military wife and going through everything alone, living in a state all by yourself without your husband or family. After all those years of lonliness and never seeing us every truely being together, and on top of other issues, I divorced him. I wanted to move on, I wanted to  be closer to my family. So I now live no more than 10-30 min from a lot of my family.

The next relationship after my divorce, I had a boyfriend/dom in Wisconsin for a year. It didn't work due to my loneliness and never seeing him ever making his word come true by actually coming to move to Maine to be with me. He said he would do anything to be with me, but yet instead of saving his money, he squandered what extra money he had on video games and shit. Instead of saving and preparing to do ANYTHING to be with me, I saw no effort, I just saw broken promises and neverending loneliness and neverending horniness and not being allowed to have sex with anyone but him.

I have a house Im trying to pay off, one big reason I am not interested in moving to be with a man who lives far away. I have two cats and a husky, I have responsibilities here. It took me a LONG time to get disability and at least 2 years to get Mainecare health insurance. Not to mention Im pregnant and going to have a baby and am in nesting mode. The last thing I want to do is start dating/seeing a dom/man in another state, visiting them and traveling all the time. I dont have money to travel anyways. I live below poverty level. Im barely scraping by. No that is not for collecting pity, its just the truth. I get hit on and get attention from mostly men in other states, hell even other countries sometimes. And they cant fathom why I wouldn't want to pack up my stuff and just go. Well there you go, there are my reasons. Long distance relationships are one of the most lonely relationships you can be in. No sex, no touch, if its monogamous, which is how I am, there is no having sex with someone else to get by. There are tons of false promises of getting together, of moving, of visits, that almost never happen. Besides how can you truely get to know someone and know if you actually truely like a person if you spend no time, no REAL time with them? There isn't any way to know. I hate cyber sex, I hate phone sex, Im hearing impaired I can't hear whispered sweet nothings on the phone, I don't have reliable internet, I just have the wifi from my neighbors networks. I don't have a webcam, and if I did the internet doesn't last long enough to keep a video camera running nevermind something like yahoo messenger. Its not feasable, its not affordable and its not reality. And Im tired of being alone.

I need a man in Maine to be there for me, I need to be able to see him often, touch him often, be fucked by him often, and be kissed and snuggled often. By often I mean everyday, or at least every other day or so. Im a kitty, I might as well be a newborn baby who if I don't recieve touch, I die and wither away from lack of touch and affection. Once a month isn't good enough, once every other month isn't good enough or every 3 mnths or every 6 mths. I want a man/dom who I would want to move in with, or have him move in with me. Or if he lives close enough to be able to drive to him and curl up in his arms whenever I needed it. Having a man a million miles away, with nothing but words to live on, isn't good enough for me. I've done it, I've tried it, and Im over it.

1/20/2014 8:45:51 PM

My Story of Discovering the BDSM Lifestyle


When I first started out in the kinky lifestyle. I was married, unhappy and all that. I was alone all the time, ex husband was almost always gone, serving our country, which is a good thing don't get me wrong. But I was lonely and horny, and all I had to get by on was humping my blanket (as using a dildo wasn't allowed due to his jealousy of phallic shaped s, it had to be him or nothing) and phone sex or cyber sex with him in the Middle East or

another state. So I turned to porn, and I started typing in kink related search words and soon discovered that all those years of not knowing what was "wrong" with me, that there wasn't anything wrong with me lol. I discoverd the world of BDSM, of kink, of pleasure and pain. I learned that my crazy kidnapping fantasy was an actual fetish, all those years of wishing I could get raped, I learned was another fetish and so on. The first website I ever came upon was sites like, and Insex. At first I felt that I was still messed up but indulged in my twisted fantasies anyways.
For 3 years, my ex and I lived in Maine and he was actually living with me, not deployed or restationed elsewhere. And during that time I was still looking at S/M porn but usually deleted my browing history on the computer to keep my dirty obsession a secret from him. One time I forgot to, I don't know why but I did, and he discovered the websites. He confronted me about it as if it was a bad thing. He acted like I was crazy, and sinful for looking at porn in the first place (esp considering I used to be in a Christian marriage and all form of sexuality unless married was considered sinful) so I had to admit yes I was looking at the websites and had those sort of fantasies all my life. He shook his head and said "you are even more sick and messed up than I realized, you need more meds, more drs and more counseling" I wanted to die, I wanted to fall through the floor and disappear! :(
He tried a few times to experiment with pleasing me, but he approached it as if I was messed up in the head, he was totally vanilla and didnt' see BDSM as a normal sexual life.
Later on near the end of my marriage I had an online dom for about 5 mths. And around that time I had learned that it was a normal healthy sexuality I guess you could say. I had been reading submissives journals and such and it really resonated with me. I had an online

Master who lived in Missouri and was crazy about me and blah blah...yeah basically it didnt work out. Which is fine, wasn't meant to be I get that. It was pretty much my first BDSM relationship and a time to learn more about what I fantasized about all my life. And so thatis how it all started :)

1/20/2014 5:41:05 PM

I did break it off with the boyfriend a few weeks ago. But Im on vacation from heartbreaks and relationships. I am all for making friends and chatting, not in any rush to go into another relationship right now.


  • I am absolutly NOT interested in a dom living in any state other than Maine. I will not consider it as Im unable to move.
  • I am NOT interested in married men, bisexual men, poly relationships, Dommes, couples, or switches either.

Im fine iwth making friends and chatting and getting to know people on a friendship relationship level. If anything comes of it great, but please don't pressure me.

Im also pregnant and have a lot going on with growing a little baby in me and with trying to prepare for that.



12/29/2013 11:43:40 AM

I just wanted to write a bit of a note about me where Im at right now. I came back to  collarme last night, curious to see if I had any messages and to catch up with friends.

I am currently in a relationship and Im pregnant. Im not in a happy relationship mind you but we will see how things go. I mainly am here for talking to and making friends. Hope everyone is doing well, and had a nice holday :)

6/29/2013 12:36:34 PM

Why I am here on


I am here searching for a compatible Dom. I am not here for hookups or to find a fuck buddies, I am not here to find a female fuck buddy or Domme. I am here to make friends with Doms. I feel having a friendship and getting to know a Dom is much more important than going off to meet new Doms within the first few days of saying hi online. I take my time when I meet new people, I take my time to chat and get to know a person before even considering meeting in real life. If Im talking to you it doesn't mean I will meet you, or that I want you to be my Dom, Im talking to you to get to know you as a person, to become friends. If anything more happens in the course of time while talking to a Dom, then yes maybe I would consider meeting up. That is how I work, and I wanted to write it out to help avoid confusion, and disappointments.

6/22/2013 8:57:00 PM

My life here at the Pet Shelter and the Real World...


Please don't laugh...but, this is sort of an analogy like being a fish in a fishbowl (which the whole there are other fish in the sea doesn't really apply here LOL, maybe in other aquariums and fish bowls and the great big sea...but from a kitty perspective...bear with me this has a kittenish/little girl side to me...

when my Daddy left me, felt like I had been abandoned at a pet shelter. I felt homeless, afraid, alone. And so I have my and my collarme accounts, put my pics out there and my little bios and what Im looking for typed up.
And it's like being trapped in a pet shelter now. Watching for people to come to the window to look at me, and think about having me. Deciding Im perfect for them but they are not perfect for me so I push them away, scratch them lol hiss and growl at them, (nicely and as politely as possible of course)
And while I wait for the Owner meant for me to walk by my kitty display window, the sadness and loneliness for that One, grows. And so I try to break away from the kitty shelter, sneak out when the door is open, when the others aren't looking and break free to the outside world.
Its scary out there, scary people, noisy cities, negative energy and drama. I hate the outside world sometimes. But I escape the pet shelter for a while as often as I can. Meet people, find out they aren't all as scary as I thought they were. My courage grows a little more each day. My hope, that was so tenacious and fragile, gets a little stronger. And as much as I fear the outside world, I break free anyways, brave the elements and scaryness in hopes of meeting kitty friendly daddys. But I haven't even found them out and about I sadly dejectedly walk back to the kitty shelter and sneak back in...
My sign on the window says, "Hearing Impaired and emotional kitty, a little anxious and shy, female, 30 yr old, some special needs...extremely loving and cuddly and very playful."
They look but not seriously...and if they are serious...there is something off about them, something not right. And so I alternate between the pet shelter and the outside world... trying to bravely wait and not lose hope.

6/11/2013 1:57:37 PM

Just a quick note to those of you who send chat requests...I can't get my chat to work!!!! so sorry I keep trying to but it never works!

my apologies!

6/11/2013 1:33:33 PM

Accountability in D/s relationships?


why is it that a sub can and will give and give and give of herself to her Dom only to have what she's given thrown to the ground and discarded? How is it fair when the Dom insists on being a part of her daily life on and read what other friends/doms write to her or control her friendships with other people, when the sub has no right to see what others say to him in messages or know who he talks to?
While I understand the Dom has control of her life...where is the accountability? Why are Doms not accountable to their subs when it comes to their personal friendships and contacts and messages sent between the two? Or at least accountable to another Dom in these matters?

6/8/2013 7:53:54 PM

Im starting to wonder if I should give up on the the DaddyDom thing. Maybe that time is over for me. But I wonder if my Daddy issues are cleared up or if I still have somethings to work through...I just don't know. The doms I meet, they tend to be strictly doms not daddys and so with who Im meeting lately I wonder if its a sign that I need to move on to bigger better things? Or maybe not bigger and better but maybe something different, a different stage in my life? I just know I will always want to be hugged and snuggled and loved and cared for and loved. I guess its every girls desire to find a man as amazing as her own father was...and honestly, I thought I had found that. But now I look back and look at how it it ended and realize...didn't even compare to my father...why? personal reasons I won't explain. Too private to me. But now I see the truth and I wonder what is next for me now.

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